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The One Thing You Can Do Today To Make Your Home Healthier

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Brought to you by Plant Life Balance.

Can I ask you a question, do you have any plants inside your home? My mum was the master of indoor plants when we were kids. There were four of us, and somehow she still had time to love those plants and care for them {and by care for them, I remember her trimming and gently wiping the leaves. She was dedicated}. As you can imagine, my memories of plants were that they were hard work {trimming, wiping, feeding… woah}… but I’ve realised it isn’t actually like that, so I’ve started adding some greenery to my own home.

So if you answered above that you DO have plants in your home, did you know that they do more than just look pretty? They do. I had no idea either. I was gathering them for aesthetic purposes. Having just one medium plant {say around 0.6m to 1.2m tall} in a medium sized room increases the air quality by 25%. And by having five or more of different shapes and sizes you can really improve your wellbeing, making you feel healthier and happier.*

Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be working with the crew at Plant Life Balance, on bringing more greenery into my life and hope you will too. They’ve got the most amazing tools, inspiration images, info and even an App {more on that in a minute}. They even tell you which plants aren’t high maintenance, and which can even survive through a little bit of neglect {not that we’d ever do that, right?}.

I’ve got two fiddle leaf figs are home, and a mother-in-laws tongue {and a few others that I don’t know what they are yet, they just looked pretty so I bought them!} and thankfully they’re all thriving, but I’m ready to explore and add more to my family. Especially knowing now that they improve wellbeing so much.

The team at Plant Life Balance, along with guru Georgina Reid from The Plant Hunter, have pulled together a whole heap of beautiful plant-y looks that are perfect for your backyard, courtyard, balcony or inside space. This one is the remedy, filled with plants that look good but also do good too. You can read more about the plants behind this look here.

This is my own pride and joy. Despite it being a temperamental plant, a fiddle leaf fig, it has survived Lulu decorating it with cocktail sticks.

If you’re keen to add more greenery into your life, Plant Life Balance has an amazing App {it’s free} that shows you can improve the health score on your home, dropping plants into the space and then you can find out which plants best suit your space and needs. You can then head to the nursery to grab what you need. Exactly what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

Do share, what’s your relationship with plants? I’d love to hear {and see if you’re up to sharing a photo} what you have in your home.

And if you have a creeper plant or a vine at home, head over to my Instagram here because you can win a $200 voucher to go plant shopping!


* Hort Innovation Australia commissioned researchers at the University of Melbourne, RMIT and CAL Hub to explore the benefits of plants in indoor environments.