40 thoughts on “The Gift Exchange”

  1. That sounds like fun! I am a member of a forum that does a Secret Santa and participants are required to send their gifts via registered or express post and have to supply the tracking number to the organisers to keep track of everything. Maybe this would be a possibility for you Chantelle?

  2. Awesome!! I was only thinking about this over the weekend and thought the sign up would be due soon.
    Looking forward to it. ?

  3. Yay!!! Quick question -if I recall correctly, last year I signed up to exchange with someone else in the USA (where I live). Is that not an option this year? (and THANK YOU so much for all the work you do to put this together!!!)

  4. Yay! My fourth year participating. Big ups to you for taking it on! I’m sure it must be pretty demanding on your time organising something this huge and with all the questions {usually already answered} you must get. 🙂

  5. Hi Chantelle, I sighed up a week or so ago but am still yet to receive an email. Is that normal? Thanks for organising this.

  6. I have never participated in a Gift Exchange but love the sound of it, what is expectation? I know buy a gift to the value of $20 AUS, but is there a theme, any clues on your gift buddy, or is it just purchase a nice little gift and send it 🙂

  7. Hey there – just want to confirm that if I’ve received a receipt for the Rafiki Mwema donation, that my spot is secured?

    thanks – looking forward to my 5th year participating!

  8. AAAAA I MISSED IT! I’ve had sick kiddos and just checked my emails. If there are any openings I will sign up pronto!

  9. 🙁 so sad i missed out again this year! last year there was an issue with the website accepting my debit card (bank kept suspecting fraud) and this year busy-ness kept me from making the deadline. hopefully next year… happy gift exchange, y’all!!!

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