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The Gift Exchange

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Hello! Hello!

I love this time of year, the time that I get to kick off the annual Gift Exchange. I feel like I need some oversized scissors and a red ribbon to make it all official. So many of you have been emailing me and messaging me asking, “When is the Gift Exchange happening?”

Friends, it’s happening now.

If you’re new around here, let me explain what it’s all about. The Gift Exchange is a really fun, feel-good exercise where I partner people up so they can send on gifts to people they’ve never met before. People make new friends, receive happy mail, and just have a good old time.

I break the group into two, based on my readers. I have one group that is worldwide. So if you join the worldwide group, that means you’re happy to send to anyone around the world, no matter where they are. I also have another group, just for Australians {so you MUST be in Australia to join}. Those are people who are happy to send a gift to someone else in Australia.

The budget is $20 {Australian dollars}. You can spend above that, but nothing less than that. That’s how we make it fair. You can use this currency convertor to work out how much that amounts to in your own local currency. This $20 budget does NOT include postage, so please take that into consideration when shopping {light, flat objects will cost less to send}.

To join the exchange, I ask that everyone make a donation to my charity of choice, Rafiki Mwema. It’s a beautiful charity that takes care of children who have been abused, or who are in need of a home to be safe, and to live the life that children should be living. The fee to join is $5 and all of the money goes straight to the charity. It will help move the boys of Rafiki Mwema to a bigger house, and make them more comfortable. Your $5 will make a huge difference. If you want to learn more, or even sponsor a child {please do!} you can visit the Rafiki Mwema site.


Wait, before you sign up, I want to tell you a few things. Please don’t join up if you can not commit to following through with the Gift Exchange. If you don’t send a gift, you will be marked as a flake, and will never be able to be involved in any activities I have on my blog again. {Yeah, that’s me using my cranky mum voice}. So, if you joined last year and didn’t send a gift, don’t sign up. We will automatically remove you from the exchange. In the same breath, please know that if you’re joining up, you’re taking a chance on humanity and the postal system. Presents do go missing, and people do have unexpected life challenges. We work together as a community to make sure no one misses out… but I do want to remind you that this is a leap of faith. Lastly, the partnering is random… so if you join the worldwide, there is a chance you might get someone from your own country. With the quantity of people we have signing up to this beautiful exchange, it’s impossible to do manually. Again, it’s a leap of faith and I’m sorry if this happens to you.

+ Sign-ups will close 10th October
+ Partners will be assigned 11th October
+ Gifts must be sent by November 25th
+ Partners will be revealed December 20th

So, you’ve read everything and you’re ready to jump right in?