Where to buy the best plus size pyjamas online

I’m a big fan of PJs all day, so finding the best plus size pyjamas for our curvy bodies is a pretty important task. Is there nothing better than ending the day early, and getting into comfy PJs and calling it a day? I think not. 🥰

While my ever-growing collection of sleepwear is mostly from Best & Less (they never disappoint), I also have a few from other brands as well. I’m like to shop smart (read: buy more affordable) for sleepwear, but I know when I splurge on pieces like Peter Alexander offer, they last for years and years, and they’re always so fun.

I’ve spent some time compiling the best spots to buy plus size pyjamas, to hopefully help you have a stylish night’s sleep. Happy shopping!

Top tips for buying plus size pyjamas

  • Fabric matters. Living in Australia, and sleeping through some seriously hot summer nights, it’s important to make sure the fabric is breathable. Cotton is always a winner, being lightweight, soft and breathable. It also washes really well too.
  • Comfort is king. Knowing how a brand sizes, and whether they’re generally small for their size, so that you size up if you need. It’s not a good’s night sleep if you’re being strangled by your pyjamas, so make sure they fit well and aren’t uncomfortable.

8 Best Plus Size Pyjamas For A Good Night’s Sleep

Peter Alexander | Sizes 16 to 28

Known as Australia’s most iconic PJ maker, Peter Alexander knows what makes great sleepwear, and always manages to inject a little fun into their designs too. With bricks and mortar stores and online offerings too, plus size can be a bit hard to find in store, and is more reliable online. I love Peter Alexander for the quality, they last years and years.

Best & Less | Sizes 18 to 26

Best & Less completely won me over when they extended all pieces into plus size, meaning we can shop the whole store, and not be left to shop in one small section of the store. I love their PJs, and have nighties that I adore and wear almost every night over summer. They do soft fabrics well, and generous sizing. Best of all, their prices are affordable too.

Big W | Sizes 18 to 26

Big W is always reliable when it comes to plus size pieces, I think they’re really starting to up their game by introducing more styles and getting a little bit more on trend as well. While Best & Less is my go-to for PJs, I always keep an eye on Big W to see what they’re coming up with, especially because they have affordable options that are sometimes hard to ignore.

Yours Clothing | Sizes 14 to 40

Oh, I am excited about these! This store is new to me, so I’ll be trying and reporting back, but I love their generous sizing and cute designs. That black set has my name all over it. Prices start from around $13, with some pieces a little on the higher side. I’m excited to be adding these to my wardrobe. Stay tuned!

BeMe | Sizes 14 to 30

With prices starting from $28, BeMe is delivering the sleepwear goods without the high prices and I’m excited about it. BeMe is from the people that bring us Rockmans, Katies, Noni B, Millers and many more, so they understand dressing Aussie women.

Taking Shape | Sizes 14 to 30

Taking Shape say that the customer is at the heart of every decision they make, and that can be seen in the styles they create. They understand women’s bodies and creating clothing that not only fits, but feels good and flatters. They also offer 30% off first purchases when shopping online.

Boohoo | Sizes 16 to 28

Boohoo is known for making on trend pieces, and I know when I order from them I kinda hold my breath and wonder if what I receive will be a hit or miss. The prices are affordable, and the designs are cute (that love heart set is proof of that!) and sometimes I think it’s worth the risk, because I’ve found a few gems in my time.

City Chic | Sizes 12 to 24

City Chic is my go-to when I’ve given up hope on everything else. It’s always reliable, and I feel connected to it, because it was, at one time, my only option for plus size clothing in my 20’s and early 30’s. I have a few pieces of their sleepwear, and it’s lasted over time, super easy to wear, and a little bit more fun than my other pieces.

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