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The best diaries for 2016!

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Look I’m going to come right out and say it; I’m a bit weird. I own it. I own my quirks and my weirdness. I don’t hide it. One of my biggest weird things is this: I get far too excited about new diary season.

Like seriously, sometimes I think I might hyperventilate. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. It’s good to get excited about the small things, isn’t it? If you get as equally excited about diaries and stationery and all things paper, you an be in my gang with me. Let’s be weird together, OK?

Each year I put together a guide to the very best diaries for the year ahead {aka The Best Diaries for 2016 }. I’ve already purchased mine and started using it. Scroll down to see my ‘winner’. I love it.

The best diary requirements are pretty fickle. I like them to be attractive. I like them to be fun. And I like them to have beautiful paper inside {hard to tell just by looking, but I think I have a good eye for it}. These guys passed the test…

The best diaries for 2016 // Which do you like best?

TOP ROW {from left}:

Kikki K // You can never go wrong with Kikki.K. They do good diary, and they just get it. The paper is smooth and screams for you to write on it. The design inside is clean and simple. And that watermelon colour; beautiful. Choose from daily, weekly, as well as various sizes. My favourite is the daily A5. Cost: $44.95.

Kate Spade // When I grow up I want to have Kate Spade everything. Errrything. I love her. This diary is no exception. Yes, it’s on the more pricey side but it’s a 17 month diary, so if you do the maths… it all works out. OK? Cost: $74.95.

Mi Goals x Bianca Cash // I’ve only just discovered Bianca Cash {an awesome typography artist} so when I saw this collaboration, I immediately fell in love. That script, the pink = perfection. Mi Goals is brilliant if you’re a goal setter, a dreamer, a planner or all of the above. Cost: $34.95.

SECOND ROW {from left}:

Erin Condren Life Planner // Have you ever met someone who owns an Erin Condren planner? If you have you’ll know that they’re enthusiastically passionate about their planner. It’s the BUSINESS. It is. I’ve had one before. I just have commitment issues and can’t have the same diary two years in a row. It’s customisable, beautiful, stunningly set out and pretty much perfect. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny in postage though {eek!}. Cost: $50.00.

Typo Undated Weekly Planner // There are people in this world who don’t want to be limited by dates and numbers… so for them we have the undated weekly planner. Start it mid-year, or even start it now. Personally I like this style for planning out blog posts. Cost: $19.99.

Collective Diary // I love the Collective Magazine, and I also love all the books that they’ve bought out. They have beautiful quotes throughout, and simple designs… which is a winning combination. Cost: $18.49.

THIRD ROW {from left}:

I Will Always Make Time… // I couldn’t go past this cute design, with it’s ziplock front so you can pop your phone, cash and love letters in for safe keeping. Cost: $54.95.

Typo’s My Year To Shine // Typo always does a fun range of diaries that are great for all ages. The paper is nice, but not as lush as I like {but again, I’m fussy!}. This cover though, it’s love. Cost: $19.99.

The Daily Dream Creator // If you’re into self-development, dreams and making good things happen, this one is for you. It’s got spaces from dreaming and brainstorming, important astrology dates and loads more. Cost: $44.95.

LAST ROW {from left}:

The Master Plan Diary // This is for the family people. The ones who have kids doing activities, parents who are busy, and dinners that need planning. I love these. Put everything in the one spot so you never lose track of your children {kinda important}. Cost: $35.95.

Emily Ley // The meeting of Emily was an interesting. I stumbled across the store online, then met a diary in real life {a friend owns one} and then kept seeing her pop-up. The diary is beautiful. They sell out fast, really fast, but are beautiful and inspiring inside. Cost: $58.00

Blacklist Studio // This is one for the simple, yet stylish folk among us. It’s not cutesy, or particularly pretty, but it’s clean, stylish and understated. I like it. Cost: $39.95.

So there you have it, twelve of my favourite diaries out there for 2016. But I know you’re wondering… which one stole my heart hard? Well this one, of course. It’s L-O-V-E.

The best diaries for 2016 // Which do you like best?

For the record it’s the Emily Ley Simplified Planner in weekly.


So, which do you like best?


P.S. If you’re looking to support a cause when buying a diary, you could always check out this beautiful diary.

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  • Gee, I love your shoes AND your diary. I usually get the same pocket size diary every year from Kikki K but now you’re tempting me with all these pretties. I am so terrible at making decisions. I want them all! I like a diary that’s small because sometimes size does matter, especially when it’s taking up space in your handbag. Which one is the smallest, do you think?

    • I think Kikki.K would offer the smallest still. Go with what you know, maybe?

      OR splurge on the Kate Spade!

  • Yay for the simplified planner!!! LOVE indeed!! ???

  • The Frankie diary is always awesine!

  • I love diaries too but this is the first year I have started to use my phone. Might have to go back to having a good old diary!

  • I had the Simplified Planner for 2015 and loved it…but I saw the 2106 planners were smaller? I love a BIG planner! I need lots of room for planning! I am going with Passion Planner for 2016. I haven’t received it yet as they don’t ship until November but I am hoping it will make all my planning dreams come true!

  • Mine are those boring black Collins ones – maybe it’s time for a change?

  • I bought a fab and cheap one from Kmart. I’m hoping to remain organised next year, with the Big One starting kindy, the Small One starting day care, and me returning to work after maternity leave. I’ve been trialling a system this year – massive whiteboard to show a full calendar month at a glance (and I fill in all of our appointments / social engagements / etc in different colours for each family member), smaller whiteboard with our weekly menu plan, and a shared calendar with J Daddy on our iPhones (after some intensive training, he is now entering all of his appointments and social engagements into the shared calendar and consults it before committing to anything so as to avoid clashes). The system has worked really well this year, to the point where J Daddy has made numerous comments about how well organised he thought we have been all year. So, to add to this mix, I’m going to use my Kmart diary to keep track of everything, including any work commitments, etc. Wish me luck!

  • Chantelle, you have to check out Inkwell Press planner. The paper quality is top notch. The only downside – shipping outside the US is extremely expensive unless you know someone who can help you out. I figured out a way to have it shipped to me here in Thailand. It is worth it.

  • Kerry

    You should check out the planners from A Beautiful Mess. They are really slick. Shipping is reasonable but the planners are not cheap. I bought a Kikki K leather planner this year. I too am totally obsessed about diaries. I always find another that I want and sometimes have been known to buy several!!!

  • Tessa Tuttle

    Stationery nerds unite!
    Have you felt/ seen the paper in The Collective diary? I too am rather fussy – so struggle to buy online if I don’t know it’s the good stuff…

  • Alissa

    I’m an Erin Condren gal for the second year running. I even make my own stickers to customise the headings, add my workout details and make it look pretty each week. Nothing else has lived up to it yet, but Emily Ley and Inkwell came close.
    I also have an A5 and pocket size Kikki K planners (in sea foam and lavender) but currently they just sit on my desk looking pretty.

  • Kellie

    I’ve always loved an Erin, but the cost at the moment is a bit much. I have since found it’s affordable, customised to your own layout and you can put in your own important dates and save them for future years. They also do wall planners and notebooks.

  • Monique Young

    I have gone the Australian Women’s Health Diary for next year. Can’t wait to start using it ????.

  • Thanks once again for your super early recommendations! I saw this on Friday afternoon after a killer day at work, so promptly purchased the Bliss Inventive Daily Dream Creator. Because after that day, I’m going to need some dreaming and creating for 2016! I also love that you provide such a great range, with different styles, prince range and functionality for us xx

  • meglet

    Whaaaa… totally missed out Inkwell Press. You would absolutely love Tonya Dalton who creates these amazing inserts. The paper is super lush and very elegant. Tonya is all about creating time management systems and tools for WOMEN. 🙂

  • Tracy

    Danielle LaPorte’s 2015 planner was the Bomb. Creating the feeling and intentions behind the doing.
    I’m looking forward to Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Colouring Planner 2016.

  • Netal Singh

    Chantelle, I am totes on your page…I LOVE getting excited about a new diary and can’t resist beautiful stationery! I have had the PAPAYA Diary for a couple of years running now – the art is divine, there simply isn’t a prettier diary on the market, but I’m struggling to find it for 2016! Have you spotted it by any chance? If I had to replace it with another, I’m thinking perhaps the Kate Spade might be the next closest thing – what do ya reckon? PS: Loving that peachy keen fingernail colour featured with your fav diary! I think that’ll be my shade for this summer 😉

  • Victoria Stevens

    You are singing my song!!! I am so this girl too. Dairies, pens, sticker for birthdays/ events, Washi tape, clips, more beautiful pens – I have it all. I have choosen a Erin Condren (my 1st EVER) for 2016. Hopefully I love it. I have done the Kikki k for the last few years – love them. Really love them, but wanted a change. Thanks for this review I had not heard about some of these. Enjoy your diary – I know I will!!

  • I love diary time too. This year I am trying out Leonie Dawson’s one. Yet to receive (it will arrive here in a week or so) but the thought of spiral-bound has me all sorts of excited already!

  • Oh I’ve been hanging out for this post! Yep I’m hugely excited at diary time too! Love your choice, I hadn’t heard of that one before!
    I had an EC life planner this year and loved it but it was a bit bulky to carry from home to work, and super exxy, so I’ve gone with the Kikki k cute one this year. I can’t wait to start using it but determined to get my money’s worth from the EC one so will see the year out and start a fresh in jan. I have the typo undated one I use for the blog, love it! Xx

    • Loralie Evans

      Quick question? Were the dates set for the U.S. Or were they correct for the Australian calendar?

  • Katrina

    I love diaries/ planners too. I had a kikki k planner this year, but while I could just buy the refills for this year, I have my eye on this one and can’t wait til it comes out on 1st Dec

  • Oh I love that one too will have to check it out. I usually get one made for the family from Tiny Me and each person in the family gets a line each so I can keep track of where we are all supposed to be and then I have been using a Kikki K one for blogging.

  • Me751319

    I just received my master plan diary.. But be warned before you order there is a typo on one of the day’s saying holidY when no other days have notations. I was offered a refund but after two hours filling it all out I really don’t want to start again!

  • Sallyann

    I have bitten the bullet and ordered an Erin Condren planner. I cannot wait to receive it. It’s the first time I’ve spent more than $20 on one, but I’m predicting life will only get busier!!!

  • Reen

    Chantelle I love the look of the Emily Ley simplified planner but I assume all the holidays etc are American?

  • Stacey

    Hi Chantelle, I am also very interested in the Emily Ley simplified planner, am assuming I have to order it from America and there are no stockists here?? Went to order one, but with postage and diary think is was going to cost around $130Aus? Did you just order yours from America?