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Sweet Gifts For $20 and under

Fat Mum Slim /

Hello! As you may, or perhaps may not know, each year I run a gift exchange. It’s where we send a little love around the world to a stranger we met on the internet. It’s a pretty sweet idea, and brings a lot of joy to everyone. We set a budget each year of $25, so people will spend around that amount. It doesn’t seem like much, but boy can you do a lot with that budget.

Today I did a little bit of shopping to see what $20 would buy me. I planned on shopping all over the internets but I got caught in one shop and got a little bit excited. If you don’t have this shop near you, then maybe these will give you a little bit of an idea anyway. There’s also this blog post from last year to give you more of an idea.

And if you’re not part of our little gift exchange, then I’m sure you’re buying gifts for Christmas and these might just solve some shopping issues that pop up!

Sweet Gifts For $20 and under

SHOP NOW: Sunglasses | Letterboard | Book | Candle | Travel bag | Light box | Body wash | Journal | Bag | Phone case | Neon light | Bath salts | Hat | Wheat bag | Bluetooth speaker | Beach towel