The 8 summer dresses I’ve been wearing and loving lately

Summer in Australia is something else, isn’t it? I am pretty fussy when it comes to fashion {I know what I like!} but when summer rolls around that fussiness hits a whole new level. It’s all about the fabric for me. I like soft, and breathable, and a lighter fabric that doesn’t make me feel like I’m suffocating {dramatic I know!}.

I thought I’d share what I’ve been wearing lately, now that summer has arrived, and what I’m loving when it comes to summer plus size dresses. Now, because there is no standardized sizing in Australia you can see that I’m wearing a few different sizes. I mainly shop online, and I go off my bust size and work from there. Right now I’m a size 22-24, and can wear from a size 20 to 26.

Summer Plus Size Dresses I’m Loving Lately

SPELL | Butterfly Gown {wearing size L}

I know summer is hot in Australia and this might not seem like an obvious choice, but this maxi dress is so super light, and easy to wear it doesn’t feel hot. And Spell does the most beautiful job of creating fabrics that feel so lush on, and breathe well too. I’m wearing the size L, and it’s roomy. This one can be worn as a duster, without the tie, or even with a belt. Shop it here.

BEST & LESS | Pink Ruffle Dress {wearing size 22}

This fabric is really nice and breathable, so I was excited to grab this for $20 from my local Best & Less. Their plus size range sells out pretty quickly a lot of the time, so it’s always good to grab something when you see it. I find that their plus size range is on the smaller side, so I always go up a size. Try for yourself though. It looks like this one is sold out online now, but they have loads of other beautiful, affordable dresses. Shop them here.

KMART | T-Shirt Dress {wearing size 26}

Sometimes you just need a dress that feels like a nightie, and this one is it. I got as many compliments on this dress, as I would in an expensive fancy dress. It was weird, but also wonderful. This one is only $15. I sized up to a size 26 because I don’t like when material like this clings to me. Shop it here.

Ada & Lou | Remy Maxi Dress {wearing size XL/22}

I love a maxi dress in summer, especially when it doesn’t feel heavy. This is breezy, roomy and sooooo easy to wear. Of course I have to disclose, I designed this one with my business partner {Ada & Lou is our plus size label} so I think we get it right when we create dresses like these. It also comes in the most beautiful red colourway. Use code FMS15 for 15% off. Shop it here.

NEXT | Floral Shirred Midi Dress {wearing size 22}

When it comes to clothing, I’m all about comfort and this NEXT dress has it all. It’s has loads of shirring {elasticated bust} so that it stretches around you, and is just so darn comfortable. I also like that this one is versatile and can be worn on or off the shoulder. Shop it here.

SALTY CRUSH | Jaase Adela Mini {wearing size 20}

I own way too many of these dresses because they’re SO easy to wear. I’m actually wearing one as I type this. Salty Crush releases new prints in this style every other week, so it’s fun to see what they’re going to bring out. They only go up to a size 20, but they’re an oversized style so being a 22-24 I can get away with the 20. Salty Crush have kindly given me a code to share with you too {use code FATMUMSLIM10 for 10% off}. Shop it here.

ZARC | Willow Dress {wearing size 22/24}

This dress! It’s so lush. Again, it’s about comfort and breathe-ability and this dress has it in spades. Zarc really gets fabrics and this cotton voile maxi is so comfortable to wear, while also looking stylish. Shop it here.

Summer Plus Size Dresses

The Poetic Gypsy | Full Moon Embroidered Dress {wearing size 22}

This dress. These sleeves. There’s something magical about this dress. It’s comfortable, and light, but also looks and feels special. I know light colours aren’t for everyone, so the good news is that it comes in black too. Shop it here.

What have you been wearing lately and loving?

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