Summer Face: My favourite beauty products


I’m very, very simplistic when it comes to beauty stuff. I like to look after my skin, getting treatments done is my idea of heaven, but I can’t stand the feeling of being dirty so layers and layers of make-up is never really going to be my thing {unless it’s a special occasion, particularly if someone is doing my make-up for me. That I like}.

And here’s it’s just so humid that within 20 seconds of applying a face, it’s fallen to your feet and sweated off. Can. Not. Handle.

Today I wanted to share my favourite products for summer. The ones I can handle in this heat and humidity. I love these guys.

MAC bronzing Powder
I bought this duty free when traveling and I haven’t looked back. Only to check that I didn’t leave my passport on the counter. Here’s a little clip on how to apply bronzer, because it’s so easy to get it wrong. Also, my girls just ruined my brush by using it as a paint brush, so if you have a favourite, let me know. I need a new one. Gah.

I don’t care what any marketing says, all mascara is the same to me. It’s just gooey black stuff, and it’s only the wand that changes. Although for a few years I did use this awesome mascara that coated my lashes, and when I washed it off the coating came off, rather than smudging over my face. Yeah, I’m not explaining that well. This is my current mascara of choice, but I avoid it if I’m going swimming.

Michael Kors Michael Perfume
It’s the only perfume I wear. I love this, like a chubby mama loves cake. I have a roll-on for in my handbag, and a spray for at home.

Nivea Daily Moisturiser 30+
I just grab this from the supermarket and use it daily, whether I’m going out into the sun or not. It’s light and doesn’t feel like sunscreen, and works well with my skin.

L’Oreal Skin Perfection BB Cream
A BB cream is like a light foundation and concealer in one. This one doesn’t feel heavy and gives great, dewy coverage.

Go-To Lips
My lips tend to play up with weather changes, and I used to suffer chapped lips a lot. For a long time I used Bepanthen but now I used this instead. Super big fan of it.

Go-To Very Useful Face Cream
I use this around my eye area, because they get a little thirstier than the rest of my face. I also use this one at night before bed. Go-To will be releasing a face hero too {an oil which I’m assuming will be a good rosehip oil} next month. I use the Go-To cleanser each morning as well.

If it’s date night and we’re being f-a-n-c-y, then I’ll pop on a bit of colour. I’m a bit crazy about this Fuschia Drama colour.

BHave Hair Oil & Straightening Treatment
Last year I started getting BHAVE treatments in my hair. They’re like a straightening treatment but they actually treat your hair. Mine doesn’t go super straight, which I like, it just means I can wash and go and it won’t puff up in the humidity. I use this BHAVE oil on day two {I wash my hair every other day, or every three days} to keep it looking presentable.

What are your favourite beauty products for summer?

15 thoughts on “Summer Face: My favourite beauty products”

  1. I LOVE Goto lips. I order it in 3’S so I have one for the car, bedside and handbag. Also use the goto cleanser the exfoliating swipeys. Love that there’s no nasties in the products and they smell amazing!

    Totally going to check out the Behave hair treatment! Xx

  2. I just bought the new Mac BB cream when i went to get new foundation and it is love. I find good brushes make it so much quicker and better applied in the morning when it is the school rush

  3. I only ever use Napoleon Perdis brushes
    They a fantastic, but I tend to buy them individually rather than in a set
    That way I only get what I want and need. I also buy their brush cleaner which does a great job.

  4. I’m super low key when it comes to makeup too. I much prefer to pay a professional to do me up for an event! One of my fave products is a MAC lipstick in the shade Chatterbox. It’s a really cute pink but not too bright so perfect for every day. x

  5. Great list! Can’t wait the summer to try some of these products 🙂 (unfortunately here is winter :(( )

  6. I must give the Bhave products a try, I love BB cream by Garnier. I have my list of favourites over on the blog tomorrow. It is always nice to know what other people love to use especailly when they recommend something you may never consider trying. V x

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