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How I Smashed Out My Christmas Shopping In Two Hours

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Brought to you by Brisbane Airport Corporation.

I’ve been harping on about it a WHOLE lot of late, but I am refusing to get stressed out this Christmas. I’m spending less money, and less time on all the things that I usually do, because I want to selfishly have a good Christmas this year. I realised I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I could because I was getting frazzled and putting too much pressure on myself to do all things. Sound familiar?

So this past weekend I smashed out ALL the Christmas shopping in under two hours. Like, I honestly feel like I deserve some kind of medal. Anyone? Anyone? OK, no medal, but it was quite the triumph. I did a good chunk of it online, and then the rest I finished up at the airport.

The airport? The airport. I proudly told a friend what I’d done, and she was aghast, “But what about all the inflated prices!?” The prices are actually the same as stores outside the airport {they’re a set RRP}, so I didn’t pay any extra, and I certainly didn’t waste any time because airport time is like dead time that you can waste checking Facebook a million times, or eating all the airport food {cos calories don’t count at airports}, while you wait for a flight or for someone to arrive for pick-up, or you can do your Christmas shopping like some smug people {i.e. me}.

And I know you’re still asking, why the airport? Airports have cool things I never find near home. Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal has Typo, Peter Alexander, Mecca {MECCA!}, and Seed just to name a few. Plus they have cute little stationery stores where they stock the cutest little things.

So we shopped. Just little things for all the Kris Kringles we have coming up. We totally smashed it out, and I love what we picked up, especially because I can’t find things like this in the stores near home – and definitely not under the same roof.

Here’s what I picked up…

The places I loved to shop are: Typo, Zoodle {a new store to the airport, and jam-packed with the cutest stuff}, Watermark {amazing book selection}, Tech2Go {such cool stuff, especially portable speakers and fun stuff}, and Mecca {because, beauty!}.

So many cute things, and most of them around the $10 mark. So, picture me now, being all smug and done with my Christmas shopping. Sweet.

And the sweetest thing is, I bought double of each item so that I could giveaway a set to you, my friends on the internet. One person will win all of the above goodies {valued at $348 in total}, purchased from the fun stores at Brisbane Airport, to make this Christmas even better. {Also, don’t forget the airport is open 365 days a year, so if you find that you’ve forgotten something for someone, they’ve got your back}.

To be in the running, simply answer the following question below: What’s the best place you’ve visited in 2017?

Competition details: Open to Australian residents only. Competition closes December 20th at 11:59pm. One entry per person.

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  • Brianna Kent

    Friends and families houses to spend time with them as a single parent I can’t afford to travel anywhere else.

  • Nicola James

    An unexpected trip to Margaret River in WA, stunningly beautiful and a joy to explore!

  • Carolann Killick

    Best place ive visited lots this year is no word of a lie brissy airport….. it sent my mum on a well deserved month holiday overseas ( shes my dads full time carer so i took the reigns for the mth) then bought her home to me (god i was tired) its bought me few different friends and family and we get yummy krispy kreme while we put off saying goodbye. Apart from paying from parking i love hanging at airport to pretend which flight im on and who would be waiting for me at the other end….. yep i have no life ???

  • Melissa

    A long weekend away in Nowra for the wedding of two of our wonderful friends. The venue was to die for, the food incredible and it was one of those weddings where everyone was crying happy tears! They are seriously the most perfect for eachother couple and everything about their day was super genuine! We also got the opportunity to explore nearby and one of the highlights was Shoalhaven Zoo. A really sweet zoo where you get to feed lots of the animals and the kids absolutely loved the massive slippery dip that was there. I love exploring new places and finding things you don’t expect… sounds like you did the same at Brissie Airport!

    • Erica

      Ha! How funny. Shoalhaven zoo was my best place!
      It really is an amazing little zoo!

      • Melissa

        Too funny Erica! We obviously have great taste! ?

  • Karen Temme

    After 8 years of Peppa pig in my lounge room, we made it to Peppa Pig World in the UK. We were visiting family in Bristol and made Paulton’s Park an easy detour on the way back to London. Awesome day with my 3 little ones.

  • Kristine Henderson

    A road trip to my parents 2 hours away in the country for a long weekend.

  • Christine Rutherford

    This is a toughie as I was lucky enough to have 2 amazing holidays in 2017. The place I was really excited about was Port Isaac (AKA Port Wenn) in Cornwall. This is where Doc Martin is filmed. To walk the streets and stand on the same sand as the Doc & Louisa was a thrill. Crossed that off the bucket list 🙂

  • Jane

    A beautiful camping spot , point plomber National Park , messy hair , no shoes , beautiful little waves , kangaroos , dingoes and pure heaven landscape ❤️

  • Melinda

    We discovered the natural beauty of Wilson’s Prom! We had a gorgeous picnic among the boulders at squeaky beach, played in the sand of tidal river on low tide and hiked back to the most spectacular view, so serene, untouched and natural.
    It’s my new happy place and when I feel frazzled with the Christmas craziness I can think about my next trip to this paradise. Well worth getting on a plane to see and get that pesky xmas shopping done while you wait for your flight.

  • Dom

    I honestly haven’t been anywhere this year because my mama has been in and out of surgery all year, but my favourite ever destination was Florence, Italy. Pizza, pasta, gelato and the best markets… What more can a gal ask for!

  • Danielle Leadbeatter

    To be honest, I haven’t really been anywhere new or exciting this year. But with three young children, the best place I went to was the calypso resort for a weekend with just my husband and I.

  • Peta-Lee Bartlett

    This year we have kept it local, exploring the places on our very own doorstep. It has been great to become more acquainted with local offerings, parks, scenic drives, and delicious food and produce. Although not entirely of our choosing, our budget simply did not allow travel or holidays this year, it has turned out wonderfully with great places to visit spontaneously only a few minutes drive away.

  • Leighanne Grant

    Great idea….and awesome gifts! How generous of you!
    The best place I visited in 2017 was Singapore Zoo. Breakfast with the orangutans was awesome ?

  • Leisa Jane James Hill

    I went on a family holiday with my baby, big girl, hubby, mum,neice and sister to Bali and it was magical, so far from my expectations

  • RCTP

    The best place we visited this year was Port Stephens. Beautiful views, beaches and plenty of chill time with my three small children. Bliss.

  • Liz

    Alaska! Did a cruisetour with a friend. Alaska is amazing. I want to go back. I was fortunate to see grizzly bears. And also the glaciers are not to be missed.

  • Rachel Hardcastle

    The best place we went this year was Latigo Ranch in Colorado, USA. A week of horse riding in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Met amazing people and saw incredible wildlife. My 2year old hasn’t stopped talking about her pony there and it was 6months ago!

  • Amanda

    We haven’t really travelled at all this year! Last year though my favourite place was Victoria, i flew over, spent 2 days with my mum right at the top near the border (even ventured across to NSW for lunch!) & then 1 night in Melbourne CBD, followed by a night at the bottom of Vic staying with friends, then we began the long drive back to WA! It was an amazing experience driving across the bottom of Australia & definitely ticked many items off my bucket list that holiday! 🙂

  • Natalie

    Without a second’s hesitation, it would have to be Sorrento in Italy. Absolute Paradise! So I completely understand your love for Airport shopping – it’s always a highlight of traveling! So many cool things to pick up. Even better when you can just put them straight into the car and don’t have to squish them into a suitcase!

  • Erin Gamble

    The best place I visited this year was Washington DC, it was such a stunning city and we had the most amazing weather. I spent a lot of time at the airport in Brisbane, LA and DC, where I picked up the greatest Obama bobble head and Trump troll doll 🙂

  • sharlynn irvin

    I have to say we are on a budget and so we LOVE the Blue Mountains botanical gardens, it’s free and big (we still haven’t explored every path after 3 visits this year) and it changes in each season making it like new each time. We take lunch and play car game for the 1-1 1/2 drive, it’s simply the best day out.

  • Sibby

    The best place I visited this year was a little chapel in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, where I joined the man of my dreams and we got married. The second best place would be Iru Fushi, a small island in the Maldives!

  • Tessa Tuttle

    Normally I am a big traveller but I had my second baby this year so going to target feels like a lot…? But we did do a day trip to Tumbarumba recently and it was a perfect summer trip to get us into the swing of summer with a park and pool and ice cream shop!

  • Hobgoblin

    “The roof of Japan”. I went there for the incredible scenery and because I’ve never seen “real” mountains (you know, huge peaks with snow on top, not the piddly little mounds we have here). Safe to say I still haven’t really seen real mountains…

    By the time we reached the bus station near the peak, it was almost white out conditions: thick fog and sideways sleet. We had a 500m walk to our accommodation but the path was still covered in snow (my first snow, yay! And in the middle of summer!) and we couldn’t see more than 20m in front of us. At one point I was actually afraid we would be “those tourists” who went out unprepared and were never seen again… We looked like drowned rats by the time we stumbled upon our accommodation, but we made it, and it was one of the craziest and most surreal experiences of my life!

    I never got to see those amazing peaks, but it’s still the favourite segment of our trip. Relaxing afterwards in Japan’s highest onsen certainly wasn’t bad, either 🙂

  • Hobgoblin

    “The roof of Japan”. I went there for the incredible scenery and because I’ve never seen “real” mountains (you know, huge peaks with snow on top, not the piddly little mounds we have here). Safe to say I still haven’t really seen real mountains…

    By the time we reached the bus station near the peak, it was almost white out conditions: thick fog and sideways sleet. We had a 500m walk to our accommodation but the path was still covered in snow (my first snow, yay! And in the middle of summer!) and we couldn’t see more than 20m in front of us. At one point I was actually afraid we would be “those tourists” who went out unprepared and were never seen again… We looked like drowned rats by the time we stumbled upon our accommodation, but we made it, and it was one of the craziest and most surreal experiences of my life!

    I never got to see those amazing peaks, but it’s still the favourite segment of our trip. Relaxing afterwards in Japan’s highest onsen certainly wasn’t bad, either 🙂

  • Hobgoblin

    “The roof of Japan”. I went there for the incredible scenery and because I’ve never seen “real” mountains (you know, huge peaks with snow on top, not the piddly little mounds we have here). Safe to say I still haven’t really seen real mountains…

    By the time we reached the bus station near the peak, it was almost white out conditions: thick fog and sideways sleet. We had a 500m walk to our accommodation but the path was still covered in snow (my first snow, yay! And in the middle of summer!) and we couldn’t see more than 20m in front of us. At one point I was actually afraid we would be “those tourists” who went out unprepared and were never seen again… We looked like drowned rats by the time we stumbled upon our accommodation, but we made it, and it was one of the craziest and most surreal experiences of my life!

    I never got to see those amazing peaks, but it’s still the favourite segment of our trip. Relaxing afterwards in Japan’s highest onsen certainly wasn’t bad, either 🙂

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    We went as a family to the Goldie this year, it was a fab holiday checking out the sights. But the best place I went was a few days with my adult son in Macquarie Fields in Sydney to visit family. It had been a long time since we’d seen them and it was lovely to holiday with just me and my son. I will never forget it.

  • susan

    My family had a week away in Bendigo in winter. It was cold but we spent a bit of time on a farm with chickens, sheep and goats, and a wood fire. Abd some time in Bendigo itself right near the lake. It’s a beautiful town

  • carly kalisz

    Beautiful peaceful gardens in the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne

  • Lisa Marie

    The best place I Visited this year was the skyline drive in. I took my 3 year old and 6 year old to watch back to the future in the boot of our car. It was cold, we snuggled under the doona eating burger rings and there was a delorean car group hanging out with their 1980s delorean cars. It was my most favourite memory with my kids to date ?

  • Renaye Knight

    Moonee Beach NSW It has a beautiful inlet with gorgeous scenery, a caravan park across the road and a great family friendly tavern, it makes for the perfect weekend away ?

  • Camilla Smith

    At 27 years old I finally crossed the border from QLD to NSW and got to some beautiful sites

  • The best place…. We didn’t really do much this year in the way of travel, not that we do any year really apart from camping or travelling states to see family! But this year we found this spot near us It’s a gorgeous tiny river that is often free of other people. We take our pooch and the kids and let them adventure, It’s just quiet, simple and beautiful.

  • Smith Nicole

    The best place I visited this year was the RSPCA. I went in the lookout for a young dog as a friend for my furbaby. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I saw dozens of beautiful yet lonely animals so I spent a few hours and spent some time with each of them. Just outside their pens chatting and patting them. Afterwards I moved onto a pound at Liverpool and did the same thing. That day I visited 3 pounds in total and gave all the love I had to those poor dogs that nobody loved. I cried and cried and was exhausted by the end of it but I felt that hopefully those fur babies felt a bit more
    Loved if only for a bit. If you ever have free time maybe try an hour just giving pats to these animals that so need them. The most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Their eyes were so thankful ! Beat Disneyland any day. !

  • Pamela Mistica

    My husband took us on a US trip back in March where my son and I experienced Disneyland for the first time. It was an amazing and magical experience; amazing, to feel like a kid again, and magical, to see my son being happy in the happiest place on earth. It was definitely a highlight of 2017.

  • Shelley Brown

    The best place we visited this year was a Very Special Kids supported property near Bairnsdale. Not only is the property beautiful but it’s fully accessible with my daughters wheelchair. She rode on the quad bike and fed the lambs. We ventured to the beach to the south and snow around Fargo to the north. Magical!

  • Rowena Harris

    Bright Victoria… The Autumn Festival. Combined with the Chestnut Festival in Wandiligong. The glorious leaves, arts, craft, music, stalls, parades, markets, food, cool clear nights, glorious views, yummy food (often made with chestnuts)… What more could you ask for?
    Except to visit a place with that cute and funny name- “Wandiligong”!

  • Erica

    Hmmm, tough one. Start of the year we ended our winter Christmas in UK and stopped in Dubai for the first time on our way home. And then in August we went back to the UK for 2 more weeks with a pit stop in Singapore on Sentosa island on our way home.
    Then we’ve also been on the central coast and south coast for little trips with the family. We went to Terrigal with my inlaws and saw the most amazing storm roll over the coast and got to watch the dogs running on the beach from our house. And then a few weeks ago we went to Culburra with my whole family including nearly 2 year old twin boys and my two dogs. It was a noisy, busy week of early dinners and a general frustration with wifi and Apple TV ?

    Really lucky to have been on so many lovely trips this year – looking forward to next years travels starting with 6 weeks travelling around the US!!!

    But to answer your question….. I was going to say the best place we went to was 4 Costco’s in 2 days in the UK….. but then I remembered the amazing little zoo we went to down the coast. We had the perfect day at Shoalhaven Zoo in north Nowra…. we walked in and immediately got to go in the koala enclosure (for free) and listened to the end of the keeper talk and had a pat with the most awake and active koala I’ve ever seen. Then the keeper asked where her wombat was….. we did a double take and noticed a tiny baby wombat walking around and climbing into a bag attached the fence. It was adorable…. it was so small and cute and soft! We had a pat, took a bunch of photos, had a chat to some cockies and kept going. The weather was perfect, just a nice breeze coming off the river that creates one edge of the whole zoo.
    We got to see the baby wombat a few more times, and some gorgeous little Roos.
    It had the most entertaining farm area with the funniest and loudest sheep, a pair of inquisitive donkeys, goats galore, a little deer and it’s horsey room mate, baby bunnies, lambs who were everywhere and wanting food nonstop, grumpy geese and something I’ve never seen before – baby emus! (They’re so cute! They’re all stripey and fluffy!!!)
    I even got to bottle feed one of the lambs just by talking to the keeper and asking if she needed any help.
    We kept walking to go and see the lions, monkeys and a day old llama and found a perfect bench overlooking the river to have our picnic lunch (while still being able to hear the noisy sheep). We went back and hung out in the farmyard feeding all the animals and finished up walking through the roo and emu enclosure. Head scrunched and fed a big old grey and another little joey.

    It was the best place we went because everything was perfect. The weather was amazing (it would be a really hot zoo through the middle of summer), it wasn’t too pricey but we were happy to support a wonderful little zoo, it has great animals and so so so many little baby ones, it was so quiet – aside from the sheep – we went on a cloudy, Wednesday during school term and there wasn’t many people there but It was big enough to distribute everyone that we barely saw people.
    I loved getting such close access the animals – especially the babies – and that they didn’t charge you extra for anything but the animal food. The keepers were really friendly and happy to chat about their animals and clearly were happy to be there and looking after their animals so well.

    I highly recommend going to Shoalhaven zoo, and I love zoos – we pretty much go to every zoo we go near – but there are very few I have enjoyed as much as this one.

  • Bec H

    The best place I’ve been this year? A day trip to the Gold Coast hinterland to meet an online friend in person. It was so far out of my comfort zone and I was putting myself out there. She didn’t disappoint and we spent the day talking and laughing like we always do online. Best of all we’ve planned to do it again and once she returned home our friendship has only grown stronger.

  • Narelle Tanner

    Sydney, so good we went twice during 2017 lol. Once flying and once on a road trip. And I did some of my Christmas shopping at Mimco – Sydney Airport. I bought my daughter a rose gold Mimco bag.

  • Jodie Van Der Zwan

    The best place I have visited in 2017 was Melbourne – as always great places to eat, lots to do and see. We celebrated my husband’s birthday there with his family 🙂

  • AmaNotQuite

    Super easy question to answer (though I did visit a bunch of fab places this year!)

    The best place I visited this year was an ultrasound clinic in Bendigo, where we learned we are expecting our first baby in April 2018!

    So exciting!

  • Perisher! I strapped on a snowboard for the first time since before I had kids and it felt like being home. Sooo good.

  • Natalie Ivory

    A farm stay at Hautacam in Pamona on the Sunny Coast. I was gifted a stay from The Otis Foundation due to a breast cancer diagnosis and it was simply magical!

  • Kristy Dawson

    Solitary Islands Aquarium in Coffs Harbour. It was the first time my ASD daughter had allowed an experience to consume her, rather than be overwhelmed by the crowds, other children and lights, sounds, smells. It was an absolute gem on our holiday and she even went back for a visit with her Dad, while I got to have a rest.

  • Arla Jackson

    A trip to the Gold Coast a few weeks ago. We hadn’t been north of Coffs Harbour until then and hadn’t been on any holiday in a long time (we have six kids aged between 2-15). We absolutely loved it:)

  • Sarah Zuchetti

    Kalbarri! Why Kalbarri? West Aussie’s know where it is and how beautiful but everyone else (and probably even the West Aussie’s!) would be wondering WHY that is the best place. BECAUSE it was a challenge. A challenge that if we beat would show we could possibly do what will most definitely be the best place we’ve ever visited, not only in 2017, but in the history of our kids lives. A 5 week road trip with the caravan from Perth to TASSIE. Leaving Monday. Eek! Are we insane? The trip to Kalbarri told us no, the coming Monday (and the days thereafter!) might say yes!!
    Will certainly be a more relaxed week before Christmas though. Driving across our amazing country. Christmas in the Barossa. NYE on The Spirit of Tasmania. Can’t wait!

  • Aleisha Langton

    We went on roadtrip in March to western Qld, with a toddler, probably not the best idea! But we lived Longreach. A lot to see and do.

  • Tara

    This year we took our 2 children down to the town of Denmark (Western Australia) in winter and we visited a beach called Greens Pool – the clear turquoise water was absolutely stunning!! We had a picnic on the huge rocks overlooking the ocean and it was definitely the best place I’ve been this year. Cant wait to go back one summer and swim there!

  • The best place we visited this year was Katoomba. We’ve been wanting to take the kids for years and we finally nipped out there on the ONLY weekend our daughter had the early game at Netball, haha! It’s only a few hours drive for us so we loaded up the car and took off straight after the game. We stayed in a little motel right near the 3 Sisters and spent the Sunday exploring Scenic World. We got unlimited passes which meant we could ride the cable cars (eeeek!) and the scenic railway all day, with lots of bushwalking in between. The kids had a blast, would highly recommend it for a family weekend away (or for anyone really!)

  • Josephine

    Fun! I’m in awe of your shopping prowess!
    The best place I visited this year was a bushman’s hut in a hidden NSW south coast region of Brooman (no, I’d never heard of it before I went, either). My husband and I spend two nights in this magnificently remote (no signal!, down 10 km of dirt track), lo-fi (solar- and gas-powered, no outlets), recreated bushman’s hut. It had a glorious view over a lush green valley, with a soundtrack of moo-ing cows and myriad birdlife. There was even an outdoor claw-foot bathtub! And, perhaps my favourite thing of all – we were greeted at the front gate by Brian, the resident donkey. As soon as we arrived, he stuck his head in through the open car window 🙂 It was the ideal way to celebrate 14 years of marriage, and a wonderful little mental break from the everyday working/parenting gig!

  • Sarah

    The best place I visited in 2017 was Fraser Island. Even though it’s not my first time, it is just a beautiful place. We explored different places to what we previously had and saw baby dingoes which my kids still talk about. So good to spend time together and reset as a family.

  • Di McCullough

    That is such a cute selection of goodies you have found there! The best place that I visited in 201, was sort of an amalgamation of places. We live in rural NSW and last school holidays, there was no possibility of going away for a proper holiday. One day, while hubby was busy, I told the kids we were going on a road trip for the day. First stop was Griffith, because they have a fabulous park there! We spent the bulk of the day there, with the kids moving between the wet and dry areas, making friends with kids they’d just met. Then we packed up and headed to Rankin’s Springs. In all honesty, R.S. was just on the way to the next place we wanted to visit, but it turned into a highlight! There’s a place there with all sorts of sculptures in the yard, and my little Hoovians had a blast looking at the Daleks and Tardis, amoung the other sculptures. Our last stop before home was Weethalle. It’s a tiny little place with a beautiful instillation of Silo Art. The kids had a blast posing for photos and checking out all the details they hadn’t noticed in photos. It was more about the time together, but it was definitely a great trip!

  • Kerin Welsh

    As a mum of young children and a budget that doesn’t allow for holidays, I’m going to have to say the best place I visited in 2017 was the toilet that time I was able to go there by myself! ?

  • Nerida Gannon-Hall

    Love your productive attitude at the airport! My favourite place I have visited in 2017 is my families in Victoria. We live away from my parents, in-laws and sisters/brothers so it’s always nice to take my boys back to the farm and catch up with the grandies and animals 🙂 I am moving to the USA for 3 years in January, for my hubbies work, so our family trips were even more special this year, as will Christmas! I hope I can be as productive and shop at the airport before I leave for lots of Aussie goods!!!

  • Kristen Pickford

    Definitely Cow Bay. We flew to Cairns (and you are right airport shopping is the best?) and we drove north we wanted to check out what was over the other side of the daintree river so went exploring and found this most beautiful beach called cow bay there was the most amazing rope swing hanging from a coconut tree and the kids my husband and I all loved it.

  • Rachel Devine

    Home to be with my mother… Best place on the planet for me.

  • Trish

    The best place I’ve been this year is to my orthopedic surgeon, because he decided to perform surgery on an injury I’ve been trying to ignore and now I’m very much on my way to being mobile and pain free for the first time in 4 years! Would have loved a holiday, but surgery means that if we save up enough then I can actually join in on holiday activities instead of sitting on the sideline.

  • Chloe Armstrong

    The best place i visited this year was the hospital where after some minor complications and a rush to emergency they told me my baby had a strong heartbeat. I now have a healthy and beautiful baby boy. I would take that trip to the hospital anytime to leave with that feeling of happiness

  • Nicole Martin

    My husband and I never had a honeymoon and we don’t have family holidays as we are a family of 7 on one wage while I am studying BUT for my 40th this year my family pitched in and sent Pete and I to Tasmania for 5 days KID FREE! It was the most beautiful place to spend time together and the scenery can’t be beat.

  • Leah Haynes

    We went to Peterborough VIC early in the year as friends had been recommending it to us. Cute little seaside town with basically nothing to do except relax…and in dairy country where you can buy all the cheese and yogurt you can eat. ?

  • Georgie

    The Mighty Murray River – this year my parents in-laws celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary ❤️ My husband and his siblings hired 2 houseboats whisked everyone away for a long weekend – if was sublime – so peaceful and relaxing we docked jumped off on a little sandy beach – talked wined and dined – there were card games and board games (not the usual “bored”) games ? our girls loved it being the youngest grandchildren all their cousins are in their 20s it was so nice to see them hanging out together – I totally recommend it and would do it again in a heartbeat ?

  • Andrea Cooper

    Best place we went to in 2017 was Hamilton Island. One week of perfect family relaxation whix
    Which was well overdue.

  • Andrea Cooper

    Best place we went to in 2017 was Hamilton Island. One week of perfect family relaxation whix
    Which was well overdue.

  • Chantel Dyson

    Fiji for sure we went there in October. One of the best holidays, very family orientated infact any age, friendly, amazing weather, awesome activities like snorkelling and finding some cool fish and ziplining on 16 different zips. I went with fiance, his parents (inlaws 33rd anniversary)and their family friends. I actually cried at tje airport on fiji because i didn’t want to home

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    The best place I visited in 2017 was the tops of 3 different mountains I climbed! Mt Roberts, Mt Greville and Mt Walsh, all mountains in SEQld. if you’d said to me last year that I’d climb these mountains in 2017, I’d have laughed at you!

  • Leesa Massey

    Hawaii for sure!!!
    I heart airport shopping ????
    I also heart someone doing all the work for me too when it comes to Christmas shopping! ?

  • Mellisa Counsell

    This might sound silly as I have had a Beachie holiday in Yamba and just came back from Phuket, but the best place I visited this year was ICU after things went awry post surgery. That ICU save my life. And it doesn’t get better than that

  • Janni Gumly Gumly

    I had my first overseas holiday (& at 54, I’m impressed with myself) and cruised to many amazing places but my favourite was Isle of Pines where I swam with wild turtles (an experience like nothing else in this world), walked on perfect white sandy beaches and played in pristine turquoise water. Ahhhh, so wonderful

  • Elita Hooper

    My best friends house, where I can be just me and I can do it while I drink wine in my pjs, we can just chat or sit but we do not care what we look like or what we are wearing…best place ever..

  • Karen Bateman

    Canberra – my husband moved here in January but due to commitments my two boys (8 & 12) and I didn’t move here from the UK until August! Canberra has been the place we get to be a family together again and get to explore some amazing places together. ?

  • Rose Scanlan

    The Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.. who knew our own backyard would be so enchanting! I slept under the stars, swam with dolphins and sea lions, walked for miles and told many a tale around a campfire. Absoloutely out of my comfort zone, but the best thing I have experienced in such a long time.

  • Stacey Blackmore

    Geelong hospital to have my daughters plaster removed after almost 3 months as she broke both her legs in a terrifying trampoline accident. The shear freedom and look on her face priceless

  • Rosie Pryer

    Perisher! Being nearly 30 and having never seen snow before, it was a dream come true. Our kids loved it and we can’t wait to go again next year.

  • Mrs Macca

    Kindergarten with my daughter! Was amazing to see things through her tiny eyes and watch her learn and grow. Having a child really changes your perspective.

  • Lucy Bingemann

    Best place I visited in 2017 was Hobart, Tasmania.

    We went there for our honeymoon and that is where we fell pregnant with our first baby!

    Very special place with very special memories for us now.

  • Patricia Gledhill

    Darwin to visit my son and his partner who are expecting their first baby in 10 days

  • chrissie fitz

    Home to see family & friends in the UK. So good for the heart and soul.

  • Rachel Moncrieff

    We had a rough year this year with my husband needing a spinal fusion and having to cancel a couple of trips due to his recovery. Finally at the end of November we got away to the hunter valley nsw to see the band live. We then stopped at the NRMA Ocean Beach caravan park at Umina Beach NSW. It was amazing we were there for 4 nights which we extend to 7 after realising how amazing it was. One of the best parks in NSW. It was also great to get away as a family after a tough year for all of us

  • Melissa Allen

    We haven’t had a chance for a holiday in quite a few years but the fact we are healthy and all together is a pretty good place to be ?

  • Bianca Bonakey

    Bali .. we did all the tours .. thoroughly loved the bird park with the macaws and feeding the cranes .. my five year was in awe

  • Kate

    Best place had to be Blossoms Rescue in Orange NSW. The two little handfuls of scared, dumped kittens they rescued have turned into two sweet little cats who have learned they are safe, and they love us, even if they are still scared of everyone else.

  • Tash Jay

    A rural village in Fiji called Navunikambi. Surrounded by mountains, a river, no internet or phone signal and lovely, traditional Fijian people with amazing food ☺️

  • Michelle Clayton

    Unfortunately as a single mum without any support I haven’t been able to take my kids on any holidays but the best place I’ve probably been this year was taking my son to his kindy transition days. The excitement on his face just proves it’s the little things that make the struggles worth while.

  • Deb

    Would have to be Sydney! Last month I was able to have 3 special days with my Miss 10 staying in Sydney for her dance competition! Wonderful mummy and daughter quality time!

  • Emma Lovell

    I love going places but my favourite place is the moment when I turn into my street and get that little bit of excitement that soon I will be home.

  • julia

    My grandparents home. My uncle (their son ) passed away earlier this year from cancer. It pretty much broke them. Being able to take the kids to see them made them smile. Something I haven’t seen for a long time. They are the world to me.

  • Micaela

    Hamilton Island – it was our first family holiday with our 10 month old son and also a celebration of our 9th wedding anniversary. Such a beautiful part of the world!

  • Lisa Robertson

    Lightning Ridge! We love to get away with our kids in our caravan and decided on a partially outback holiday this year. Was such a different place, kids got to try their hands at fossicking for opals, we visited the bore bath every evening (amazing!!!) and experienced very laid back town.

  • Blythe

    Venice, Italy. It was beyond a dream, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since I was a young teenager. Much work went in to making that trip happen and it was amazing. Brief, but life changing. I left a piece of my heart there.

  • Bianca Thomas

    We drove a few hours down to Busselton (WA). Spent 2 nights and 2 full days there. Drove around to sight see, ate dinner with friends, went to a forrest and the beach and had the best full moon to view. We do not get alot of time (or money) to go away. But it was good to recharge and forget work for abit. We plan to do more little trips and simply enjoy our time together! Which is so much easy said then done isnt it. Thanks Chantelle.. ? enjoy your break and see you on the flip side xx ✌?

  • Chelsea Morcom

    The best place we went this year was Artvo. I went with my 14 year old son, my brother and his kids who are 10 and 7 and my sister. I was so much fun, we spent 3hrs there which is a tough ask with three kids and even my 14 yr old forgot to mope around and had a great time with his younger cousins!

  • Alicia Beckenham

    We went to Bali, while the volcano was still just simmering. Kids loved the warm weather and swimming everyday, plus learnt about the beautiful Balinese people and culture. Horrid overnight flight, hated Sydney airport (so counter-intuitive) but Brisbane airport was easy and Brisbane Airport parking was a dream run. Did a little shopping there too ?

  • we’ve been visiting our own city, Perth, more than ever. Exploring all the toerist places, taking in the sights and attending all the amazing workshops and community events.

  • WaggaWagga

    Definitely the beach! We don’t do anything fancy but we are together to relax and unwind and it is so different from our usual surrounds.

    BTW Chantelle I LOVE shopping at airports! I always find I do my most efficient shopping there.

  • meandtheyoung

    Hong Kong Disneyland, tied in with a business trip for my husband, watching my two girls meet Ana (Elsa was apparently on holidays) brought tears to my eyes. Palpable joy for a 3 and 4 year old.

  • Kat

    The best place I went this year was my kid’s dream destination Legoland in Malaysia. We’d been contemplating going for a couple of years then decided to do it before they get too old. The kids favourite part was taking me down the waterslides and laughing at me screaming!

  • Romany Smith

    Edinborough for Hogmanay (Scottish New Year). It’s always been on my bucket list and it exceeded my expectations; great city, great people, great whisky to keep us warm, an amazing occasion, fireworks off the castle that I’ve always seen on tv and wished I was there for and the company of a friend who was as excited as I was. Even remembering it has me smiling.

  • Pumba

    A gorgeous park, halfway to Melbourne, when the toddler had been screaming for 2hrs straight, my morning sickness was bad and the car had started to make an awful sound. That park seemed like heaven – fresh air, play equipment, clean toilets, a fountain AND some diggers/dump trucks nearby for the obsessed toddler to watch.
    Perhaps it was just a park, but at the time it seemed heaven sent.

  • Melissa Simcocks

    We went to Bali earlier this yr to celebrate our 1yr wedding anniversary and our daughters first birthday. My sister and her husband joined us for half of our trip and it was so much fun just hanging out without the dramas of everyday life.

  • Stephanie Buckle

    Took the girls to see the snow for the first time in Warburton. Our whole family where blown away with how beautiful it was.

  • Cassie Fox

    Mercy Hospital for Women to watch our newest family member being brought into the world. So much love and so proud to be an Aunty

  • Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    We haven’t had time for a holiday away from home this year, but our best day trip this year was our trip to Melbourne’s Yarra Valley and Healesville area! So much fun exploring such a beautiful part of my state and finding great attractions for young and old as well as fabulous cafes and chocolateries. 🙂

  • Daveena Thwaites

    The BEST place for me this year (so far) was a little cafe in Cottesloe. My school friends from 23 years ago and I caught up for lunch. It was lovely ?

  • Angela

    In my own new (rented) place after being abused by my housemate for months to the point was a prisoner in my own room. I didn’t realise how much he was breaking my spirit until I was outta there. Also, so nice to have to wear pants at home if I don’t want to ☺️

  • Renée Meier

    Quick weekend visit to the other side of the country to hug my bestie who lives in Perth x

  • Kara Rawling

    The maternity ward to birth my gorgeous little man. Best places I could ever go to come home with such a precious gift 🙂
    He is 6 weeks old now, which means Xmas shopping is near impossible!

  • Ooo hard question, we have been to so many amazing places this year but the most beautiful I think was Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, it blew my mind, we were so lucky to be up on the platform when a light show was on, the music with the lights, wow! Singapore itself is an amazing place to take a young family, so clean and safe and the food!!! We loved it so much we are going back in 2018!

  • lou

    Awesome holiday with my sister and her boys up the sunny coast, all those cousins hanging out together is crazy bliss

  • Rachelle Corbett

    A sneaky little getaway to Maroochydore
    Where the sunrise and sunsets were bliss
    Where whales were playing, kids were laughing
    And the ocean breeze was as sweet as a kiss

  • Carlie Gannon

    this year i took my daughters to byron bay! northern nsw is stunning and we just adored crystal castle ?

  • Megan Boswell

    Port Douglas for a wedding ❤ it was our first time away without the kids. We hadn’t been on a holiday just the two of us since I was pregnant with my now 11 year old son!

  • Anna Miles

    My parents farm in the middle of winter- roaring fire, perfectly cooked roast and lots of lovely red wine. Next morning, foggy windows and woken up by complete silence (apart from the crows). Heaven

  • Sarah

    Bunnings! We visit often and it’s the best way to entertain kids on a rainy day. Craft, balloons and a play area for kids while the adults can sit in peace in the cafe. It’s like a mini holiday ?

  • Samara McRae

    South Africa. My son got to meet his grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins for the very first time. It was such a special and memorable holiday.

  • Michelle Caruso

    Port Stephens, where we had our first family holiday in 5 this year. Never realised how important holidays were until it had been 5 years since I had been on one. For my kids it we there first holiday and seeing the look on their faces was priceless. Will never forget that holiday and how beautiful Port Stephens is!

  • Morgan

    Mine was a lone trip (a hard thing to do with four kids and a
    Husband) back to Sydney to see my grandpa and spend time with him, back in September. Family is so important to me. Sad we will all be apart this year for Christmas.

  • Lisa N Littlies

    I haven’t really been anywhere this year but the best I would say would be to school one night just before break up to see my daughter play for the first time in front of everyone in the school band and to get a gold academic achievement award. Was a great proud night

  • Jenwa Gibbo

    Port Stephens NSW, our old home, to become Godparents. We had the best time catching up with old friends, eating in our favourite places and exploring one of the most beautiful parts of Australia ❤️

  • Val Ruzicka

    Knox Hospital for a hip replacement ! Of course I didn’t think so at the time,but three months later am even going to join a gym …..enjoying granddaughters aged 7 and 8 and grandsons 5 and 10.Life’s good.?

  • Bec webb

    The Met in New York. Seeing Van Gogh made me weep!

  • Alana Moller

    Townsville for me this year was the both the best and worst place to visit. The worst was that it was the place where I had to leave my 12 year old daughter at boarding school. It was also the BEST throughout the year because each time I visited, it meant that my entire family were back together, I had all my chicks in my nest and everything became right in the world again. Living on a cattle station in outback Queensland is a glorious lifestyle, however the harsh reality of having to send children to boarding school so far away is heartbreaking. I know though that the opportunities for her future she will receive in Townsville make it the right choice.

  • Laura Lewis

    The best place I visit time and time again is ebay. I loathe crowds and loathe shopping. I get amazing unique gifts and fashion without leaving the couch

  • Kira Sykes

    Palm Cove for a dozen reasons, my best friends wedding, seeing family we haven’t seen in about 5 years, meeting new little baby faces that have joined the circle and good old quality catch ups… 10 days was not enough, but we sure made every minute count ❤️

  • Belinda

    Tricky question as we have had a great holiday close to home as well as overseas….. well you can’t really beat our WA beautiful coastline – we went camping at Gnaraloo Station and Coral Bay. Such as magical spot full of awesome snorkelling, amazing sunsets and relaxation!!

  • Karlie Luscombe

    The best place in the world is at home with my four girls, enjoying their giggles, our chats and even the tantrums!

  • We went to a gorgeous resteraunt that I’ve been hanging out to visit for years, On the Pier. The food was amazing and we had a great night but the best bit was being out after my hubby had been home sick for 20 weeks, seeing him enjoying the food and company in a gorgeous setting was the best

    • Oh damn, sorry about the mistake ?

  • Kym Potts

    Best places we visited from outback Queensland. Roma, Barcaldine and Longreach. The hospitality was above and beyond and we had such a fantastic time away from the hustle and bustle. Time to regroup as a family and share an adventure.

  • mary_j_j

    Best place we visited this year was Salzburg – such a great place, so a good size, so much Sound of Music! We had a ball!!

  • Patricia Comer

    The dementia unit at the retirement home. It opened my eyes on so many levels. They made my laugh, almost cry, and gave me a greater respect for life. I was there for 5 weeks on Tafe work placement and have decided that I would dearly love to work with elderly people and help improve their quality of life. They really aren’t all just crankee and old people. Some of them indeed have alot of life left in them and just need someone to talk to or help getting on with life.

  • Wendy Hatton

    My sole holiday away this year was to Childers, QLD to visit my sister and family. It was a great trip. Lots of things to see, friends to visit and happy catching up. I’m from a remotish place in Tasmania so rarely see my interstate relatives and friends.

  • Philomena Brown

    Ireland to see my brother get married and spend precious time with my family. It was such a beautiful day and very intimate as family only.
    The rest of the time was spent leprechaun and fairy hunting with my 6 year old daughter and her madly imaginative aunt.
    My daughter is now a fully fledged leprechaun hunter!
    Memories we’ll treasure forever!!!!

  • Therese

    Stockton Beach in Newcastle. It’s a stunning beach where you can 4WD. I think Mad Max was filmed there. But best of all was the wonderful friends we shared our day with.

  • Rebecca Gerrard

    The best place I visited this year was Fukushima prefecture in Japan. It’s such a beautiful place

  • Malinda Brown

    Backyard camping where we were only limited by our imagination

  • Deb

    Went to New Caledonia for the first time this year on a cruise. Best. holiday. ever. Cannot wait to do it again.

  • Wendy Christidis

    Singapore! So much to see and do and explore!!! A blend of the old and the new, shopping galore, amazing food, Universal Studios, Incredible zoo safaris and the world-class Gardens by the Bay! Cant wait to go back and do it all again!

  • Nicole Dean

    I went to Milford sound in New Zealand this year and it was such a gorgeous place!

  • Kathy Schickert

    The winternationals at willowbank raceway

  • Kathleen Ward

    We didn’t get out much this year…its been one of those I’d like to forget. But we did manage to visit falls creek for winter..seeing my kids faces play in the snow for the first time was priceless.

  • Lou Walton

    My home…there’s nothing like home. (The response you give when you’ve had a rough year & not gone anywhere exciting ???) xx

  • Makisha Desborough

    Airlie beach . Stunning xx

  • Karen Kidd

    We haven’t managed much exploring this year, but today I took my daughter to visit Lollipop Land a magical, stunning land of make believe. We have been going for a number of years, and each year the story is different. It’s located at Old Petrie Town, near Daybro Qld. If you get a chance, go and have a look

  • Jillian Ives

    This year we only had one trip away. We went camping at Bigriggen Rathdowny with my parents. We did lots of little walks, drives and lots of relaxing. This was our first trip with two kids. I’m looking forward to many more in 2018.

  • Bec Pullen

    Sydney because I got to finally visit the Opera House and climb the steps !
    But the steps attacked me

  • Jess

    I explored WA for the first time ever, back in Feb. Short and simple trip, but would love to go back. Ps love your work on the time saving!

  • Kirsty Bunyan

    I only travelled once in 2017 and it was to Brisbane to attend the RnB Live concert! I caught up with old friends, drank a lot and danced in the pouring rain to old school RnB. I had the time of my life and felt like a teenager again!

  • Ainslie Kirkwood

    The beach. Just my local. On my own. All my cares seem to melt away and the ocean breeze just wakes me up. I ponder life as I look out over the endless water. Love it!

  • Janna

    Margate/Redcliffe in Qld! Went for a family reunion and quick family holiday! Was full of friend catch ups, family, yummy food, sight-seeing, Australia Zoo and Movie World! Best holiday in awhile!

  • Sophie Chandler

    Would have to be Hamilton Island just after Cyclone Debbie. We had the trip booked pre- Debbie and almost cancelled. Was well liked after and needed to support QLD Tourism.

  • Miranda Lee

    Melbourne Zoo. My daughter and I went into the meerkat exhibit and had them on our laps. Definitely an amazing unforgettable experience ?

  • Alisha Bowen

    This year I was fortunate to be able to visit Vietnam. Cultural immersion, stunning scenery and yummy food 2 and a 1/2 weeks with my best friend. 3 nights of which we spent in the most Amazing beach resort ever with free Villa upgrade.

  • Tracy Preddey

    The best place I visited in 2017 was beautiful Vomo Island Fiji. Where my husband and I celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary with our two year old daughter. Family is everything.

  • Nicole Tate

    Yarram, Gippsland, one last holi day with our older dog, before she passed away the next month

  • Cassie Grieve

    We went on our first holiday in 5 years for my daughters 3rd birthday. Just a trip to Taronga Zoo, but seeing her face light up at the tigers and giraffes will stay with me for a long time.

  • Ellen

    The best place I visited in 2017 was my mums place! Beaches, babysitting and beauty sleep! Love being at my mum’s ♥️

  • Pauline

    My daughter (11yo) and I flew to Singapore on a girly trip and it was amazing. It was her first trip overseas and we made so many lovely memories. Joyful.

  • Renee Gleeson

    The best place I visited this year was the hospital to give birth to my baby boy ?
    But it was also the best place to leave after 2 days to go to my own bed ? haha

  • Anna Delzoppo

    Milos, one of the many beautiful
    Greek Islands, where the sun always shines and the turquoise water is crystal clear ???

  • Justine Williams

    The best place I’ve been this year is Magnetic Island off Townsville. It’s like you’ve gone back in time and has a casual beach vibe. It’s so beautiful! You can hike, swim, snorkel, explore and relax. It rejuvenated us and brought us closer together as a family ?

  • Andrea Mus

    Tasmania. For Christmas. It may just snow… who knows.

  • Angelique Rosa-Bartolone

    Sorrento beach, Victoria. Watched my youngest son swim (OK, splash) in the ocean for the first time, total joy, and priceless memories!

  • Bernie Snell

    The best place I’ve visited in 2017 was the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs as part of a girls weekend away! It was relaxing, indulgent and totally for me! Can’t wait to go back! 🙂 (Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!)

  • KP

    We explored the beautiful beaches of Jervis Bay, including the stunning Green Patch and Caves Beaches in Booderee National Park. How lucky we are in Australia to have such natural wonders on our doorstep! I’m spending more time in this region over the summer break, creating beautiful memories with my husband and toddler.

  • Mellisa Cook

    30+ years of dreaming to go to my mothers families country came true with the help of my husband and my dying dad. Not just the best for 2017 but the best in my entire 50 years my trip to Italy ?

  • Kirsty

    New Orleans. The people, the culture, the jazz… the serenity of being around the other side of the world. Pure heaven!

  • Lynda Delaney

    It’s true what they say ‘don’t leave town till you’ve seen the country’
    My favorite place for 2017 was Castlemaine Victoria and only about 45 minutes from home (Clunes).
    Great cafe’s amazing shopping and a nice park too.

  • Alani Winter

    Honestly 2017 has been a pretty dang crap year for me. I haven’t been anywhere on holidays. My holidays this year were spent spending precious time with my dad before he passed – so if you consider hospital, mum & dads and the palliative care ward at the hospital places to visit I’d have to say any or all of these were the best given my dad was still here with us at the time.

  • Joanna Hayward

    We’ve had some pretty amazing mini adventures this year, but the best place I’ve been is the local shops, by myself, with a hot cup of coffee the only thing keeping me company while I grocery shop. Pure heaven to not have the two under two with me!

  • Karen Hancock

    There was that one time I went to the toilet and not one child asked me a question. That was was a sweet visit. Or those nights with girlfriends that just revive your soul. Oh then there was the time I went to the shops one my own… And no one elses kids screamed, no one walked slowly in front of me and I didn’t forget anything on my list. It’s been a pretty sweet year.

  • Jess Haywood

    The Art Gallery in Adelaide, wonderful family experience!

  • Kim maxwell

    I visit my best place weekly, my Mum and Dad’s place. I get love, a feed, conversation, family gossip and a game of canasta when I visit if I’m lucky. What’s more, they look forward to me visiting more than anyone else ever will . ?
    Kim Maxwell
    [email protected]

  • Suzanna

    I went to my bucket list of visiting Rotorua. Nature at its best. Beautiful lakes, mud pools, geysers and the culture 🙂 makes you appreciate this earth

  • Jade-Elise Newell

    Best place I’ve visited was my daughters final cheer comp of the season where they hit zero (no deductions) for the first time! The team were underdogs all season in a tough division. Watching her hard work pay off was the best moment of the year!

  • Kasee

    To see my family in Qld and take my kids to the theme parks.

  • Neva Beaumont

    While this place isn’t earth-shattering, it was “emotionally shattering”. We attended fireworks during Riverfire in Brisbane and we sat on one of the bridges that straddles the river. My little girls were so captivated by the fireworks and by the helicopter/jet plane show. Seeing the amazement on their faces while we all cuddled put a tear in my eye because I was so happy and felt so blessed! It was a special moment for me in 2017!

  • Sera

    Lone pine with my extended family. It was so awesome seeing the kids interacting with the animals, getting up close and cuddling a koala, seeing a platypus and other animals they wouldn’t normally see. Seeing a baby Joey jump back into it’s mother’s pouch was my 2 children’s absolute highlight

  • Jess Meschiati

    Tasmania saw all 4 seasons n got to spend quality family time with my mum was a early Xmas gift to ourselves. This gift would cover all my mates kids plus a few to families in need

  • For me it would be Sydney, honestly until this year I had only ever been to Sydney for hospital, surgery, doctor needs. Normally doing a 16 hour round trip in the car, or spending months at a time confined to hospital…. I had always hated Sydney for the association I had made that it was all gloom and doom *slightly over dramatic, but still* – Cue March. I was in hospital at home when I got an email to say I WON TIX TO THE DIXIE CHICKS and that the concert was in 2 days time! With the help of some angels I not only went to the concert but got to meet them too!!! The next day my husband took time exploring Sydney with me and doing lots of bucket listy stuff. We had a blast! I never realised there was so much beauty in Sydney, I never thought I would refer to Sydney as beautiful, but it definitely opened my eyes and it was one of the best moments in my life! I still want to see Bondi and visit the new waterfront parklands, the Zoo and the botanical gardens.

  • Ash

    We moved to Canberra, from Brisbane at the start of the year, so we’ve been discovering a lot of new areas in the part of Australia.
    My favourite by far has been the Jervis Bay region!!! The beaches are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen many. Hyams Beach was heaven, the kids snorkeled right off the beach on a little reef. We plan to visit again during these holidays.

  • kari

    On our family trip this year we spent some time in Eden, NSW, just a beautiful place and gorgeous coastline

  • Patricia Wilson

    My favourite place I visited in 2017 was Cairns, QLD for my honeymoon. We had the most relaxing time and it was amazing to not adult or Mum for four days!

  • Emma Macdonald

    Hospital! In 2017, after 13 years with my husband, almost 7 years of trying, I went to hospital to have our baby Fraser ?

  • Andieharrie

    We finally got to Greece and it was divine
    The, people and fun we had eating and drinking wine

  • Louisa Blue

    My imagination? This question has made me realise that this year has been pretty bland. We’re saving for our dream holiday, ask me again in 12 months time and I’ll have a really great answer for you 😉

  • Claire

    Boracay in the Philippines – so gorgeous, amazing people and just the break we needed!

  • Sam

    Funnily enough, to the hospital! To have our second daughter Ariella. ?

  • Tina Kennedy

    We went to New Zealand! Like you, I think it’s one of the most photogenic places i’ve Ever been. I’d love to go back and experience more.

  • Naomi Kennedy

    My obstetrician as I foubd out I was pregnant with our first child. We will be having a baby boy in March anf every visit to the obstetrician has been good news ever since:)

  • Amy Coombs

    The Philippines! My family go every year to visit sponsor children and to do “family weeks” in the slums (where we invite people from the community in and do games, activities and give them a good meal). I hadn’t been in 3 years so it was good to go and see friends I hadn’t seen in a while

  • Sarah Jones

    I was going to write Yamba or Newcastle or Mt Tamborine… but we moved towns this year to Moree as a new family of 4 for my hubby’s work, and I loved it! The community there is amazing, and so welcoming, and I made so many new friends. We’ve actually moved back to our old town since (we moved towns twice in 6 mths, never again!) and I really miss it! So in 2017, Moree was the best place I lived/visited!

  • Kim Grunig

    Home. My family visited from far and it was so wonderful having them near when they live so far.

  • Samara

    Tatra in mount Dandenong for my friend’s wedding. Just the most beautiful gardens everywhere, and so serene. It was so gorgeous and perfect weather!

  • Champagne4lulu

    To my son’s school. Last year was a tough year for him and I’ve been so worried about him. This year however, he showed me his classroom and how hard he’s been working and I was so happy and proud to see what he had achieved. I was worried to go but turned out to be the best day for us all. ❤️

  • I visited my city as a tourist with friends – doing walking tours, history (Australia has some skeletons in the closet) and hikes. Perth is amazing – and taking the time to explore it slowly has been surprising and delightful. I love it here 🙂 It’s green and lush down south, it’s perfect for adventurers up north and the city really is full of hidden gems. Plan to visit here, folks.

  • Meagan Curtis

    Tasmania with the family, we adored Launceston and Cataract Gorge left us speechless, no mean feat for my noisy kids!?

  • Kristy Stark

    Would have to be to Choral Hall to sing with our choir!! Music is just the very best thing for everything!! Our choir is my second family!!!

  • Sam Anne

    I visited Sydney as a tourist, something I haven’t done for a long time. I FaceTimed friends in the States, showing them the sights, and their reactions were awesome

  • Marika Bywater

    Driving holiday with my hubby and 3 kids around Tasmania. Both a joy and stressful (3 kids in a car for 2weeks) ahhhh!

  • The best place I’ve been to this year is The Color Factory in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to secure tickets when we were there on holidays. Seriously the happiest place I’ve ever been!

  • Kim

    My favourite place we visited this year was when we did a road trip around NSW and we settled in a cute little beachside town called Eden, at the bottom of NSW. We had a beachfront cabin and the joy of being right near the water was something else for my little 2 year old. She played in the water, build sandcastles, collected shells and patted the horses that rode past. It was by far my favourite place we visited this year.

  • Sharon Johnson

    The Canadian Rockies with an old friend I work with. It was on my bucketlist. Athabasca falls before the sun comes up is so picturesque. You want to stay a little longer to breath in the fresh pine scent of the trees. Banff was the town that stole my heart. Standing by Bow River falls and taking all of the scenery in made me feel really small against the mountains. The grandeur of Banff River Springs hotel walking throughout was simply a moment that really cant be put into words. You will fall in love with The Butchart Gardens the girls having a ride on the merry go round is kinds impressive. Relaxing at Empress hotel, Victoria sitting on the verandah having a sangria and pies with crisps and dip. (Always state fries) Meeting all the lovely people from australia on the tour. Such a rich world we live in.

  • Danielle Charlier

    This year we didn’t have any holidays (we haven’t for 10+yrs!) but instead I made an effort to have more home days. Days of cooking, playing, napping and just doing nothing with the kids. They’ve been the best times this year….at home with my 3 kids (1,5,8) enjoying the small things and making memories ?

  • Jade Pash

    We visited many wonderful places throughout this year, but I think the best would have to have been Sabah, Borneo, where my sister took me snorkeling for my 30th in May. Best present ever ?

  • Eloise Ellis

    We bought a caravan this year so we would spend more time with our kids. We have been on about 6 trips to some amazing places but my favourite place to visit is just anywhere as long as we’re together ❤️❤️

  • Natasha Garland

    The hospital to give birth to Mr 6 months Arlo ?. It was also the first place we went after picking up Hubby after 5 months of work overseas to meet Arlo ?

  • My 8 year old daughter and I did a girl’s only photographic road trip together this year and it was amazing! Our favourite stop was 3 days at Cape Hillsborough, we spent sunrises on the beach with the kangaroos and wallabies and the days bushwalking and exploring beach caves.

  • Belinda Palladino

    4 months ago today I went to the hospital to give birth to my second baby girl. After 8 losses we were so happy to have our beautiful girl in arms

  • Tamina

    We haven’t been anywhere amazing this year… one income and study and appointments just hasn’t allowed for it… but we made a sneaky trip to melbourne for the first weekend in december and we had an amazing time seeing the Myer windows and gingerbread village. And miss 4 loved jumping in puddles and catching endless trams x and it was just what we all needed!

  • Kim B

    Wow! Such a generous prize 😀
    Been a big year for me with lots of great places – Sydney to watch my baby brother get married, Central Desert communities that we hadn’t visited before (we live in Central Oz), a week with my big girl celebrating my mum’s 70th on the Central Coast of NSW. I also ‘went’ to places I hadn’t been to for over a decade – full-time work and uni with 3 kids while hubby works out bush – insane! but oh so worth it. The best however is yet to come, with Santa surprising the 3 kids with suitcase this Friday morning. We’re taking them to Singapore on their first OS holiday over Chrissie – CANNOT WAIT!!!

  • Stephanie Gibson

    The best place I WILL be is Christmas at my parent’s place this year – all 6 of us siblings plus partners, and all 10 of the grandkids. It doesn’t happen very often that we can all get together and enjoy the festive season as a family. Looking forward to the love and laughter xx

  • Alice Knight

    Hobart, which is Home for me. It’s the first time I’ve been back since I moved to Perth in August 2016. We had just over a week where we were able to fill our days with family, friends and amazing food and art as part of Dark Mofo. It was brilliant and I came back to WA with a full heart.

  • Tammy Devine

    Definitely Taronga Zoo was the best place we visited – extended family + a stack of little kids made for the perfect day out!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    Tallabudgera Creek!! We have traveled to Fiji and Hawaii and our local creek can’t be beat. I drive past everyday and think this is what people come to Australia to see very lucky to live in our beautiful country xx

  • Adele Goodwin

    Up at Mossman Gorge in Cairns at the bottom end of the gorges creek we went River Drift Snorkelling – it was the middle of July with 17 degree water but it was the most amazing thing I’ve done in a while … it’s at a wonderful untouched place amongst the cane fields. The creek was full of fish; the canopy of trees was beautiful as we floated down stream and we even ate wild passionfruit which was devine! Great family memory!

  • Simone Young

    Hospital to have my first child – my son Cooper! ❤

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    The hospital – Because that’s where I got to meet my sweet little man for the first time ?

  • Nicole Scott

    Watkins Family Farm to pick mandarins, was lovely there & so much fun.

  • Kat Hards

    Has to be The Great Ocean Road Victoria.
    The scenery is amazing, the water divine and they even have a chocolaterie with great coffee. ?

  • J Elle

    The best place we visited this year would have to be Maleny & Montville on the Sunshine Coast! A very special place for us after the surprise arrival of my eldest girl in the back of a Ambulance a few years prior. We’ve never had holidays off at the same time to revisit and spend a few days discovering it’s hidden paths and stunning view till this year. We showed the girls our favourite antique stores, interactive lolly making store, unique clockshop, trekked through the paths to Kondilla falls and stared in awe of the magnificent views. Plus, had an amazing time along the way with a stop to my childhood favourite, The Big Pineapple! And the huge assortment of the sweetest little monkeys you could ever meet ❤️ #newplacestocomein2018

    • That sounds amazing! You’re the winner. Please email me with your best postal address and I’ll get your prize to you. [email protected]

      • J Elle

        Thank you so much lovely ❤️ Merry Christmas 🎄 We absolutely adore the hills of Maleny and Montville. You have to get up there and check it out babe! Xx

  • Ashleigh Wehlow

    Definitely Australia zoo. I got to have my first holiday with my boyfriend to his home town in the Sunshine coast. We spent the whole day at Australia zoo. My overall favourite part of the day was a Lemur encounter and a Giraffe Encounter. They are both such amazing animals ??

  • Joanne Everson

    The best place I’ve visited in 2017 is yet to happen, we head to my mother in law’s place for Christmas where all but 1 of my husband’s side of the family will be present, first time since 2009 we’ve managed to mostly be together for Christmas

  • K_E_L

    I went to an open house in March and it was the best place I visited because it turned into our first home.

  • Jo Dodd Conlan

    Well we did have an dream holiday to America, but, the best place I have been this year…is with my daughter, seeing the first ultrasound pictures of my grandchild…such an amazing thing <3

  • Jami-Marie Haddington

    I (unfortunately) haven’t had a holiday since 2012, but the best place I visited this year was the Adelaide Christmas Pageant – it was my 2 year olds first time and watching her light up at all the floats, especially Santa (and the Storm Troopers for some reason ?) was wonderful.

  • Aleisha Austbo

    The East Coast of Tasmania.
    Brilliant beaches, a lovely sense of community and such a fantastic place to take the kids to make memories!

  • Judith Maunders

    Western Australia was the best place we visited in 2017. I was going to say just part of WA, but then realised that I couldn’t because it was all so good! My daughter (11) and I were lucky enough to win a bus trip from Fremantle to Monkey Mia (and back) so we headed west in September. Fremantle was lovely, and our visit to Rottnest Island before the bus trip started was perfect. We finally got to meet those super cute quokkas selfie to selfie! And visit those perfect beaches and gaze upon that crystal clear blue/green water. Ahhh, I’m relaxing already just thinking about Rottnest! The first day on the bus we stopped at The Pinnacles before reaching Geraldton for our first night. Having two bedrooms and a balcony overlooking the water was bliss! We stopped to view the ancient stromatolites at Hamelin Pool before arriving in Monkey Mia. The beach was perfect and the water so still. The sunrise and sunset were so speccy that even my phone photos are screensaver worthy. And we saw the dolphins up so close! No actual feeding, but they were right there within arms reach! We also went out on a boat and saw a dugong. I can see why they were mistaken for mermaids. Then it was back down the coast, viewing so many brilliant wildflowers and whales off the point before a night in Kalbarri and finally Perth. Although we had some rain in Perth, this was one of my daughter’s favourite destinations because we visited Perth Mint and she got to design her own medallion. It has her name and the names of her dogs engraved on it and she absolutely adores it! My daughter gave our trip to WA a 10/10 – which is why I have to include the whole state as the best place we visited in 2017! Thanks WA!

  • kim davids

    Buderim waterfalls, easy walks with 4 little kids and so much fun throwing rocks in the rockpools and leaf racing. Simple pleasures in out own backyard.

  • Helen Callagher

    We have never had a holiday. As foster carers we are on call 24/7 so we don’t go away unfortunately but having healthy happy kids is enough

  • Louise Perkins

    Mackay to watch my son play indoor cricket for his state.

  • Kate Hounsell

    this year I did a two week road trip pwith my mum and daughter to the Gold Coast. The best time of the trip was traveling in the car singing karaoke together.

  • Micheala

    As a family we’ve had a huge year of travelling over Australia – so I have 2 favourites – Byron Bay, I had never been before and went there for a weekend for my friends wedding! Beautiful place, great vibe! Then in July as a family we traveled to Thredbo for our first skiing holiday – first time I had ever seen snow! And even though both my sister and I broke our wrists within hours of each other – it was still one of the best holidays we’ve had as a family of 6 (my sister tagged along with us!)

  • Louisa Ward

    Home. We have been on a few short trips, but nothing ever beats the feeling of coming home to the people you love.

  • Amber Robinson

    The snow at Lake Dobson Tasmanian. We piled all the kids into the car and drove deep into the forest. It was like a magical wonderland of snow. Absolutely breath taking and I’m so glad I got to share it with my kids.

  • Kim

    Uluru when it was rainy!

  • Anne Fitzgerald

    I loved visiting Hobart this year. The entire Tasmania trip was amazing!

  • Danielle Ramsay

    Bali. Child free. Just hubby and I. It. Was. Bliss. Missed my baby like crazy though!

  • Haley Van Rosendal

    2017 was a rough year with the passing of my Mum but we travelled to New Zealand to see her brother (my uncle) marry the love of his life as Mum would have done. I was a wonderful opportunity to show my husband a little of where my mum grew up and reconnect with family I’d all but lost Xx

  • Karina Baker

    Gosh what an awesome haul 🙂
    The best place I went to this year was so unexpected… I somehow ended up on a mission trip in Ethiopia 🙂 crazy life changing whirl wind adventure! A lot of faces I won’t forget.

  • Karen Edwards

    Maternity ward at Dubbo Base was the best place we’ve visited this year, we welcomed a healthy baby boy to our family. Our family is now complete all six of us 🙂

  • Claire P

    To Rye in Victoria, a little coastal town with my family. That was the last holiday away we had with my gorgeous big sister before she passed away from cancer, so it’s a very special trip with many good memories ❤

  • Simone Challis

    Beautiful crystal clear waters of Coral Bay WA, enjoying the best things in life for free: sunrise, sunsets, lapping waves, beach play, swimming and family time.

  • Elle Hilyard

    At Easter I went to Bluesfest in Byron which was amazing for so many reasons but the best part about it was I went with my mum and my sister. We even dragged a couple of our kids along one of the days. 3 generations together rocking it out at a music festival. Definitely a 2017 highlight!

  • Olive

    Tassie! With my Mum and sister to watch my sister perform in National Band Championship, my sis competed as a soloist, am very proud of my big sis! Tasmania is so beautiful and will definitely be back to do more exploring.

  • Emma

    This year it was Rottnest! My partner and I go for a day trip each year- no phones, just summer sun, beautiful beaches, bike rides, a sneaky wine at lunch and of course quokkas! This year with our toddler it was even better. We love the family peaceful vibe, no cars and walking or riding everywhere. It’s such a beautiful place and switching off to be present there means quality memories!

  • Sandra Vickary Egan

    Wow, hitting up the airport next year! The best place we visited this year was France and Germany. We spent 3 amazing weeks enjoying the long days of a European summer. We visited close friends and were totally emersed in their culture. It was such an amazing experience we are now saving every penny in the hope of returning in 2019.

  • Melissa Antolovic

    Best place we visited in 2017 was Port Arlington. Such a relaxing town for a family beach break

  • Naysie

    Sunshine Coast, always has and always will. Intend to live there one day. Although we did enjoy a quick trip to to Rockhampton for a wedding, arriving the day the floods peaked, accommodation flooded and cancelled, only there for a couple days (this changed due to conditions) but managed to take kids to zoo, Yeppoon and see areas with lots of childhood memories.

  • Rachael Wellings

    Drinking tea at my grandfathers house and having conversations about his life.

  • Jodi pauler

    Best place i visited was qld Sorrento. My mother in law lives there. Always nice to spend quality time with family but most of all we got to spend days just hanging out with our kids sophie and andrew. Life so busy it was great to stop and make them our priority. They thrived having our attention. It was lovely to see.

  • Leila Matthews

    I think the best place for ua was a camping trip to Broke NSW. 5 campsutes of us went, 1 forgot their tent, 1 the connection hoses to the BBQ, 1 brought a single swag and food for the 4 of them hoping someone would have room for the rest of them, the onky caravan had everything they needed and the homemade camp trailer brought a shower and thankfully an awesome bbq the rest of us got to use haha.
    Somehow it was the most fun we have had camping wcen if 4 families needed to use 1 small 2 burner to cook their food on haha

  • Chelsea Marshall

    We all love visiting nana at the Gold Coast, have a swim and a yummy BBQ lunch
    We’ve had our best days there this year ❤️

  • Tania McPherson

    We have had such a busy year with kids sports, work etc that we manages to squeeze in a couple of quick camping trips. The best place for us is Mt Crawford forest, its cheap, its outdoors and it feels like we are far away from home. We recharge and reconnect aroumd the camp fire

  • Liz Jane

    Best place I visited… wow. Didnt get out much this year. Had a lot on with working and kids added bonus of a tight budget so I’m happy to say the best place I visited was the Tafe open night where I took the plunge and signed up and headed back to school. It’s something I wanted to do for a while and decided to just do it. Best decision I’ve made for me and my family.


    We don’t get to get away much but one of the best memories of 2017 was heading to a little Victorian town called Trentham near daylesford. It has the sweetest shops and most beautiful surroundings! And the most amazing part is the day we visited it snowed! And it’s not even meant to reach there! So watching my daughters dance out in the snow was definitely the best memory of a new place I had in 2017 ?

  • Simone Wootton-Franssen

    Our little Sybil’s kindy concert. She started the year with a 12 month+ speech delay, initially we even feared she would have to go a blind/deaf school because she could not communicate) but she has worked really hard on her speech and to overcome eating and separation issues and at the kindy concert she sang her little heart out with the biggest smile. I was so proud and relieved!

  • Kim Hamilton-Waycott

    We visited Victor Harbor, SA for a short holiday before our eldest started school. It was a lovely, relaxing family break.

  • Rachel Barker

    Being a single mum with two small children while attending Uni full time, my escapes are usually local and free. The highlight of these outings was Vivid with my new man for our one year anniversary. It was a beautiful night exploring some amazing sights in my home city.

  • Matilda Scioscia

    My mum in riverland sa as she old n sick and we r blessed to spend time with her as we nearly lost her this year

  • Priscilla

    In October i went to Melbourne for my first time to see family and took my baby girl. We had an amazing couple of days.

  • Teri Pascoe

    Home. No hospital time for my biggest girl, my new born in my arms and my middle girl sitting with their fifo Dad reading a book. Everyone home, together and happy ❤️
    And coffee. Mumma needs a coffee ?

  • Stacey Clark

    It’s been an awful year so the best place I’ve been is my home.
    After flying back and forth for hospital check ups, a complete change over of friendships and a healthy dose of family drama, my home is the best place I can think of.

  • Phoebe Phillips

    I haven’t been anywhere this year as I gave birth last December and have just been enjoying my little girl.

  • Joan

    We live a few hours from the rest of our family, so the lead up to Christmas had involved a lot of road trips. In an effort to ward off screen time as long as possible, we play quite a bit of 20 questions, but with a 4yo, the categories have to be quite defined, so are generally chosen from “Animals” “People we know” or “Places we’ve been”. My husband stumped us all one the drive yesterday. His choice, according to him is not one anyone in the car had been to for days. it was “my happy place” hahahaha!
    Some amazing answers here, i hope one of your deserving followers grabs this great prize. Merry Christmas.

  • Bek Browning

    Home with my babes. Mat leave for 12 months. I love it and don’t want to go back. ?

  • Michelle

    The Clare Valley in South Australia with my hubby and kids. We stayed on a beautiful historic property and working farm where the kids rode their bikes and we enjoyed many family walks in the fresh air. My son even overcame his fear of animals, and was enjoying helping the farmer feed some of the animals by the time we left! ???

  • Cassie Houston

    Swifts Creek, Vic. Not far, nor exotic, but a beautiful, friendly, old school country town that treats you like their own. We started 2017 there and will end it there again next week, it’s quickly become one of our faves ?

  • Ammber Doyle

    A glamping trip to the Sunsine Coast with my family to celebrate my 40th was ah-mazing. Swimming, flying kites, playing uno, laughing, feasting and relaxing.

  • Leise Davis

    I took my 3 year old to Perth, WA to meet my girlfriends from school. It was my first visit back in 5 years (I’m in Tasmania). From there we met up with family (including my husband) in Sanur, Bali for birthday celebrations. It was my first time to Bali (and first holiday in 4 years), and my son’s first overseas trip.

  • Kirsten Krohn

    The hospital because it’s where i finally met my little miss after the most torturous and painful pregnancy in history! No regrets though ?

  • Peta

    Our little holiday shack at Port broughton. The kids get to be kids, playing outside or off down the street with the other kids, no fear of them being attacked, no internet just family fun time with games and loads of beach walks…just priceless

  • Megan Harding

    The best place I have visited this year would have to be the South Island of NZ
    . One for its scenery and the other to see for myself and to show my children the house where my grandfather grew up in and the stream where he played at the back of the house in Arrowtown. 2nd place is returning home to Brisbane and appreciating my life I have made here for myself and my 2 children.

  • Jennifer Robertson

    Sometimes I get a bit disappointed that I don’t get to go travelling and see new places. Then I go into Sydney and look at the harbour and know that people worldwide would give their back teeth to be standing in my shoes.

  • Kylie Stacey

    Trinity Beach for a family holiday. Just so many things to do and so beautiful.

  • Krystal McFly

    Best place i visited was Bushbank for my cousins wedding … a beautiful house/venue on the kiama bends on the NSW south coast that i have driven past my entire existence and wanted to live in. A beautiful location for a beautiful bride ❤

  • Sally-Ann

    We haven’t travelled much this year so I’ll say the Australian Museum in Sydney. We bought a family pass and have been able to see a dinosaur autopsy, look through the eyes of a spider, check out the National Geographic photography competition finalists and lots more. There’s always something new and great kid-friendly spaces.

  • Andrea Major Was Ottaway

    We live in WA and had our first inter-state family holiday this year. We flew to Adelaide and picked up our new car then took a couple weeks to drive back to WA. We saw some lovely places along the way, so different to our landscape herein the Wheatbelt! It’s difficult to choose just the one place, but seeing the Australian Bight was pretty special!

  • Casey Knight

    We are from Tasmania and took our kids to Melbourne for 5 days. We visited part of the Great Ocean Road and went to Aireys Inlet, such a beautiful part of Australia! So many cool surf beaches and towns. Next time we go we are going to drive to Adelaide, we just didn’t have enough time this time! The kids and us had a blast visiting where Round the Twist was filmed!

  • Kste

    Byron Bay was amazing… beaches, pool shops, lighthouse all walking distance! It was so relaxing and laid back ♡♡♡

  • Ashleigh Jensen

    Byron Bay Lighthouse where I proposed to my beautiful fience 🙂

  • Carolyn

    The beautiful Bunya Mountains in QLD. Such a gorgeous cool place to escape the heat of Summer and lots of bushwalks to complete with amazing scenery. A relaxing and refreshing getaway for our whole family.

  • Heidi Davenport

    Finally seeing culture club after 35 odd years of liking them. Sure, was a hot day but a bucket list item ticked!!! They still have it!!! (And I want Boy George to be my new BFF!!)

  • Jo Fearn

    The cemetery because I miss my dad so much at this time of year so I go and sit and talk to him so he doesn’t miss out on anything.

  • Jess Lee

    Best place was hiking up Dead Women’s Pass 4215 metres above sea level! On the way to Machu Picchu. Amazing scenery and also amazing to make it!!

  • Jacqueline McArthur

    I visited Mt. Gambier for the first time since I was a little kid with my husband & daughter (2) and our besties. We loved being tourists in our own backyard, trying all the local bakeries and visiting the Blue Lake, Umpherton Sink Hole, Engelbert Caves. It was the best little holiday of 2017! 😊

  • Katie O

    I was blessed to visit Ireland this year and it has been so magical that I’m constantly thinking about going back. Best place on earth (after Australia of course 😉).

  • Kristy B

    The best place I visited was Coffs Harbour as it was for a dear friends wedding that lives in a town I recently moved away from so it was wonderful to catch up with her and see her marry the love of her life ❤️

  • Brooke

    I didn’t go on any holidays in 2017 but the best place I visited was the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. They have amazing kids exhibitions. We’re so lucky to have this amazing gallery in the cbd with world class artists & a commitment to encouraging everyone to share in the amazing arts!

  • Kaitlynne Roil

    We had our annual family ‘mini holiday’ to Lake Conjola. My kids absolutely love it there and my 5 year old talks about it all the time. We make memories feeding Kangaroos and chasing ducks. It may not be a holiday brochure destination for most… but it ticks all the boxes for us 😊

  • Alexandra Grimshaw

    This year I have been exploring my new home state of Tasmania and have been blessed to visit so many wilderness locations. My favourite will always be Freycinet on the East Coast. It is spectacular and has so many great walking tracks and wine trails!

  • Marnie Gallegos

    We visited Canberra. Such a great place for kids. Floriade, Questacon, the fabulous playgrounds which inspire and educate our kids. Fascinating! To top it off the kids were exhausted each day and slept like the dead. All night!

  • Caroline Beeson Bachi

    Narrawallee Beach in Shoalhaven, Australia – unspoilt – my happy place!

  • Allison

    First overseas holiday this year and it was to the beautiful Fiji 🌴stunning place and will defently be going back😚

  • Marissa Lawry

    I was so blessed to take my hubby and 3 kids to DISNEYLAND in LA back in March. We had such a magical trip – it really was the happiest place on earth!

  • Elyce

    The best place I visited this year was Amsterdam because I met family I haven’t met before and learnt a whole lot about my heritage

  • Indria Purnamasari

    Best place we visited was Gold Coast SeaWorld. It was such a fun experience for kids and adults alike. We can watch attractions from seals and dolphins and we can touch and feed stingrays

  • Debbie Dye

    I’d have to say Gerringong on the South Coast. I’ve never been there before & we had a great time exploring the untouched beaches, visititing the Minnamurra falls and shopping in the historic town of Berry. It’s such a beautiful part of the world, I could totally live there if I didn’t love Lake Macquarie so much 😊

  • Lang Cheung

    The Big Island of Hawaii was amazing.. So diverse in landscape, from lush rain forests, dry barren lava fields, rolling green hills etc etc.. The people so friendly.. It’s definitely a magical place..

  • Novita Hardian Davis

    We went to Melbourne on july and visit some places there then on the way back to sydney we rented a car and did the road trip. Thats the best trip ever, first stop Mansfield where we went to mt buller for snow in the day. Then passed small town stop at wagga wagga over night then back to Sydney. What amazing trip.

  • Sambii

    My husband and I went to the Hunter Valley for our anniversary this year. First time away from our Punks for more than one night. It was a wilderness resort (think frogs and giant spiders occupying every room and bathroom of the cabin), it was super hot (almost as hot as our wedding day, which was a 47 degree day) and we got eaten by insects of all kinds, plus there was a freak storm that increased the humidity to around 1,000,000% and resulted in a power failure all round. We had to use the ice packs under our sheets to cool the bed down enough to get to sleep and got chased by bull ants at one point, but Murphy’s law aside, it was the best holiday we’ve had in a long time and we can’t wait to do something equally crazy for our next anniversary 😂😂

  • Danielle Tassan

    My family and i love visiting Smalleys beach at Cape hillsborough, Nth Qld. The beach is gorgeous, fishing is excellent, perfect for camping with the family. Its such a beautiful place to getaway for the weekend.

  • Kristy Brewer

    Home with my husband and two beautiful kids. Drs found a tumor in my liver and i needed to be cut open to remove the 8cm mass. I couldnt have the surgery at my own hospital i needed to stay 2hrs away from my family for 2 weeks. They visited on weekends but i couldn’t wait to be back home with them. Coming home from hospital was the best day of 2017 for me

  • Sonya Cerny

    My first house! I knew it was perfect for me as soon as I first walked through the door 🙂

  • Catherine Krajsek

    Mt Buller to take our 3 boys for their first snow trip.

  • Jennifer Lindemann

    The best place this year? hmmmm there are a few but nightfest at Floriade probably takes first place. You can’t go wrong with beautiful flowers and flashy lights can you? Another thing ticked off my never ending bucket list.

  • Bethany Rose

    The best place i visited in 2017 has to be the Twelve Apostles. It was a spur of the moment trip to Melbourne where my partner asked me to marry him.

  • Sarah Murdoch

    Home! No Canberra. Our family loves Canberra and all the fun places to go as a family. We went to Corrin’s forest to check out the snow for the first time. What awesome adventures we had!

  • Jenny Townsend

    We haven’t had much time or money to travel this year but we are in Bowen QLD at the moment and I have to say it is the most beautiful place! The water is aqua blue and incredible and there is a nice breeze which is lucky because it is pretty hot! Looking forward to a boat trip tomorrow out to some of the glorious islands! Blessed 😊

  • Patricia Mee

    The best holiday this year was to Wallaroo with my hubby, 2 year old son and my bestie and her little family. We had a great time!!

  • Terraze

    I headed back to NZ in July to see my family and family friends. Was an awesome 5 days and we got to celebrate my pregnancy! My mum was very excited to see my little bump as I was 16 weeks by then 😄

  • Lara Kingham

    We went to Alice Springs and Uluru with my sister-in-law and her kids. We all had all had a great road trip. I was completely awestruck by the natural beauty of Uluru, and learnt so much about it walking around the base. It was the best holiday I’ve had in a long time.

  • Rebekah Rattauch

    Best place I’ve visited this year, was the Harry Potter studio tour in London in June. Im a casual in retail but I saved my butt off all past summer to afford it and had no days off for months. I’m a huge fan and it was a life dream. When I walked in and saw the doors to the great hall we were about to go through, I started to tear up Haha! Just couldn’t believe I got myself there and it was just incredible 😊

  • Stephanie Groat

    The best place I visited this year was definitely Japan. I was lucky enough to get to go skiing for the first time and visit Kyoto and Tokyo during Cherry Blossom season. It is such a beautiful country with beautiful people and I can’t wait to go back.

  • tenja01

    No holidays. My fav place is the childcare centre when picking up my toddler. He is so hapy to see me and im so happy to see him, after he’s had such a great day.

  • Kimmie Robinson

    We did a family road trip to Melbourne this year and for the week we stayed there, each morning we spoke about what we wanted to do and planned out our days to explore heaps of different places amd we found a different playground each day to keep the 3yo happy!!!

  • Liz Mercer

    What started as our block of land, and turned into our new home! Far from anywhere we’ve lived before, we now have a new neighbourhood to explore and new friends to make.

  • Emma Cooper

    We had the most amazing family holiday in Vietnam this year, we went to Hanoi (just thinking about the bun cha makes my tummy rumble), Ha Long Bay (amazing scenery, I had the theme to jurassic park constantly on repeat in my head) and Hoi An (gorgeous old town with a beautiful cruisy feel). It was a great balance between swimming/activities for the kids and cultural activities (including the odd drink) for the adults. Highly recommend!

  • Paula Harris

    Probably my nightly visit….to bed. Can’t beat the squishy pillows and the man of my dreams next to me 🙂

  • Rachael Hutchings

    I was quite lucky to go on a few little getaways this year, my favourite being heading down south of where I live (WA) and ending up in Albany. So much tourism there but my favourite would have to be the National Anzac Centre. Went on a tour and learnt so much about history of the war. Excellent experience!

  • susan s

    Bali, first time over there and couldn’t fault it! The kids loved it, I loved it and made us realize how lucky we are!! Love a good family holiday!!

  • Brooke Higgins

    We took our first family vacay as an awesome foursome to Fiji. We finally completed our family with our beautiful rainbow baby last year, so we took off for a week of sun, fun and enjoying each others company.

  • Corrie

    Probably a girls trip to Melbourne. Four days of shopping, eating, drinking and chatting with my lifelong girlfriends. We’re all busy Mums so it was lovely to get away and connect like we did pre-kids. Nothing better than coming home to your children after spending time away from them too!

  • Jessica Hutchinson

    No where is better than at home, I had the pleasure of doing my work placement at a local Hospital and as much as I enjoyed it, there was nothing better than coming home and relaxing in front of the Television with my 2yo son.

  • Brydi Ashton

    I’m currently visiting Tasmania with my husband and 9 month old daughter. We’re from here originally and it’s been so special to bring our girl home. My heart is full and my soul is happy!

  • jodes_i_am

    My couch – surrounded by my two little boys and my husband – reading books… our happy place!

  • Chelsea Homewood

    This year I travelled with my bestie and her family to California so her girls could perform at Disney and Universal. Disney was amazing, and the nature and might in Yosemite National Park were something else!

  • Linda Hanley

    Our extended family went to Point Wolstonecroft Sport and Rec to commemorate what should have been my Nana’s 100th birthday. She lived a very full life until 3 days before her 96th birthday. Her legacy lives on after having 9 children, 25 grandchildren and 39 great grandchildren. We had such a fun time, no TV or devices just exploring and playing outside with the bonus of a bonfire and toasting marshmallows.

  • Heather Lindgren

    Malaysia. The people, the culture, the food are the perfect trifecta of all the amazing feels. I am inspired by the kind and positive attitudes of the Malaysian people, my belly was constantly happy from all the food and the culture is the cherry ontop. I’ll never forget the little boy who serenaded this pasty skinned red headed lady in the middle of little India <3

  • Janet Feldman

    In January 2017, our family went to Tasmania. We spent 2 weeks driving around this unspoiled, spectacular place. It was the most breathtaking scenery I’ve ever seen and we grew so much as a family. A week after we got back, I was diagnosed with brain cancer so when I look back on our incredible memories, I’m even more grateful for the special Tassie Holiday.

  • Bethan Hazell

    An extra long weekend in Darwin for a family holiday. Not only did it give me quality time with my niece & nephew, but I got to explore an area of Australia I’ve always wondered about!

  • Meg Kummerow

    Caloundra!! I just love the laid back vibe without the feeling of being fast paced like Mooloolaba. And those hills are great for a killer workout for people who live on FLAT land!!

  • Deb K

    Visited the beautiful Castaway Island, Fiji, with my four children on our first overseas trip ever. We were remembering the anniversary of their father who had died the year before – and the Fijian choir sang hymns as we threw flowers in for Dave.

  • Nikki

    A little village called Batu Karas on the coast of Java. No shops, no hassle, just a beautiful beach, lovely locals and a chilled out lifestyle.

  • Lianne Dawson

    This year we had a weekend on the central coast of NSW but the best was coming home to our dog who missed us terribly

  • Thouraya Battye

    This is a tough one as we have had no holidays this year…but I think my fave visit was to a local beach – Shelly Beach at Cronulla…so lovely and contained but so much exploring to be done!

  • Carrie Whittington

    Melbourne! I was so blown away by how easy it was to find delicious gluten and dairy free food.

  • Leah

    I’ve not had a holiday this year. But the best place I’ve visited this year was my daughters school. She started kindy this year, so I’ve had the privilege of visiting her there. Was such a wonderful year for all of us!

  • Lexie Carr

    I visited my mom in America this year! I hadn’t been home in 3 years and got to introduce my newest 19 month old son to his grandmother 😀

  • Erin

    It was our family holiday to Lilydale, Victoria. My partners Dad, Stepmum and Sister live over there and we only get to see them every couple of years. We took the girls over in January for my eldest’s 7th Birthday and we spent 2 weeks enjoying ourselves with family. We even got to spend a few days in Portsea (if you haven’t been then you should check it out, it’s gorgeous!) I can’t wait for our next visit! Image is a tradition of ours when we visit <3

  • Javanna

    Havana, Cuba! An amazing city, with the most awesome architecture, warm, friendly people and so much history to learn. We only planned to visit for 4 days as part of a bigger trip to other countries, but unfortunately/luckily (depends on how you look at it!) I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks in Havana. No sad story though! It was a life changing experience with the most beautiful people to care for me (and Hubby). I will forever be fond of Cuba because of it and I hope to go back one day!

  • Tara Mcintosh

    Thredbo village in winter and summer. Mister three enjoyed the bobsled and the walking trails as much as dad did.

  • Jo R

    We recently visited Forster, and had a day trip where we hired a runabout and got my water-loving husband and kids out on the crystal clear waterways swimming, fishing and driving a boat for the first time (well, that was mainly me😳😂). We’ve had a pretty stressful year for the kids with a bout of pneumonia, dental procedures under general, discovery of speech problems and more gastro bugs than you can shake a stick at, not to mention all the usual work/ Uni/ life stuff, BUT I am learning about de-stressing, seizing the moment and trying to make memories for the kids. Plus, they saw me do something new (driving a boat) and be a bit scared, but try anyway. So when my husband spontaneously suggested hiring a boat, we did it. Kids had a ball and so did I.

  • Amanda Ashton

    We loved our short break at Lake Hume (near Wodonga) this year! We’re making an effort to stay somewhere different each holiday that we take to show our children different parts of Australia! They loved it and so did we!

  • Shell Decats

    Salt Beach, Northern NSW…

  • Courtney Morgan

    The best is yet to come as i am travelling 6 hrs to see my grandfather who has come to Australia from England to spend christmas day with us and I am so excited i can’t wait to see him as this will be the first christmas we have ever spent together.

  • Judy Paroz

    I really enjoyed visiting Sydney with my husband and daughter just a few weeks ago. We all had the best time checking out all the tourist spots around the city and catching up with our niece.

  • Annaleis

    Best place we visited in 2017 was probably a local market held by some clever locals in WA. Where I live we only have a post office (very small) and a very small supermarket. So shopping in the city and seem like a mammoth undertaking!

  • Lynnette Bull

    I was lucky enough to visit a town called Chur in Switzerland. Old school charm, but the perfect place to shop as I found perfect gift ideas for everybody. Hand made or one offs, amazing little pieces all while strolling the town streets and admiring the architecture of the buildings. I wish i could go back for my Christmas shopping.

  • Kerrie Tullipan

    The best place we’ve visited this year was a Farmstay. Our family was spending so much time in front of screens. TVs, laptops, phones, tablets, kindles, iPads, heck even our fridge has a digital display on it! And boy was it the best ever! The kids were running, jumping and climbing their way around. The freedom of running around the wide open spaces with no traffic is something that us city-dwelling Aussies don’t get to experience very often. And when we were all gathered as a family each night by the roaring fire, toasting marshmallows, I realised that this was the best thing I could have done for my family.

  • Lindsay Mazzetta

    Best place I visited in 2017 had to be New York. Never been, and it was so fun!

  • Debbie Jayne Cox

    The best place I have visited in 2017 was Moorook a country town on the Murray River in South Australia, very peaceful and a place that I would love to visit. If I had the money I would buy a holiday place up there and spend days just taking photos and relaxing.

  • Peta

    I love visiting the airport,
    cause it means I’m on the go.
    But the place that really excited me,
    was our newly opened Costco!!!

  • Leanne Chester

    Amedee Island, Noumea for my 40th birthday. My family all swam with turtles!!! It was magical.

  • Natalie Hockley

    Malmo – Sweden with my husband & our 2 daughters; to catch up with our besties and their children 😃 it was so hard to say goodbye – we have no idea when we will see them again!

  • Sharnee

    Best place would have to be not too far from home but many memories made and we hadn’t been with the kids. Can see a snow trip for 2018….Canberra was magical with lots of touristy options and we stayed at hotel close to the city. Amazingly comfortable and spacious, downside was no pool. Hotel was The Avenue and we’d certainly stay again

  • Andrea Friend

    The best place I’ve visited in 2017 was within myself to decide what I best needed for my well-being.