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How I Smashed Out My Christmas Shopping In Two Hours

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Brought to you by Brisbane Airport Corporation.

I’ve been harping on about it a WHOLE lot of late, but I am refusing to get stressed out this Christmas. I’m spending less money, and less time on all the things that I usually do, because I want to selfishly have a good Christmas this year. I realised I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I could because I was getting frazzled and putting too much pressure on myself to do all things. Sound familiar?

So this past weekend I smashed out ALL the Christmas shopping in under two hours. Like, I honestly feel like I deserve some kind of medal. Anyone? Anyone? OK, no medal, but it was quite the triumph. I did a good chunk of it online, and then the rest I finished up at the airport.

The airport? The airport. I proudly told a friend what I’d done, and she was aghast, “But what about all the inflated prices!?” The prices are actually the same as stores outside the airport {they’re a set RRP}, so I didn’t pay any extra, and I certainly didn’t waste any time because airport time is like dead time that you can waste checking Facebook a million times, or eating all the airport food {cos calories don’t count at airports}, while you wait for a flight or for someone to arrive for pick-up, or you can do your Christmas shopping like some smug people {i.e. me}.

And I know you’re still asking, why the airport? Airports have cool things I never find near home. Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal has Typo, Peter Alexander, Mecca {MECCA!}, and Seed just to name a few. Plus they have cute little stationery stores where they stock the cutest little things.

So we shopped. Just little things for all the Kris Kringles we have coming up. We totally smashed it out, and I love what we picked up, especially because I can’t find things like this in the stores near home – and definitely not under the same roof.

Here’s what I picked up…

The places I loved to shop are: Typo, Zoodle {a new store to the airport, and jam-packed with the cutest stuff}, Watermark {amazing book selection}, Tech2Go {such cool stuff, especially portable speakers and fun stuff}, and Mecca {because, beauty!}.

So many cute things, and most of them around the $10 mark. So, picture me now, being all smug and done with my Christmas shopping. Sweet.

And the sweetest thing is, I bought double of each item so that I could giveaway a set to you, my friends on the internet. One person will win all of the above goodies {valued at $348 in total}, purchased from the fun stores at Brisbane Airport, to make this Christmas even better. {Also, don’t forget the airport is open 365 days a year, so if you find that you’ve forgotten something for someone, they’ve got your back}.

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