7 treats you need to eat at Universal Studios Japan

If there is any country that does food really well and remarkably cute at the same time, it’s definitely Japan. So, while I was incredibly excited about the rides at Universal Studios Japan {USJ} I was super keen to seek out the delicious treats that I could find around the park. During our recent visit I researched the food offerings, while Hubby researched the rides and together we hatched a plan to make the most of our day at Universal Studios Japan.

7 Treats To Try at Universal Studios Japan

1. Hello Kitty Steamed Pork Bun

This sweet little savoury treat felt almost {almost!} too cute to eat, but I do love a pork bun so I did the unthinkable and gobbled it up. These cute morsels, and more, are available at Hello Kitty’s Corner Cafe.

2. Jaws Cream Soda Swiss Roll

After you’ve enjoyed the Jaws attraction ride {which is absolutely unmissable, make sure you do it!} you should stop by the Amity Landing Restaurant for the famous Jaws cake. It’s sweet with a creaming soda twist on the taste, and finished with a lolly fin.

3. Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter {including FROZEN Butterbeer!}

I felt like the most uncool person for not knowing what Butterbeer was, but I soon discovered this delicious treat during our visit to USJ. It’s like a soda with a butterscotch foam. Best of all, during the warmer months it also comes frozen!

4. Minions Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Ba-na-na! I find anything Minion-themed to be the cutest thing ever, so I was delighted to get my hands on this sweet ice cream sandwich. They come in a range of flavours, but of course I went for the shortbread cookie with banana ice cream. So, SO good!

5. Fluffy Hot Chocolate

It’s near impossible not to smile while sipping on this adorable hot chocolate, right? With it’s pink whipped cream, waffle horn and sprinkles, it’s the prettiest treat in the park. You can grab one from Delicious Me!

6. Fluffy Churritos

Churritos are very popular around the park, and there are many flavours to be found, but I think this one would win the award for the prettiest. It’s a strawberry churro with with pretty pink sugar, dipped in rainbow and covered in sprinkles.

7. Minions Banana Popcorn

Banana popcorn? Don’t even hesitate because it just works. It really does! Best of all the container is a collectable item and you can bring it back home to use for movie marathons, while remember how much you loved your USJ getaway.

Which treat would you like to eat first?