I quit today.

bf3c0ae6f40356be485bdafb0c1e2f05I totally quit today.

I’m done with it.

I’ve written this post seven times over and deleted it {because it’s filled with first world problems and I know someone will probably take offense to it}. I filled the page with words or rants at all the things I’m cranky at. I’m cranky because it’s school holidays and Luella has been sick every single day of them {bar one}. She now has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease… and it just so cranky and unhappy {rightly so, I would be too if I had spots popping up in spots I didn’t want them to!}. Lacey, bless her cotton socks, is at an age when she just wants everything she does to have a witness. “Mum, can you see me eating my breakfast? Mum, see how I walked to the door? Mum, see how I coloured in that? Mum, can you see how I just breathed?”

But they’re not what’s making me cranky. I can muster up as much patience as I need for them. I’m cranky because people are rude. Rude emails. Rude comments. Rude. I’m cranky because even when I try to do good things I get shot down {for picking the wrong charity for the gift exchange. Helping poor girls who have been the victim of rape before they’re 5. Helping them be safe. I’m evil! How dare I?}

I’m cranky because if I get yelled at once more because I didn’t make an Android App, then my head might explode. How dare I not fork out $50,000 I don’t have for an App! Nothing makes me want to spend money on it more than people yelling at me and telling me how unthoughtful I am.

Poor Hubby. He’s the low hanging fruit. Or something. He’s an easy target. I think that’s what I’m trying to say. I asked him yesterday if we could go out on a date night {our second since Luella was born} to a nice modern Australian restaurant that does fine dining, with small steaks, mash and fancy sauces. He translated that to mean a steak house with ribs and big steaks and sauce. He kinda copped it. Poor guy.

I’m cranky because I keep having nightmares that my head is getting chopped off with a machete {three nights in a row now} and waking up in a frenzy of stress and worry. And then woken up at 4:30am each morning when Luella can’t sleep anymore.

I’m cranky because someone is going to tell me that the anti-bad vibe shield above is a double-negative or something and not really shielding bad vibes at all {AND IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER. IT’S ART!}. I’m cranky because I put up a photo of an apple with a handwritten A in it today for photo-a-day, and people thought it was an O and I couldn’t handle people continually telling me that I can’t draw A’s so I deleted it. I’m cranky because I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer and now it probably won’t defrost in time. I’m cranky because I’ve got 60-gazillion loads of washing to do and no motivation. I’m cranky because I’m cranky and I just can’t shake it.

Today I stopped seeing the good in the world. The blue skies. The sweet faces of my girls. The look of ‘you’re being super ridiculous’ my husband gave me when I gave him what for not understanding what I meant when I said FINE DINING {first world problem? You betcha!} that usually makes me laugh.

So I’m quitting today. I’m going to put on my PJs, eat zucchini and pecan cake {because that’s the ONLY one I could find in this town worth eating}, eat my feelings and cuddle my girls.

Because I know I am lucky. I do have a nice life. I’m just cranky, but tomorrow I won’t be.

But before I go, tell me what you’re cranky about… cos misery loves company people. Share the cranky!

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  1. Awww I’ve got tears in my eyes because I’ve had days like that. Sending you a big fat hug! I loved your a on your green apple by the way AND as much as I’d love an android version of your app I can still play along like the old fashioned way ha ha. Please don’t let people get to you. Sounds like you might need a little Chantelle time. Be nice to yourself xxx

  2. Bug hugs for you. You’re awesome and people who have time to bitch about not having your app on android just need to get a life. Ditto the a/o thing. I’m having a good day so far, but have been cranky for the better part of a year because my parents decided I wasn’t worth knowing anymore, and nor are my four kids. But you know what? It’s their loss. Oh, and I lost my shit on sunday when I saw what my 20 yr old sons’ idea of a post-birthday-party clean up looks like. First world problems or not, it wasn’t pretty.

    Enjoy your pie and PJ’s. xxx

  3. I was getting ticked off on your behalf. I mean really? Since when does it matter enough to take time to debate about a cursive a versus a cursive o….. and if it is on a freaking apple??? Doesn’t take a genius. In fact it doesn’t take a Kindergarten student to work that one out. Sorry you’re having a bad day – personally I think all the good you do is fabulous. Thank you for spending so much of your time, energy and money to make our world a touch more beautiful. Xx enjoy that Pecan pie!

  4. You should have seen me when I had the flu. CRANKY. Super cranky. I do not do being sick well and everyone was going to suffer my wrath. Thank goodness it passes. Hang in there lady, yours will pass too.

    • I got Swine Flu seven..SEVEN …weeks ago and I’m still trying to recover. I’m damned cranky about that!

      • Oh craaaap! When they gave me the script I was like, OMG, do I have swine flu!? But apparently not. Haha. It’s been 2 weeks today and I feel somewhat normal other than a killer cough and scratchy eyes. Good luck to you DB. Hope you come right soon. x

  5. Aww I really don’t like how you being so open hearted can lead to people thinking they are allowed to have an opinion about everything in your life! I am struggling with some of this myself at the moment, the first world problems, but its what is upsetting us at the moment, and we are allowed to feel it! I definitely agree on taking some time to relax and you enjoy wearing your pj’s! Shut the world out for now and hopefully tomorrow is much better for you xxx

  6. Rargh! I was having a day like that. I felt teary and cross and easily upset and shouty.
    My boyfriend was off this morning to take a big truck to get our furniture from interstate and I was all huffy because he wasn’t moving fast enough when I wanted to get out the door (he was clearing breakfast dishes for my beautiful cousin and her hubby who have been awesome letting me stay with them while we are in the midst of the move – how very dare he!).
    I drank a Red Bull and ate a bacon sandwich and that helped a little bit.
    Tell the Android whingers, the machete nightmares and the grammar police to ‘shoosh!’ and enjoy your afternoon. xo

  7. I feel exactly the same today! Lack of sleep, trying to keep up with my blog, feeling jealous of others that seem to have it more together and more time….LOL yes, I definitely hear you today! Kids on holidays and really hyper not helping either!

    Big hugs to you – you are not alone!

    P.S. I think you are fantastic and an inspiration!!!

  8. Oh Chantelle, I know what you mean. I’m fine today but yesterday was another thing. I was cranky because still 4 months after having shoulder surgery my frozen shoulder still won’t move, I’m cranky about people (friends) complaining about their life and not doing anything about it but complain, I was cranky because I sitting in a hospital for hours while my partner had surgery (felt a bit bad about that). I was also cranky because I was tired after having a great weekend with friends. So I guess we are all allowed to have a cranky day now and then. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent. By the way the app people, the rude email people and all the other negative Nellies can just go jump. I think the charity is one of the most deserving I can think of. xxxx

  9. We all have those days. I had one last week and my husband decided to tell me there’s more important things to worry about.. Poor man was trying to help and I tore his head off…Oops. Anyway, we are all just human and need to rant….so Chantelle…VENT AWAY.

  10. Oh Chantelle, I am sorry you are having a bad day. And as for the fms photo a day, can they not read in the writing above A is for…. hello!!!!

    You do a great job and people forget that things cost money to create and well maybe they should of bought an iphone instead of an android phone, lol… hahaha!

    Cheer up sunshine x

  11. I’m cranky too.. My mil (mother in law) keeps reminding me of how horrible I am at parenting. My middler schoolers school isn’t doing their job and now feels the need to go off on me for protecting my offspring . my family moved out of state this month . and I’m missing my mom more than anything .. I just wish I could hear her voice one more time 7 yrs without is making me feel lost … Rip mom..

  12. People can be so damn mean. HUGE HUGE hugs from me (virtually of course). You have every right to be cranky. I would be too if I were in your shoes! What am I cranky about? Mean people. Mean double headed snakes who smile at you on the front then stab you in the back and laugh at your work. I hate that!

  13. What is making me cranky (apart from being in the middle of moving house – but it’s too a MUCH nicer house, so good really) is seeing how nasty people can be to someone like you who creates so much good in the world. Really, if you have so much negativity that you need to write that an a looks like an e, put it on a piece of paper and flush it down the toilet!

  14. I wondered where your apple went, I thought it looked cool (like everything else you do!). Hoping that this is just a day & that you wake up tomorrow feeling mucho awesome. Much love, a silent (yet very appreciative) reader x

  15. Can I quit today and eat cake with you? People never cease to amaze me anymore and you are amazing – please don’t forget it X

  16. I totally feel your pain today. I’m cranky because I got an eyebrow wax today and she did a terrible job. I am cranky because childcare cost so much and I essentially work my arse off for nothing in my pocket. I am cranky because I got my phone bill and electricity bill on the same day and neither are pretty. I am cranky because my husband has been deployed for 9 weeks now and still has 9 to go, and as much as I want him home for all the lovely stuff, today I want him home so I can take a break from this single parenting gig. But like you said, tomorrow it will be better.

  17. I’m cranky because it’s the school holidays and I’m walking a tightrope between spending time with my kids and getting any work done. I’m cranky because work is soo busy that hubby can’t even stop to help with a meal, let alone spend the day with me and the kids so I feel like I have had a break. I’m cranky because as fast as I tidy up the house, there’s stuff everywhere, again. I’m cranky because Brisbane decided to be 30degrees and the only place the aircon is on is the home office, where I can’t stay because it’s the school holidays. I’m cranky because I can’t sit and have a productive day OR take off and have a magical break with my kids. And now I feel a tiny little bit better for venting about my first world problems. Big hugs Xxx

  18. I forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer too. I’m cranky at those people who harp on about the android. No one made them buy an android. Can’t help that apple has the cool apps.
    My husband had free tickets for the movies so took our kids but still managed to spend $60! What on earth did he spend $60 on at the cinema? I’m guessing he bought the lollies. Bloody con artist

    • Damn movies, he probably bought two waters and a medium sized popcorn which turns out to be about the size of a bath. That would be $60 right there :/

  19. Yes! Be cranky’ these days are good for us really as log as we don’t wallow in them for weeks πŸ˜‰ they will make us see the positives in the every day life when we come out of the crankyness lol. I’m cranky because today we are getting photos done on our home to sell it. I’m cranky because Olivia decided to have a nap 1.5 hours later than normal. I’m cranky cos I was parenting her in a way it didn’t like or want to. I’m cranky cos I’m rushing around to clean and style like a mad woman. I’m cranky cos y jsiannd dropped acrylic paint on the kitchen sink!!

  20. My husband says that I expect others to think like me and that’s why I’m always disappointed when they let me down. Most days now I feel like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I don’t get people. Selfish, self centered, self serving, whining, whinging wankers- they can all go jump (mentally swearing up a storm). The fact that you recognize this behavior and are disappointed in it means you’re ok. Eat your pie & squeeze your kids and smile at your hubby. Tomorrow will be better. You’re not alone xx

    • I think your husband is right… And I must suffer from your affliction too.
      Forever being let down by supposed close friends.
      I think from now on all my friendships will be light, casual and maybe I won’t get hurt and disappointed again.

  21. Awww Don’t worry about all those negative Nellies out there…I can totally relate with the kids thing, it is driving me crazy and I totally want to change my name….As for the letter “A” thing, any idiot would know that it’s the beginning of a new month, a new photo challenge and the alphabet doesn’t start with “O”…

  22. I’m cranky – for you! For fucks sake people!
    1. Get over the android app, android users. Get an iphone, or if it’s so easy to make an app – go do it yourself, with your OWN money!
    2. If you’re playing FMS photo a day, you know it’s an A (not an O!!!!). Move on.
    3. Wrong charity? There’s no such thing! And Chantelle, anyone who knows your story, knows how important the charity you chose would be to you.
    Loving you FMS, and all that you do! Hug those precious girls, have a glass of wine and enjoy the hell out of that cake.
    Tomorrow is a new day!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself Dayarne! Chantelle, I get really cranky at rude people too. Why don’t people have manners anymore?

  23. I’m a crank pants today too! It’s made me feel better to know someone else is too (sorry about that). Forget about the whingers… Focus on your delish dinner date coming up and enjoy your time out. Hugs from one cranky pants to another. X

  24. *hugs* I had a super cranky day yesterday so I totally understand you. Rude people are just… well, I think I may have referred to them as “the cesspit of humanity” yesterday. You go kick back and eat cake in your pjs with your girls. Tomorrow you’ll get up and the sun will shine a little bit brighter. And if not, well, we’ll all circle your house with camera flashes and awesome lighting so it looks like it does. xx

  25. You totally can have a cranky pants moment. I am sick and I wanted to deck a woman who bumped into me in a train station yesterday. Irrationally angry. I was all like, in my head, “Hello, I was right in frickin’ front of you and you were looking at your phone and you smashed into me and you didn’t even say sorry and honestly if you step onto the tracks, hell, who am I to step in and help”. So bad karma, right? Over it today and home on the couch nursing a box of tissues.

  26. Hey – you ever need an ear to yell and scream into, turn to me. Seriously. Making things to put in to the world can be such a double-edged sword. The people who don’t get it usually don’t try. x

  27. I hear ya! My daughter has also been driving me nuts with the “Mum! Mum! MUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!”, and then I feel guilty because I should be paying attention to her. I also had a scary dream last night about terrorists, which freaked me out a bit. It’s no wonder with all of the horrible news at the moment. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the day with your girls. And by the way, I think you are just wonderful.

  28. Im cranky for you! Every time I see a negative comment like that on one of your posts I get annoyed! My cranky pants have just been put on after finding out a family member who has been sick for the past month and refused to go to the dr now has suspected whooping cough and has been coughing and spluttering all over my two boys (one of whom has chronic lung disease)… Not happy!!
    If we were home I would make a cake for you and deliver it – and I mean that in the least stalkerish way! I hope things get better for you xx

  29. I feel so sad that people are picking on you, you do such amazing work through this blog, I love reading it and I love how human you are. I get cranky when others bring beautiful people down, it makes me mad. I’ve always got people picking on me in one way or another and there are some days I just want to punch their lights out. Alert everyone, there are better things in life to get upset about then the difference between and A and O, silly people. Sending you the biggest hug ever and save me a piece of cake to eat with you.

  30. You need a Treat Yo’ Self day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsABTmT1_M0

    Seriously, all the complaints/random comments from people really have me thinking WTF? Why people get so worked up about the most simple things on the internet is beyond me. It’s obvious they’re just taking their frustrations in the real world out on you. Sending you a hug! Don’t et them stop you from being you.

    As for joining your misery…I just had to retype nearly every word in this because I have giant sausage fingers at 37 weeks pregnant. #superattractive

  31. Animals are sooo much better than people. Things that make me cranky… a lady at the pub asking me what I take slippery elm for.. I tell her Crohns.. she tells me she knew someone who died three weeks ago from that.. WTF?! As if you even. Other things that make me cranky this week include people lecturing me on how im lazy because ive only got ONE double degree, and how I should go back to uni to ‘further’ myself – when this person can’t use the correct ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, and ‘there’ and ‘their’ and ‘to’ ‘too’ and ‘two’. RAH! End rant. Date night tonight. And its our 142 month anniversary today… because he counts.. and tells me on the 1st of every month.. I should be waaay more delightful. And now im off to take my ‘A’ photo. P.S Your A was so A and not an O. Those people are A holes πŸ™‚ xxx

  32. Well done you got further than I did today. I decided to quit before I even got out of bed. First world problems abounded as well as a few other things that aren’t so first world. Sometimes we just need to let it all disappear. Thats why they call them mental health days. They allow us to come at the world with renewed strength and vigour.

    I find your strength admirable in dealing with all the negativity of the world that this blog exposes you to.

    Tomorrow is a new day.

  33. massive love to you. you are allowed to be cranky! i am like that most days after 7pm πŸ™‚
    you are welcome to forward the negative emails to me and I will deal with them for you.
    I will be your bitch PA.

  34. Hugs to you. We have all been there. Don’t sweat the small stuff, in the big big world it is not worth it. I am half a world away and I stumbled upon your site the first of the year and I love to read posts from time to time. This one made my day, as I have been there. (Not to smile at your sorrows, but I get it, many of us do). Chin up. Don’t lose sight of the things that are truly important in life, family, friends, and why you started doing this blog in the first place (I truly have no idea why, but it must have been something you decided to do because it made you happy). If something causes more stress in your life than it is worth, sometimes taking a step back and observing from afar can help. Chin up and cheers to you from my glass of wine on this rainy night!

  35. What’s wrong with people?! As much as love technology, I really do miss the good old days. You know, where people would sit in their lounge room and have a whinge to whoever was in the room about whatever it was they were reading/watching/listening to, rather than banging out hurtful sentences on a keyboard. Hope you feel better tomorrow x

  36. Oh lovely, i feel for you so much! You have seriously done so many incredible things and given of yourself and your time so generously. How dare people send you that crap and complain. I can’t even imagine how bad that feels after all the effort you put in. Just know that for the few cranky folks there is an amazingly supportive community around you and we all love what you do. Thinking of you today and hope your little L gets better soon! x

  37. Please don’t let those crabby, negative people get to you! You bring so much light and happiness to so many people every day, and the charity you chose is a perfect example of one more way you are spreading joy all over the world! Snuggle your kids, kiss your hubby, and tomorrow is another day.

  38. Misery does love company and I feel and hear you. I’m cranky today because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and I’m sick and tired of things taking so long to do… the simple act of downloading photos and synching your phone should be quick and easy… but NO… my iPhoto is now in repair mode. There are a gazillion others I won’t bore you with. Go and cuddle your girls and enjoy your time out. Tomorrow is another day. Jx

  39. I’m sorry people are mean. Being a journalist I often get bombarded about articles/stories that I write. I don’t have thick skin but I do try and stay positive. Some days I can’t handle it – that’s when I turn to my lovely boyfriend.

  40. I was cranky this morning because I had to go to work after having a public holiday Monday and a flex day Tuesday. Seriously, my working week is 3 days this week and I have no right to be cranky about that but I was. I just wanted to stay in bed and cuddle my husband.
    And then I was being good and did a workout at lunch and I felt my knee twinge and now it hurts like all hell and I need to ice it but I don’t have ice at work and then I have to drive home with a sore knee and it will hurt so much!!

    Phew… what a rant!!!

    I feel a bit better now. And now I want cake.

  41. Oh gorgeous lady. Firstly a huge hug coming your way. You do an amazing job and i admire all that you do. The charity you have chosen is fabulous. We all have bad times and I want you to know that these selfish and rude people need to get on with their own agenda and leave you alone. Hope you feel better Chantelle V x

  42. The world is full of ungrateful buggers and as much as we want to we just can’t please them all. Some people complain just for the sake of complaining even when there is NOTHING to complain about simply because they are miserable and somehow feel the need to bring others down. Stuff them. You do a fabulous job being a mother and a role model to thousands of women who are very interested in what you have to say. Seriously if they weren’t interested in what you had to say they simply wouldn’t read it. Jealousy is a hideous green eyed monster. Take care x

  43. I know how you feel!

    I had one of those days yesterday!
    Woke up after barely any sleep to find my period back (9 mths post partum).

    I stupidly thought it was a good idea to take niece and nephew (3&6 who I just adore) and my baby (9mths)to aquarium and darling harbour water park – during school holidays.

    It was packed and stinking hot. Baby slept peacefully but the other two were a total nightmare the whole time (and that’s being kind). I Forgot to get the parking ticket validated at the aquarium so parking cost me almost $60 on-top of all the other ridiculous costs – which is a massive financial hit as I am on maternity leave.

    After it taking forever (2.5hrs)to drive the 90km home due to constant stopping and starting with the kids miss three who is meant to be toilet trained wet her pants all over our brand new-car!

    Not her fault at all- she is a baby. But when dropping them off her “lovely” mother seriously laughed in my face when I said that she had an accident all over the car seat…. Not even an offer to help clean it up.

    So late last night I was down in the car in the dark (after getting baby bathed, fed and finally to bed, cooking our dinner-and expressing breast milk as I EP) cleaning up wee and having a massive cry…

    I still feel like I want to cry today!

    • I’m so sorry you were treated that way. I know if my sister or I take each others kids for the day, it’s so appreciated (not to mention we give each other money to cover costs). It’s hard when you do something caring and it’s not at all appreciated. Big hugs to you xxx

      • Thanks Kelly.

        I feel a bit better today must be the PMS calming down.

        I don’t know why I still get upset when she is nasty to me. It’s been happening for 8 years. I have so desperately wanted a sister since I was a kid and keep hoping we will be close like that…

        I guess I need to realize that she is limited in that regard and will never change.

    • haha! scrolling quickly through the responses and randomly stopping on only a few i read this one and knew it was from you Louisa, even before i read your name! sending a big virtual hug to you Chantelle

  44. Somtimes people just can’t be pleased . I think it’s ridiculous the criticism you receive for doing “nice ” things.
    How about you try another tactic ? Start being a bitch and tell them how you really feel when they criticise your choses. Now that would be a good read !!
    Have today off life and then tomorrow dust yourself off and jump in (also eat the cake and the huge steak you’ll love it)

  45. Oh I hear you Chantelle. I missed the last 3 weeks of work with Raffy sick and as I type this I am sitting in the doctors surgery now with Raffy sick again. Oh and we also sokd our house and the buyers want a short settlement which is perfect for us but it looks like westpac wont be ready. Grr I am wearing those ugly cranky pants too and if one more person says this too shall pass will get a round kick to the heads

  46. You are awesome, even in your completely cranky state, you still ooze awesomeness – remember that!! Today i’m cranky that my in-laws and niece and nephew flew back to NZ this morning, and my little man is super sad, wanting to jump on the next flight over. I’m cranky that we went to NZ in June last year, and to go for Christmas this year will cost us almost 4 times as much – just because it’s Christmas and the airlines know they can take advantage of people wanting to travel to be with those they love… I’m cranky that we either have to decide to miss out on a huge Christmas with my hubby’s entire extended family, or that we’ll have to live like paupers for the next 6 months to be able to afford to go… Completely first world, I should be happy that we’ve just spent an awesome week with them, and that my kids have seen their Grandparents 3 times in 15 months, but i’m not… Now i’m off to eat chocolate and try to work out a budget πŸ˜›

  47. Oh, darling girl, go ahead and quit. Massive hugs to you. I hope the rest of the week gets better.

    Haters gonna hate. But lovers gonna love too. Try to remember that you can’t please everyone. So just please the most important one of all – you – and eat more cake.


  48. Oh Chantelle, I get really cranky at people on your behalf – especially those who comment that you’re posting a day ahead – like there aren’t different timezones in the world! This is my third year playing along in your photo a day challenge and it continually amazes me how you deal with all that is thrown at you with style and grace. If you want to eat cake today babe, eat cake! Forget everything and ignore the world, even if it’s just for a minute. xx

  49. “I’m cranky because I’m cranky and I just can’t shake it.” Aaaahhhh Chantelle you’re a woman after my own heart. I tried for two whole days last week to shake my cranky pants but in the end I just said Nup, I’ll be cranky all day until Saturday and THEN I’ll climb back aboard the happy rays of sunshine train. And it worked – sometimes a gal just has to let herself be cranky. And eat cake.

    Tomorrow is a new day girlfriend and I hope it’s a good one. But for now, just be cranky. It’s ok! xx

  50. I’ve had the crankies for about 10 days now… it started with our house being broken into at 3am 11/9… i knew something wasn’t right because our puppy wouldn’t settle… next thing i know my car is being driven out of our driveway πŸ™ whilst i can totally see all the positives (i didn’t go out to see why the puppy wouldn’t settle, insurance, hire car option and the fact that my son slept through it all) i still feel like Eeyore.. stuck at home with no car on school holidays… plus the waking up thinking someone is in the house thing. IT SUCKS… i want some of your cake lol (ps let the nay sayers talk to the hand… there are lots of people giving advice on the internet simply because they’re not using it themselves)

  51. Huggles. People can be shit! I leave you with this thought…Not every day is good but there is good in every day. Embrace Happy…screw rude people. You are awesome. Thanks for everything you do.
    Karin Joyce

  52. Aaarg! People annoy me with their rudeness. How about they get off their arse and do something good in the world instead of complaining about an app?!? Seriously…. wow! It would be cheaper for them to exchange their android for an iphone 6 if they want to use your app so badly.
    Suck days happen hun. Go and do something you enjoy and switch off the social media xx

  53. People are SO rude. Yesterday a woman yelled at me while I was running to tell me I was too fat to be running. The world is not a happy place when you have a sick baby and not enough sleep, good luck!

  54. People really are morons some time. And selfish. And self-entitled. I just don’t get it!
    I hope you gave yourself a nice break. You really are the most lovely person I’ve ever come across – online and off.

    I had of those days the other day. I was trying to be helpful and everything went wrong. I took my kids to a birthday party and I couldn’t find a park, along the way I ran into a mini-bus and smashed its side mirror. I ended up at the party 1.5 hours late. I felt like everything was against me.

  55. Can so relate. Crank pants on here today too. For me I think it is because there’s only a few more days left of school holidays and I haven’t gotten any of the stuff I was going to get done finished and I hate Term 4 as it is always too busy, even when I guard the calendar like a ninja.

  56. People are unbelievable! You are doing lots of good, in lots of ways. Enjoy your PJs, your cake and your girls. Boo to the haters (they make me cranky on your behalf!). They have their own misery to keep them company. xx

  57. I’ve extra happy today so I am packaging up some sunshiny joy in polka wrapping paper, tying it with a bright silver bow and blowing it to you with extra sparkles xx

  58. People suck. That is a given.
    All of those things would make me cranky.
    My son has had hand, foot and mouth TWICE. But he has also had chickenpox THREE TIMES. I kid you not. I don’t know what is wrong with his immune system. Yes he is immunised.

    You can defrost chicken in the microwave and no one will die. Go forth and cook deliciousness.

    I’m glad you wrote this post and I love the anti bad vibe shield.
    Your gift exchange charity thing is a beautiful thing and everyone can go shove a turnip up their arse.
    If you had a dollar for everyone that complained about the unfairness of non android – OMG can you imagine?
    Steak house Shane. I can only laugh.

    I’m cranky because I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant and it’s just my default mode and one should not have to do school holidays at this gestation. I am a whale.

  59. I am so cranky today too. A simple request to my daughter’s swimming coach to ask if she could have a word to all the children about being safe in the water, after one child thought it was funny to grab my daughters legs and pull her under the water several times, has resulted in us having to find a new swimming club. The coach finally responded to my simple request by telling me the other child had done nothing wrong and my daughter was a whinger. It was obvious that she did not see my daughters face or have to deal with her thinking she was going to drown. I was polite in all our correspondence and she was just plain NASTY. What is with all the nastiness? Why is that so many peoples first reaction? Anyway, it has made me so cranky and I haven’t been sleeping because of it which makes me even crankier. JUST BE NICE PEOPLE, it doesn’t take a lot of effort.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  60. I’m having one of those days too! Everything is just way too hard today! But, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I wake up on the right side of the bed! And maybe a nice big bowl of ice cream will fix me??? πŸ™‚

  61. Zucchini and what?!?! Get yourself some chocolate woman! Asap! With wine to wash it down!
    I don’t know how you cope with all that negative blogging shit. I had no idea it was that bad until I read Stacey’s post. I think you are amazing for not having published a version of this 7 times already!
    And don’t even get me started on kids in pain!
    My boys woke me up fighting and swearing at each other this morning. Mamas should not be woken up that way. It turns on our cranky switch too. After screaming at all of them and bursting into years we had a “do-over”. We lay in bed together, pretend we are asleep, take a few deep breaths then wake up as we should- calmly, kindly, gently and with intent to make today great.
    Hope all is well again soon. I think you’re freakin awesome. As it that shield. Sarah xx

  62. So sorry you’re dealing with all that! You’re doing wonderful and anyone who wants to dispute that can just suck it!
    I’m cranky because baby Lily is teething and she is cranky !!!
    However play Taylor Swifts: Shake it off— Dance around like a mad person and shake it off! It works! Lots of love!

  63. I am cranky because some customer thought me not wrapping his present (because of rheumatoid arthritis) was such worldshattering evil behaviour (against all the death and vile acts humans do in the name of whatever) that he complained about it and got me an official warning at work!!

  64. I totally get it! Everything you said! You are doing your best & that’s all you can do. You will never please everyone, Ever! Tomorrow will be a better day and soon you will be able to look back and laugh. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  65. Oh my god! Some people need to learn when to shut their fecking mouths (as Mrs Brown says, feck off). Some days you are allowed to be down and cranky and just do what YOU want to do and spend time with your family, because that is what life is for. It can be hard somedays to have a good solid whinge because you always think that someone else out there is doing it tough (and they are big time) but you are you and you are feeling what you feel, so why put that aside? Enjoy your cake, hope your pj’s are comfy!
    You know what normally happens on the other side of those down days? Great things – you have put so much positive energy out there that you will get some back tenfold.
    Chin up lovely lady, thank YOU for being you.

  66. I’m cranky today too Chantelle. I’m cranky because last night I made a small steak, mash and a fancy sauce and MY husband declared it was the worst food I’d made in ten years. (new recipes) – that’s what my whole blog is about – TRYING NEW RECIPES and I’m supposed to make stuff that tastes like crap sometimes because you don’t know until you tried it. But I took it personally anyway, like I always do and I’m still not over it. So……..I feel your pain. How ironic that you were writing today about how to deal with haters and you ended up getting a nasty email yourself. It’s a strange world. But we love you. xxx

  67. I liked your apple pic… Maybe those people needed glasses or something (that ‘something’ can be anything you like).

    And I agree, you need some chocolate. But not just any chocolate. Something dark, rich and expensive. With a side of ice cream, also chocolate. And maybe blueberries. But I like blueberries.

    Today, I’m not cranky, but the last week was pretty shite and I pretty much told everyone to go jump, this mumma needed a break. Which worked really well when we had people over for lunch on Sunday (oops).

    Go, chill, turn off the computer and forget about us all for a bit. You are doing a fantabulous job at everything you do, so pay no attention to the naysayers and prats that seem to enjoy popping up every now and then to tear other people down. I’d like to see them do a better job.

  68. I’m cranky cos thanks to two small children waking several times overnight I’ve had 4 hours of broken sleep, all on the day I choose to brave the school holidays crowds and take said small people to a large unkid friendly leagues club to see the “Play School Concert”. In thee few minutes I had before doors open I decided was a good time to find a toilet. First thing I stumbled across in an unfamiliar place was a disabled loo. So I barreled both kids in, me and big girl wee’d, washed hands at a pretty good pace considering show was about to start and when I came out a mean old women in a mobility scooter had to nerve to tell me that I should of used the parenting room down stairs and not the disabled toilet….. Did I mention that she was in a mobility scooter with wallet and packet of fags in her basket….!!

  69. Do you know what…I’m cranky all the time. It’s a women and mother’s prerogative. We get taken for granted in so many of the things we do. A simple “thankyou for folding and putting away my clothes love”, wouldn’t go astray once in a while.
    That’s not to say I walk around constantly with a frown or disapproving look on my face, its more than sometimes I’d like to be appreciated for all I do.

  70. Be cranky! Everybody has a right to be cranky sometimes, first world problems or not. I spent the better part of yesterday and the day before that alternating crying and yelling about how frustrated I am at how sick I am of being broke and stuggling no matter how hard we work. We just can not catch a break financially. We have had the worst luck the last 7 years. It’s almost laughable it’s so ridiculous. Add to that we moved in with my parents to save money to travel then promptly had a bunch of work fall through so instead we just barely scraped by and got stuck living with them because we just couldn’t afford not to. Then this month the dog needed $3000 surgery. So do we have a safe place to live? Yes. We are lucky and well fed and have a roof over our head. But we live with my parents and have no space of our own a multitude of inconveniences tied to that fact. My husband works his butt off all hours of the day and yet can not get ahead. It’s frustrating. So rave and rant on sister! Sometimes life is maddening and all those stupid people whining about the app, the charity and the a/o thing? They are stupid and they suck. YOU are awesome and wonderful and generous.

  71. Chantelle, I’ve probably been under a blogging rock for years but I JUST discovered you and your blog. Just this last week. I read on another blog (BabyMac I think) that you have copped a bit of troll abuse and whingeing recently. And I want to tell you that I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I love your photo a day idea, I haven’t used your app but I don’t care, I love your graphics. I love the story of how you moved. I checked out Kingscliff like a stalker and imaginary-bought a house in Terranora (I live on the Sunshine Coast) – your posts take me to a very nice place and I really appreciate it. Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t listen to readers whose responses indicate that they are overly needy. You are wonderful. You are a star xxxx PS Your aesthetics are amazing I could not do it like you. Love “a new friend”, Kylie

  72. Normal. It must be a full moon or something, I always blame cranky days on something I have absolutely no control over. Makes me feel like it’s justified then. I’m cranky cos I have to ask my almost 5 year old A GAZILLION times to stop tapping his spoon on the table. Or ramming the toy car into the shed. Or to share with his two you old little sister. Or to just STOP THE WHINGING!!!!! Gah! I quit too. Pass the cake.

  73. Channelled, I am cranky that people are telling you that you chose the wrong charity. I was molested from age 4, it went on for years and I didn’t tell anyone until I was 17. Those precious babies need a voice. They need people like you to chose them, to help them.
    You do an amazing job. Enjoy some you time with your girls xx

    • Lucy, yes, I’m cranky about that too.

      Who are these people that are complaining? The “wrong” charity? Seriously?

      Chantelle, I read your post the other day and thought that the gift exchange and $5 donation to the charity sounded like such a lovely, thoughtful idea.

      While I won’t be participating in the gift exchange this year (I’m not on facebook), I will be making a donation, because I clicked through to the site (https://rafikimwema.com/about/) and it looks like they are doing wonderful, wonderful stuff. As a mother of 3 young girls, my heart goes out to those girls. I think it’s such a worthy cause.

      Sending you hugs xo

  74. I was brought up with that old mantra that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all – it’s a shame that it has well and truly been forgotten these days. Keep smiling!

  75. Ditto, ditto to all these sentiments. (Well, only the nice sentiments. I didn’t actually read them ALL so if there are nasty ones, they can go do you-know-what with themselves).

    So ditto. And I heart you. And by the way, bless her cotton socks might be my new favorite phrase πŸ™‚


  76. You know what.. We are allowed to have first world problems BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE FIRST WORLD! That is not our fault or something we should have to apologise for.
    As for the apple vs android thing – as a devoted android user it does annoy me when big companies don’t make both versions but not little people like you. Could you possibly crowd fund an android version? Just a thought.

    And as for the cranky pants…just ride the wave. I find if you try to fight it it just fights back harder.

  77. well if it helps at all – you made my day happy today – day 1 – A is for Amazing, because as I was looking through all the pic a day pics from all around the world and fiddling with your app, I thought ‘Amazing, this is incredible, what an excellent thing to have created, people from everywhere want to be involved and it’s positive and inspiring. What a truly amazing thing to have created I’m super impressed and a little jelly…..’
    True Story. Thought it at approximately 12.57pm EST

  78. I’m cranky because people cannot keep their opinions to themselves and get a ride out of upsetting other people who are trying their damn hardest to do some good in this world. I’m cranky because someone I respect is cranky due to people’s negativity. I’m cranky because some people seem to feel that their lives revolve around their phone – so what if there is no android app, is it really that important in the great scheme of things? Try and find other ways of doing what you want to do! I’m cranky because there are too many charities out there, more than anyone can choose from, and because one is chosen that some people don’t agree with they have to vent their feelings. I’m cranky because some people don’t believe these children have as much right to get help, to have a voice, I am a survivor. I have a right to be heard. I respect that everyone has the right to be heard, no one should be told that they do not have a voice, no one should feel that they should upset anyone because they do not agree with another. Keep doing what you do hun you do a fantastic job!

  79. I’m cranky too.

    In the first email I read this morning (minutes after waking up) I was told I spelt ‘enrolment’ in a blog post wrong and had to spend 5 minutes googling to find out that there are two spellings of the word. Politely replied to the person pointing out their error including a helpful link to wikipedia only to get a reply saying I was rude and that they’d be unsubscribing…

    At breakfast time I accidentally made my porridge with the kids milk and then on tasting it found out it was not only the kids milk but the kids milk that had gone off…

    As Mrs SNS ran out to door to work we discovered my two eldest boys had to dress up in football clothes for their holiday program. Screaming ensued as Mr 6 demanded that he be able to wear lycra ‘skins’ under his football shorts. Only problem is we don’t own any. Managed to talk him down from the cliff he was ready to hurl himself off.

    After dropping the boys off at their program I then had to sit at a railway crossing for 4 trains in a row after on the way to dropping Mr 3 off at Grandmas knowing I had a call I was supposed to be on back at home…

    Almost got to Grandmas and discovered that I had forgotten Mr 3’s bag. Turned around home and got stuck at the railway line two more times with a total of 5 trains…

    I was then told by one reader that my photography blog has too many posts about photography on it and that I should write about the real issues the world faces…

    A reader then emailed me to tell me that they were unsubscribing from my newsletter because I didn’t provide a Spanish version of it…

    An instagram follower then proceeded to tell me that my little girl was ugly. I’m not sure which of my 3 boys she was referring to but deleted her comment while resisting the temptation to hurl abuse at her….

    Given it was only 9:57am at this point too considered quitting – one of those days I guess.

    Sadly some people don’t get it – while I’m a big believer in trying to serve as many people as I can I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t and don’t have to help everyone in the way that they expect. Offer what you can sustain and let people deal with their own reactions to the boundaries you set.

    Keep up the great work Chantelle.

    • OMG Darren, my faves def were that you had too many posts about photography on your PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG hehehe and that you had an Ugly Daughter…. OMG. Seriously what a day you poor thing. I think there might be something in the air. No full moon yet, that’s next Wed or so my work calendar says. You and Chantelle do amazing work, inspire thousands upon thousands of people and at the end of the day you shoulds say to yourself “I am not taking that on board, that is your issue and I am giving it back to you. I am not carrying it for you”. And some days, some people just suck and it’s their problem not yours! P.S. I think you need to move somewhere that there are no trains!! Just sayin πŸ™‚ xxx

      • Sometimes you just have to laugh at the expectations of others. The only thing that I keep reminding myself on the reader ‘feedback’/demands is that they obviously feel invested enough in what I’m doing to care or feel some kind of ownership.

        I also know that while there are some that don’t like some aspect of what I do – there are many more that do seem to get value from it – that’s who I keep focused upon.

  80. I had one of those days too! I spent half of last night crying about every little thing, then had a day of working at all THREE of my jobs to look forward to on an average of 4 hours of sleep per night for the past several days. My hair wouldn’t cooperate, my clothes were uncomfortable for the weather, I was so tired I was afraid I’d crash the car driving from one job to the next… and then the sobbing started back up again & I was *reallyreally* worried I’d get in a wreck. Funny enough the last part of the day was pretty nice once I’d just completely fallen apart and let myself be as sad and overwhelmed as I needed to be. I’m missing someone very very much right now and I think trying to fight back the grief is a lot worse in the long run than letting myself just be as sad and cranky as I need to and letting the tears out of my body and the pain and anger out of my mind when they ask to be felt. I spent a good 10 minutes at the work meeting I ended my day with talking about how much having the #fmsphotoaday challenge for the past few months has helped me move forward. It started as the one tiny thing I could make myself do each day. Some days that’s all I could do was take one photo and then go back to bed… Now here I’m planning to start my 3rd month of it & I can see upon reflection that really I’ve come very far forward after a devastating loss in July. I’m grateful for you! I’m grateful you can speak honestly about bad days and encourage others to show up authentically as themselves as well. And, the people riding your case about handwriting and apps can kiss my sizeable booty. Much love & respect.

  81. You poor kid. Just remember that if it were peachy keen every day then the world would be a boring place. You have to have the bad to appreciate the good and you knowwwwwwwwwwww us girls just sometimes have that little ol PMT that sneaks up on ya! I know that someone can just do one thing that cheeses me off and I am instantly throwin into PMT.

    Call in sick tomorrow. Take a day out just for you to be you at home with no social media. Just sit and be still (when you can of course). Go have a nana nap if you can, tonight when your husband comes home, go have a bath all to yourself with a candle and some nice relaxation music.

    Play with a puppy πŸ™‚ Pat a cat! I have three that you can pat if you like lol. Some days just suck the life out of you, but baby you are Tonka Tough, remember that and you will rise again πŸ™‚

    Love ya xxx Ok I don’t I HATE YOUR GUTS AND YOU SUCK. Is that better? πŸ˜‰

  82. This is why I refuse to quit sugar, on the bad days who wants to eat kale? Instead of cake, you might to need to bring out the big guns (chocolate). I hope you had your finger on the “delete” button and like Mrs Woog send those negative people to SpankyTown haha. You have a fab community (but you know that right?) don’t beat yourself up too much…when you give all the time-there are always going to be takers. PS. I hope you booked the fancy-pants steak restaurant, got dressed up and had a fab time for date night.

  83. I hope you are feeling better now that you’ve written all these. When I’m writting down my cranky-dark thoughts I always feel better. I’ve been following, admiring you and from all I know you are a very nice person. I’m sorry you have to put up with all the haters. I know, haters are always going to hate but I’m sorry for it and I am also angry.
    My son went through hand feet and mouth disease twice. That is really something one deserves to be cranky about. And there is nothing I or anyone, could do to help make him feel better….that was the worst feeling.
    These days I’m cranky about many things. One of them is that my husband and I have been trying to have another baby unsuccesfully and as time goes by I feel life like a clock ticking and i can’t seem to enjoy it (life and sex eventually) as much as I should. So, thank you for this call. As I said, I already feel better.
    And Chantelle you deserve a break and a quit wherever you feel it. Blogging should be something we enjoy doing.

  84. I’m cranky on your behalf at all the rudeness in the world and all the other crappy stuff that led to you having every right to be cranky. And I’m cranky because I have the world’s biggest cold sore (only because it happens to be on my bottom lip, and because my bottom lip is shaking because I have a boss who has done the wrong thing by me big time and now I need to have the guts to leave and become the yoga teacher/writer/entrepreneur I know I can be. Thank you for having your cranky pants on. Tomorrow is a new day.

  85. All very valid reasons to quit! Sorry to hear it’s been a shit day (had one myself on Tuesday and you’re right – the next day was infinitely better!). Just remember like Taylor Swift sings haters gonna hate hate hate. Eat cake and know a bazillion other people think you are awesome!

  86. Oh love, I’m sorry. I have had a few of those days lately too. Sick kids are the worst. Husbands aren’t all that intuitive at best of times, and this horrible machete business is totally doing my head in too (no pun intended). The rest of em can just go and get stuffed! I put your package in the mail today so at least you’ve got pineapple lollies to look forward to! Sending you a big, virtual hug and kiss xx

  87. Just a quick reply to let you know that we all love you, your blog, your app and everything you do for us all. Some people just suck and I wish they didn’t. I’m sending you some decranky vibes and sending those sucky people some less sucky vibes. Tune the world out for a while, enjoy your babies, jarmies and cake xox

  88. It sucks arse that a lot of people’s default option is just plain f’ing rude. Arseholes, the lot of them. I’m sad they made you feel this way for trying to bring good into the world. You spread so much joy. Surely you have more supportive comments here than rude fuckers!!
    It’s the anonymity of social media that makes people think they can say things, that they would never say to someones face.
    Have some chocolate and wine, cuddle your family and cry if you need too.
    Sending love your way xxx

  89. Everything about our government makes me cranky lately, but I’m not going to get into politics or the media right now..
    What REALLY makes me cranky is reading about what has been making you cranky and I just can’t believe how ridiculous some people are! I am so sorry that some selfish and inconsiderate people have made you feel this way (on top of everything else!) – I would be way more than cranky if all of that was piling on top of me.. you are doing well!
    Enjoy your cake and cuddles xxx

  90. Firstly, some people just need a good old smack over the head for being so rude & forgetting there is a real person with real feelings sitting on the other side of a computer. I just don’t get how people can be so rude! One thing I have loved about everything you are a part of is the positivity.
    Secondly, I think we should stop feeling guilty about ‘first world problems’. Yes there are people worse off, yes it is usually minor in the scheme of life but we are allowed to be annoyed/cranky/upset & not feel like a bad person for feeling that way.
    Finally, I shall have my little whinge. I have had a tendon reconstruction in my foot & am having to spend six weeks literally lying around with my foot elevated. I am having to depend on my dear sweet husband, who although has taken time off to care for me, is a workaholic & is working from home, so I feel guilty every time I need something. My gorgeous sweet girls are also helping out but it is school holidays for them & I feel bad they are stuck home playing nurse to me. I like a clean & tidy house but not being able to do it myself is driving me crazy as I am now having to live by someone else’s standards, which drives me nuts. So I retreat to my bedroom, all holed up with a good book, phone, laptop & the cat but then I feel guilty for not sitting out with the kids. ….. Four more weeks I keep telling myself, almost halfway there.

    Yep, life really sucks sometimes but thank god for birthday cake…. And new days to start afresh.

  91. I’m cranky that people complain about the stupidest things!!! Little Moments not being on Android (Chantelle, how DARE you not have a money tree!!), your photo today (I didn’t get to see it before you deleted it, and now I’m cranky at those people who picked on you because now I’ve missed out on your photo!) and picking the wrong charity. Seriously, charity is charity but people have the right to support which ever charity they want. Who cares anyway?? Charity is HELPING and SUPPORTING people and no method of supporting people can be wrong.

    To cheer you up, I shall describe to you in words a photo I saw recently. A chalkboard outside a restaurant/cafe that said “NO HIPSTERS. Don’t be coming in here with your hairy faces, your vegan diets, your tiny feet and your sawdust bedding. No, wait. Hamsters. No HAMSTERS”.


  92. Now darling,

    You know what shits me? This idea that women like you and I have to be lake placid all the time. That we have to be nice all the time. That it’s not okay to be cranky or have first world problems. That we have to smile in the face of adversity- All. The. Fucking. Time.

    You and I sound like we suffer from the same ailment. It’s called #TooFuckingNice. And when left untreated, it will well up into a whirlpool of unexpressed anger that will find itself spewing forth onto innocent victims (or sometimes well deserved victims who have needed a good serving for a very long time).

    My point is this. You should never have deleted your post 7 times. Because without the grit there is no pearl. And you have every right to be pissed off with the people who bombard you with their bullshit online, when all you do is put goodness out into the world.

    And, yes, when you give yourself permission to be cranky for a day (or, how revolutionary, maybe two days in a row) you’ll bounce back to your normal calm self…. whilst those fuckwits who make stupid comments online, will always be fuckwits. They will continue to point out your A looks like an O. Why? Because that’s all they have. Whilst, one the other hand, you my dear, have substance and don’t need to attack others online to uphold a flimsy self esteem.

    Be as ragey as you fecking like. Get it out. Then pick your fabulous back up.

    • I love you haha. I feel like quoting your whole comment, heck let’s vinyl it and whack it up on the wall!! You speak to me!

  93. I’m cranky because I’m a door knob who fell over really really badly 6 weeks ago and am still wearing a wrist brace. Yesterday, I took my son to the movies during school holidays and I fell over. Down the stairs. Not one person moved to help me (except my darling son). People laughed and pointed. And not kids either.

    Oh and my nearly healed hand and wrist? Hurt it again. All bruised. All swollen. What a door knob! x

  94. I’m not cranky, just tired.

    Some people are just ungrateful A-holes. If you haven’t seen it already then go to the School Mum page on facebook and look up the video she did for her haters of her and her kids dancing to Shake it Off lol its hilarious and makes me smile even when I’m pissed.

    I agree with Sarah – send her the angry emails (at least the ones relating to her charity) – I’m sure she’d be able to reply and make those people feel like right royal d*ckheads.

  95. I’m not cranky today, I haven’t been for ages but I understand completely how you feel, we’ve all been there, many times probably. I think life can be very overwhelming & when your a Mum to young children it’s hard. On top of that you have people nagging you over stupid little things that don’t matter! You did the right thing, step off the merry go round called life & take a breather, don’t forget to enjoy it

  96. I hear you Chantelle! I’m cranky cause the lamb I took out of the freezer this morning hasn’t defrosted in time for me to marinate it for tonights dinner and now we have to have tacos (AGAIN!). I also have just not been in the mood to do my washing today even though it is the one day this week I have time to do it (the same load is still in the machine this morning and will now have to be re-washed and hung out in the morning before work when I will also need to get the lamb marinating for tomorrow night and get the kids to day care early because I have to be at a staff meeting before I normally start). I’m also cranky because we have had to cancel our mini coast break we had coming up because hubbys uni exams clashed and we really couldn’t afford it anyway, but then my family is shocked when I say we can’t go on holidays to Hawaii… Humpf!!!!!!

  97. omg $50,000!! that’s disgusting. .
    I was going to suggest you buy some take out get your self some wine and chocolate and really quit for the day.. But you have all that sorted with your pjs and zucchini and pecan pie… interesting choice by the way!! πŸ™‚
    I say to hell with those complaining about no android app.. are they going to pay for it? no… then shut your face should be your reply.
    Who cares if today your A looks like an O.. I guarantee those ass*oles have made much bigger mistakes in their apparently perfect lives.
    Some people are just so caught up in their
    own head space to stop and think for 1 second of what is actually important.
    sadly those same people will amount to nothing.. they are so busy pointing out mistakes and being negative they are still at the starting line thinking about their dreams. where as you gorgeous woman have gotten off the couch out of the house and did it.. you made it happen.. even with all these negative nellys throwing knives at you..
    Your right that tomorrow will be better than today. .
    You will move past this.. πŸ™‚
    p.s im still shocked over the $50,000 !!
    im an android user.. and thats is just ridiculous! !

    • Yes, I was really surprised that people are complaining about the app.

      I wonder if the people complaining have offered to pay/loan the $50,000 to have it made?

      Or have they started a crowd funding project to raise the funds for Chantelle? (I’m guessing not)

  98. This!! I bought an android KNOWING that its not an idevice and therefore I probably wont get some of the apps Id like!

  99. Oh Chantelle that all really sucks. I’ve noticed all the android stuff and just keep thinking ‘she’s only one person people! And she’s trying to look after 2 kids and run a blog/business!’

    I know I shouldn’t eat my feelings but cake really does make everything better. Tomorrow is a new day.

  100. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I never understand how people can leave such rude comments. My mother always told me – ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. I guess some other people never got that memo.
    You are fabulous and share so much of your life with us, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all your blogging tips. Thank you for your enthusiasm and light. Thank you for your amazing collaborations and giveaways. Thank you for caring about other people and wanting to make their lives better. Thank you for having fun.

  101. Woah, how dare you be cranky! How dare you create something magical like Photo-a-Day and win an award to give you the money to make an app. How dare you share your life and love with the world and help little girls who have had unspeakable things happen to them! What planet do you think you are on, sister?

    (This is definitely said tongue in cheek – I hope you got that)

    Put those cranky pants on and do a little cranky dance!
    Eat that pie and cuddle those girls.
    Go to bed and dream good dreams.
    And even if you have that same nightmare tonight, wake up tomorrow and feel however you freakin’ want to feel πŸ™‚

  102. I’m cranky too. I can’t believe how rude people can be to you. The can go eat kale and we will ban them from all the awesome foods in the world, like cake. I love cake.

    Anyway moving on. I’m cranky because I left the steak for tonight’s dinner in the freezer. I’m cranky because it rained so I have to have my Boot camp session inside instead of outside in the sunshine, I’m cranky because my husband works nights and I miss him, a lot, and I’m cranky because I have to work late on Sunday.

    I hope you had a good PJ day, I’m hoping there’s boxing at boot camp tonight so I can punch things.

  103. Aw, Chantelle! Some people are just sucky! You are amazing, just remember that. You can’t please everyone, you and your girls and hubby are what matters. Be kind people! I hit publish on my first blog post today, eek! Hubby asked me last night if I was prepared for unkind comments. I guess I’ll find out when I get my first one, which unfortunately will be inevitable, I’m sure. Big hugs to you.
    P.S. If you feel like doing some reading while you are eating cake please check out my brand spanking new blog, She Writes @ http://www.shewrites.net.au

  104. I’m cranky you’re not my neighbour so I can’t invite you round for coffee and delicious chocolate cake. But please come anyway.
    It’s easy to say forget the negative stuff but sometimes it piles on.
    Enjoy the day you quit

  105. I have gooseflesh and tears in my eyes reading this. You are entitled to your first world problems. You are so inspiring and I am so sorry that people have knocked you down with their insults and negativity. Hope baby gets better real soon. Having sick children is very stressing and worrying. Sending virtual hugs to you and your girls

  106. I’m scared to start cause I may not stop. So I’ll leave it at the fact that I am so incredibly cranky that I’ve gone off food and can no longer sleep. Which adds to my crankiness exponentially. I hate this week and it’s only going to get more disgusting so my crankiness is likely to evolve into epic frantic psychotic rage. It sucks feeling this way and nothing you can do will fix it. Cause it’s in the hands of people who have no idea how their actions and decisions are brewing a monster inside of you. The end.
    Ps. Thanks for letting me join in your misery.

  107. All right! I want to join in too for a day! I’m cranky at the apple haters who say that apple’s overpriced shit and then they’re the ones complaining that there’s no apps for them! You’re buying into an ecosystem people! Look at all the costs!

    You want cheaper stuff, that comes at a price: inconsistency operating versions making it harder to develop, inconsistent screens making it harder to optimise, unknown hardware running the software means that the developers can’t test everything to know what works well let alone best if you’re trying to integrate, cell phone striking deals with the phone companies so that they don’t even offer you the operating system update which also adds to a fragmented market when trying to develop it and you’re often buying a phone that’s close if not already out of date!!

    Making simple, and making simple work well is incredibly hard to do and comes with compromises – I wish people realised and appreciated that!

    I’m sick of people wanting free but then complaining that there’s adds or moaning about their privacy – if you didn’t pay for something you are the pig in the pigpen being sold! Pay up or shut up and accept the crap that comes with free/cheap!

    Wow! That was fun! Alright… Now on to find my ‘a’!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  108. Now I’m cranky because someone told you you chose the wrong charity. What? Not close enough to home? Not manly enough? Not white enough? Too rape-y? For goodness sake!

    I’m generally cranky about everything I read in my work twitter feed today. Reading about Tony Abbott and burkas and every stupid thing said in Question Time and the complete lack of debate about bombing the shit out of everything makes me want to test just how much force it’d take to make work mac meet glass office wall.

    Sorry (not sorry) for the swears.

  109. Chantelle, you give a lot, have a caring heart, so it sucks when it’s taken advantage of. I’m cranky lately because I’m here to be everyone’s servant and lackey and always be the responsible one. I think it’s fair enough to open the valve and let off a little steam occasionally. I hope you enjoy your day of quitting. I think I need one too!

  110. Oh i HATE those days!! I think people online tend to forget you’re a real person with real feelings. Some people are just so self entitled. I hope the cake was awesome… i know an awesome brownie in a mug recipe which always helps on days like this πŸ˜‰ xx

  111. *I’m cranky that someone came into YOUR spaces and thought they had the right to poop all over it! πŸ™
    *I’m cranky because I have to tell my boss I am available one less day. I know THEY will be cranky at ME. But I have a placement for my course and only a limited kid-free time to do it …So, I can only work on 3 days a week. But on the other hand I only do 10hrs a week – how freaking hard can it be to slot me into the roster FFS??
    *I’m cranky that I am fat and can’t motivate myself to get healthy!
    *I’m cranky that we can’t win lotto {haha! that one’s a joke} {… but it’s not πŸ˜‰ pmsl}
    *I’m cranky that my friends and family don’t live closer.

  112. I’m cranky cos I keep waking up with the most crippling backache from a bed that cost hubby and I a small fortune (which we still haven’t paid off) And my back is so sore I can’t put my 12 wk old in his sling which he loves. Sending you big hugs and a virtual wine – Cheers xx

  113. I was cranky yesterday at the bloke being a parking nazi from a lovely school holiday activity place. Picking up 3 kids and he told me I can’t park in their car park, it’s only for parents staying in the car and they bring the kids down to their cars. Mate, no-one gave me that option! And too late now cos they’ll be freaked if you tell them to come to the car park without me!!
    And of course I said yeah whatever, and moved the car…. But won’t be going there again, shame cos the girl who runs F Planet is lovely.
    At least we have wine

  114. I’m cranky That it’s taken nearly 2 years to diagnose an autoimmune disease for me. I’m cranky 2 GP’s said there was nothing wrong it’s all in my head, that I was experiencing the symptoms I was because in overweight, not because of my thyroid for 18 months!

    Massive hugs Chantelle I’ve had many days like that since #2 came along. I would have given my hubby a serve for not getting fine dining right too.

  115. I am cranky because I woke up with a cold, can’t go and visit my friend’s new baby as a result and some builders think it is necessary to drill something very close to my window right now where I am blogging from bed. I have a very important lunch meeting in two hours and I cannot bring myself to get up, let alone shower, make myself presentable and get on a train. Grrr!
    Enjoy your cake! x

  116. Thank you Chantelle you may be cranky but you certainly made me laugh. We have all had days like this and like to vent. Next time as it’s late now grab the kid lets and go to your happy place the beach.

  117. You enjoy your cake and PJ’s Chantelle, you deserve it! Cannot believe what people whinge about! Android users, build a bridge, get over it, and as for your photo any idiot knows the alphabet starts with A not O. I’m now cranky ‘cos I didn’t get to see your apple pic which I’m sure was Awesome (that’s with an A not an O

  118. And I’m getting cranky after reading your post. How dare people write such awful emails and comments all the time?? Get a life. Maybe it’s good you shared how much money was spent on the app – maybe that’ll shut them up for a while about not being able to get it for their phones, yet… And you have written so many times that you’re doing your best to find a way to get into Android. Grrr… Makes me mad.

    In my own life, I’m cranky too – mostly at myself… For not getting my act together to start exercising properly – two-three days of “proper” exercise every couple of months isn’t enough. For not having enough motivation to lose the weight I need to – I know exactly how, I’ve managed it before, I just don’t “feel like it right now”. And then I get cranky because my favourite jeans won’t fit properly… For being a cranky mum and getting annoyed at my 4Β½yo boy for basically no reason, just because he’s wilful and 4Β½ and won’t listen… For not managing to start up my own business as well as I would have hoped – again, lack of motivation, and when you lose 2 out of 3 contracts it’s not easy to “get back on the horse”, and contract no 3 isn’t even signed yet…

    It’s good to have a moan every once in a while. Usually it lasts a day or less…

    I bought chocolate at the store this morning. I will enjoy it today and then perhaps I will find some motivation to NOT eat anything unhealthy tomorrow!

    Enjoy your pecan cake and have a better day – if not today, then tomorrow!!

    Hugs xx

  119. Bullies make me cranky – the ones at school, at work or online! I cannot imagine why anyone would care that an A looks more like an O – I didn’t get to see your picture Chantelle – but I bet it was fantastic!

    And for the record – anyone who takes time out of their extremely busy life to help anyone or any charity – is a super star in my books.
    I hope you enjoyed your cake. Please don’t let the bullies deflate you – keep doing what you do!

  120. Hang in there! You’ll sleep it off.

    I’m franky because I have to get on a 12 hour flight that I don’t want to take to a city I don’t really want to go to!!

  121. My husband has decided that he wants to go out Friday night. OUR date night. He asked if it’s ok, and I said “but it’s date night!!!!” (We watch a DVD, 3 young kids means at home date nights) He told me we can do it another night instead. BUT IT’S DATE NIGHT ON FRIDAY, NOT ANOTHER NIGHT! AND IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE MY OPINION/THOUGHTS/FEELINGS INTO ACCOUNT DON’T ASK!! Despite the caps I’m more hurt than angry πŸ™

  122. Big hugs.
    I’m cranky cause I have to look after 2 kids and the house while hubby sits at his computer not offering to help :/ nice to be able to vent and have others who understand.
    You do an amazing job. Keep it up and ignore the haters *hugs*

  123. Wow. People really are assholes! Know that there are many more of us out here who think you’re doing a great job – even if we don’t often say it x

  124. Oh my. I’m so glad other people get like this! It’s horrible isn’t it? I do not want to go to work because I do NOT want to hear another customer say “Christmas trees already?” Don’t you think I see them? Yes it’s retail. I totally feel you right now momma. Eat that cake! Ignore the negativity! Those people need to just stop and smell something pleasant. You do a terrific job. Love you!

  125. Oh my gosh you can totally quit today!! Working in the business of people connecting can be downright ugly some days. I’m feeling you! Hold your head high, you’re doing so much good, and people are nuts if they think you should be accountable for anything and everything. The issue is theirs not yours! And poor Luella! My little lady got HFM twice. Twice!! When you’re only supposed to get it once! It sounds ick but I found putting bonjella in her mouth helped to numb it out and dry up the blisters quicker. Hope she’s on the mend soon! x

  126. I’m a little bit happier than I should be to know that other people had these days too. You are amazing, and kind and generous and loving and giving and just plain lovely. Sometimes some people just suck, not all of them, but a special group of super sucky people. The worst part is that they upset us and make us angry, then we get angry for being angry, and then we eat a giant suitcase sized bag of peanut M&M’s and ugly cry on the couch. Ok so the last part was just me. It’s easy to say “don’t let them get to you” because we’re only human and one person saying something shitty is hard let alone a whole bunch.
    I’m cranky too if it helps? I’m an overtired, stressed out single mama of two awesome little boys. I got divorced yesterday – it took 2 minutes for a complete stranger to tell me I’m no longer a wife. I am juggling divorce and working mummy guilt on a daily basis. I have glandular fever (found that out this morning). I have a large muffin top that makes me look I have a floaty ring up my shirt (damn peanut M&M’s). I’m asked every 3.7 seconds when I’m going to start “dating” again (make me a little vomity even thinking about it). I kicked my little toe on a couch (twice) 3 months ago and it still looks like an eggplant (should make it my profile pic for the “dating” website πŸ˜‰
    Eat your cake girlfriend, eat the whole damn thing. Have a sleep/cake coma, get up, shake it off and kick some butt.
    Tonnes of love,
    Kate xx

    Ps. I totally would have been tempted to take a photo of something else starting with “a”, posted it and told them to kiss it….

  127. Wow, I can relate. I’m a teacher and these holidays have not been a break. With what’s going on in the world; the lack of manners and caring for others; and the ever increasing workload of planning and reporting and data collecting (not to mention recovering from illness-because there is no time to recover during school term), I think why do I bother!!!!
    I try to put it in a bubble and blow it away, but sometimes the bubble is way too big to blow.
    Then, after picking up my first pair of eye glasses (I must be getting old) and stopping for lunch, I was surprised by someone paying the cafe bill, and leaving a note “you are the best teacher, thank you.”
    I have no idea who this was, but it made a little happier.
    Hang in there Chantelle, tomorrow is another day, and it will get better.

  128. I’m cranky because a few days ago I asked you (politely) via IG if you had any plans to make an Android version of your app. An app incidently that I really like and bought when I was using iPhone. I’m cranky, because now I feel like I’ve just been attacked via your pity party for asking a simple question. I wasn’t judging or complaining, just asking… I was a reader, an admirer and a customer, but now I’m just a bit disappointed.

    • Kylie, thanks for sharing. I’m sorry you feel attacked. Did someone personally reply to you and tell you were rude? Sorry that you’re disappointed. I think if you were to take a look at all the comments on Instagram, there are loads of rude comments about Android from people who own Android phones and want an Android version. I didn’t say everyone one is.

      I’m not sure what else to say to you. I think we’re all entitled to feel a bit shitty about things that happen to us, and I’m shitty because of things that happened directly to me. I’m hoping nothing happened directly to you, and that you’re just feeling this way because you own an Android phone {I like Android owners!} and have assumed people are having a go…?

    • Oh come on. Really. You crash into this “pity party” as you call it, just to give more pain to someone who already feels bad? becaaause…( ) help me.
      You must be trolling or something.
      Just give her a break.

  129. I was cranky on your behalf yesterday reading that stupid Instagram thread. People are idiots and have NO compassion for other people.

    I’m cranky because I got a snotty clerk at Joann who told me that a price on a remnant couldn’t possibly be wrong because a supervisor checked it, and they are never wrong, right? And I cried when I went through the drive thru at Freddy’s and their soda machine was broken, so I couldn’t get a Diet Coke. Some days are just like that.

  130. I’m cranky today as my 18 Yr old daughter is trying to push the boundaries of our relationship and I can’t cope with that.
    But can I truely say … I think you are fabulous person… Finding your page on fb has been the best thing! I love love love FAD! My whole family get involved! I so thank you for that! You are amazing all the things you do (especially with small children!) . I really enjoy reading your blogs and I have found myself following other blogs now!
    How awful that people can be so nasty! If the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn’t like it! Keep being you… You help bring joy to so many people!

  131. Hehehe. ..you know what you made me laugh by asking that very important question about what’s making me cranky :p. I was on cranky mode and as you said cranky loves company. I actually felt less cranky after reading yours. Btw, it’s really mean of people to think that just because u don’t have earth shattering problems, you should have a happy face on all the time. I mean sometimes you just don’t feel that happy. I am glad I have company. And also grateful for not having those earth shattering problems too πŸ™‚
    Love to you !!!

  132. I’m always cranky about something, today (and yesterday) it’s people without manners making me cranky and people that are supposed to be my friends being crappy people, not just crappy friends but more “I can’t believe that’s the kind of person you are, why are we even friends?” kind of people…
    I don’t have anything insightful to say to make you feel better I’m afraid, but keep your chin up and ignore the haters, you have many more fans than haters and we appreciate all that you do πŸ™‚

  133. Sending you lots of positive thoughts positive energy and happiness. You do an amazing job so forget rhe negativity people throw at you. You can’t please everyone. Smile n always be happy πŸ™‚ xxx

  134. It makes me cranky to think people are so selfish and rude that they go out of their way to say hurtful things to you when your blog and photo a day lists bring so much fun and joy to SO MANY PEOPLE! I understand getting worked up about a political or social cause near and dear to your heart and people have strong feelings about that stuff…but to post a comment that’s only purpose serves to hurt the feelings of someone else is rude, wrong, ridiculous and mean. I admit, I have an Android phone and I would love to see your app available to Android users, but I certainly understand why that hasn’t happened and I’m not going to throw a tantrum to try and get it. I hope your cake and cuddling helps to ease your crankiness and that your shield is working. πŸ™‚

  135. I’m really cranky that that sometimes life is just utter shit. I’m cranky that the worst things happen to the best people. I’m cranky that last Friday my daughter and I walked to my Granfathers house and we had our usual lovely little visit and i’m cranky that now he is in the hospital taking his last breathes.
    I hope you day is better than yesterday πŸ™‚

    • p.s. I’m now cranky at myself for putting that stupid smiley face. I just wanted to sprinkle some happy on your new day which is today.

  136. Well, I can’t believe people have to send such negative responses to you!! I hope you can see from all these replies that they are in the minority and the majority are on your side! I love your app and am thankful for it! Love the photo a day prompts and even though I don’t get them done fathfully I have so much fun trying to find some of the things to photograph! Sending you lots of good vibes to over rule the bad ones – get a good rest and hang in there! Everyone has a cranky day sometimes! PS, I didn’t get to see your apple but I bet it was cute!

  137. Everyone has these days/weeks, get all the cranky out. Tell the overly opinionated to bugger off. Mean while, hand food and mouth is evil, poor little poppet… X

  138. Oh people are rude! Honestly, I think you are amazing for all that you do. Eat cake and ignore the internet for a while x

  139. GIRL! Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e! LOL! We all have those days. People ARE rude, occasionally. And another truth is – they don’t even KNOW they are being rude! Yes, the world is going down the drain in a clockwise turn …. um, except I’ve heard in Australia it goes counter-clockwise. Does that mean it all meets somewhere in the middle?! eep.
    You are such a bright part of so many of your readers days, you deserve to step back and take a breather now and again. Remember, if you weren’t so loved, you wouldn’t get so many rude comments. If those people don’t like it, they can jump in that drain spin. Don’t let them steal your joy!

  140. I’m sorry your cranky! I want to say, that I think you do an amazing job. The jobs of mother, wife, blogger, sister, daughter and to me inspirer! I want to thank you for even thinking of FMS photo a day and little moments app….I look foward to my prompts, and to getting out and taking a daily photo. I’ve followed you for a few years now, it’s my daily ritual! Chantelle, I love the charity you picked, I’d never heard if it and I’m excited about the ‘gift exchange’! So, easier said than done, try to let those negative comments go, ‘breathe’ and know that you are doing awesome things and, I, as one love and admire what you’ve achieved and what you do. xxxx

  141. I feel cranky that you’re cranky. Why are people so mean and rude to you? It’s insanity and I really don’t know how you cope. The nightmares are not a good thing. I hope people back the fuck off for a while and give you some space. If it matters at all, I think you’re awesome. I think the gift charity is brilliant, supporting Rafiki Mwema is brilliant and anybody who thinks otherwise is plain mental xx

  142. Pretty sure we’ve all been there before (in one way or another!) Hang in there mama! I really hope your day gets better!

    Also, because misery loves company… The only thing that has me a bit cranky today is the same as every day, some people see my 4 month old sleeping & just don’t know how to stfu! Talking loudly, making lots of noise, shutting doors by (almost) slamming them. *Insert fully sarcastic attitude here*! By all means, please wake my son that JUST fell asleep after crying his eyes out because he’s sleepy & grumpy & refuses to take a nap! I don’t mind hearing him cry like that all over again. Really. t(-__-)t

  143. If you let me playing with your cool camera I’ll fix your washing problem & bake a cake using chocolate!

  144. Hugs . Hope your day is a better one today. I don’t understand people these days. Maybe they are just jealous that you are actually doing something positive and are successful at it as well. I mean they have little to complain about ~ I A looks like a O , Really! I have just been feeling sad, I am so sad that this world seems to becoming such a sad place. I wake up each day now and think what has happened today. I don’t understand why people just can’t be nice, happy and kind. So I am finding it a hard place to be happy in. I am trying though, I am trying to make the choice to be happy (not watching the news might be a good place to start) I am grateful though, I am grateful for all that I do have, Health, great children, clothes , food, shelter. I just wish for kindness in peoples hearts and love not hate. Anyway Thank you for doing your best to make the world a little brighter and don’t let the negative, nasty , people get you down. Hold your head high and keep doing the good stuff

  145. Thank you for ‘keeping it real’. We run a small business on the GC & I hate to say it (& be so negative).. but people (staff!) get me down.. people can be incredibly rude.. so rude.

  146. I hope you’re feeling better today and little one is on the mend.
    There’s nothing like a good vent to remove the negativity from your brain!

    I’m cranky because people are treating you like crap (what arseholes), and I can’t believe that’s it’s happening all too often. AND I’m wondering why they are still following you?! Arseholes.

    I’m cranky because my anxiety has stopped me from getting a job and contributing to our household.

    I’m cranky because our real estate agent LIED to us about the owner of the property we rent. “The owner lives wayyyy up the coast is unable to get down here to maintain the property…He can only get down here once a year, if that! You won’t be bothered by anybody and can just relax…This will be a long term rental as the owner won’t be retiring for a long time.” Pull the other one. The owner has been here at least 20 times (that we know of) in just under 2 years, including all these random men that will just show up at all through the day. The owner has uprooted the property around our house and created a huge mess, and because we complained to the real estate, we’ve got to be out by the 19th of December!
    So, I’m also cranky that we are pretty much stuffed. I don’t have an income and my partner is struggling to make ends meet. That won’t look good when we try to find another place. Plus we are 2 weeks behind in rent, we have a big electricity bill that’s overdue, we’ve run out of water (My taps are hissing and spitting at me, and I need to do so much washing), we have minimal food and won’t be able to get groceries until next Tuesday and my partner has had to turn down a job for next week because he can’t afford the tile glue to do it!

    And don’t you dare feel sorry for me, a lot of it is my own fault. I need to do better.

    I’m also cranky that I was too tired to watch Big Brother last night. I tapped it so I could watch it today, and tried to watch it early this morning (at 5am), but my kids wouldn’t allow it! They’re extremely early risers, and my 8 year old is GO GO GO all day (he drains me), so it just didn’t happen… FML

    There’s my novel. I fell much better! xx

  147. People can be such turds!
    How dare your A look like an O, and how dare you not make the App Android friendly – you evil thoughtless Soul Chantelle!
    Gees, people need to chill and simply appreciate EVERYTHING you do for your readers, this community and the WORLD!
    Hang in there Lovely One. Thankfully the sun sets, and we get to start over the next day! Breathe and smile….and flip that 3rd finger whenever you feel compelled πŸ˜‰
    C x

  148. I’m cranky (not really, just bemused) at people who feel they have the right to make negative comments on other people, things, places, lives. These people better have the most perfect life, living in the most perfect place with the most perfect art skills and imaginations!

  149. Enjoy your cake…every last morsel!
    Everyone can just get knotted!
    Start criticizing others peoples pictures…they’ll get the idea!
    I love your blog and love the way you write an ‘a’…the same as me!

  150. MATE! what a stinker. I hate the feeling of shitty crankiness creeping up on you. I think you are doing the right thing by taking some time out. Enjoy it! I am cranky because I am waiting to get an operation done and it is still two weeks away and in the meantime I have to plod along through life feeling like shit….I know I am lucky that I have access to the public health system yada yada but it doesn’t stop me feeling gross every day! xx

  151. Good on you Chantelle for writing that post! We all have days like that….but, I feel sorry for you that you receive such negative and unkind (not too mention ungrateful) comments and emails to you. Such idiots out there and obviously too lazy to get off their backsides and develop such an idea themselves. I hope Luella gets better soon, and that you enjoy a day of rest and cuddles. Its not easy, but often you need a day to shake away the crankies and a new day to start afresh. I love your blog and all your other creations. I also love the happiness and joy you try to radiate through your various creations. There is far more positives then negatives out there its just the bad seems to always override even the biggest pile of goodness. Have a good day xxx hugs xxx and boohoo to rude people!

  152. I thought of a whole lot of fabulous things I wanted to say about how fabulous you are and about how everything you do is fabulous but I all I really want to do is say a BIG FUCK YOU and GET A LIFE on your behalf, to everyone who can’t be bothered to see all of that fabulousness! Just keep doing what you do and delete the assholes.
    Sorry but I swear when I get cranky!
    Many shiny, happy, bubbly hugs xxx

  153. The internet can be a horrible place. You bring a whole lot of smiles and happiness and make your corner of it wonderful. Don’t forget that. Remember that the haters will always be haters and no matter what you do you cant turn them around – they like living a miserable existence and just try bring other people down with them. Red wine helps. As does cake. Keep being a fabulous role model to your beautiful girls and those that follow your blog. Sending love. x

  154. How dare people be cranky over such a wonderful charity. People should be happy that you are even bothering to support a charity, and don’t have any business in telling you who you should be supporting. And for those complaining that there’s no Android version of your app, tell them to grow up. I’d be cranky if I was you to Chantelle. Its making me cranky just thinking about it. πŸ™‚ I’m cranky that my 2 sweet girls, who are lovely, fun, cheeky girls to be around don’t have a nice bunch of friends to play with. Its very upsetting seeing them sad about not having friends to play with. I’m cranky that we’ve had so much sickness in our house,and that every school holidays one of us sees to get sick….why can’t we cop a break. Ok that’s enough of my winging and whining. I hope tomorrow is happier πŸ™‚

  155. too much girl!! people are the worst sometimes. my first world problem that’s making me cranky is my husband is supposed to be on vacation right now and somehow he has managed to work every. single. day. of his time off. COME ON MAN

  156. I am astounded time and time again with the issues that have come up over the recent past with people and their damn-well unnecessary comments and opinions! What is wrong with people? What happened to courtesy, speaking to people with respect, treating others the way we want to be treated and why don’t people pull their head out of their arse and realise that everything doesn’t revolve around them!

    Chantelle from everything I have seen of you, you seem to be a lovely, genuine, generous, kind and bubbly person. It really does upset me to see your confidence and happiness deflated over these issues and all I would like to say to you is that I consider you to be a friend πŸ™‚ … I know that we don’t know each other, but you feel like a friend. AND, I have no doubt there are many, many more people out there that feel about you the same way that I do xoxox

  157. Yesterday I was cranky because the neighbourhood kids kept climbing our fence instead of using the gate – so I yelled at them (hello if you break it your parents are gonna pay for it – OPEN the FRICKIN’ GATE!!!!) and cos I started Ocsober and realised that I actually have plans this month….
    Today I am cranky cos my 3 year old is regressing with her toilet training, and I yelled at her (and am soooo CRANKY with myself for doing so) and a heap of other first world issues, but thankyou for reminding me I am human and tomorrow is a new day. And thankyou for being you because sometimes sanity returns for me when I get around to reading your posts and I hope today was sparkling for you xo

  158. I’m cranky at the amount of people on their smartphones ‘connecting’ and ‘socialising’ online when they can’t have a half decent conversation to my face. I’m even more cranky when they don’t realise they’re crossing a road and almost get hit by cars because they didn’t look up from said phone…and then it’s somehow the driver’s fault when they have to slam on their brakes!

  159. I don’t think I could contribute any more greatly then the amazing responses you have already received so far.

    Clearly the bad eggs in the bunch don’t reflect the rest in the carton. The love and support you have is clearly a majority and not the minority of those silly individuals.

    You have th right to be shitty about whatever you want, it’s your own emotions and it’s not comparative, its just ‘the shits’ and don’t ever feel you should appoligise for it hun, no more than you would to smile!

    Be strong, live life inspired (by those that actually matter) and be shitty if you want to!

  160. Oh Chantelle. Firstly it’s ok for you to have days like this and sometimes even quite a few in a row. Secondly a lot of people find happiness in brining others down and it sounds like you have had encounters with a few of these of late. You are doing your best and don’t forget that. You truly are amazing and inspirational and anyone that tried to bring you down will only be disappointed because you will come out of this an even stronger and more motivational woman than before. Haters will hate. As long as you feel you are doing the right thing in your heart then that is what truly matters. In saying this I’ve been cranky also, to the point of shame because I am cranky for a painful pregnancy that never ends. I feel embarrassed and down on myself for feeling sorry for myself on a daily basis because I know so many women wish they could fall pregnant and bare children as easily as I do and all I do is complain but I can’t help how I feel. I am sore, exhausted and drained and just want my body back. I’m cranky for feeling like this and for taking my blessings for granted but I just can’t help it right now. x

  161. My hubby has been in the hospital for a week and now I’m not sure insurance will cover it. So I understand cranky right now. As an Android user, while I am sad we don’t have the app too, I also understand WHY we don’t get them right away (yours, Instagram, Rhonna Farrer etc.). I understand how much extra development needs to go into Android and how, consequently, that can cost a lot more money. So, just know, that your fans that are patiently waiting are the ones that will actually buy the sucker if and when it finally arrives. πŸ™‚ Otherwise, just try to enjoy your family as best as you can with all the other craziness going on, and keep on doing what you can. I think you’re almost done with Thursday now so I hope you have a lovely Friday!

  162. Some people are always going to be idiots and insensitive and selfish, no matter what you do. I’m sure by now you don’t need someone else telling you that, but I had to put my two cents in. You are such a wonderful person, Chantelle, and you’ve been so kind to me, I’m ready to punch in the nose anyone who dares make you cranky, ever again! {{{hugs}}} Much love, Barbara. xxx

  163. Embrace your hibernation! We all need days like that and clearly the haters have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Just a thought re the Android thing…maybe there is some uber talented uni student/s looking for some practical experience to add to their portfolio? I’m not the most tech savvy person but it may be an option?

    Personally, I’m cranky about not having enough time – so many baking projects getting added to the list. I’d love a couple of solid days experimenting and then having everyone around for a big party – one day!

    For what it’s worth your blog is one of the things that gets me through work πŸ™‚

  164. Darling girl tell those horrible people to go get F ed you are amazing!
    I am cranky cause my Mum died 3 months ago.Big big hugs beautiful Xx

  165. Ugh, I’ve had a similar week! I’m cranky because I posted something I found to be funny yet it was political (even though I’m not into politics, it just made me laugh) and low and behold, it was commented on by numerous people pretty much telling me I don’t know anything and that I should do my research first. It made me very angry. What made me even crankier was that it got to me. I actually do a “Cranky Pants” video of the week on my blog of all the people who seem to have negative views on the weirdest crap (http://www.jessiereyna.com/cranky-pants) because it makes me realize that we live in a strange universe. And it also makes me feel better and vent about all this crankiness.

    I hope these last few days have been better for you. And who cares about those “first world problems” comments? We don’t live in those countries that struggle more, but just because we get upset that our phone died and we didn’t have our charger on us doesn’t make us heartless. It makes us human.

  166. Hi Chantelle, sorry you had such a shit day, and feel bad you cop so much shit from people (especially people who you’ve likely never met!) for doing nice things for everyone. People can be rude and I couldn’t honestly handle all the “comments” and criticisms you have to put up with. You are one strong lady!
    I’ve just got home from a holiday in outback SA where I had no choice but to switch the phone off for 3 days due to no phone reception…..it was bliss. So very relaxing and I highly recommend doing it. But, alas, here I am back in civilisation and spent 90% of the day catching up on social media….and I’m a bit cranky at myself for that!
    Keep up with the great work x

  167. Hi Chantelle, I’m a bit late to the party, I realise, but your post hit a nerve. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog that the teachers at my son’s school took issue with. It was meant to be a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek account of my son’s odd little friends, but instead I was dubbed malicious and nasty and ordered to remove the blog post. I was told off, in no uncertain terms. I didn’t sleep for a week after my telling off, cos I’d lie in bed thinking of all the things I SHOULD have said. It still pisses me off just thinking about. I quit that week, although I did put the blog post back up, cos I remembered that I’m not 8, and I can do what I want. Here’s the link to the original post, and to my response at being told off. I hope they make you smile, cos that’s what they’re meant to do.
    I think you’ll like the quote from Stephen Fry in my apologetic blog post.
    Keep up the good work Chantelle. You’re an inspiration.

  168. Oh hun, I so understand what you’re saying. I’ve been cranky for having a cold/flu that lasted the best part of a month, I’m cranky that I’m trying to push myself to do shifts at work that I know I shouldn’t be doing (I have a one-year-old, I should be resting!) and then I’m cranky because I’m cranky at first world problems. My stepfather has terminal cancer, and a real reason to be cranky. So then I’m cranky because I feel guilty that I’m stressing over stupid stuff! Are you still with me? Argh. Can’t win! Hope you are feeling better xx

  169. Blah, cranky days suck! And so do rude people.
    I had a day just like this yesterday. I was sooooo cranky. I should have stayed in bed, I reckon. It was all small fries. I forgot I had an appointment, so we were running late, so I yelled at the kids, then I forgot the shopping list and forgot the shopping bags and hadn’t written a proper meal plan so shopping was a disaster. I opened an old bottle of lemonade to tip out the dregs down and sink and it exploded all over my clean dishes and dirty dishes and clean floor and clean windows and my clean clothes. And I never clean, so that sucked. Some hacker put malware on my blog so that naked ladies were popping up and I couldn’t fix it (fixed now).
    But today is another day and I’m eating juicy watermelon and reading FMS, so it’s all good πŸ™‚
    I haven’t read all your comments cos WOW you have a lot, but if no one has said this yet maybe it will help. You can’t change the way other’s behave, but you can change the way you respond to it. Yeah? xx

  170. Haters gonna hate!

    I know it must be hard when you’re coping it from all angles, but you don’t know those people & really, they don’t know you so don’t worry about them! You should be proud for all that you have done & achieved! And your husband & the restaurant thing, well, he should know better! haha!

    What’s that quote from Dita Von Teese(I think?), ‘you could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world. And someone is still going to hate peaches!’.


  171. You poor thing! Having read lots of popular blogs, it seems like a common theme that being an online celeb can be really tough some days. I find it funny whenever bloggers preempt a post with “I know I’m going to get verbal abuse for this…” or “I know you’re going to comment about my child’s safety in the following photo…” I think people forget that the perhaps small amount of negativity they’re putting out there gets magnified when a hundred other people also do it. I’m glad no one knows who I am! Even one person’s negativity can knock me out for a day!

    I don’t read your blog often enough, but I love following your photos on Instagram. They always make me smile. I’m sorry no one liked your handwritten a! I hope you guys are all feeling and sleeping better this week.

    Love from a stranger,

  172. Cranky days just suck. Wishing you better days around the corner. They usually are, but geez it sucks big ones we have have to have shitty ones xx YOU are doing an AMAZEBALLS job, I have no idea how you manage it xx.

  173. I feel really cranky for you. Just remember that you can’t please everyone in life (this is coming from a person who desperately wants everyone’s approval, so can totally understand the wanting to), everyone is different and has their own little things that float their boats. Just a shame they have to be negative nancy’s about it. For all of the whingers about the Android app – it was their choice to purchase an Android phone, if it bothers them that much, go get an Apple, if not, why don’t they start a kickstarter if they are that passionate about abusing you for it. Maybe they can channel their energy into something that might actually produce an outcome? There are also people out there that obviously have something missing in their life and find trolling other people’s social media fill that void – obviously their life is lacking and I feel nothing but sympathy for them. How terrible that they feel the need to make someone like yourself doubt what they are doing. I imagine they have millions of these days you describe above to act out they way they do.

  174. So I know that you wrote this ages ago, but I’ve been reading some of your older blog posts. (Hello, I’m a creeper) I’m sorry you had a lousy day back in October and I’ll be sorry when it happens again… I’ve had those days too – recently, even. But your prompt to respond at the end “SHARE THE CRANKY!” made me crack up laughing. So thank you for the laugh πŸ™‚

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