The best printable calendars for 2024

My birthday is on June 20, which just happens to be smack bang in the middle of the year. From my birthday on, it feels like a fast, downhill slide into Christmas and the New Year. And with that, comes the excitement of planning and dreaming for 2024… and best of all deciding which printable calendar 2024 option I’ll choose.

As a content creator, for my own site, and as well as working with clients, I am constantly planning, changing plans, and then starting afresh – so a printable calendar is the perfect option for me. The ones I’m sharing below are my favourites, I generally choose a minimalist design – but I’ve added a few other options in as well, just for you.


2024 Smiley Face Monthly Calendar, $2.20

Confession: I made this calendar. I wanted something cute and fun that I could use for my work, and that my teen, Lacey, could also use for home school. Simple and clean, and easy to plan out a month of work, school, meals, photo a day, and everything else in life – I think this calendar is a bit cute and fun, for everyone.

Calendar 2024: Minimalist Design

2024 Monthly Calendar with notes, $3.86

A clean-line version (which I love), with the added bonus of a notes section on each monthly page, once you download you can print as many times as you need.

ADHD Calendar 2024 - for the ADHD brain

ADHD 2024 Planner Bundle, $22.44

Created by an ADHDer, a great bundle to help keep you or your child on track. As a mum of an ADHDer, I think this is brilliant and work well (especially as we home school).

Year to a page calendar 2024

Minimalist 2024 Yearly Calendar, $6.07

Ideal if you want to have a yearly calendar that you can look at, at a glance. This minimalist design is a winner. You can also choose between Monday or Sunday start.

2024 Wall Planner, $28.24

If you’re trying to wrangle a busy family, or even just a busy life, this is a great planner to print out (I’d print it out in a bigger size, like 101.6cm x 76.2cm – this can be done at your local print shop or even online), and then place it in a common area for the whole family to see and work from.

2024 Colouring-in Calendar, $4.71

A sweet option for those that like to colour-in (not just kids!) this sweet calendar is a great option for all the creatives!

Minimalist Monthly 2024 Calendar, $2.10

I buy one of these printable monthly calendars every year, and use them to plan out work content (for my social media clients) and then also plan out travel days, and just general life.

Kids Editable 2024 Calendar, $16.81

With fun colours, and icons, this is such a cute option to help the kids get organised. I can imagine the kids counting down to their birthdays, or school holidays on these.

Colourful 2024 Wall Planner, $14.30

A fun colour wall planner option, a little different from the one mentioned above, there’s a mid-year calendar option, in case you like to start earlier.

2024 Wall Planner in Portrait Layout, $27.95

If you don’t want to mess around with printing and instead want to just buy the product ready to hang, this option might be best for you. With it’s portrait layout it can fit on the back of doors – I’d pop this behind the pantry door. Available in A1, A2 or A3 size.

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