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Photo a day challenge: January 2012

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If you ask me to do something, there’s a good chance that I’ll do it. Especially if it involves being creative. Recently Leah asked if I could create a photo-a-day challenge for January. So I did, happily. Here it is below:

How to play?
Use the list above as a guide, and as inspiration, and take a photo each day. You can take it with your point-and-shoot camera, your big, fancy-pants DSLR, your iPhone {or equivalent} or whatever photo-taking-device you own.

You can upload you photos to Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Path, Facebook, your blog or just keep them on your desktop {and not share at all}. Whatever you want to do is totally fine. You can take the list above literally and stick to it, or take inspiration and go crazy.

If you’re sharing them on Twitter or Instagram – you can tag them with the hashtag #JANphotoaday so that everyone can follow along with you.

You can find me on:

Will you join me? If so, share your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/etc names below so I can stalk you!