November photo a day: It’s a wrap!

It’s the last day of November. My Christmas tree is half up {we had an incident with the lights not working so now we’re going to have to undo it all to get them off. Sigh}, and another month of photo a day has been snapped and shared. Here’s how it all went down:


Day 1: Something beginning with ‘c’.
I had a busy day and had an appointment so stopped to grab a cupcake for a C photo before I went to the doctors. I didn’t even eat it. It’s not my kinda cupcake, but it made for a cute photo.

Day 2: Colour.
We were off on a trip to the Gold Coast and were staying at the QT. It has eye candy everywhere, with lots of colour. Hubby and I accidentally took the same photo. I wanted to steal that chair in my luggage.


Day 3: Breakfast.
We were out for breakfast because we were staying on the Gold Coast. We ate at the Bazaar buffet and there was so much to take photos of. These little cheese and tomato croissants won. And then I promptly ate one {of course!}.

Day 4: TV
We were still on the Gold Coast but we’d moved hotel to Peppers. It was less eclectic and modern and more fancy. This the TV in the bedroom.

Day 5: 5 o’clock.
The thing about working from home is that there’s always work to be done, at any time. At 5pm on this day I was working, and then stopped to do the bathtime/dinner thing with Lacey.

Day 6: A favourite thing.
Lacey loves writing her name. Sometimes she does it perfectly and others it’s a bit back to front. I can’t get enough of how cute it looks.


Day 7: Reflection.
This was taken on the weekend prior to this day in the lifts at QT. Cheeky.

Day 8: Something you do everyday.
I seem to be constantly picking up after the mess Cyclone Lacey leaves behind. Exhausting and constant.

Day 9: Small.
I only buy fresh flowers when people come to visit or stay usually, and my sister and her boyfriend were coming the day after this shoot, so I’d placed fresh flowers in the room they were staying in.

Day 10: Can’t {won’t} live without.
I had dinner out with my sister and her boyfriend, and we had such a nice time. I might have cried when they left to go home. I such a sad sop! I can’t/won’t live without my lovely family and friends.

Day 11: Night.
I left for Malaysia on this night so was sitting in the airport at night waiting to board.

Day 12: Drink.
I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 4am and met with a journalist for a local paper near home. We went back to our rooms, freshened up and then met with a friend of mine, Mei, for lunch. She took us for some traditional Malaysian food and some beer. I don’t usually drink beer, but when I’m told I should… I do what I’m told!

Day 13: Where you slept.
This was my hotel room which turned into my office as I tried to get a bit of work done while I was away. Because of the time difference I was always up early and had time to get stuff done before we ventured off for the day.

Day 14: Man-made.
We went to Melaka and had a cooking class. I can’t remember the names of the foods we made, but they were good. We make good Malaysia chefs. 😛

Day 15: In your bag.
I seriously need to buy a smaller bag so I stop filling mine with so much stuff. Here’s what I took out for the day in Kuala Lumpur.

Day 16: The view from your window.
And I was back home again and this little girl was spying on me where ever I went.

Day 17: The last thing you bought.
I was oddly jetlagged and I also came down with a bug so I did pretty much nothing this weekend. I hired the Katy Perry movie from iTunes and chilled out in bed. I quite liked it.

Day 18: Happened this weekend.
The club near us makes beautiful pizzas. I was still feeling sick but had my appetite back so ventured down to get some to bring home. It was such a nothing-type weekend.

Day 19: Something awesome.
This artwork arrived, I’d been waiting on it for a while. I love it.

Day 20: Work/play.
I kinda have a bit more balance in my life now that I mostly work for myself. Today I worked a lot, but managed to get outside for some sunshine – which was nice!

Day 21: What you wore.
I love this dress. I was so anxious posting this photo, but it all ended up OK.

Day 22. Grateful.
I love these guys. I do.

Day 23: Black.
We were heading out for dinner and I was wearing black shoes. I found this prompt hard. Black can be pretty uninspiring!

Day 24: A sound you heard.
Lacey loves to chat at the moment. A lot. So that’s what I heard as she moved about.

Day 25: Sky.
We had to get our mower serviced. I loved the colours in this sign against the sky.

Day 26: In the cupboard.
I’m not good at keeping my clothes tidy. Gah.


Day 27: Tree.
Christmas is a-coming. And it’s time to colour in pictures of Santa and trees.

Day 28: Vehicle.
On this day I flew to Sydney early in the morning. I wish I’d taken a photo of the plane, instead I had so much fun catching up with my family that I forgot to take a photo. I had to use an old one I had in my phone instead. So frustrated with myself!


Day 29: Big.
I stopped by the beach to quickly take it in before heading back home, and there was a big cow surfing right in front of me. Only in Bondi.

Day 30: On the wall.
I thought this would be funny from the bathroom at a shop we visited today. Bathroom humour, clearly.

If you’re looking for the December list, you can find it here. We kick off on the 1st of December.

18 thoughts on “November photo a day: It’s a wrap!”

  1. How did you get all your November photos into the collage that is showing up on my phone?? It is awesome and I would like to do it for my 7 months and still going photos. I just love this activity, makes me see the world from a whole different perspective and I so enjoy seeing other peoples interpretation of the hint. December is going to be huge!!

  2. Still having fun doing this, missed three days this month (around the end) but still want to try a perfect month, I doubt December will be the month, but gonna try anyway 🙂 Love seeing all the pictures and interpretations

  3. I love photos, thanks for the Photo a Day Chantelle, it is always fun and my boys love helping too!! I love the surfing cow too, and the colours on the ‘mower’ photo are lovely and vibrant. Bring on December…oh wait, I need to blog November first!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your page! Love doing the photo a day challenge and i just love all your ideas! thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us. I’ve always been fascinated with Australia…and i love that i can experience a little bit of it through your blog :). Small town girl from Texas says howdy! 😉

  5. I love love love this challenge, it really makes me realize days a lot better, not that I ever ran through the world letting each day pass, but now I take a few moments off just for myself (and this challenge) even writing it all up for the blog and looking back is soo much fun. Thanks a lot for your challenges, will you continue them next year?

    hope you have a lovely advent, hugs from Berlin/Germany

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