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No-Bake Coco Pops Slice Recipe

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Brought to you by Coco Pops.

No Bake Coco Pops Slice Recipe

I don’t know about you, but most people I chat to have a memory around Coco Pops. In our family it was the treat cereal. The treat we only got when Dad did the grocery shopping, or we managed to bribe Mum at a moment of weakness. It was reserved for birthdays and holidays and special times.

And because I’m a serial cereal-eater {meaning I eat cereal for dinner, mostly muesli or porridge}, during my twenties I did sometimes indulge in a little Coco-Pops for dessert. Don’t tell anyone.

No Bake Coco Pops Slice Recipe

Coco Pops recently asked me to make a fun creation in the kitchen with the girls, using Coco Pops {you may notice next time you’re in the supermarket that the monkey on the packet has changed – he’s much friendlier looking. I like him}. So I got creative. I have been eyeing off this recipe over on Bake Play Smile for a while, so this is a twist on that recipe. It’s perfect for birthday parties, or a get-together when you want take a plate of something easy {No bake! Yes!} and sweet and kid-friendly. You don’t even have to turn on the oven for this one.

No Bake Coco Pops Slice Recipe


250g packet plain sweet biscuits {I used Marie}
2 cups Kelloggs Coco Pops
125g butter
395g tin condensed milk
2 tbs cocoa
400g white chocolate
25 freckles

♥ Line a 25cm by 25cm square baking dish with baking paper. Clear a spot in your fridge for the slice to go when done.
♥ Crush biscuits in a food processor. Place the biscuits into a large bowl, add the Coco Pops.
♥ Melt the butter in the microwave, in 25 second bursts until melted. Add to Coco Pops mix, along with condensed milk and cocoa. Mix until combined.
♥ Place in baking dish and press down with the back of a spoon until smoothed out, and evenly distributed in the dish.
♥ Break the white chocolate into a bowl & heat in microwave in 30 second bursts. Stir each time, until smooth. Mine took one minute in total.
♥ Pour over slice, and smooth over with a smooth. Place freckles on to the top of the slice. I did it evenly but you can do it as you please. Place in the fridge to chill and cut into slices with a sharp knife.

No Bake Coco Pops Slice Recipe

There’ll be a few other blogger around the internets sharing their creations too, I can’t wait to see what they make/bake/create; Kate at PicklebumsSuraya Coghlan {who does the most beautiful food art!},  Meghan Cook, and Marie from Phoodie. As well as a special creation by Gelato Messina if you’re lucky enough to live near one {I am!}.

So, fellow bakers/makers, what would you make with Coco Pops? What treat would you create?