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My {much needed} bedroom makeover + win $500!

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Brought to you by ME Bank.

Imagine this: You’re shopping with friends, and you’ve been at it for a while. You’re wearing those shoes that should be saved for sit-down lunches only, but you thought you’d brave it. Silly. Your feet hurt. You’re parched. You could kill a donut or seven, but won’t because you’re with your friends who salad… and feel that you should do the same. Stephanie, the cool friend, says that she needs to make a quick detour to get some money out… so you all tag along… but she’s that person who won’t use just any ATM. Oh no, she needs to use the ATM for her bank to avoid fees… so you trek for 7 solid minutes. SEVEN. And you acquire a new blister in the process.

I’ve been that person. Not Stephanie, but the person tagging along behind Stephanie. There have been times when I’ve wanted to throw $2.50 at them and beg them to use the closest ATM and call it a day. SCREW THE FEES PEOPLE.

Enter buck. Well, to be more specific ME Bankโ€™s Everyday Transaction Account with the new buck Debit MasterCard. We can call him buck for short. In my imagination he looks just like Brad Pitt {circa A River Runs Through It, NOT Brad of Twelve Monkeys, UGH}, riding in on a horse to sweep me off the ground {no mean feat!} and save me from the people who search for the ATMs. In reality he’s a rather handsome {not as much as Brad Pitt of the old days, but still!} guy and he’s fun too.

Buck hates ATM fees as much as anyone. He calls NO on them, and he will actually swoop in and reimburse you of any Australian ATM fee charges. Straight back into your account. ? Yes, that totally called for a romantic emoji.

The guys at ME Bank threw some money into my account and asked me to take buck shopping. Who was I to argue?

Here’s what happened. I want to take you into my bedroom. No, not for that reason… to show you this. My bedroom has been ignored for too long. Since having kids, we’ve struggled on the sleep front. Not us, them. They HATE to sleep. When they’re 16 I’m going to wake them up at 4:30am EVERY morning crying, screaming, “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT NOW?”

So, I thought it was time. Time to make it a nice haven that I like retreating to. So this is what it looked like before. Do. Not. Judge.


OK, judge. I don’t care.

And then I went shopping. I shopped online. I shopped in person. I used things I had. I even got flowers out of my own garden. You can call me Martha Stewart.


I sent that photo above {without the writing} to my mum, and I kid you not she called me to tell me that the pillow on the right wasn’t as fluffy as the pillow on the left. I can not win.

So now I’m going to tell you my award winning secrets to making your bedroom a haven.


? Choose a colour you like. You make that colour your hero. My favourites are aqua, pink and yellow. So I picked aqua so not to make my husband sleep in a haven of girly pink. Keep that in mind when shopping. You can buy tones of your hero colour, and colours that compliment it.

? Go shopping. This might mean getting dressed. Or shop online and stay in your PJs. I like to do a bit of both. The main thing you want to worry about is pillowcases. My spotty ones are from I Love Linen {$24.95 each}.

? Buy new pillows. Do you know that you should be replacing them every year? I don’t buy super expensive ones, although this year I tried the memory ones and hated them. I buy one good-ish one and one not so good. The square pillows are from Kmart and cost $12 each.

? Spend where it matters. For me, it’s sheets. I spent 30 minutes on sheet-shopping, and ended up settling on some that promised to be the ‘softest sheets in the world’. They didn’t disappoint. They were $143 for the set {which is cheaper than most in the bedding stores but still more than I’ve ever forked out on… but as Lacey says, “They’re like sleeping on clouds Mum!” {Also, GET OUT OF MY BED LACEY!}.

? Make it husband and kid-friendly {if you have them}. My husband is probably going to move this plant and frame over to my side of the bed within 3 days, if not sooner. He’s a vicious sleeper, in that he’ll whack all those things down while wrestling crocodiles in his sleep. I do believe I’m breaking my own rules here. Oh well, they look good.

? Shop with a new buck Debit MasterCard. He’s smooth, you get to choose his outfit {I picked Pineapple Yellow because fun!}, and he doesn’t take your money when he shouldn’t.

And be prepared for the kids to come in, and make your bedroom un-haven-like within seconds.

At least she’s cute.

Now I want you to date buck. Oh yes, I’m loaning him to you. One lucky reader will get a buck Debit MasterCardยฎ with $500 to spend on whatever they like {making your bedroom a haven, maybe?}. For your chance to win, simply hop on over to visit buck, take a look at what colour you like, then comment on this post telling me which colour youโ€™d choose and what youโ€™d spend the $500 on!


Competition open to Australian residents only. Competition closes February 5th at 11:59pm. For all the terms and conditions please visit this page.

The winner of this competition is Katie. Congrats!

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  • Bec H

    We have the same euro pillow cases! I got the Kmart pillows too! I’d definitely go for the yellow card. It’s not my favourite colour but late at night, when I’m shopping online and my self control is all gone, the yellow card will be easy to spot in my purse. I’m all about making it easier! Self enabling even ? Now I think I need some flowers for husband’s side of the bed….

  • MelOB

    Favourite colour, no question is the turquoise – reminds me of a Tiffany’s box!!! Oh wait, hello, what a perfect place to take Buck on a date ???x

  • Kirsten Hayward

    I would love a chance to makeover my bedroom too! The turquoise would be my ideal Buck card. It would match the new bedroom decor!

  • Laura

    I’d choose the avocado green card and happily put it to use buying accessories to style our house as we are in the stressful process of renovating.

  • kristywithersmitchell

    I would definitely get the yellow! It reminds me of sun and fun!
    I’m going to be totally boring (or you could call it practical if you so wish) and say I would spend the money on bills.

    • Ah practical is good. I should have done the same, but I’m not practical!

      • kristywithersmitchell

        Usually I’m not practical either. But DH has just lost his job, so practical hat is most definitely on! (Much to my sorrow) ?

  • Clare

    Lobster Red, Buck for me! I’d take my hubby and our two boys out on a family date. We’ve just moved house and it’s been a chaotic 4 weeks! Think we could all use some fun family time – I’m thinking Rollerskating and Fish + Chips beach picnic!

  • Natasha Andrews

    Love the Tiffany blue too – that would be my colour pick for sure!! I am that person that makes my friends walk for “miles” to find the right ATM so I love this card!! After seeing your bedroom makeover I want a grown up bedroom make over too!! I’m almost 43 surely I should be living like an adult by now!! I would buy myself a full set of White French Linen Sheets and some indoor plants and try to turn my room into an elegant calm oasis!

  • Amelia

    I love the urban red / orange! I would take Buck out for the day, (maybe even let him shout me a coffee, if he opens the car door for me….I might be waiting awhile) and decorate and finish furnishing our spare room for my international friends who are staying with us in April for my wedding [bride emoji].

  • Shari

    Definitely the greeny/turquoisy one. I’m currently starting to make over my bedroom in this colour! Would love some new linen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nicole J

    I’d pick the Shark grey/blue one ๐Ÿ™‚
    And as for the $500. I’d put it towards a small family getaway. We haven’t had a holiday since way before my youngest was born over 12 months ago so we could definitely use a break!!

  • boy0hboy

    Seeing as there is no red card, I’d have to go with a sunshiney yellow – would definitely brighten my day to have Buck to take care of the bill when I book a night away for my husband and I – will be our first night away from our youngest son who’s turning 5 this year! Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary later this year so a good reason to get away and have a much needed break!

  • Mel Knight

    Definitely the yellow. Reminds me of the sunshine. Desperately need a bed make over. Gone from dark , gloomy Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. Need a fresh look. Love your make over.

  • Sally T

    The orangy/red would match my purse – I love match-matchy! I sooooo need new sheets – I’m sure they must have shrunk and getting all four corners of the fitted sheet on is a workout in itself! One corner always ends up dodgy

  • Ev Smith

    Definitely Yellow ME card, every purse (& bedroom) needs a bit of Sunshine ???

  • Katie

    Ooo ooo I pick the green one! That colour alone says ‘calm’ to me. As for the chance to have that little guy in my hand to spend as I please…well…a nice date for my family might be in order. After a hectic 2 weeks of Christmas, New Years, settling back into our house and having a baby…it’s been manic and I’d love to treat my little girls to a day out with Mum and Dad and their new little bro.

  • Bec Pullen

    I would choose the turquoise one ! I would spend it to take my Mum away for her 70th birthday next year ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Liselotte Geary

    Ooh, I love all the colours but I am going to go with orange as my husband won’t like it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d spend the money on making a cosy outdoor space at our new house as all our money’s been going to fixing/replacing faulty appliances (booooring!) and I can’t wait to spend a little on making the space our own.

  • Bronte Johnston

    Fantastic read – entertaining as always ?
    I’d choose the blue card – calming in my chaos that is 3 boys and a husband. And I’d spend the money on an ensuite door – sounds a bit boring but we currently have no door and needless to say I’d like to block out the stench from my husband using the facilities! That would greatly improve my haven of a bedroom ?

  • Chanel

    I’d pick the mint green, same as my bedroom walls! If I had Buck, I think I’d shout everyone in the family (x4) a new pair of shoes for the New Year!

  • Kellie

    Such a great idea, no fees!! I would choose the turquoise card. As for the shopping, my eldest son is leaving home soon so I would use the money to redo his room, and turn it in a games-room for my youngest.

  • Kelly Eldridge

    Our bedroom is white white and more white but to be honest I love the simplicity of it (and didn’t think there was anything wrong with your gorgeous boudoir either!) but equally love the makeover ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We are headed to Hawaii in February – your most recent trip tipped me well over the edge and convinced me we so booked it. We’re taking my Mum and Harrison (who will be 11 months at the time) and will be doing lots of swimming and shopping but I’d love to spend the money on a few special things (whale watching, dolphin swimming, a nice dinner out and my kate spade wallet is in desperate need of an update – 4 years and counting). I think $500 on that yellow beauty would be very well spent on that trip!

  • Gillian Mawhinney

    I love the green one. That would be my pick. I’d spend the money on a bedroom makeover. My boyfriend lives with me now and our sleep sanctuary needs to reflect us both, plus, I’ve never spent even half that on sheets (praise kmart) so I’d love a cheeky splurge.

  • Toni

    Hi Chantelle,

    The aqua/turquoise Buck is a winner for me. If wad to be a bit selfish then I would love to get myself a new bedroom suite. At the moment I have a small bed which the black wrought iron/wood combo frame (and 2 kids to share it with) and the beside tables are wooden also but a completely different colour. Then a white cupboard! Does not match whatsoever and my OCDness cannot cope.

    If I wasn’t too be selfish, then I would love to get my 2 boys a new trampoline as their one now is falling apart.

  • Jodie Louise Redman

    Your bedroom make over looks awesome! Love the wall hanging beside the bed! I’d love the turquoise/green card. I would spend the money on a short holiday for my family. We haven’t had a holiday for years and we had a really difficult 2015 so we could all do with a break from reality.

  • Melissa Goodland

    I would go tiffany blue card. With the money i would go on a family holiday, as my partner has been off work for 2 years with broken back and got operated on 3 months ago. So bow we can actually do stuff as a family.

  • Jade

    Turquoise is gorgeous! I would love a $500 guilt free splurge on myself. I have just returned to work full time after 12 months looking after my little ones. I have also lost 14 kilos so a shopping trip for some new work clothes would be an absolute treat!

  • Bec Rose

    Blue for me! My lounge room needs lightening and brightening!! In desperate need of blinds and a new modern sofa, I would put it towards that.

  • Kate King

    Is it turquoise? Is it mint? Is it a bit of both? I don’t really care what the name is, but that’s the one I would love!! If I won the turquoisy/minty card I think I too would buy “the softest sheets in the world.” They sound devine ?

  • Natasha Collins

    Oh my goodness, how handsome does Buck look in his fancy suits? So hot!
    If it were my choice, Buck would come out with me wearing that gorgeous turquoise/Aqua green colour.

    There are so many things I would love Buck to do for me. First on my list would be helping me to buy a fancy-pants DSLR camera to up my #FMSPhotoaDay game (& also for other photo taking opportunities!). I would also love to make over my bedroom like Chantelle did. Those super soft sheets sound DIVINE.

    However, in reality, I would use Buck for more practical things (sorry Buck, but I don’t want to lie to you and get your hopes up). Sadly, paying back the loan I had to take out for the (medically necessary) surgery I had in September, and covering the cost of two more surgical procedures I have coming up before mid-Feb needs to be my priority right now.

    Boring, I know. So, just imagine I’m buying those cloud like sheets and the snazzy camera instead!

  • Katy Thompson

    Id def get the minty coloured one, matches my retro bike! As for what to spend the cash on, probably selfish, pampery things that only i would get satisfaction out of, like a massage, a new hair do, and a new hair straightener! Im not usually so selfish, but with Xmas just passed, and me and Hubby don’t do surprise pressies (We just buy gifts we will both use and having just moved some of that was homey stuff) , i kinda feel like i need something just for me! Though it feels awful to say it.

    Also i just re-did my bedroom for the new place and so far have gotten away with pink being the feature colour. Im not talking pastels, its HOT PINK! Hubby is tolerating it so far haha. Mum hated pink and banned it as a kid so im finally allowed to enjoy this girly hue. What do you think?

  • Caitlin

    I love the green/turquoise – it would match perfectly with my wallet. I would love the $500 as we have just moved into a new house and I’d love to be able to set our bedroom up properly. Love your makeover! x

  • Vicky Caballes

    definately the blue/green one it makes me feel calm about spending money and would match my purse hehehehe. would spend on updating my room also now my husband is back home to share it with me ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe curtains and some paint and frames so i can complete my vision <3

  • Kel

    It would have to be the grey/blue card for me – very calming, and that’s what I’d need if I won this…my birthday is coming up in February and it would be wonderful to do something for me and then go out as a family. Or get a babysitter and go out by ourselves, like grown ups. I have no doubt our three (7yr, 3yr and 6mths) would love some extra Nana time!! And I would have some extra money for a super special ‘Thank you!!’ gift for my Mum!

  • Louise Schroth

    I’d get the yellow, because it would make me smile every time I took it out of my wallet. I would love to spend the money on a bedroom makeover too, but for my 9 year old daughter, just to make it more age appropriate & less babyish.

  • Rita Estephan

    Tangerine! (it’s probably orange but hey I wanna get fancy)
    I’d spend it on a super fun, sexy date night ? ( we neeeeeeed it)

  • Lucie

    The orange is my favourite. I could use $500 to do my little boys bedroom over, maybe that will help to get him out of mine!!!

  • Nadine Murawski

    The yellow buck would be my colour of choice!
    Yellow is a bright and happy colour, and that’s how I’d feel when I win.
    It’s my birthday this month so I’d spend the winning card on a pamper day for myself and my bestie ?

  • Tash Jay

    I love how you’ve mixed up the patterns and prints! For someone creative, ny bedding is far too matchy. I might have to rectify that!
    I’d choose yellow – my happy colour – and I’d buy bits and pieces to style up the house and help it look like adults live here as well as kids!

  • Courtney

    I loooove the Aqua colour Buck (and your new bedroom) – the colour goes perfectly with my purse and planner and Christmas decos … Could just be my colour at the moment.
    Oh oh bedroom please Buck – it’s a shared boyfriend/girlfriend zone and it needs love. Had a very quick (cheap) makeover when I moved in 3 years ago and is looking it’s age. Not to mention a few weeks ago my bedside light melted and I need new lights too. I have beautiful new grey sheets from Christmas and think that an Aqua Buck card would be the perfect way to give the sheets some new friends too. And I promise not to over Aqua it on my poor BF.

  • Tiffany Townsend

    Hello Buck! I’d have to pick the green coloured card and as for the $500, a bedroom make over please! It’s been a full on year with our second baby, new job for hubby and a 2000+km interstate move ? with the focus on everything else I’ve vowed to do something for ‘us’ this year and somewhere to retreat to that looks like a real adult resides there would be nice! Seriously the kids bedrooms look like they are from magazines and our bedroom looks like it belongs to a 19 year old moving out of home for the first time lol

  • Chrissy

    OMG Chantelle…I’m totally loving on your pillowcases!!! I just adore miss matched pillow cases…it took a while for my Husband to come around to the idea but now I think he secretly loves it too ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and thanks for the link to I Love Linen…I’m hooked ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kate Pereira

    Def the torquoise. I would spend the money on some nice new bed linen. I am painting our bedroom at the moment and i told my husband when i finished it i wanted to buy a new doona cover and sheets. He told me to turn the existing doona cover over and then it was like a whole new one without spending any money!

  • Michelle Fay

    I would choose the aqua one. My eldest daughter is moving out and my other two girls are shuffling rooms and I will finally get a study space! I am studying my teaching degree & currently I do not have my “own space” and Mr Buck will definitely help me achieve this! Studying full time with no spare cash!

  • Linzzzy

    Your bedroom looks great! I need to get some European pillows!
    I would choose the vintagey blue colour and spend the $500 on a sewing machine so I can FINALLY take some lessons and learn how to make beautiful dresses and skirts using fabric that is designed locally, supporting talented artists AND is ethically produced (by me!). It is my new years resolution (or 2016 goal), and I am determined to make at least one single dress this year!

  • Mandy Seeger

    I like the yellow card, it stands out amongst my multitude of loyalty cards.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would spend the money on some fabulous fitted sheets that actually fit my mattress, I have a very deep wall mattress & none of my sheets fit properly, they keep riding up & it drives me insane!!! After the sheets I think I’d treat my car interior to some TLC, we live in a very dusty area & with 2 kids as well, the inside of my car is atrocious, a thorough detail of the inside would make me (and my car) so happy!

  • Kristy B

    I love the yellow one, so would go for that and it would be easy to spot in my wallet for quick access instead of riffling through all my cards!! $500???!!??! Goodness, the possibilities are endless, books, wine, dinner for just me and hubby. So many options! But I’d probably shout my mum a trip to come visit us as we (me, hubby and 2 boys) haven’t seen her in a while.

  • Kelly

    I just love the pineapple yellow – it’s bright and happy, but most of all it won’t get lost in my purse haha $500 would come in very handy in the lead up to back to school while hubby and I are both looking for work. ..we hate to see our kids miss out just because we don’t have the spare cash ๐Ÿ™

  • Bizzy Lizzy

    You can’t beat a calming minty green for channelling peaceful thoughts whilst shopping with two vivacious boys in tow. They like to touch pretty things in shops to show me, “mumma you’ll love this”. They talk about boy stuff at the top of their voice like bodily functions and the smell from the cattle truck that just passed by.
    They love to point out people’s “eccentricities” like exposed bum cracks and excess facial hair.
    and yet… People do the “awwww aren’t you the sweetest”.
    You’d think I’d ditch them for shopping trips but they’re so stinkin’ cute. They give me the eyes and so… I give in.
    Now I’m not going all “mum of the year” here. Those two long lashed, mega beasts who I love to bits aren’t getting a cent. I’m taking that minty green ME card sent from above straight to my computer to buy a new camera lens. Selfish and awesome!

  • Danielle Charlier

    I love a good makeover! The Aqua buc would be my perfect shopping companion while I get ready for baby no.3….who will be sharing my bedroom!! So a mini room makeover to create the perfect parent/baby space is exactly what I need ? Thanks buc & Chantelle!

  • Avocado Green for me! I’m a green sort of girl – if it was good enough for my bridesmaids, (although it was Forest Green then – because it was the 90’s after all), then it’s certainly good enough for a card! A bedroom makeover is also on my agenda. We got a new bed head at the end of last year so that our old one could become a spare bed, and I’d love to update the linen to go with it. And hey, a bit of extra cash might mean we could get the matching bedside tables too! Woot!

  • Carla Griffith

    Ooh I would have to choose the blue/grey. It gives the impression of sophistication. Exactly what I need when I pull it out of my wallet to pay for a few nights camping down south ? May even have a little left for some grape juice from Margaret River and chocolate for the kiddies. Love the makeover. You done really well. Good luck everyone with your entries xxx

  • Roz Tugrul

    I’d go with the orange card! Hubby’s fav colour!
    I’d more than likely jusy wonder around Kmart late at night with a friend buying lots of little odds and bits for the home. Late night Kmart shopping is the goods!
    If there was any $$$ left after that I’d probably go to myer or DJs and buy 1 magnificent item to make my Kmart items look even more fab!

  • Dee

    Well, hello buck, you sexy thang ? id definitely go for aqua – loving that colour. Its hard to think what I would spend the money on for me because I always end up buying something for the kids, every time! It would go on one of 3 rooms, the kitcken of some new cute bits and bobs in colour, the laundry for storage or our bedroom, its needed a makeover. For 14 years I’ve wanted new curtains and sheets and to paint the hideous feature wall. Buck and I could do great things together.

  • Faye

    The grey/blue card for me so I can take that cad and flutter it around at the shops as my colour inspo for my bedroom that looks like a dirty brothel with piles of laundry everywhere

  • Amy-Lee Steele

    I’d love the blue buck as I’m fighting hard to beat the blues. I have a chronic pain condition that causes depression. I would spend the money on a comfortable bicycle and some workout clothes and shoes. I am going to kick this bout of blues in the butt the natural way!

  • Gemma Bennier

    Hi Chantelle! I’d choose burnt orange because let’s face it, I’d probably burn through that BUCK $500 in 5 minutes. I’m a mum of two {3.5 & 7 months} and in need of a makeover on myself โ˜บ๏ธ It’s time to ditch the activewear and embrace new mummy!

  • I am a bit obsessed with bed linen, or rather my lack of it, so I couldn’t resist a look at what you got. And won’t lie, I kinda sighed at how pretty/neat/nice it looks. If I could get my hands on a Aqua/mint card id be shopping for new bed linen too. And if I had cash to spare ( because king size bed linen is $$$$$) id love a new print or something to hang above our bed. Our room is pretty damn blah so it needs an injection of SOMETHING!

  • Nicole Oxley

    I’d go the Turquoise! And I’d spend the $500 on pampering my mum, sister & myself on an upcoming (much needed) holiday to Bali. I’ll need distracting as I am freaking about leaving my 5 & 2 year old daughters behind with Daddy. 1st time I’ll be away from them ??????

  • Chelsea Cortis

    Mint Green for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m finally getting my baby’s room ready & after seeing how spunky his room is with all this new furniture it’s inspiring me to update our decade old bedroom furniture ! $500 would come in very handy to make the come true !

  • Elizabeth Brodie

    Hmm hard choice on colours but I think the green one. It’s a nice shade of green. Calming. I need that when shopping….
    As for the $500, well, so many choices there too!!
    I think I would use some of it to get that sideboard dressing table from IKEA for our bedroom that I’ve been after for almost a year now! Then I think I would book a fancy dinner and a hotel room for me and hubby for a night as we never get any time alone anymore since having our second child who is almost 1 and we haven’t had more than 2 hours away from him together. He is a super clingy little guy who screams at the top of his lungs at me as his main form of communication. Thankfully he’s just started to get used to spending time with his grandparents without me around! Huzzah! So a little night away briefly to feel like adults who have their shit together again would be nice.
    And maybe buy hubby a new shirt to wear to said dinner and a new evening outfit for me because denim shorts and a Dotti plain white top aren’t exactly dinner appropriate. In saying all this though. $500 off our credit card would reeeeeaallllly help too, or pay our rent for a week, or pay our electricity bills or phone bills for thre next few months. So either way it would be very very handy!

  • Alicia Berry

    Oh I’d pick the turquoise buck. Love me a bit of turquoise … and a Buck ? You know what? I’d spend it on myself!!! Mine. Aaalllllllll miiiiiinneee mwahahahahaha! Well, I’d spend a bit on the kids and maybe hubby, but seriously, with the youngest of my 3 kids starting school this year and me trying to dip my toes back into the workforce, I desperately need to get rid of the pre-maternity clothes that I have been flogging to death and get me some nice clothes that are suitable for work. Not sure my cut off shorts & T-shirts are gonna cut it lol. You’re room looks fab, by the way ?

  • Meg

    I like the green, or the blue. Can I get one that’s half and half? I would spend $500 on a holiday! I want to go to the Blue Mountains and go bushwalking and not have to worry about ANYTHING! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’d take my partner with me, and we’d catch the train, and life would be awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tiffiny Fremo

    Either the orange or the green for me. I can’t decide. That’s my problem – i can not decide on anything.. EVER. I’d spend the $500 on a new wardrobe. I’ve been thinking of completely throwing out my wardrobe and starting again. I feel so daggy wearing to same old rags that I have for what feels like forever!!! So $500 would help me make the decision and not keep second guessing myself!

  • Christine Afonso

    The Mint green works for me. after seeing you transform your bedroom gives me inspiration to give our bedroom a much needed revamp. We have lived in our home for over 6 years and have not touched our bedroom at all. $500 would come in very handy to turn our room around.

  • Kira Sykes

    Oh, definitely the mint green! What wouldn’t I spend the money on?! I wouldn’t know where to start, would I buy myself pretty things or my baby girls (who aren’t really babies anymore ?), maybe my husband could have a little too ?. I’d definitely get some nice new cushions, maybe a rug, maybe some new outfits, oh gosh, I’d have no idea where to begin, but I’d sure put it to good use. ?

  • Rhiannon Higgs

    love the yellow! would spend the money on my daughters bedroom. the three of them have recently all started sharing one room and its a higgldy piggdly mix of stuff. would love them to have a special space.

  • Paula Elder

    That looks like the prettiest room Chanetelle, perfect for taking a nap in. If taking a nap was something that we were able to do! Kids huh?
    The mint green card would be right at home in my purse, next to my tired looking cards.
    $500?!? How would I spend it? Well, Baby Boy Banjo is nearly 5 months (yes, you read that right, where has the time gone?). In that time he has either slept in his bassinet in the living room or when the Christmas tree had to go up, our bedroom. Our little house is very little and the third bedroom is actually a walk through to a ’70’s extension. So to become a bedroom again it needs things like a door and a window as well as a paint job and all interior decorating to make it a little boys room. So $500 could definitely used to help create that space. Banjo would be ever so greatful and would give you a beautiful and maybe wet (teething) cuddle xx

  • Emma Paul

    Yellow for me! It’s my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to makeover our bedroom. I’d put a sturdy floating shelf above our bed head, and scatter it with frames of sweet quotes, patterns and photos of our growing family. Matching sidetables would be nice! And one of those hipster cane baskets to hide the reality items like sippy cups and books about trucks lol

  • Skye Boyer

    Shark Blue-Grey for me! To sink my teeth into a much needed shopping spree – for me!! (Instead of my kidlets for once) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Allison Owen

    Ohhh the lovely mint green for me!!!! It would be so easy to spot in my wallet too!! ?โ˜บ๏ธ I love the new bedroom, and especially the ‘I love linen’ pillow cases- I’ve been eyeballing them for ages!! I think i would have to spend ‘buck’ on my husband and me… Maybe towards a holiday or getaway. It’s been too long focused on the kiddies and we need some attention back on us!! โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

  • Bec

    blue-grey buck. I’d spend the $500 on refreshing my home office, maybe a new desk as the one I use now is a big, bulky ex-company desk and a coat of paint to freshen the space up.

  • Stacey Deans

    I’d definitely choose Avocado Green for my buck card, love me some green hues. I reckon I’d also like to spend the $500 on making my bedroom into a haven like place to be, at the moment it is crammed with things that don’t fit anywhere else in the house so I’m in need of some storage solution to hide the junk and the colour palette is so bland and boring. It’s in desperate need of having some life put back into it. Loved your little makeover!!

  • The yellow! Nothing like opening your purse and seeing a little ray of sunshine. โ˜€ We’ve recently moved into a new home which we love BUT the previous owners had some *interesting* ideas about paint colour. So our bedroom has metallic brown walls. Oh how this needs to change! Love your ideas, and will be purchasing new pillows straight away.

  • Row Parker

    Oooh I’m liking the green. I would spend the money on a weekend away with my bestie. We are both in desperate need of some kid free time (3 kids each) And a new oufit for me. I haven’t bought many new clothes in the last 6 year (since having kids) because I was waiting until I got smaller again. Well I’m sick of it. I want to feel good now ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sarah Stewart

    I’m such a sucker for all things green, so Avocado Green for me please =) My lounge room is in a sad state at the moment, so I know exactly what I’d spend it on … Cute cushions, fake palms (I have what you’d call a “black thumb”), gold and peach bits mm pieces to decorate the shelves & walls, a tin of fresh new paint, and a nice natural rug for the floor =) Crossing my fingers so hard!!

  • Amy O’Mahoney

    Oh I would love the blue card as blue is my favourite colour and if i won the $500 MEBank Buck Mastercard i would use the money to freshen up my bedroom as well! With three boys and tight finances our bedroom is looking pretty delapidated

  • Kelly Robinson

    Yellow for me please, to make it easy to find in my purse. I would spend the money on an amazing clutter free experience for my kids and I, maybe even one that helps us all get to sleep a bit earlier. I have two over 16 and I still love the peaceful mornings when they sleep in ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ely

    Avocado Green. Would spend the $500 doing up the nursery for our long awaited baby (7 year in the making) and paint it the same colour ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Saraid Dammerel

    Mint green, without a doubt. I would spend it on a new pillow, and storage solutions for my shoebox apartment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kelly Leigh

    Shark blue grey (no pink or purple or rainbow). Would totally splurge on new trekking shoes because the ones I have are so sensible and still in good condition but such a damm ugly colour (that’s what you get when they are on sale and your on a tight budget!). So I would get the girly looking ones to make me feel girly while trekking.

  • Elizabeth Munro

    I’d go green! I’d be spending on some clothes for summer but because I love a bargain I’d probably sneak some new linen in too! Really love the linen you’ve used Chantelle!! (And I don’t think any of the pillows look less plump lol)

  • Belinda Lee

    The torquoise for sure! With $500 I would splurge on a night out for my husband and I. After returning to work full time in 2015 after maternity leave a night out, just us, would be perfect!

  • Amy S

    I would get the mint green colour and I would spend it on some sewing things to set up a little handmade business.

  • Carolann Killick

    I would go blue as its always been my fav colour (followed close by green. Arn’t the aquas so pretty right now) and i would spend it on 3 bedroom spruce ups!!! I only need sheets as my ones are so faded now (but they are soooo comfy) and my daughter needs /wants a white cover for her bed … do i dare and my son needs sheets and new dooner cover!!

  • Emily Butler

    It’s a tough choice between green and yellow! But I’d pick yellow as I love the colour but can’t wear it – it makes me look ill, but its my favourite accessory colour!
    I’d use the $500 towards a new mattress. Mine is so old and has a hollow on the other side where my ex husband used to sleep.
    I’d love to sleep on either side of the mattress and not wake up sore from the worn out springs!

  • Lara Whell

    Sunshine yellow for me please because sunshine makes me happy. I’d spend the money on doing up our backyard (new grass, plants and a shade structure) so that our kids have a beautiful haven for enjoying the outdoors and soaking up plenty of happy-inducing sunshine!

  • Shannon Coulter

    I love the jade/green buck! I’m with you, bedroom make over is needed at my house. Honestly, just last night I said to hubby, we haven’t brought new pillow since pre kids!!! Our eldest is now 8 ?

  • Erin Smith

    I would like the Avocado Green! I would use the money on myself, buy myself a much need new wardrobe. Since starting our own business 2 years ago funds have been a little tight and it would be such a treat to be able to go and spend some money worry free on things that weren’t necessities.

  • Liz W

    I would chose the mint green Buck card, as it matches my favourite nail polish! Must coordinate. What would I buy? I’m currently coveting a buffet style cabinet for our lounge room – just for board games! After the Christmas influx, they’re living all around our house, and it would be great for them all to live together.

  • Yellow. I would spend the money on buying a surfboard. I just had a lesson and loved it. With 2 small children it would be great to have a hobby just for me. Also if I am out on the water the kids can’t interrupt me from doing what I love!!

  • Penelope Kate

    I adore the minty green buck… he’s gorgeous… just like my unborn son, who will be the main receiver of the $500 if I win. As he is our first child, my amazing hubby has been busy renovation our old spare room into his baby room and this green is going to be the feature colour! However bubby wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from the $500. As my mother lives interstate and will be staying to help me in the first few weeks of Mr. being born, and the fact that there is no longer a ‘spare bedroom’ in our house, I would love to treat my mum to a comfy blow up bed (not just the camping type) and some fluffy, ultra comfy bedding to go with it. A little something to make her stay more comfortable and to say thanks, I love you.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity Chantelle. Happy 2016! xo

  • Natasha

    Yellow buck for sure! It’s the colour of gold coins for a reason and would undoubtedly make me smile every time I open my wallet. I would spend it on some beautiful bed coverings (to add to my growing collection), new pillows, some cot sheets and a cot doona for my growing toddler!

  • Amanda

    I couldn’t go past the avocado green! The card would be used to pay for fertility treatments, so we could have our own little avocado one day soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tara O’Donoghue

    I would choose the Avocado Green card to complement my pink purse :-), and if I won I would use the card to book a secret weekend away just for myself!

  • Roxy

    I like the turquoisey/green colour. It’s so bright & summery ?
    I loooove the linen you’ve chosen although not dog proof enough for my house ???
    Maybe I’ll invest the $500 in a king size bed… God help us if our kids are bad sleepers too ?

  • Sarah

    I would pick the pretty green ME Buck
    It’s cute and chic and doesn’t suck!
    If I was to be lucky enough to win,
    I’d chuck my current card in the bin.
    I would spend my winnings on my Ma;
    I have been looking for a way to tell her ‘ta!’
    She does so much for me every day –
    There’s not much more left to say!

  • Anna Delzoppo

    Jade Green Buck for sure, as this kinda green is my favourite colour, the colour of the sea (on a perfect clear day). I’d take my two gorgeous godchildren out for the day and spoil them. Maybe to Sea World or somewhere fun like that. They are such a precious gift in my life and with the arrival of a new baby in their family soon I want them to always remember they are special. I’d also fix up my small courtyard garden, with some new colourful pots, plant and a table umbrella. Both would be lots of fun with Buck by my side.

  • Taran

    The mint green Buck for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ We would definitely use the money to treat my husband. He puts our daughters and me before himself and always has. He works away for weeks at a time and although he loves his job, he misses his girls terribly. So i’d treat him to a fishing charter, a spending spree at BCF, or whatever he’d like just to say thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sue Theckston

    Orange because it’s such an awesome colour. I also would redo my bedroom. I would completely change my colour scheme to something fun and bright

  • Amanda Lewis

    I love the green buck master card. It would stand out so nicely in my wallet. Love your make over too. Had to laugh about your hubby’s violent sleeping. I can definitely relate. And the not so matchy pillow cases. Hehehe. I had both my kids in my bed last night at different times for who knows why. I’d probably spend the money towards getting a bigger bed! Parenting and styling is a fun challenge ?โ˜บ๏ธ

  • Ellie

    Probably yellow as you cant be sad when its yellow and loaded with free bucks. I have to say I am intrigued with your soft as clouds sheets but I think I would put it towards a new coffee machine.

  • Sophie

    Mint green! Love that colour! I would makeover our bedroom! We are a young family. Husband, 20month and me. We brought our home 4years ago and never really had the chance to make our bedroom ours. And since our son could walk, our bedroom has been his main play room! Loves playing in there and sleeping in our bed. Would love the chance to makeover our bedroom and make it ours!

  • Kate

    Absolutely yellow as its my favourite colour. Like you our bedroom needs a little tlc- though our bedroom is also the study so I’m not sure it would look as good as yours! The joys of parenting – we sleep in the study so that our girls might sleep through the night – wishful thinking on our behalf

  • Nikki Burnett

    ooooh I’m with you on the pineapple yellow – its just so fresh (an update from my currently falling apart pink one). I’d spend the $$ on a few little fun things to make our wedding super special. Ps Love the room makeover

  • Rise and Shine

    I’ll take yellow to match the colour of my front door!
    Or maybe orange, so I’m not a bore.
    Green and blue are nice too.
    Oh I can’t decide…That’s nothing new!
    Well, buck me! I won’t make money on my rhymes,
    So please, pretty please, may I have the dimes?

  • Nikki Ross

    Yellow for sure! I own the same bedspread in your “before” shot… I bet I could do-ordinate a whole lot of awesome stuff with it! (I too own un-kill able plants.. They live in my kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚ fake-ulants!

  • Pauline Hills

    Avocado Green buck for me!! I’d either spend it on a new TV (ours is a 16 year old dinosaur) or to help pay for my Dad’s mission trip to the Solomon Islands later this month.

  • sky

    I would chose the mint green buck to shop with and I would use the free bucks to buy myself a kindle, a pretty case to go on it and some books to read and make my heart sing. Then I would buy myself a keep cup and read to my hearts content.

  • Vikneswary Batumalai

    I would pick the blue/grey Buck. Love that colour. Would spend it on my bedroom as it desperately needs a makeover!

  • Linda J

    I’d fix up my home office: it’s bare, it’s sad and not very inspiring ๐Ÿ™

    • Linda J

      orange. definitely orange. As a pick me up

  • Cassie Grieve

    The red would stand out in my wallet! Wouldn’t want to get it confused with the other cards ?
    I’d spend it on a small weekend away for my little family, it would be nice to go somewhere and spend some quality time together

  • I would choose the “shark blue-grey” version of Buck. He would fit my shopping personality. Like a shark, I can be curious, nibbly, or just plain deadly in certain shopping conditions. I’m pretty sure I’d spend most of the $500 at Kmart on home decor items to spruce up my office. It’s in dire need of a fresh new look.

  • It would be the mint green buck for ME.

    That money would be a gift from heaven for ME right now, I had a breakdown nearly 12mths ago and cannot work at the moment (or drive, or walk without the aid of a stick or so many other things.) Which means there has been no money for extras and mostly as selfish as it is no money for ME.

    I would try to stretch my minty buck as far as possible a beautiful new quilt for ME in my bedroom, some new fluffy pillows for ME too.

    Because I am the generous type and giving gives ME pleasure I would share my minty buck with my family too. Possibly some wool for ME to create gifts to share around as well.

    Finally I would get a few little things for ME to feel nice on the days when I am feeling blue.

    It is hard to put ME first, a minty green buck would surely help to remind ME that I am important too.

  • Chantelle A

    I love green so I’d choose that card. I’d use the money towards flights for our next holiday. Trying to save to go to Byron Bay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kathy

    Defs the green – the yellow reminds me too much of another bank. Blue is not the right kinda blue and orange is old looking.
    My bedroom could also do with a makeover – oh lets face it, it needs an overhaul.

  • The Other Mrs Sheriff

    It would have to be the Green one for me, and I would spend the magic $500 on much needed nursery items for our baby on the way.

  • Sue B

    I too badly need to spruce up my bedroom. I badly need some new furniture and I’ve also seen it’s possible to buy a bedhead for $300, and that’s something I need (mostly to cover the cracks in the plaster I can’t see the point of fixing!!). I like the mint green. Very pretty.

  • Amber Cubis

    I love the green one! I’d spoil my hubby! He works so hard to provide for us I’d love for him to have some pampering as well.

  • Renee

    I would choose the green buck to spruce up my outdoor area with some new plants and some sort of contraption to keep mozzies away….love your bedroom it looks so fresh…enjoy your first sleep in it…nothing beats clean sheet night lol

  • Natalie Caruso

    Avocado-Green as it will make my friends green with envy (pardon the pun!) about no ATM fees! I would love to splurge on some artwork for above the bed. The space between the bed head and ceiling is just too sparse and has been for 5 years!

  • Sonia McLeod

    I’d pick the green as it’s one of my favourite colours- Shame there’s no pink lol. Now to spend it… My partners birthday is at the end of January and I would use it to spoil him as he’s always spoiling us!!

  • Jess Doyle

    I’m a yellow gal, so definitely the pineapple with you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need to do up my room, I need a few more furniture pieces, so I’d pop those into my cart, straight away ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lindy

    I would love the blue card. Matching my purse and bag. Or would that be too matchy matchy?. I would buy some tiles for our kitchen so we could get rid of the 70’s ugly tiles. Would love a BUCK.

  • Would have to be the blue one, to keep me calm while facing the shopping. I get so uptight when retail shopping…

  • Claire Hampton

    My girls have all the things. Well, okay, a lot of things. More than they need. But when it comes to kids, it is never about need, it’s about want. And I don’t know about you, but they generally get what they want ? So, my husband and I would love to reclaim the little floor space we have left, and move the girls out into their very own veggie/herb garden with some chickens. I can picture it now…cane baskets, cute aprons and gum boots, collecting herbs/veg and eggs together in the sunshine, skipping hand in hand…HA! Okay, that’s a stretch. More like eating compost and throwing chicken sh*t everywhere but, hey, they get what they want, right? ? So, I would love it if Blue Buck could come and join us at Bunnings…for hours.

  • Caroline

    Oh the green. then spend it all on me (& hubby) to do our bedroom cause it looks like a storage closet. Oh & I’d buy some new scrapbook goodies for myself for my birthday at the end of the month ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jodi

    Would love the torquoise one to do my bedroom too. It is currently not unlike a student digs, which isn’t helped by the kids adding to the decor ?

  • Liv

    I would choose turquoise definitely. Buck from ‘Me Bank’ would take my girlfriend and I for some ‘ME-TIME’ (away from the kids and hubbies) at the local Endota Spa!!

  • Jasmine Andrews

    The petrol blue one looks nifty. I’ll hand it over to a lovely, older lady in a specialist bra shop when I go buy myself 3 real bras. Yes, $500 will only stretch to cover 3 bras as apparently bras in my size are made from gold. I’ve been wearing the same 3 maternity bras for the past 4 years while gestating and then feeding my 2 bubs and I can’t wait to get back into something with UNDERWIRE!! x

  • Oh, I love the green one for sure! I would spend the $500 towards a flight to Melbourne (from Perth) to see my brother. We miss him so much since he moved (especially my 4 year old son – they absolutely ADORE each other) and I just don’t know how more than one of us would make it over this year without all the help we can get x

  • Brooke Powell

    I’d have choose the blue Buck for understated awesomeness. After doing up our daughters’ rooms several times over the years, and after living with the horrible purple walls that were there when we bought the place, it’s now our turn! I’d love a calm space to retreat to, in line with our resolution for a more harmonious household this year.

  • Angela Evans

    The blue buck would be the perfect companion on a shopping spree to decorate our master bedroom. We’ve had two premature babies since moving in to our house so the rooms for us have been neglected. A relaxing, comfy place where we can retreat at the end of the day would be perfect.

  • Rebekka Walker

    I definitely would choose the Avocado green! What a fun colour! I would spend the money on taking my parents out for dinner! They do so much for me and my boyfriend, that it would nice to give something back to them for a change! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kylie Swan

    I’d choose the mint green one. I have just separated from my husband and am in desperate need of something special just for me!! I have been the mum/wife card for so many years and have forgotten what the me card is!! I’m thinking some new clothes, shoes (a girl can never have enough shoes) something girly to spruce up my new bedroom and then the last few dollars would be spent on a delicious cocktail at a very expensive bar where I can sit (in my new clothes) and feel fabulous again!!!!!

  • Melissa Kinnear

    I love the green one. I would definitely go for a bedroom revamp. Mine is quite horrendous !

  • Tammy Devine

    Maybe turquoise? It would at least look pretty in my purse.. And while it’s not in my purse it would be doing serious damage on as many cushions as I could smuggle into my house without my husband noticing (free or not – he has a cushion-phobia ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  • Kathryn Loef

    I would chose the green card ๐Ÿ™‚ and I would use the money to kit myself up for my return to work from maternity leave! I’m in desperate need of clothes that aren’t jeans and baby-spew-covered tops, as well as a breast pump so I can continue to breastfeed my daughter when she goes to childcare. Oh and maybe even a handbag that’s not a nappy bag ?

  • KT

    I’d definitely choose the green one (and it seems popular!). I’ve just moved into a new apartment and I need to update my lounge room accessories – new cushions, photo frames, etc. Bedroom is next on the chopping block!

  • Melanie Vine

    I think I’d have to go for the yellow – cheerful and happy and bright, which is what I’d be if I won $500 to take as spending money on a little holiday away, somewhere lovely and warm!

  • Maria Griffin

    I’d go with the Orange Buck. The colour would stand out in my wallet saying “spend me”! I love your new bedroom, wish I had the skills to easily pull something so stylish and pretty together. I’d spend the money attempting what you’ve done as our bedroom hasn’t been done since we moved in 5 years ago.

  • Bec Muir Wilkin

    Green is my favourite colour – so that was an easy choice!! And as for what I’d spend $500 on? Well, that’s a little tougher! If I had $500 to spend purely guilt-free, I would love it to go to ME; for that Weight Watchers membership I want, and a new pair of runners that won’t hurt my feet but I can’t actually justify the price of, and dinner out with my hubby, and maybe even a massage… Who am I kidding though – if I won the $500 it would actually go on our 3 munchkins, family outings, and all those little things around the house I’ve been meaning to fix or replace! Such is a Mum’s life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! ?

  • Sheena

    Aqua green for sure …. I’d spend the $ on a console table for our bedroom, new Donna cover for my sons room and something fun for my daughter!

  • Heather Brown

    Green…..and I wanna ‘sleep on clouds’ too. I’d go linen shopping and treat myself with some decent linen!
    You’ve made me want to do this now.!

  • Jasmine

    Oooooo, the yellow one its bright sunny and cheerful, now what would i spend the money on? My mum, she defently needs a bedroom make over, im pretty sure she has had the same sheets and sheet sets since i was a kid 30 years ago, oh and new bath towels ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kelly

    I would choose the orange card not that it goes with the colour of my wallet. To me it screams spend me spend me! I’m slowly in the process of decluttering and changing up my bedroom and would love some new bits and pieces (could be anything from new linen, new cushions to photo frames) as my style is always changing.

  • Kate Goldsby

    Definitely the Aqua, its my latest obsession in every aspect of my life. I’m in the throws of planning a loungeroom makeover, mainly soft furnishings, and a new bookshelf. Aqua will feature heavily, but I’d like some new sheer curtains, the ones with the little pom pom trim edges. A couple of simple wall prints to splash some colour around. New cushions, in bright colours, and a new rug. A new white bookshelf will be added and some items to dress that would really finish off the room.

  • Carrie Finn

    Definitely orange….no green….no yellow. Can’t I pick all the colours? Orange it is, I guess. It reminds me of the 70s bench tops in my old house before we ripped them out. Only after they were gone did I realise I was fond of orange.

    I’d spend that $500 (plus some money of my own) on a KitchenAid mixer. I left mine in the US when I moved to Australia, and I miss it terribly.

  • Rebecca Matthews

    Ohhh, Aqua is very pretty.
    I’m preparing for a return to work after my second baby and I’m pretty sure my maternity gear will not cut it.
    So I would spend the moula on clothes. And shoes. And concesler to disguise the eye circles.

  • Nicole Marks

    I, too, could do with a bedroom makeover! I’ve had the same old quilt cover for, ohh, must be almost 9 years now! Ready for something new and fresh ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nicole Campbell

    The Aqua is a gorgeous, happy colour. I would use the money to set up my new photography studio. I could buy props and storage solutions for my camera equipment. The fun I could have with buck…

  • Britney Coleman

    I would choose the green buck ๐Ÿ™‚ If I had $500 to spend guilt free, I would take my husband away for a weekend of relaxing before he heads off on a 6 month work trip this year <3

  • Katrina

    Definitely the green card!
    I’d put the money towards a cubby house for my two boys, which we’re saving up for.

  • Liz Wilson-Barnett

    I would choose the yellow one so its nice and easy to find in my purse ??

    I think I would use it on either plants for our front veranda to make it into a bit more of a haven of organisation bits and pieces to help turn our spare room into a wardrobe room since we have no built ins in any of our rooms.

  • Amy2117

    Aqua for sure! And I’d spend it on a new bedspread (first we went white which got super dirty and then navy which makes the room dark and sad so we need to find something in between!), some cool photo frames to create a photo wall and a nice watch for mum since hers broke recently.

  • Courtney Wicks

    Oh the burnt orange!! I’d never lose it in my bag!

    As for the $500, I’d spend it on ME!! A haircut and colour, a full body massage, a mani and a pedi and fabulous lunch alone!!

  • Kylie Duff

    I’d go the yellow & buy tickets to the Lion King for our family: yellow + Lion King = JOY!!!

    I would spend the $500 on an extra auction bid. You see, we sold our house a few months ago and we haven’t yet found another house to move into. Please don’t make me move in with the in-laws!!!! Anyway, you know when the bids start getting really low at an auction, well this $500 could make all the difference. It would mean I wouldn’t have to dip into the $3.25 my 6-yar-old daughter gave me recently “to help buy us a house.” She emptied out her money tin and told me not to worry as she has another wobbly tooth so she’s expecting some more coins from the tooth fairy pretty soon. How sweet is that? So as not to disappoint her I have kept her $3.25 aside and in fact I think I will keep it forever as a reminder of her generosity, particularly when she turns into a terrible teen – i may need the reminding!! Anyway, long story but that $500 could just make the difference on getting the house of our dreams. Or at least a house. One I can sleep in. And dream!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sophie Gould

    Green Buck for me! I would spend it on our upcoming wedding. Three children later we’re finally walking down the aisle and on a very tight budget. This would go a long way!!!

  • Sarah Hutchison

    I have always been a green girl, especially when I comes to green notes ?. So I would choose the green buck for sure and take my Fambam on a little camping trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tiff weir

    I would choose the grey – ey bluey one! I love that colour!
    I love your makeover. I would definitely spend my $500 buck card on makeover, but prob for my miss 5 room. She needs some storage and new picture frames and you can never have too much cute single bed linen…. Can you….

  • Ms Betsy xo

    I’d go with Green. I’d spent it on my bedroom, I moved into my home 18 months ago, finally bought a bed then we got some demotion news… now I’m on a strict budget and can’t dress said bed, thankfully its hot enough to put up with the smaller quilt for the time being ๐Ÿ™

  • Fleur @ Our Urban Box

    Mr Buck would dress in aqua for our hot little shopping date. He would allow me to do an online course I’ve been wanting to do for over 12 months! would be the best date ever!

  • Orla Hyland

    I would choose the green one. It is calm, soothing and relaxing. I’d use it to decorate the nursery for our baby due in March. It would also be decorated in green.

  • Krystal L. Haddad

    I choose green, my favourite colour! I would finally be able to have a theme in my bedroom rather than: porridge on a plate as my ‘artwork’ and use my neon #activewear as my pillow while my toddlers (yes plural) use my ACTUAL pillow….

  • Louise Corkett

    Yellow would be the colour I’d choose, nice and bright and hard to lose.
    If I won $500 to spend guilt free, every cent would be spent on ME!
    A haircut and colour would be my first stop, then a mani and pedi which would be hard to top.
    A luxury purchase of a new handbag, my current one makes me look quite a dag.
    New shoes would also be on my list, something stylish, you get my gist.
    I’d meet my besties and treat them to dinner, it’s the least I can do as a winner.
    Fee free Buck would be the talk of the town, thank goodness he doesn’t come in boring old brown. Xoxo

  • Meagan Prosser

    My buck would be green to signal a “go/green light” to furthering my education with a much desired course in counseling and youth counseling.

  • tashacarolina

    Definitely the slate. Because, let’s be corny: I’m a writer and I’m starting afresh – a clean slate. I’m starting up my own writing space online, and I need a bit of dough to help fund it. And buck seems like a nice guy. He looks like the kind of guy that gives you that phone booth money when your phone is out of juice, or pays for your coffee because you left your wallet at home. Surely he’d be willing to help a poor writer lady realise her dream?

  • Jocelyne Helmore

    I would have to choose the Bluey-Grey Buck ?timeless. Now Buck, being the lovely gent he is would help me to purchase some much needed university student-living bedroom/bathroom/kitchen things.

  • Nikki Ramtel

    I’d love the aqua one! I’d also make over my bedroom, its been a long time coming!! And if there was left over money? I’d fix up the poor third babies nursery, third babies have nothing new!! Thank you!

  • Kez

    I’m usually a green girl, but I actually really love the blue Buck card, it is a really nice colour! I unfortunately would have to contribute the $500 towards getting my wisdom teeth extracted if I was lucky enough to win… damn bills!

    Kez |

  • Lydia Birt

    I like the aqua one, it matches my wallet and would go well with the new doova cover I’d buy if I win this!

  • Emma Boyce

    I’d pick the bright, happy yellow “Buck” and sing “You are my sunshiiiiine! My only sunshiiiiiine!” each time I took him out to use him ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ve recently done the same as yourself, FMS! I revamped my own room after years of prioritising the kids’ bedrooms, the playroom etc. I finally have a haven I feel happy and enjoy spending time in. It’s cheerful, it’s relaxing and above all else it’s representative of “me” ๐Ÿ™‚ colourful, cheeky and quirky.

    In light of this, I’d use the $500 to overhaul and jazz up my mum’s decor. My mum lives in the remote APY lands, not far from Uluru. Housing is exceptionally basic, the town extremely isolated, and she spends months away from us – her family – to dedicate her time working on “the lands”. There’s not a homewares store or chain-store even for about 4 hours drive.

    I’d spend the $500 on making her very humble abode as fun, lighthearted and enjoyable to spend time in as I feel in my new room. Because she deserves it – 110%… And it would make those months she has to spend away from us “less dreary” and “more cheery” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen Roberts

    Yellow, sunshiney and bright. Definately love to get our bedroom looking a bit less parent and let’s face adult like lol. Love to make it a bit of of a solace and romantic and relaxing place to be where things have a place and match because it’s not left over stuff because we spent our budget setting the kids rooms up first ?

  • Allie Sadler

    Orange! I would spend the money on creating a haven for my little boy, we’re about to move interstate, not the only big change for my babe as he will be moving into his own room finally. So I want to create somewhere he wants to sleep. ?

  • Fiona Roth

    Aqua! Such a bright summery colour! I would spend the $500 buying my threenager a big girl bed and re-decorating her roomโค

  • Leah Williams

    Buck just called me and said he looks super handsome in aqua – it brings out his eyes. I’m hoping he swings by and takes me shopping for a new TV unit. Don’t tell the hubs but I think I’ve fallen for Buck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tina Binding

    Hi there
    I would choose the red card because it is coloured like no other card in my purse, easy to spot. And even my purse is chaotic so every bit helps.
    I would buy Rob Thomas tickets because my funds arent stretching far enough for me to shout myself tickets and a trip to the big smoke to see him in concert.
    Thank you

  • Natalie

    Yellow, because it reminds me of the sun (that we are totally lacking here in Sydney right now!). And I would spend the money on making my unused dining room in to a multifunctional space for kids craft and homework, pets, storage and of course…. dining!

  • Katie

    I’d have to have yellow because it makes my daughter dizzy! I’d use the funds to either buy myself some fancy cloud sheets or spend it all on my sewing habit!

  • gems

    The green! I’d drop some dollars on some air filtering indoor plants, some linen sheets – the kind that look messy naturally so your messy is less obvious ๐Ÿ˜‰ and a new pretty shiny reading light. I can just imagine – so nice!!

  • Elisabeth

    Hands down for me it would be Aqua. Aqua is my go to colour it talks to my soul and centres me. Id love to create a bedroom/retreat for myself to go to when you just have ‘one of those days with the kids” or you need a quiet tranquil place just to ‘appreciate life and all its craziness’. So Id take Aqua Buck and go shopping and make our bedroom into a place of peace and tranquility.

  • Wanda Austin

    Green buck looks very handsome and would go great with my pink ME Bank debit card and very easy to locate in my grey-toned wallet! Would love to go shopping for new sheets for hubby and I

  • Kerri Robin

    Avocado Green is the winner for me as green is my favorite colour (always) & avo’s are the best! I’d use the $ to finish off our bedroom Reno/makeover & get the haven of an easy chair I want to escape to & read with a coffee or wine depending on the time of day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Buck, you’d by my hero!

  • Krystie Bremer

    Buck would have to be orange, the same as another in my wallet so he fits in {then I wouldn’t have to share him with anyone}.

    He would come in handy bringing light to my very dark living space, infant even his orange colour would brighten than room. Buck would pick me a funky bedspread, for some unknown reason my last purchase was a black one THAT IS ALWAYS COVERED IN FLUFF! And lastly Buck would join me for a much needed family meal, on him of course.

    So thank you orange Buck for allowing me the ability to dream of you and all we could do

  • Michelle

    I would choose green/aqua.
    I would spend the money as you did a mini befroom makeover. I have a toy motorbike on my bedside table which is next to my other sons drink bottle. Miss matched pillow cases and an extra todfler pillow thrown into the mix also.

  • Shirley McCoy

    3rd time lucky commenting, my iPad keeps sweeping my comment away!
    Aqua Buck for me please! Having recently done a few things with bedroom decor, including delish yellow and white dotty sheets that feel like clouds, and new European pillows and pretty cases, the wardrobe needs reviewing. It needs some functional stuff and some pretty stuff. That or I’d have to pay for some dental work…. Mmmm decisions!

  • Sarah

    Happy, summer, yellow ??????????

  • Michelle

    I would chose that gorgeous green! I would use the $500 to buy a little something for a family I know who take on many foster children with such open hearts; a treat for them all just because and perhaps a voucher for groceries just to lighten the load.

  • BLUE!!!! So my favourite colour. My room is also in need of a make over but I have a feeling buck would be more suited to wedding things or maybe part of a camera … oooh buck would be so nice if he delivered them.
    p.s. We got bambillo pillows and ugh … no like. I’m back to my feather one.

  • Erin Southon

    My Mr Buck would be pineapple yellow. I’d take him & my gorgeous little family on a well overdue mini break. I’m thinking, sunshine, sandcastles, waves & icecream on the beach. Oh & a trip to the zoo, the kids have been asking for months for us to take them to the zoo.

  • Renaye Knight

    Aqua is my fave, i would love some more indoor plants, a fiddle leaf fig would be FABULOUS ?

  • Trinity

    I would get the aqua one!! So I did have to laugh at your before photo of your bedroom as it’s pretty much the exact photo is of mine… From the Big W bedspread down to the Kmart lamps!! The only thing I don’t have is your amazing bed head I have been looking, wanting one like that for ever… If I had the money I would buy a bedspread that costs more than $30 and some new pillows (ours are very old). Ps even the extra pillow for the toddler that sleeps with us is there!! ??

  • Bianca Gilchrist

    I would also like the bluish/Aqua. I would follow your lead and buy a comforter I have had my eyes since before Christmas. With the left over I would buy tickets to the Tennis. ?

  • Skye

    Ooh, I’d love the Aqua one! Never had an aqua card in my purse before! I would spend the $500 on all the fluffy stuff for home, like cushions, prints and vases. All the things I find it hard to justify, especially with a husband who thinks you only spend money to make money! Ah, how lovely my house would look.

  • Gab

    I would get aqua?
    My before photo is worse than yours & my children are all grown up.
    My room is in desperate need of a makeover if I won I would do just that?
    It would feel like 10 birthdays & Christmas’ rolled into one!

  • Philippa

    The blue!!!, love the blue…And in the spirit of your blog – new MATCHING bedside tables for hubby and I. After nearly 18 years of marriage.. We both still have the same ones we had when we met – I have a 3 draw chest of draws and he has some shelf like “thing”that he knocked together in his parents garage as a teenager…and I hate!!

  • Crystal Jones

    I would choose the aqua!! Love it! I would likewise spend the money on a bedroom mini makeover, as a single mum to 2 kids under 4 its no surprise my bedroom is a disaster and overtaken by my kids belongings! I’d love to be able to make it a haven to escape to and relax after the kids are in bed! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d looove a bed full of luscious linen and pillows and a throw that you just never want to get out of! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lisa | Mummy Made.It

    I would choose the orangey redish card then go straight to the nearest shoe shop!!

  • Charlotte hoad

    Orange, then I’d use the $500 to do makeover the Kids room as its rental white with two beds. They deserve a special place to habit

  • Andrea Hay

    I love the aqua! I’d put the money towards some furnishings for the deck that hubby is going to build me. Stuff like cushions, fairy lights, plant pots, a floor mat.

    Thanks for the opportunity Chantelle – you’re a legend!

  • tani

    The aqua Buck is singing to me! It’s probably a bit selfish but I would love to spend the money on ME! ? if I’m honest confidence hasn’t been all time and I think a little makeover would go a long way. I’m talking teeth whitening, hair cut, make up and maybe a new frock? I think I might have ran out of money by then but after that I would HAVE to go out with Hubbie! ?

  • Kathy-Anne Walker-Binks

    Since there’s no Pink I would have to choose the Aqua! I would take my little family ? On a weekend getaway to the beach ? We love the beach but because it’s 2-3hours away from where we live, we don’t get there very often! This would be perfect!

  • Kaydee

    I am back to work this year, after 6 years at home and 3 babies. I would choose a red Buck to remind me that I have totally got this, and go shopping for gorgeous new work clothes to help me get in the zone each work day…

  • Alysson

    I would choose the green card and I would spend the $500 on my bathroom. I’d love a big bath tub to soak in and a beautiful vanity. The joy on my kids faces would be awesome too.The $500 would be a great help towards achieving that.

  • joburkey

    Lobster Red, would love new lamps in our bedroom and a new side table for my daughter’s bedroom

  • Nicole Tate

    My Mr buck would be orange. Easy to find in my purse. I’m so inspired by your bedroom, considering your original photo looks like my room. I would do a bedroom makeover too

  • Katie

    Oh hello Buck! How would you like a threesome?! I would love the Teal/Aqua Bucky to enjoy a night away with hubby, one where I actually called him by his name and not “daddy”, where we’d get to eat a real meal and not whatever is left over on our kids plates and oh how wonderful it’d be to dress up like real grown ups (not sloppy zombies) and do something spontaneous like go dancing or for a game of pool, maybe even a concert like the good old days! Everyone needs a little Buck in their life to reignite that fire right?!

  • Michelle McKenzie

    Oh I love ME Bank !!!!
    I would choose the Aqua/greenish one
    I should do something sensible with the money – but I would spend it on ME !!!!!
    With 4 boys I don’t often get me time. I would love a trip to the hairdressor and a facial and massage. And maybe even a sneaky date night with my husband – that also doesn’t happen often. ?

  • Clare Perkins

    I would pick the yellow because it’s so bright and cheery! My bedroom could definitely use a makeover too. My partner and I have finally moved in together (hurray!) and our bedroom is a bit of a random mishmash at the moment.

  • Micaela C

    I would choose Aqua! Buck would be AMAZING to spend on a nursery for our first bub, due to arrive in June! Thinking of planning a nursery brings me so much joy and excitement…followed by anxiety about how much everything is going to cost. Buck would take away the anxiety and just leave the fun part of planning! xx

  • Jess Woodcroft

    I would choose the aqua green card and spend the money on having my hair cut and professionally coloured- I usually get my mum to do my hair with a box kit as I’m time poor (..well POOR in general!) I would also splash out buying new clothes online as we pretty much only have Kmart and Target Country here BOO! Any left over would be used for hubby and I to go on a dinner date

  • Justine

    Buck is green – I just have a tealing. I’d green light Buck’s bucks for a bedroom makeover too having recently assessed my floored-robe as something a mum shouldn’t have to leaf with. My hubby says it’s something we should drawer the lime at. Yes, a bedroom spruce up is something I’m now pining for. I don’t just like it. Olive it.

  • Emma

    How good is Buck?! And how lovely is your bedroom makeover! I’d spend the $500 on a hell of a lot of baby items as we are expecting our first bub in August! And I hear that stuff is expensive! Argh! And colour wise? Im all for the pineapple yellow too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Judith

    I’d choose the blue Buck card and I’d spend it on a date night with the hubby as we haven’t had a proper one since the kids arrived on the scene 9 years ago… I’d get us a hotel room and have a night on the town for once!

  • Lee C

    Love the teal green, my colour for sure! I would either go on an overnight date with hubby as its much needed for him as well as me or I would share the love and shout my best girls and I a night on the town, this is a rare thing for all of us so would be money well spent and much deserved! Thanks for the opportunity to win Chantelle, love your bedroom makeover too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kimberley

    I think Blue Buck would make an excellent third wheel on a much longed-for trip to Melbourne sans-kids for the first time since pre-kids.

    • Kimberley

      Ooh or I’d buy some of those French linen sheets that look so fancy with the extra fancy price tag.

  • Chantel Dyson

    Oooh Mr Buck, pleasure to meet you. Well arn’t you a sophisticated looking one. I do love that GORGEOUS GREEN suit you have on, so how about a date? (Just don’t tell chantelle that you’re seeing another woman ok?)
    I too also need a bedroom makeover. My walk in robe is that tiny, that i wouldn’t be able to have a make out sesh in there with Buck. So I would use him to get me some storage spaces that i could fit our clothes in. (Because at the moment they kind of live in the wash baskets) then i would definitely go and buy some grown up bedding as the ones i have are early teenage years that are pink with butterflies. If I’m going to be taking Buck home he would see my bedroom the way it is and run far, far away and never to be seen again. So i would like to make an impression. He then would take me to have coffee after a long day of shopping.Tjank you Buck what an awesome day we had together.

  • Sally

    I would for sure choose yellow Mr Buck. Yellow you see would match the lovely bed linen that I splashed out on 3 years ago and Mr Buck might finally pay for the grey wall paint and white curtains to turn my room from nightmare to boudoir!

  • KayleyPoppet

    Ooh Avocado Green Mr Buck for me (how cool does he sound?!) – I would spend the funds on some fun soft homewares as I am just about to start my first ever adventure as a stay at home mum this year, currently awaiting on the arrival of our first child ?

  • Jersey

    Definitely Blue Buck, and I would use the funds to pay for a trip to see my bestie who I haven’t seen for over a year ๐Ÿ™

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    I wouldn’t mind some green BUCKS in my purse for once ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha *heart starts racing*…..sooooo I’m totally going to be super selfish and spend Mr Bucks on myself. I’m in desperate need of some new clothes and new shoes! I can’t even remember the last time I got new clothes and as for the shoes…I own 3 pairs of thongs. One pair are my good ‘going out’ thongs (bahahaha), one pair for around the house/yard and the other pair are multi purpose (worn around the house but just passable for wearing out haha).Yes, I’m aware how sad that sounds! I need help BAAAAAAAAAAD!

  • Erin

    If I had $500 on a teal green buck card I would put some love back into my bedroom with a mini makeover.

  • Eva Lavelle

    Most definitely the burnt orange…..yes please ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would probably put the $500 away for a rainy day. As much as I like to spend like a demented woman, my $’s are extremely stretched at the moment so having an extra $500 just for emergencies would be an absolute god send.

  • littleangel

    Love it…I would probably pick blue to match my kikki-k diary!! I would love to have $500 to update my wardrobe – haven’t bought clothes for ages!!

  • Rachel

    Avocado green! It’s a delight continually reading your blurbs.. Thank you for putting some light into an otherwise difficult existence! At least I have that to look forward to… Not even going to think what that money could mean to us at such a hard time…

  • Leah

    Teal for me! (Thanks ME!) I just finished a lounge room makeover and had been thinking the bedroom needs to be brought up to scratch!

  • Gitte

    I’d totally choose the green card, love it Mr. Buck. Also love your bedroom make-over and that’s exactly how I would spend the money if I win. Our bedroom needs it badly, worse than yours I promise, and I’d love to make a haven of this place of love, joy, and sleep.

  • Felise Rhodes

    I’d have to go with a greeny Buck (I was hoping for pink, but he seemingly isn’t in to that). And I have a lounge room that is screaming our for some loving- a new bookcase, toy storage and maybe even a print for the wall.

  • Alicia Elliott

    I’d totally go Red, because red goes faster! Haha, also it’s my favourite colour so I wouldn’t be able to resist! I would most likely spend the $500 on some pretty things for our kitchen – it’s the room I spend the most time in as I love baking!

  • Anne Grunbaum

    I’d go with the yellow!
    I would spend the $500 on a bedroom makeover. We went to paining over the boring beige is out of the question. New bright sheets, some throw cushions, new lamps and decor will turn our bedroom into a beautiful place rather than the boring beige box it currently is lol!!

  • Jessica

    Green! I’d buy new curtains. Ours are outdated and old.

  • Sharni Montgomery

    Green! Because it would be gifted money, I would treat myself absolutely luxuriously. I’d purchase matching beautiful lingerie, I’m thinking Parisian style. A piece of jewellery, perhaps one of those layered Samantha Willis necklaces and if there is anything left I think I’d rather like a trip to the day spa where they can either layer me in Mud and pop cucumber on my eyes, or give me a french manicure to match my new undies.

  • Kylie O’Sullivan

    I’d pick the gorgeous turquoise-y colour. As for what I’d spend it on… My bedroom also needs a makeover – it has become a dumping ground since we moved in (2 years ago now) and it desperately needs some tlc. I’m thinking gorgeous table and chair, new lamps, and a bright print. I’d also try to make it extend to our renovation, which is complete but needs the finishing touches of colour and pretties (budget = gone).

  • Bianca Fidock

    Green buck would give me the funds to approach my landlord to ask if I can make over my bathroom. I love the 70’s but a few touches could really bring my shabby washroom into the present with a great retro look!

  • Claire Lenton

    I’m going green, my wallet is definitely lacking the notes of the green variety so buck can fix that void ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I’m going with our bedroom as well, its dark, boring, and unstyled….it should be a retreat to collapse into at the end of our day caring for our 3 children…and maybe i will put in a special security system on the door to keep out the 3 rugrats ^_^

  • Kristy A

    I would love to see Buck in Aqua please. After seeing both your before and after shots, I have realised what my boudoir needs is a fancy headboard! Would love Buck to shout me one please : )

  • Kate Slack

    The green one its my fave colour. I would use the money to create a haven outside in my back yard, I would create a beautiful space for me to relax while watching the kids bouncing around on the trampoline or in the paddling pool. They would probably struggle to get me back inside though!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jade G

    I love the green buck. We’ve recently purchased our first house and are in dire need of new blinds. The old ones are crappy white venetians which are part broken, bent and uncleanable (yes totally made that up, I’ve attempted and they’re not getting cleaner) and this would be a good start to getting new ones.

  • Kirby Madden-Campbell

    I would pick the blue/grey for sure! As for the cashola, I would put it towards the little baby I’ve got kicking around in my belly. Being our first baby I would love to buy it all the lovely (and the necessary) things.
    Thanks for the opportunity! โค๏ธ

  • Goddess

    I can’t open that page so give me any colour you like. And I just clicked on the ‘softest sheets’ link and I am also in love with Adairs, so some supersoft sheets for me too and a great doona cover, I haven’t bought a new one in a million years and only have…..OMG I just realised only one doona cover to choose from. So I guess it is bedroom stuff for me too. And if any left over a small Sonos speaker for the bedroom.

  • I’d love buck in his sexy aqua outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am in desperate need of a bedroom makeover too. I’ve had the same quilt cover since 2012 and its once crisp white colour is looking slightly yellowish now ? We’re about to unexpectedly move house and it’s all been a bit stressful so a fresh bedroom look would be heaven. Some new sheets would be lovely too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Angela Jones

    Green Buck for me ! Would love to spend $500 on some paint for my walls (how exciting am i !!). I’d remove 15 years of handstands (feet and hand marks) and crayon from my walls. Oh the luxury !

  • kforkarli

    What a great pairing with ME Bank. I really like their service. Such a shame the government stopped adding into the First Home Saver Accounts.
    I would definitely take that gorgeous aqua green Buck. I’d spend my $500 on hiking gear and I’m going with my dad who has helped me to choose THE BRIGHTEST hiking gear known to man (enter my Barney the dinosaur purple backpack and fluro pink rain coat…no joke). So, the aqua Buck would be very welcome to join us given his bright colour and the fact he would clash with everything else I had. Top points for high visibility.

  • Angela Skerman

    I’d love Buck in the green!

    I would spend the $500 on updating my daughter’s room. The poor third child, she has a room that both her brother and sister have used before her. It has scratches and scuffs on the walls, carpet that has seen too many accidents, and mismatched furniture. I’d love to give her some new things instead of hand-me-downs from her older siblings.

  • Tammy K

    I’d go a yellow Buck. Coz yellow is my happy colour & Buck would make me happy!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I’d spend my $500 on a Dyson stick vacuum……it’s a sad sad day when you’d choose a vacuum over anything else, but #mumlife, right?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Laura Cheeseman

    The Pineapple Yellow is tempting but I think my heart belongs to the Avocado Green.

    I’d have to spend the majority of the $500 on sensible purchases likes school uniforms and getting the carpets cleaned… And then… WOOL, FABRIC, ALL OF THE CROCHET HOOKS!!

  • Jude

    Oooh, Buck would definitely be Avocado Green here!
    I would spend the $500 on a storage make-over, better storage for the laundry, office, kitchen and our bedroom – including getting all the dogs stuff into their own easy to access areas. I got into bed the other night only to find a dog toy under the doona…and I know I didn’t put it there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ineedacoffee

    Avocado green, such a funky colour

    A new vacuum to replace my 25kg 30year old kirby, bear in mind i hardly scratch 50kg, i can barely move the thing

  • Claire

    The green! Love it! I would take my poor little man away for a weekend he broke his leg 3 days before Xmas and has been miserable and bored and hot and itchy ever since!

  • Rhani Campbell

    I need an avo green buck in my life! ? i would take him out to my nearest KMART (of course) and he would help me make our house more homley! With a few extra boy things for my 2 boys rooms

  • Sheree Smylie

    Avocado Green is too pretty to go past!

    I’d spend the money on something practical and boring like a new entertainment unit to put my tv on and hopefully be able to organize the 5 million kids DVDs we own.

  • marypreston

    The Pineapple Yellow would stand out in my wallet. I like that.

    I would actually buy groceries. The pantry always seem to be empty. Hopefully make the buck go further.

  • Sonia Merciai

    Avocado green for sure! It would compliment my new wallet ?

    I’d buy flights to one of my best friend’s wedding (i’m in Sydney, she’s in Perth). I’ve been dreaming of this day for so long but just don’t know how I’m going to afford it.

  • RCTP

    I would pick the green Buck and as I have a special birthday approaching I would buck the trend of being sensible and be completely “me” about the whole thing! That means stationery I want, makeup I covet, maybe a small piece of jewellery and a scrumptious high tea!

  • Ally Poole

    Avocado for sure! I would spend it on personal training for myself and husband. We need to loose weight and be healthy together for ourselves and family. We used to before our most recent bub and it was so much fun to do it together but we just can’t afford it at the moment

  • Nicole M

    Avocado green for me. It reminds me of mint green which is a softer colour but still quite refreshing.
    I would take Buck and buy a piece of artwork to hang on the bedroom wall – a piece I have wanted to purchase for a while however, haven’t been able to afford. Would be a lovely keepsake.

  • Lucy Fitzgerald

    Ooh, I love it!
    I’d choose the grey/blue! ?
    With $500 I would do a little makeover in my loungeroom (new toy box, so their stuff hopefully stays in one place ? Some cushions and a throw rug for the couch).

  • Tara McIntosh

    Orange appeals, easy to find in the wallet. I would spend the $500 on plants and red mulch to makeover the backyard of the house that my husband and I are trying to sell.

  • Leanne Chester

    Well buck me, what a great make-over, love it. (See what I did there? Insert obligatory winky emoji after that punny effort ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d choose the blue one as it’s the closest to buck-egg blue (oops, again). I’d splurge on some fancy shoes – the blistering kind that must ONLY be worn to sit down events but look “fabulous darling” – and a snazzy new hair-do as these two things are always low on the “parenting priority list”. I’d then take my feet and hair out for a treat of cake because your blog has tutored me well!

  • Deb

    Definitely the blue one. Classic. I would take myself off to the brand new IKEA here in Canberra and cut sick.

  • Lauren

    Having colours to choose from is a little fancy! And honestly, I thought the photo of your before pic was the after pic…you can use that as a gauge as to how terrible my room is! Anyway, I digress. I would definitely choose yellow as it is my favourite colour, and I would use it to buy as many sheet sets as I could!!! We currently have 2&1/2 sets, and the price of good linen is depressing!

  • Michelle

    I would go with the green card as it’s one of my favourite colours. I would buy a new set of sheets (as they can be SO expensive), a new bookcase to hold more of my ever increasing book collection and I would spend some money on craft projects – wool to make rugs for people in need and a long stitch kit I have been eyeing off for a long time

  • Rosie Read

    I would absolutely choose the sunshiney yellow because perhaps it would help me not to feel shopper’s guilt every time I have a bit of a spree! As for what I’d spend it on in my bedroom – new bedside lamps (begone ugly chrome touch lamps), artwork for the walls, stuff that actually matches – I’m a bit all over the shop with my taste in decor and I think focusing on a more cohesive look would make both me and hubby rest so much easier at night!!

  • Barb N

    … I love your bedroom makeover… … a beautiful haven…
    Hugs… Barb xxx

  • Chantelle Mulkearns

    Burnt orange for me! Would stand out in my purse! I would purchase some lovely comfortable pillows to rest my lack of sleep head and a new bed spread, probably from I love linen as I love that site!

  • Sharni Nietrzeba

    I would pick the lovely yellow. If I was lucky enough to win I would give Buck to my younger brother artist Dylan. Who has struggled with anxiety and depression. He is the most generous, helpful, selfless person I know who always puts everyone else first. I would genuinely like to give him something to just spoil himself for once.

  • Hilda Sutcliffe

    I’d go with the green card and I’d spend part of it on a new camera to take better photos and the rest I’d spoil myself with new clothes and perhaps a doona if there’s enough left!

  • Shaz

    Hi Chantell. I would choose orange. Never really liked orange and now I love it. It signifys change, or so ‘they’ tell me! I would put it towards buying a plane ticket to see my 94 yr old mum, who still lives in the UK! ?

  • Alix

    I’d go with orange – the perfect complement to my favourite colour – turquoise. I’d be spending the $500 on new cushions for the loungeroom – I suddenly realised at the end of the holidays that they look really tired and sad. Not a good look!

  • Bec Sutton

    I would defiantly pick the green card and I would put the money towards flights for my mother in law who lives in Canberra to come help me out with my two year old crazed 5am waking non stop talking toddler, then I would go on a coffee date with my girlfriend xx

  • Haylie Durrington

    Oh, the green card is my fave colour!! And what a wonderful, yet simple thing to have your ATM fees returned, they all add up. I would do the same as you and re-vamp our bedroom! Our current sheet sets are from when we first met (um, hello 8yr old sheets!! ?) and now that our children are a little older, I get to really have our bedroom as OUR sanctuary minus sippy cups – and those moments when you stretch out and something touches your foot and you freak out, only to discover a random bear has been tucked in to the botttom of your sheets… for a week. ? lol

  • michelle b

    I would definitely go with the green card and i would buy new clothes. I have put off shopping for clothes for 3 years since my son arrived, in hope that my shape would change or I would be able to lose weight. That hasnt happened, so i think its time i embraced the body i have.

  • Elise j

    I would choose the green card. Why? Because every time I choose new anything, bed spreads, photoframes, towels, I inadvertently pick green ones! I would spend $500 on updating our bedroom like you. We’ve been living together for 3 years and are about to get married so money is tight trying to save for those last minute incidentals. I would love to get some new bedside tables and a new spread that looks a little more grown up!

  • Alexandra

    I think after much deliberation I would be using the red. You see I have just spent the last 6 months on my life renovating it. renovating your life is not as easy as it sounds there is the pushing and the pulling and then the heavy lifting and that’s even before you get out of bed each morning. To be able to also have money too, I don’t know renovate my bedroom with lush new sheets and and soft pillows and nick nacks out the wahzoo. It’s almost enough to make a mother cry to know she can have a place to hide that feels soothing and has clean sheets when the kids have just step on that last nerve and done a dance “usually the highland jig”. So yes RED its empowering and says I am going to do this.

  • Rachel Devine

    I would go green like my American money memories…After eight years of Pretty Australian cash, I still think of all money as green! I would spend the green on shoes for the tween as she now wears grown up lady sized runners which means they cost twice as much as before when she was in kid sizes! Yet she will wear those lady sized shoes to primary school because she is still a kid.

  • Fran Graham

    Definitely the yellow!! It’s so happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I think a bedroom make over for me. I’d love some nice things for us, that match, and aren’t for the kids…. For once ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would go the green. My first purchase would have to be some of those sheets. I need new ones and the worlds softest sheets are definitely appealing. And new pillows, which you are supposed to change every year!? Oops!

  • Elissa

    Definitely the green. We are about to move and I’m chucking all the old crusty bed linen for the whole fam bam! New linens in a new house would be divine!

  • The lack of a pink option is disappointing but I’d probably choose the slate blue as it looks calming and sensible, which might make me consider every purchase with great thought and care. Well, I can hope. I’d like to say I’d put the funds towards sensible things like the dentist and car servicing but really, I’d probably put it towards a new iPhone 6s in rose gold.

  • Bree

    I would choose green/teal. Green is my childhood favourite colour and brings so many happy family memories to mind. I would use him to create a room for my son who is turning nine and wants “a big boy room!” Or maybe the buffet I’ve had my eye on for 6 months……decisions decisions. A girl can dream!

  • AngeB

    I would love a pineapple yellow! I would love some cash to spend on the husby who turns 40 next month. He suggested something ‘low key’ (only because our funds don’t allow anything extravagant at the moment). So I’d take that 500 smackaroos and throw him a special surprise bash that he deserves!

  • sarahle-e

    Green most definitely. My favourite colour and would suit my wallet.

  • Paula Harris

    I’m thinking the green looks pretty spiffy ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s two months today since I had my last cigarette, so guarantee the cash wont be going on in smoke if I’m lucky enough to win hehehe. There are two things I really hate buying…..bed linen and socks (no idea why) and last night I put my foot straight through my sheets so I’d love to replace the sheets on my bed and the kids too. Bahahahaha you can guarantee there will be a toddler jumping on the bed as soon as I make it all pretty too…..if it’s not a toddler it will be a furry feline. Awesome prize Fat Mum Slim (and awesome name too, just gold!!!)

  • Kim Mattsson

    Such a simple decision – Yellow! Summery glorious yellow. I’d buy a nice bright doona, and a throw to revamp our love nest. <3

  • Laura

    I love green… dark, foresty green. I would love to update our sheets and towels (it would be bliss to have matching bath sheets, hand towels and bath mats!). At the moment we are surviving with only one set of very old, rather holey, bed sheets which means I have to get them off, washed, dried and back on the bed all in one day… its exhausting!

  • JJ McCasker

    I would love the money to make our new house a home for my new husband. We married in September and I just love to spoil him! ?

  • Erin Stubbs

    Yellow of course!! I’m just about to finish up running Family Day Care…it’s been a great little experience & super lovely to be home with my daughter for her first 4yrs…but now it’s time for Mumma! $500 would be amazing to spend on lovelies for my house to take it from a looking like child care centre to a lovely HOME! Fingers & toes tightly crossedโ˜บ๏ธ

  • Ness

    Easy – yellow = sunshine = happy
    I’d have to indulge and spend it on a night away in a swanky hotel in the city, cause we don’t do that anymore since we became parents. We just can’t justify it. And this little sunshine, happy card deserves to be spent on something happy!

  • Monica

    Orange – so I wouldn’t lose it in my bag!
    I think I’d have to buy those ‘softest sheets in the world’ and spend the rest on some pampering for myself and the man.

  • Naysie

    Mmm green or blue to ensure I’m sensible or pineapple yellow for pop and fun!!! I have been ‘doona searching’ for a month now – and I found the perfect one on my sister’s bed that she bought but now hates, but alas it’s a queen and we have a king size doona (so much better when sharing on a queen bed!!!) I offered to buy hers as I can’t find it in any stores but too small and now I can’t find it anywhere – although my searching has been limited with school holidays as kids don’t enjoy this shopping!!!! Ours has torn from kids jumping on it, and is slowly deteriorating while I can’t find what I need. I would also like to update my son’s linen, as he’s now a little older than toddler/little boy prints and would like some nice bright and a neutral set for his bedroom.

    • Naysie

      Can I change my answer – YELLOW – and to run away to Fiji of somewhere where I can chill out and not think of the dishwasher that broke yesterday, or the timing belt I need in a month for my car, on top of all the back to school purchases and next bill cycle….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Debbie Yeomans

    I like the green one, it reminds me of Spring and a fresh new start, and with that I would buy myself some lfowers. I love flowers but no-one ever buys me them, so I would buy some myself.

  • Elita Hooper

    Orange- bright and easy to find in my wallet….would spend it on airfare for family trip to Melbourne as I would love to take my boys to see zoo and aquarium as well as ride a train…we have nothing in Tassie and airfares are expensive to get out of here that little orange card would help a lot.

  • Bee Stylin

    The burnt orange because I live in the Pilbara and it reminds me of our glorious red dirt burnt countryside. I would spend the $500 stocking my fridge and making bulk meals for my 2 favourite boys before I go away for health reasons.

  • Emily Goodwin

    I would choose the green! Love it!
    I would spend the $500 on decorating a nursery for our baby girl who is arriving in May. After three boys, I am very much looking forward to decorating a ‘girly’ room! x

  • Jayemel1

    Blue/grey – the exact colour of the old laminate kitchen cupboards my husband has just ripped out in preparation for our new kitchen. I would love $500 to spend on lovely new accessories and dinnerware for the new kitchen once it is finally finished!

  • KateY

    Yellow – a great highlight colour against my green wallet and it matches the new shoes i bought! Perfect happy colour.

  • Michelle Waters

    YELLOW! Almost everywhere you look in my house, you’ll see yellow! It makes you feel bright, even on the bleak days. I’d spend the $500 on exactly what you’ve suggested – making my bedroom my hideaway haven. A place to go and be alone with my thoughts, when the world just won’t leave me alone

  • Rebekah

    I love the Aqua/ green coloured one – the reason being because that colour is one of my favourite colours and would love to deck my place out in that colour. If I won, I would spend the money one decorating my first ever apartment out.

  • Kristen McGlinn

    Definitely the mint/green/aqua one!! Love anything that colour, obsessed is probably more the word to use. Anyway, hard to think what I would spend it on, but my first thought was a bedroom makeover for me and my pixie! Definitely need a lift at the moment and I know being able to get everything I’ve been looking at, especially for my pixies room would be awesome beyond words!! ? ?

  • SonyaS

    Well I always go for purple, but that wasn’t an option. ?. So now I’m feeling a little BLUE!
    I’d spent it on a new couch, something comfy and brand new!.. ?

  • Nerolie

    sunny yellow. I would spend it on fabric. Id love to start my own cute kids clothing business but the cute fabric I love is so exxy! So would love to order some gorgeous custom knit fabric for lil bubby clothes

  • Kate leddick

    Mint! It’s my colour.. In the bubble of newborn I’d happily spend buck on anything and everything nest like.. Like linen and clothes for each of our darlings and me and hub.. And a bottle of champers. Yes please.

  • Tricia Lyn

    i’d choose green. i’m a green girl (green with envy?) Nah, green is my calming colour. Would love to spend $500 thanks to good old Buck! Our house could really do with a paint! Boring i know. But i’m dying to rid of our 80’s lemon coloured walls for some fresh, clean white ones!

  • Joanne Lynn

    I would definitely like the green/aqua card, its the best colour! And I would use the $500 towards a ticket on the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth, which is something I HAVE to do before my visa runs out in July and I leave Australia (for now…I will come back, but who knows when!) I read about the Indian Pacific in the Lonely Planet magazine and few years ago and have wanted to ride it ever since, and I am in Australia on a 12 month visa so now would be the perfect time, if only I had the spare money!

  • Kieren Miller

    Blue…a celebration of my favourite things, the sky the ocean and my blue eyed boys…money is best spent on memories so a road trip to Byron to celebrate all my favourite blues?

  • Tracey H

    Yellow! 2016 is our year to fundraise for our daughters eye gaze computer! So every $ goes towards that right now. Next up, our first family holiday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jgbarrett

    Well as my favourite colour fire-hydrant red is not there I’d have to go for my second favourite the calming blue which is probably a good thing because I would be more inclined to be sensible with the blue and buy new quilt covers, my old ones have been slightly destroyed by my greyhound who likes to bed spin for fun.

  • simone waugh

    Hi Chantelle,
    I would love a yellow Buck in my purse!
    I have been made redundant from my job ( yes, just before Xmas…) and the extra cash would be very helpful over the few weeks left of school holidays… I also wouldn’t mind investing on a couple of new threads for future job interviews.
    Hope 2016 treats us all really well x

  • Renee McKenzie

    I would choose the aqua card as your post has me green with envy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would use the money towards purchasing a new bed!! Have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a couple of years now!!

  • I’d choose the green/Aqua one because it’s my sons favourite colour. I’d use the money to decorate his room – he has just moved from his cot to his ‘big boy bed’ that my amazing hubby is building for him… But now is room looks a little bare after taking all of his baby items out. He loves pirates so it would have to be pirate themed – a place of magic and adventures and incredible dreams.

  • MyInnerPollyanna

    The green one… it’s almost the colour of the ocean when the light hits it on the right angle. I’d book myself an ocean view hotel room, buy new swimmers and new pjs and have a glorious two day break by myself. Sometimes the best thing to do is totally recharge your batteries and that would do it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rachel Garrick

    I would choose green because it’s one of my favourite colours and I would great fully spend the $500 on a new bed frame as ours has a broken leg and needs replacing!

  • Marisa

    I like the green one – it’s very different to any other card in my wallet which is a plus ๐Ÿ˜€
    If I won, I would put it towards our kitchen renovation. We have just finished turning out carport into a dining room and the kitchen is next on the renovation list! We could definitely use it to add a few little tech gadgets that we have been looking at.

  • Racheal M

    Buck me! I’d choose Aqua. A new washing machine or lounge would be “bucking” nice as the old ones are already long overdue to be “bucked out”. Thank you for the competition. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Renee Mantle

    I would choose the blue. It’s such a calm colour and is also my fav. $500 for me would completely reinvigorate the family spaces in our home – our playroom/office and living room. I would finally frame all those amazing family photos we have, get some cool prints, some splashes of green with some plants. Really make them spaces we can enjoy time together and that really reflect our little family.

  • Lee Chapman

    Turquise Buck would be spent on a retaining wall for a new backyard. Our side colourbond fence has the ugly concrete support showing (neighbours yard is higher than ours) and a small retaining wall and beatiful hedges will put the finishing touches on our newly designed backyard (complete with new shed, bike path, plum and lemon trees and lots of grass to play on).

  • Jennifer B.

    I like YELLOW buck: bright and sunny,
    But powdered coffee? Disgusting. Not funny.
    Thinking smooth, creamy, not bitter and with real caffeineโ€ฆโ€ฆ
    I’d buy a proper ESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE!!!

  • Jeanette Lans

    Mint or yellow … they both cheer me up. I too would just like to have new sheets. There’s no nicer feeling that beautiful fresh sheets.

  • Kali Cox

    I would choose Aqua to take my little family away for some pampering by the sea these holidays.
    Many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brooke Fowler

    In lieu of the sunshine at the moment. YELLOW. And book myself into a hotel with a view and recover from what has been a crazy week stuck in the house with the kids! Plenty to fix in the house but would rather fix me first ?

  • Kerry Thompson

    I’d get the yellow card, and I’m pretty sure I would buy some new bedding for my girls (4 and nearly 2) we are about to venture out of a cot and into bunk beds (I think if I can acknowledge that my baby is growing up) and I’d love to make their room a calming zone where they’ll hopefully sleep through the night together – they share a room already, but this is a big step for me…anything left over, I might treat the other half to date night, as a chef he’s currently buggered cooking for the masses and I’d love to take him out and have someone cook something great for him (as opposed to my home dinner creations)

  • Morgan

    I love the yellow! I would never loose it that way! I’d spend it on some new clothes and dinner out for my husband and I!

  • Marian

    Lobster Red! Not only easy on my purse but easy to see when at the checkout. Now that is clever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meg Attwater

    The Aqua Green one – it gives me the Urge to Splurge! Everytime I see it in my purse I will think of something pretty then I will take it out to shop till I drop! would take my mission brown boring bedroom and spruce it up so that when I wake up I will feel wonderful and invigorated!

  • M4RT4

    Yellow or the orange one would be awesome as they both stands out in colour, and summery bright colours. If I am lucky to win this, I will use the $ 500 for a relaxing spa treatment & a few days trip for my family.

  • Ooh I’d pick green because I’d love him to stand out against the blue, red and orange cards that reside in my wallet right now. As for the $$ it is my goal before school goes back to rework my spare bedroom into a beautiful office and Mum space. As the only girl in a house full of boys, with a very small desk in the kitchen corridor (!) I’m firmly in need of my own peaceful workspace. I have the vision, just need some cash! x

  • ooowww I would have to go for the green as that’s my brand colour! No doubt most of what I could would be green or pink..that’s just how it is!!

  • Reen

    I think I’d choose the yellow card, and I’d spend the $500 on updating our bedroom decor because our bedroom does not feel inviting and sleep inducing. Or maybe just removing hubby’s clutter would help?!

  • Jessica Dent

    Who wouldn’t want a yellow one!? A happy colour for a card that makes you happy.
    I would love to take Buck on a date with my Mum. We would lunch like ladies at the Oyster Bar and then we would buy Mum that handbag she has had her eye on but refuses to spend that kind of money on herself.

  • Oh god I need this. I’d choose the green one as with it I’d be a lean green shopping machine! I would actually use it to deck out the garage in our tiny townhouse as my darling fiance can’t work effectively in there due to all of the clutter. He’s such a creative type and I can see that he desperately needs some organising in there to let his creativity shine! He does so much for me now it’s time for me to spoil him <3

  • Jade Mitchell

    I would choose the blue cue the calming effect, I am one of those people that hate fees and seek out my atm… I would put the money towards getting our camper ready for our camping trips in 2016 to Moreton Island and Tasmania

  • Barry Thomas

    Yellow card because The garage she is falling down,

    The mortar doesnโ€™t want to stay around!

    The kitchen she is jerry-built

    The cupboards like to jam and tilt!

    Thereโ€™s no cash here to fix a spot,

    But 500 would help!

  • Nat M

    I like the orange one. My $500 would be spent on ME things… I missed out on my birthday and Christmas because the car broke down and my brother interstate got married. With no money left dad still got presents but it is always mum that goes without. I think ME should spoil ME just once this decade.

  • Lara

    Aqua! It’s one of my favourite colours, but with this money I would finish off my little ones nursery, decorate / furnish the way I’d love it to be!

  • Tymiqua KRichie Hart

    I actually have chosen Green! If I got the chance at $500 I would spend it on my wedding in September. we are struggling to find the money for all the small things we want and it would be great to have a spare $500 for that!

  • Megan Sherrin

    With a green Buck card loaded with a scrumptious $500, I could happily indulge in some ‘me wants’ that I could never normally justify. Firstly I would book into a creative course at somewhere like The School. Their giant knitting class looks like a total hoot! Secondly I would purchase a Polaroid Zip instant mobile printer with heaps of film and go nuts printing some of the thousands of photos screaming for release from my phone’s rapidly reducing data storage!

  • Lara Brown

    Ohh I love the aqua and I so could do with $500 we have had a week of dramas – leak in the roof after all the rain we had, washing machine and dryer died on the same day!!! hello!! went ot cook dinner that night and of course all 3 gas bottles were empty. However I kept perspective as I am Healthy and I have a home, food and children that I love but are driving me crazy .

  • RosslynT

    Mellow yellow for me. I’d spend it ALL on me as being a single Mum of 3 for the past 6 years has meant I have been totally neglected. I share a bedroom with my youngest however I’m sure a few pillows would be a treat and some clothes to make me feel better.


    Orange – I’ll use it for something boring, we’ve got some big gums that need to be cut down & be nice to get the stumps grubbed out too. Any extra will go towards a new BBQ.

  • Ern

    Grey/blue, and if I win the $500 will become an iPad. Think I’m the only person on the planet without one.

  • Di

    Aqua. Vasectomy for hubby……snip, snip, snip!!! It’ll surely be the best gift to us ever, the one that keeps on giving ๐Ÿ˜‰ Money well spent if you ask me!!

  • Norlin Mustapha

    The red (or is that orange?) so I won’t ever miss it in my pink wallet ๐Ÿ˜‰ What will I spend on? Moving house and the kids are older now which means they WON’T be using my furnishings/decorations to play with, so I need to spend it decorating my new home with cushions, vases, fake plants because I am NOT a green thumb and also new plates! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sabrina Martin

    Oooooo I love Buck and I can’t wait to meet him in blue. We would hit the town, taking inspiration from you, and do up my very tired bedroom. Oh the possibilities.

  • Bex

    Green! I would spend it on my hubby. He works so so hard so I can be at home with our little ones and with all our family on the other side of the world he has zero down time. After 6.5 years saving we are now finally looking at owning our own home. There will be no spare money so I would use this to spoil him and let him know just how much he’s appreciated by us <3

  • I would choose the sea green because it is one of my favourite colours – plus such a calming colour (which can only be a good thing when you’re spending cash right!?). If I won, I would spend my $500 on a couple of nights away for our family. Maybe somewhere on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast! It’d be so great to get away for a few days.

  • Kelsey Devine

    The turquoise! And my first stop would be for the softest sheets in the world!

  • Kye

    Buck would have to be the green for me as I got married 2014 and STILL have let legally changed my name to Green?
    Definitely our bedroom needs a make over to turn it into a love nest instead of finding dust bunnies and days old milk bottles under the bed!

  • Tanya

    Aqua.. I’d makeover our bedroom, it’s in desperate need of a fresh new look!! Thanks for the chance to win Chantelle ?

  • Lyndal Griffiths

    I choose the beautiful green one as it matches my eyes. I would like to spend half the money on a new lawn mower because mine has just died which i didnt mind because I dont want to mow but now my lawn looks like a jungle. I would spend the other half on my daughters new obsession, Journey Girl dolls at toys r us, she would be over the moon with some new accessories for her “babies”.

  • Alissa

    I’d pick the charcoal colour. I too would hit up a much needed bedroom makeover!

  • Samara Cassidy

    I would love Buck in blue! I would use some of it to by a desk for my daughter so she can study in her room without her little brother distracting her. Then I would use the rest to buy new sheets and towels for all of us!

  • Becky Lofdahl

    I would choose the green one because it reminds me of the sea and I have a slight obsession with it..OK maybe more than slight..:) I would take buck on a shopping date with me to buy a nice nude or lightly pink lipstick. I would also buy a new water colour for my bedroom from Rare Pear Studio as I love her style. I would take my Mum shopping and buy a beautiful necklace as a thank you for being one super dooper Nana and Mumma. I need to replace my dinner set and frying pan :s And I would also sponsor a child. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have to pay it forward.

    I love the make over and I have my eye on the spot dot pillowcases!

  • meandtheyoung

    That blue/grey card would match nicely with my purse. Also, I completely understand about the forgotten room. Ours is our home office. Just this week I’ve migrated to the kitchen table (which used to be a pet hate of mine – working in the kitchen), but the office needs too much work, and looking at work that needs to be done, while doing work, is a double negative that does not equal a positive. xx

  • jody buhagiar

    The red/ orange so I know exactly where it is!! I would love to makeover my bedroom. Everything has wee and baby vomit not to mention some things that have no name ๐Ÿ™ My kids being older now I want somewhere to relax in prettyness!

  • Krystal Zschech

    I’d go for the Aqua, cause it’s pretty!
    And I would be spending the $$ on a viola for my daughter, who got a free one to borrow from school last year and learned to play and now she wants to continue so we have to buy one, and then with any left over I’d take my hubby out for dinner (which with 5 kids might end up being an order in after they go to bed kinda thing).

  • Elle Hilyard

    I would pick a red card because it wouldn’t get lost in the abyss of my store cards which seem to be mostly blue.
    I would love to spend $500 on me but the practical mum in me knows how much $500 would really help with back to school costs right now. My son seems to go through 4 pairs of shoes in a year!
    Maybe I would sneaky splurge on a set of those sheets though, they sound divine! Love the new room.

  • janine gardiner

    Definitely a green Buck for me, green is my fave colour you see, so calming and clean, it makes me feel like I’m near the sea, I’d buy something delectable, decadent and desirable just for me.

  • Burrupk

    I would go blue / grey. Like you I would spend money on our bedroom. Currently we have paint splattered chipboard on the floor… Why are my children sleeping in beautifully decorated rooms yet mine is a renovators abyss?

  • CityGirlMelb

    turquoise one, I know this sounds odd but I would get a tailored winters coat, I have always dreamed of designing my own coat but the cost has been prohibitive

  • austhome

    Red as that’s the colour of danger and overspending is dangerous, just take a look at my credit card balance.

  • Kimberly Engwicht

    I would definitely go the yellow and spend the $500 on setting up a stationery business so I can be a stay at home mum ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andreea Nicolescu

    yellow..bright and cheery just like how I would be if I was lucky enough, I would use some to help with the back to school madness and after the joyful holidays I would treat myself to a day spa to get me refreshed, and bring another mum along who is also in need of pampering

  • Lucy

    The aqua/green, because it’s calming and refreshing – which is what I would need if I found out I had $500 to spend on whatever I wanted. I would need something to calm me down.

    I would spend it on some new clothes, and some new books. At the end of last year, I promised myself some new clothes as I haven’t been able to afford new clothes since I left school in 2010. And new books, because I deserve to sit and read for a while, because that’s what make me happy.

    Then on Christmas eve, I had a car accident and my car was written off, which means I can no longer afford *anything* let alone new clothes or books. I’m spending every last cent scrounging to pay bills and pay for another car, and even after insurance comes through, all that money will go on to debt.

    I would just like for once, to be able to get myself something that I *want* but don’t need without feeling guilty.

  • Chantel

    The green one as it suits my mood right at this moment – chilled and laid back. I would spend the money on clothes as I have nothing that fits or is remotely fashionable – and spare money always goes on the kids. You know when you go to Bali and get your hair plaited and you arrive back in Australia with said plaits, Bintang tshirt and thongs and you realise how out of this world you must to everyone else in the airport? That is me just having moved back to Perth after 3 years living in the Pilbara and only have a Kmart within 200kms ?????

  • fromthekiwigirl

    Hello style queen..desperately need new summer sheets and pillows for me and my did they get so old. (Rhetorical question inserted here) Green or Yellow Buck Card please..also have a thing for Pineapples, ( pineapple glass and necklace ..oh and shorts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Catie

    I’d choose the green/mint one because it will go with all my everything!! I’d use the money to buy some tools and paint and restore some old furniture I have and use that in my bedroom make over

  • Orange for me and I would spend the money on styling and decorating my desk and office space… I want it to be much more organised and pretty than it is to inspire me to get sh*t done!

  • Alison Lennard

    I’d go Yellow Buck ( he’d match Brad Pitts hair then ) and it would be a little slither of sunshine in my purse.
    Is it wrong to say if I won I’d be totally selfish and spend it all on me. Sparkly Shoes, a pedi, a facial and some new stationary are on the wish list. Just don’t tell the kids, otherwise there would have to be a Lego purchase, or two too!

  • Nicky

    I love the mint one! I’d buy a rug to finally complete my lounge room!

  • Elizabeth Johns

    Green because it’s good to go!
    I’d use the money on either a new vacuum cleaner (completely boring and responsible) or an appointment with a fashion stylist (indulgent and luxurious).

  • Sally

    Yellow because it represents happiness, exactly how I’d feel if I won! I’d buy new bedding covers as I’m way overdue and ours are a little faded and then I’d spend the rest on all the back to school goodies.

  • Amy Fitzpatrick

    Green bucky!! I would love to spend the $500 on a new rug for our loungeroom! Our toddler thinks its made for squishing food into and standing on it!

  • Elizabeth Allen

    I’d chose the yellow one- as its so happy and sunny looking! I desperately need new towels to jazz up my super boring bathroom. So I would use the $500 to buy the most luxurious ones I could find!

  • Ruby

    I would pick green and I would spend $500 on baby stuff! I am due in 15 weeks and have literally bought 1 outfit and 1 jumpsuit for the baby! Must. Get. Organised!

  • Kristen Knight

    I like the mint one – a bit of colour to make my day. Our TV has just died so if I was pragmatic about it I’d say a TV it has to be. But, pragmatism aside I would spoil myself- maybe a day spa…

  • melanie whittle

    greens are my favorite right now so i would go with the mint

  • Sandy Addison

    I like the yellow or orange as those colours always make me smile. I would spend the money on my classroom as l am a brand new teacher and make it a great environment for learning

  • Kellie M

    I’d like my Buck in “Avacado Green” please.
    Hubby and I are long overdue for a date night so why not use the $500 on a weekend away for us, minus our three beautiful yet crazy cherubs.
    I’m thinking couples massage, gold class movie and a night at a lovely hotel in the city. The time spent alone together will be priceless.

  • Kace

    I would choose the Avocado Green Buck Card as green is my favourite colour! I have beautiful 10 week old twins who are growing extremely fast, so there are plenty of things I could spend the $500 on! For example, swimming lessons for when they are old enough, a special Naming Day for them, some cute accessories for their Nursery ????

  • Lauren

    I would chose the green Buck card as it’s pretty and they say green is calming, I need that if I’m going shopping. I would probably follow your lead and try and make myself and my hubby a kid free retreat, a place where we can sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed (without being kicked in the back by little legs)

  • Sue N

    I would choose the yellow one as it reminds me of sunshine and happy days. I would spend the $500 on some beautiful sheets for our bed, maybe linen ones. Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful prize!

  • Melanie Carter

    I would choose that gorgeous green buck – as it coordinates with my wallet! And what to spend it on…. I actually probably can’t go past your idea of refreshing our bedroom space! Post kids, Lord knows it has been neglected….. *ahem*. Poor hubby. Yes, a Lovely adult haven might just be the perfect remedy!

  • Sue Bou

    Green for go! …..go shopping! lol
    I seriously need some new sheets, amongst other things. I’ve never given much thought to actually making my bedroom match, so I think I’d go with your idea & co-ordinate the chaos.

  • Dee VK

    Burnt Orange for me. As much as I would love to say I’d spend it on much needed linen…. The kids and I have missed a time out beach break in since forever so that is what it would go on. A weekend of Sun~Sand~Smiles..
    The linen can wait.

  • Jessika Mason

    Mint Buck for sure! Would love to add some fresh color around the house in time for summer and have a little splurge for myself hehe

  • Krystal Gordon

    I love the mint green one! Wow, so many things I could spend $500 on – long time since I have been able to spend that sort of money in one go! I would LOVE to makeover our bedroom. No styling for almost 10 years should be a crime :/ We also have our 5 year wedding anniversary coming up and I would so love to be able to take hubby back to where we got engaged for a night <3 Oh and undies, I really desperately need new underwear! X

  • Karina Lee

    Love that vibrant orange colour! I would spend the $500 on a much needed baby moon before the little one arrives in April.

  • Kate Cox

    I’d pick the blue, my favourite colour! I would actually revamp my bedroom, which currently is in need of some fresh paint & new linen & make it a more adult haven and less kiddy… sorry kido haha

  • Elise Karisto

    Orange! I would kit out our wardrobes! And buy new sheets (who doesn’t want to snug into that nice fluffy cloud feeling every night)

  • Racheal Kamer

    I’d pick the mint green one. I would spend the money on me!!! I’m trying my hardest to start this year off right and am investing in me and my health. A gym membership is how I’d spend the $500.

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    Mint Buck. My Husband is finally having holidays in a few months and would love to do lots of family adventures on his holiday so the $500 would be spent on that if we are lucky enough to win.

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    I’d love to date buck in green, because all my friends would be green with envy over my new “boyfriend! And I’d follow your lead and buy some decent linen for the bedroom… no more thin, pilling sheets to wreck my beauty sleep.

  • staceyshailer

    I’d love the mustard yellow buck! That colour would be easy to find in my purse when it’s time to pay for my new mattress after 10 years of sleeping on the old one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kyarra Fischer

    Id date the blue buck! I would take him with me to buy some new things to redo our room, maybe finally print off photos of our second born and frame them plus updated photos of both kids (our sons 19 months old and I always forget to print off photos and buy frames. Terrible me!!) Plus spoil myself to a nice new set of pjs so I can have a night to wind down and enjoy the new changes in our revamped room!

  • Roslyn Hack

    I love Mint Buck to join me. The main bathroom is in desperate need of an update, so dear buck do you think it would be possible if you could help me in this ? ?

  • Michelle Brewster

    The avocado green is quite pretty … although Buck, I could have loved you just that little bit more if you came in a shade of pink!”

  • Bex Selkirk

    Definitely blue buck!!! My favorite color is blue any kind of blue i need more blue in my life!!

  • michelle

    Oh I love dove grey, I would love to buy new pillows, and new stone washed doona and a fabulous throw… Bring it on Buck!

  • Irena

    Definitely the orange one, it would never get lost in my wallet being so bright. New bed sheets the same colour as buck would add some pop in the bedroom! Not that sort of pop….

  • Letitia Hedges

    Buck wearing Avocado Green ? I would spend the money on long awaited new linens for my bed and a new overhead cupboard in my teeny tiny kitchen so that I can fit all my crockery, mugs and glasses in without double and triple decker stacking ?

  • Belinda Roberts

    I would choose Buck mint! Our bedroom is crying out for a makeover so I would get a bed cover , pillow cases and lamps. So I would choose the stonewash citrus cover with matching pillow cases from adairs and a pair of scandi spot table lamps from freedom. I also would buy a few delicious scented candles from the joy of soy.

  • Victoria

    I would choose the mint Buck – the colour just makes me happy! We need more of that in the world, people choosing to be happy over the small things. I would spend this on a piece of artwork for my bedroom – I moved into my house 3 years ago and haven’t been able to afford this piece. Always the necessities come first, would be wonderful to have this money to spend on something just for me that will make me happy. Happy is my word for 2016! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lynda Delaney

    Yellow is my favourite colour, reminds me of sunshine. If I won BUCK I would reallyreally really like to treat myself to some new bra’s you know with a proper fitting as I have never had one and really need one plus a new Doona and pillows would be awesome too – something cherry but not too girly as I have to share with my husband too. xx

  • Kristin Doyle

    #mintgreenbuck ?love a bit of mint green on anything! Would love a boudoir make over. My feature is orange trims, inherited from a previous owner.

  • Renรฉe Richards

    I would choose Red (saucy) Buck and spend it on a romantic evening for two. My hubby and I are going through some tough times and it would be nice to go away (who am I kidding, stay in a hotel near our house), dine in a fancy restaurant, drink wine and head to bed about 7 pm and sleep, sleep, sleep. Some quality time, just the two of us, might just help us rekindle what we’ve lost.

  • Nina Foxwell

    Mint Green Buck looks very calming. I would spend the money on my 12 yr old. He’s entering high school and needs an update to his desk and storage to be more ‘teenager-ish’. Hopefully I can create a haven for him to study.

  • I love the colour of mint green – not normally me, I am more of a blue girl but it looks fun and refreshing and I like that. BUCK would have me somewhere knee deep in cushions, throw rugs and homewares – spending up my $500. I love interiors and homewares but its often the thing that is not budgeted for in the weekly breakdown! I would love to be let loose with the cash and update my bedroom with some beautiful new lamps, linen and also the loungeroom. Woo! What fun x

  • Rebecca Medley

    I gotta go with the mint green Buck. I just love that color.
    I would buy art supplies. One of my goals for this year was to focus more on my artwork. There are so many arty things I want to try, but supplies are ridiculously expensive! So that tends tohold me back.

  • CAP83

    I love the mint one. Because there is no pink, I must choose my next favourite colour. If I won 500 bucks, I would probably buy fabric. Some indulgent fabric to make some beautiful clothes. I am in desperate need of new clothes and making clothes is a much better option for me and I know they are really special one of a kind clothes just for me. And it makes my 16yo past self happy knowing that I am still designing and making clothes. She would be thrilled to know I am still following my dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sarah Farrell

    I would choose the yellow one, nice and bright and easy to find in a hurry ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I don’t know what I would spend the money on. I’d like to say I’d buy myself some clothes as its been a while, but most likely I’d buy the kids some cute new outfits ๐Ÿ™‚ the should make them in adult sizes!
    Or maybe a night out with my husband. We could have dinner and talk… About the kids haha. Or maybe a movie so we could sit in silence. Sweet silence.
    But I think $500 could help us achieve all of these things and keep everyone happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Suzanne Pettigrew

    I would choose the yellow Buck that way it would never get lost amongst all the loyalty cards collecting in my purse! If I won the $500 I would use it to get some storage for my wardrobe and if there is enough left over, get rid of my hubby’s batchelor pad red feature wall in the bedroom.

  • Kyah Aitken

    The mint green one – it’s adorable! I’m obsessed with that colour at the moment. As for how I would spend the money – I am moving from Melbourne to Townsville in 12 days, and starting from scratch. It would get spent on a set of knifes, or sheet sets, or a vacuum cleaner or one of the other thousands of things I need! In the mint green colour, of course.

  • Linda Smith

    Yellow card to match my bright yellow car! I’d spend the cash on a mini break – a much-needed weekend away to relax with hubby and my 14mo before my extended maternity leave ends and I head back to work.

  • Casey

    Omg your bedroom makeover looks divine!!! Well done lovely!! Ours is in dire need of a makeover too.
    Hmmmm I think my favourite coloured card is the blue/grey it matches my handbag ?

  • Donna

    This is a very beautiful generous gesture. I would choose red, because it is my second fave colour after purple. Red is the colour of love. I would take my husband away for the weekend, as he has supported me, and his step children since I fell ill last June. I would take my youngest daughter too, as she has never seen the Sydney harbour go bridge or Opera house. A holiday for us is a long way off budget wise, and thet deserve a reward. Bless you xo

  • Bec Cronin

    Blue, so I’d be calm buying new curtains to replace the ones the kids ripped opened the corners to get the weights they though were coins!

  • Netal Singh

    Hands down, mint green. It’s a colour that’s been following me around lately and I’m not sick of it yet!
    It’s a little day dream of mine to spruce up our tiny outdoor courtyard. It wouldn’t take much…
    I’d lay a couple of square metres of astroturf, and race out and buy that gorgeous kiddie sized cocoon chair I’ve been eyeing off. I’d swing past the nursery and choose a nicely shaped money tree plant (for good Feng Shui), perhaps one or two of those colourful crescent shaped garden flags + a few bits and bobs to make my own terrarium for the table as a feature piece. Lastly, with the tiny bit of dosh left over (I’ve done my maths!) I’d grab a bottle of my fav wine and once I’ve finished pulling it all together Backyard Blitz style, I’d sit and enjoy a glass of Rose and admire my handy work. I reckon I could create a pretty schmick sanctuary on a $500 budget thanks to ME Bank!

  • Gillian

    I love the blue-ish buck card, it’s a shade that I adore. If I had $500, I’d spend it on a nice dinner with my family, then afterwards I’d spend it on camera and video/photo editing gear. I wouldn’t be able to get much, but everything I would get would be worth it. I’d get myself a well needed gorilla pod, alongside a proper tripod. Then I would invest in getting Adobe Photoshop/Premiere so I can create more higher quality videos and continue getting better at doing this kind of stuff and carrying out a farfetched dream of mine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lynnette Bull

    Lobster Red for me please. This Buck card would come with us to the Gold Coast in April (I was lucky enough to win a 5 night stay) but saving for flights, travel insurance, hopefully Movieworld and Seaworld tickets, car hire and more before April is going to be a huge task to complete. Hopefully I can spend this Lobster Red Buck card on a Theme Parks 7 day pass for my little family of four. Failing that I would spend it on some drawers for my 4 and 7 year old daughters bedroom

  • Jo Clear

    I would choose the green one (fave colour). If I won I would have to buy new pillows after you said they should be replaced every year, I don’t know how old my pancake pillows are and I don’t want to sleep on them tonight. Ick! Most likely I would also buy something for my little one and then try to remember to buy something nice for me. x

  • Amelia Jane

    I would like the mint Buck. Mint is the colour of the moment, no?, and he would serve as a nice reminder to live in the moment and purchase some clothes for me with $500. Because I have a ten month old baby and I’m still living in maternity gear. Even though I’ve lost all the baby weight (yay me!), it’s just so much easier to deal with the logistics of breastfeeding with the maternity gear. But I’m about to go back to work, and no-one likes vomit-stained clothes in the office, so it’s time for something new. Something that I don’t buy off the internet, which is where all said maternity gear came from (let’s not talk about the pink jeans. they looked good in the picture). Something from a real-life store. And I can’t go into Target, because I’ll never get past the baby section, so I need to go somewhere like Country Road. Even though they have baby clothes too – but I’d never pay $30 for a kids t-shirt when I can get ten for that price from Target. But because I don’t grow out of my clothes every three months (caveat: when not pregnant) and because I’ve never owned anything from Country Road before, I cannot think of a better place to buy something just for me. Not as a mum. But as a me.

  • Kym

    It’s the blue one for me. My word for 2016 is recovery – I’ve had a tough last year (and it’s still going!) with my mum being really sick. On New Year’s Day I realised I need to take care of myself or I’m no good to anyone! Oxygen mask and all that. I’ve realised I haven’t done anything nice for me since well before my boys were born (they’re now 5 and 4). So I would do some self care, pedicure, manicure, massage. And with the leftovers, I would buy myself a nice outfit. And your bedroom makeover looks amazing, so if there’s not much left I would settle for just those sheets! With very little sleep happening, maybe if I was sleeping in clouds it would help. Thank you for the opportunity (and me bank!)

  • Donna

    Mint Green – I can’t get enough of this colour at the moment and I would totally buy those sheets that you are talking about. I’m hoping to get a new bed in the next few weeks and it would be great to get some new bedding to go along with it – your room looks amazing and I am slowly working on pulling my sleeping space together and making it a haven of love and comfort.

  • Katrina Walker

    I’d definitely choose mint!
    I would revamp my bedroom, like you did. We have three kids and my youngest still climbs in or calls out through the night. He’s stolen my pillow so I sleep on a panda pillowcase from kmart with a softer pillow inside. He told me tonight he wants my pillow to keep forever for his birthday. I need a new pillow. I quite like the panda pillowcase but wouldn’t mind upgrading. I’m dreaming of upsizing to a king quilt so my husband quits kicking my side off when he throws his legs out or stealing my side when he wraps it around him and rolls over. Then snores. Option A) kick him out of the bedroom and make it a heavenly womans retreat (with occasional 3y/o visitor)
    Option B) King it, baby! I could also buy all new quilt cover sets to fit AND something to silence the snoring! Happy wife and all that.

    I’d love to have floating shelves with beautiful things displayed as well as photos and a nice piece of art. New bedside tables, i know the mismatched look is occasionally ‘in’ but not for me. My tiny walk in wardrobe would love a little make over so I can take the dresser out and shut the door to hide presents. My bedroom is the only place I have that’s mine. I’d love to fall asleep and wake up in a room that’s adult and cozy. When I don’t wake up in a room with monster trucks, octonauts, a tool bench and a night light, of course. At least I have my panda pillowcase to drag through the house. That’s mine ?

  • Sari Bate

    Definately the green so it stands out in my wallet so Buck is easy to find. My brain would spend the money getting my car in for its long overdue service but my heart would spend it on spoiling myself and my kids.

  • Bec

    I’d definitely go the mint colour, although yellow is a close second! And the money would also go towards a bedroom makeover with bedside tables being top priority as we have none and at LEAST twice a week our morning coffees are lost to beautiful smiling faces jumping on and around our bed!

  • I love aqua buck ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I would buy linen. We haven’t bought any new linen since we got married and recent bouts of worming and nits (sigh, they don’t warn you about those in the parenting manual) made me realize we don’t have enough linen and the ones we have are kind of crappy. Ps: I think your bedroom looks great even in the before stage!

  • Megan Marshall

    Oohhh what a decision… Which colour represents the glory of spending money…
    I would go for the yellow… Bright – Fun – Sunshine
    What to buy? Just embarked on single motherhood this past twelve months… I would buy some great bright homewares to add sunshine to my new pad for me and the kids

  • Lee Parsons

    I’d choose the aqua colour! We already have a Frank to help with the shopping in our household, but Frank is very lonely and would very much enjoy the company of Buck. I think Buck would be very helpful with back to school shopping since Frank doesn’t seem to be a big fan of it (I hear you Frank!).

  • Steph

    The teal card!! You may call it green. Oh it will match my personality. We just moved house 5days before Christmas and I would say I am about half way through unpacking … Hahahaha yeah right. I would love to go shopping for a few home essentials that would tie our home together rather than such a mish mash of clutter accumulated over 7 moves in 7 years. We’re done! This is home unless we move overseas! Did I mention I am on a mission to simplify things? This includes my kids rooms which could also do with some TLC. So it would be money well spent.

  • Cat Bensein

    Ohhhh I like the minty green! I would spend some of the $500 on a fancy new dinner set and the balance on hosting a fabulous dinner party for some friends!

  • MBMum

    Love the mint green colour. And I too would actually update my bedroom. New pillows first, then maybe some paint and artworks to freshen up the walls. In the twelve months since we purchased our house, we’ve managed to paint and decorate the three kids’ bedrooms, however (as usual) we haven’t made any changes to ours. It would be nice to have a bedroom as stylish as our kids.

  • Hazel Morgan

    The burnt orange colour is fab! I’d spend the moolah on making some fun family memories this summer. My youngest starts full time school in Feb and that both saddens and delights me all at once, but time definitely feels like its rushing forwards and more memories need to be made while the kids still think I’m wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Seona Roberts

    Orange please! Because that’s my colour! The $500 would come in handy for my home and garden projects that I have planned for this year…because yes, for once, I am going to start doing things around my house and garden instead if just wishing for them to be done! I have a list and everything stuck to my wall too!

  • Cassie Fearn

    I’d love my buck to wear mint – so retro!! Sticking with the bedroom theme, I would def indulge in the French linen sheets and doona cover that I’ve been dreaming about for about 4 years!!! Thanks ME bank and Buck – you’re the best – and so well dressed!

  • Amanda

    Mint. Mint mint mint mint mint! In fact, mint is what I would spend $500 on because, like you, I would do up our bedroom (we just moved house) because with Baby #2 on the way, if I don’t do it now it won’t get done! And mint is my colour pop of choice currently ๐Ÿ™‚ If I’m going to have to stare at our room and my sleeping husband while I’m up all night nursing, it might as well look stylish ?

  • Claire

    The teal card to manifest with my vision! I would like to purchase something indulgence and frivolous the Kitchen Aid Mixer in Teal. It’s my vision and my reward to indulge in the ultimate cake maker! Coffee and cake for all c xxxxx

  • susan

    Mint. Is it mint or a version of aqua? I like it either way. Especially if it comes with $500! I need a bedroom make over too. Yours is inspiring. I nned new bedside tables as mine are hand me down from my parents. They probably had them when i was born so they’re over 30 years old!

  • Shannon Urquhart

    In my eyes Buck is mint green…he’ll go perfect with my new retro style Compact DSLR that I’m saving for. After {lovely} Christmas gifts that resemble my 21st {towels, cutlery, wine glasses and a candle} I’m saving for something for me {which I will no doubt use to take photos of my lovely family using all my Christmas presents}. ?

  • Jen

    Blue buck for me! I would love an opportunity to give my teeny tiny home office space a makeover – new comfy chair (instead of random old kitchen chair), a few awesome storage solutions to make the space work better and some gorgeous art and stationery to brighten the space up. My home office is where I run my early childhood music class business, booking and planning the classes I run teaching parents and caregivers to sing to their babies and with their children.

  • Cherie Whiting

    I’d chose blue for my card. And I’d spend it on my room too. You think yours is bad….you should see mine. It is nothing but clutter central! I wish I could show you! I took pics to add to this comment, but they wouldn’t load from my phone ๐Ÿ™ My room has a massive TV that doesn’t fit in here, junk on every set of draws and multiple draw handles missing (they keep coming off, and I have no idea where they went!!) The nice bedroom set I brought now needs restaining too. Water damage on both bedside tables and my set had a perfume mishap that ate into the wood ๐Ÿ™ I’d love to sand and restain it, and freshen up this room. It’s become my least favourite in the house now ๐Ÿ™

  • Rachael

    I would choose the blue/grey one on the left. It matches my favourite colours. I would definitely be inclined to spend this money on a bedroom update for both myself and my daughters…share the love!! Thanks!

  • Claire Carnall

    Yellow. Definitely yellow! So sunshiney and bright… my optimistic colour for the new year! I’d love to spend this little Buck on buying all the gorgeous bits of leather and wooden beads I’ve got stored away in my Etsy cart so that i can start making beautiful garlands and necklaces and set up my own online store… something I’ve been wanting to start for a long time but haven’t yet quite had the means to begin.

  • Emma Mapley

    Mint buck for me!
    After three years maternity leave I’m heading back to work soon and after a bit of a weight loss my working wardrobe is in desperate need of an update! Oh and also a lovely grown up handbag for the first time in forever I’d love to not be carrying around a nappy bag or a handbag big enough to cart the kitchen sink!

  • Kirby Molise

    Yellow Buck! I would use the money to buy a double electric breast pump as silly me only bought a single and I am returning to work on Monday but desperately want to be able to pump enough milk to keep breastfeeding my 5 month old bubba!

  • Emma Heyworth

    Mint, because it’s just dreamy. I’d use $500 to decorate the nursery for my first baby, due in June. Hero colour would be mint – of course!

  • Holly Clark

    I think I’d have to go with sunshine yellow too. The other colours are too much like the Medicare card and my regular bank cards. Plus, yellow is a happy colour. Who doesn’t love that?

    My bedroom could do with some decent sheets and pillow cases that match, too. We have one set we bought pre-baby, plus extra pillow cases, but none of it matches. And it’s all grey. Dull. So, I’d buy a decent set of cheerful but husband friendly sheets, and probably use the rest to have a nice evening out with hubby (our first post-baby!), and maybe buy Miss a tonne of new books. She loves books and new ones always make her happy.

  • Kelly GD

    I would pick the mint one. It’s my 2nd fav colour after pink (in all tones!). If was told I had to spend $500 on myself (not the kids ?) I would brighten my bedroom, the last room in the house to get a makeover since buying it 16 years ago ? – cause Mum is always the last priority. I want my inbuilt fixed so I can put away my clothes & not trip over the 4-5 baskets of washing. And some fabulous new bed linen too, of course!!

  • Sophie Owen

    Lobster red! The buck would kick of my 2016 big city change :/ Buck would assist me in moving to Sydney to start my new career and settle into a new place, lovely home accessories purchased with Buck would certainly
    make me feel more at home and feel fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nat

    Definitely mint buck looks like a fun fellow to play with! ? If I was lucky enough to score a date with buck, I would definitely take him shopping to funk my bedroom up.
    I am too ashamed to post a photo as there would denfinately be judgment made, it’s like I’ve stepped into a time machine and travelled back a zillion years so yeah, I’d be taking buck to sort out the bedroom!!! Ps (if my husband is reading this, buck is plastic – you have nothing to Worry about). X

  • Karen Thomas

    I love the mint green Buck. My baby is moving into his room after 6 months next to my bed so I would love a bedroom makeover to lessen the sad I feel…..and to start afresh with less vomit covered bedding and dummies all over.

  • Kylie Roemermann

    The blue/grey card is calling my name. We bought our new house almost four years ago and it was already painted white throughout every single room (and not very well I might add). I’d love to paint the bedrooms myself so that they are more reflective of our own taste. I’m even dreaming about painting in my sleep of late, so I’d love to make those dreams a reality!

  • Kristy H

    Holy Buck! I’d love a Sunshine Yellow – I can safely say that getting cash out at any ATM chews through my cash *sadface* I’d LOVE a matchy matchy kitchen suite. I love my quirky cutlery but I’m ready to put on my grown up pants and throw a fancy dinner party with some lovely new dinnerware <3

  • Nicolette

    Mint Buck for me! ? love the colour (and the flavour tbh). I do believe I would spend the majority on imprint any things like a new car seat for the fast growing 2 year old. But no matter what I think I would have to hold back just enough to purchase myself some of those cloud sheets you mentioned!!! ??โ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธ

  • Karen Hancock

    I would adore a mint card. I would but fluffy towels, that no one would ever be able to use to clean up floor spills. Then delicious pillowcases that have never had milk or drool spilt on them. Then a fluffy rug for those times when my bed fills with little extra bodies and I might just end up on the floor, or said super fluffy spare rug bed. If I had any thing left over I would buy super extravagant soap. The kind that you don’t find pubes on, or tiny smears of poo from smelly boys. That would make me very very happy.

  • Tara

    Oh buck me blue! If I had the 500, I would most definitely spend it on myself. And on myself, I mean my fiancรฉ and kids. Because that is just what happens when you are a mum and get a bit of cash. Can someone say kids winter wardrobe and a massage for the man child !!

  • Lulu

    Hmmm I’d choose the grey one, because it would hopefully not stand out too much in my wallet and scream use me! Like the orange one I have now does!
    $500. Well my husband just got made redundant for the 3rd time in 3 years. Small business economy unfortunately, so I would probably spend a little on a nice dinner out (sans kids), save a little, and donate a little because no matter how tough I think we have it, there is always a stack of other people out there doing it tougher ๐Ÿ™‚ PS My bedroom is exactly the same lol, except my kids like to “decorate” my lamp table with stacks of love letters to me every morning <3

  • Kate

    I’d have to choose the mint one for sure! That way it would match my handbag. Not that I’m currently using my handbag as I’m on maternity leave with Bub #3, but soon when I return to work I’ll pull it out of exile again and ditch the nappy bag once more! Yippee. How would I spend the money? I’d love to treat my family to a weekend away before things get crazy with me back at work. Oh and maybe some new cushions for our couch – ones that don’t have foot prints and grimy hand marks all over them!

  • Katie Gannaway

    Definitely grey. Won’t clash with any outfit, right? ?
    If I had $500 I would buy something for myself (has to happen eventually, right?), a new hiking tent. I work in outdoor recreation and carrying a lighter tent while reigning in a bunch of 15 year olds will help immensely!

  • Hayley Germaine

    Shark blue-grey

  • Hayley Germaine

    Shark blue-grey and i would spend the money on a much needed new doona cover and definitely more pillows! We have twins who end up in our bed every night and a 5 month old now as well! We have a king size bed with bassinet next to it and our bedroom seriously needs to be bought back in to the land of grown ups ?!

  • I’d go for the blue (to match my current hair colour). After reading your post, if I won, I think I’d be buying some of those sheets, you sure had me sold (my current sheets are actually from cotton on kids). I’d probably spend the rest on getting a slow cooker and sodastream, two things at the top of my wishlist.

  • Cat Bald

    I would have to choose the mint colour…love the calming, ocean colives! As for the $500, sticking with the ocean theme, I’d indulge myself in my new favourite hobby and buy a stand up paddle board…such a great way to get outdoors, have fun and keep fit in the beautiful Australian sunshine (after slip, slop, slapping, of course!).

  • Ruth

    Mintish / greenish / tealish colour for me! Our bedroom is always the last place to get tidied and made over as no one sees it except me and hubby!
    I would put the money towards a King size bed with a set of sheets. ?

  • LOVE the yellow buck. Yellow always makes me smile and feel brighter – with all it’s zesty, sunshiney, happy, sunflowery goodness. And I’d use the money to take the family away for a night or two to a hotel down the coast. We didn’t do our usual Summer getaway due to my husband’s recent surgery (the healing time plus the sheer cost of that!) so a little time away from home with the fam bam in the sun would be ever so lovely!
    Happy New Year Chantelle.
    P.S. LOVE your room makeover!

  • Kimberley Smith

    I love the grey as its a neutral pallette for jazzing up my living room. At the moment its over run by kids toys and i want to return it to a family retreat, rather than a toy room that we watch tv in ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love a bank account without silly fees! Bravo MEbank!

  • Alana Waters

    oooo I love the grey/blue very masculine! My date with buck would be all about me! As it should be, the guy is meant to pay right?!?! I would spend the money on sophisticted items to update our guest bedroom. It needs an overhaul, at the moment it is very vanilla, I want to make it a luxurious haven!

  • Monica Winchcombe

    I would pick the Avocado Green card, such a pretty and cheerful colour! I would spend the money on new sneakers and workout gear for myself and my husband to get us motivated for a health kick!

  • Shannon Russell

    I would definitely choose the yellow one! I have spent the summer holidays making-over both of my sons’ bedrooms, mine however still looks like a dumping ground! I just bought myself a yellow and white geometric quilt cover to inject some “happiness” and “sunshine” into the space! I would love to get some uber cute accessories to put the finishing touches to my bedroom to turn it into the peaceful place that we all crave! xx

  • Kate R

    I can see the green one is popular but I like blue – so calming ๐Ÿ™‚ And calm is what I need in my wallet! So many things I could spend $500 on but would probably put it towards the coffee machine my husband is desperate to buy. At least I’d then enjoy the benefits of good coffee at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katypotaty

    Oh hellloooooo Buck! I think I like you in minty green – you seem fresh and fun (but also not neurotic). I’d like to take you shopping for fab stuff for my school office. Fab stuff that is mine, all mine, that the kids (and other teaching staff!) can’t get their greedy mitts on. You know, nice places to out my pens and things. I’d even leave you a little cash to buy yourself something nice too, Buck. I’m generous like that.

  • Danimezza

    Bedroom rocks Telle! Id get a yellow Buck card because it’s such a happy colour and “no fees” makes me feel like sunbeams are coming out of my face! I’d use Buck’s very generous $500 to buy a new sewing machine because I’m obsessed with making my own clothes but my 11yr old machine has died. Who knows, it could be the start of a new custom plus size dresses business!

  • Em Ross – Aarons

    I’d choose the pineapple yellow,it’s bright and I’d be able to find it in my purse.
    I would spend the $500 on a bedroom make over.
    I have a new king size bed room suite arriving in a few weeks,and need all new linen and some nice decor.
    Having kids makes you put yourself last (wouldn’t have it any other way ).
    It would be nice

  • Meg Bayliss

    I would choose the cool blue grey one, and then heat him up with quite the workout. He’d help me finish my kitchen which has been nearly complete for about two years. Then if there was leftover maybe a fun family day out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jane Beth

    Holey Buck! I’m loving that mint one sick! It’s the same colour as my wallet too (fate). If I won the 500 bucks (see what I did there) I would either put it into an our engagement ring fund currently at $1000 (5.5yrs we’ve been together) or save it to buy some new clothes as I’m having weightloss surgery in 4 weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sarah White

    What the buck! Such a brilliant little creation from our friends at ME and in a gorgeous pineapple yellow. A little ray of sunshine! Actually, you had me at will pay any ATM fees Australian wide… I mean seriously, that’s bucking genius. So $500 would be a dream right now and would go towards a necklace that represents my gorgeous family with some left over for some wall art for my kitchen and… the buck doesn’t stop there, even a new cover for my bed. Oh Buck, please be mine โค๏ธ

  • Cathy Ireland

    I would choose the the bright yellow one as it’s a happy colour and I would like to gift it to my 15 year old daughter. She has had a crappy 2nd hand double bed for a few years and I’ve just bought her a ‘new’ (although still 2nd hand) double bed while she’s been away as a surprise. She is desperate to decorate her room in a black and white theme and the ‘new’ bed is the start of the plan. The walls needs paint and the bed needs dressing and I’m sure she could find a few other cool things to decorate with.

  • Linda

    I love the mint green card! I’d use it to buy myself some new clothes. Yesterday my 12 year old son commented that I always wear the same top every day and he was backed up by my 10 year old daughter who agreed. Well they’re right, not every day but probably 2 or 3 times a week. I told them they are lucky that they have enough clothes to wear and said I’d try to save up for a new top or two!

  • mishy

    I would choose the mint green, because (a) it matches my purse, (b) it is one of my favourite colours and (c) it reminds me of choc mint ice-cream (and that makes me happy. Plus buying new things makes me happy, so double happiness!). The $500 would be spent on new items around the house to re-place the worn out, second hand, and shabby decor. It would be a breath of fresh air for 2016!

  • Mel Campbell

    What a little ray of sunshine! Would definitely choose the yellow card to brighten up my wallet. I got engaged at the end of last year so am in the process of engagement party organising. Would love to spend the money on some rustic decorations for our party ??

  • Faith Wedrat

    Def buck in mint green, my favorite flavor icecream!!
    What mum wouldn’t love a free $500 to use. I would probs be found with my mint green buck at Kmart (so much cool new stuff coming in), my husband says I should have shares in the company!

  • Wendy

    Ooh probably the serene green one as there is no purple ๐Ÿ™ I would love to do what you have done as I have similar problems with child invading (and this morning vomiting ) in my bed ๐Ÿ™ I have washed the sheets and the door ah and the cover but would love some new new ones! Buck me!

  • Janita Reardon

    Definitely the green coloured Buck!
    I would love to use it for a bedroom makeover too. I’ve been in this house for 2 years and would love to get rid of the daggy curtains and have things that mix and match.

  • sera

    I like the mint green.

    I’d spend it on updating my lounge room. It’s in serious need of colour and uplift.. invest in some canvased prints of my family, new throw for my glider, cushions!! A rug even…

  • Fiona Bolton

    Blue buck for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Argh where do I start?! I desperately need a bedroom makeover, a me makeover, a weekend away, or even a cleaner for a day! I have 2 crazy children that consume my life; day and night (as they do), it’s been such a long time since I’ve treated myself, while I am unsure what to do at this point I promise I could soooo spend that $500 wisely!

  • VioletMatheson

    My fave is the aqua/mint/teal/greenish bluey/whatever it is one. I am desperate for towels. Towels that MATCH EACH OTHER. We are still using towels that we got for engagement presents 8 years ago. They look weird, out of shape, have weird marks that won’t soak out, bleach spots…. And there are only two of each towel. Because I have hair down to the ground I need 2 towels and then hubby needs 1. So we never have matching towels. Oh and most of the towel sets don’t even have a matching hand towels or floor mats. So at any one time I can have on display items from 6 different towel sets. I am over it. I want full sets of matching stuff. Heck yes.

  • S H

    Any colour would be great, but the red reminds me of the English flag which is significant right now. The $500 would help my family of four get to London in April to run the London marathon to raise funds for the Stillbirth Foundation in honour of my daughter Hope who was stillborn at 41 weeks after a healthy pregnancy in 2008. We committed to raising $10,000 but have raised $12,000 already. However we are struggling to afford our travel expenses. $500 might help get us a couple of passports at least, as none of us have them, and they will come in quite handy, obviously!

  • Michelle Green

    Oh the mint green one is divine…and since $100 bills here are green, that’s a good reminder that the buck Debit Mastercard is all about *immediate* cash on hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d actually use the money to give my wardrobe a serious overhaul. You see, January is all about outfitting my kids (triplets) for school – shoes, uniforms, books, digital bits, and enough hair ties in exactly the right colour. “Enough” of course means if I was stranded on a desert island, I could weave those hair ties together to make a raft and sail home to safety (or just sail to the nearest decent coffee place.) (Make mine a double, with that croissant, thanks.) So come February, I’m going to splash out with my win from Mastercard/FMS and buy myself some decent undies. And some super squishy nice socks. And some shirts with a bit of shape to them rather than the “one size fits you 5 years ago” ones I’ve got now. Who knows, I might even be brave enough to buy a new bra with an underwire which is not trying to stab me to death each day.

    …and if there’s any money left over after all that, I really will sail (okay, more like straggle) my way to the nearest nice coffee place to get myself that latte and croissant. Might even invite the kids to join me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bec Kleinschmidt

    I would pick mint green. I am a Reiki Practitioner and I work with crystals with my healing and guidance, crystals have vibrational energy and are divine to work with. My daughter works with reiki and crystals as well, healing animals. So I would take her and we would source out the crystals we needed to help others, two and four legged.

  • KylieD

    Blue! It will look beautiful in the (utterly divine) Oroton wallet that recently arrived in my life.

    Ohhh $500, what a thrill that would be. I would grab my friend (the one with impeccable taste) and go rug shopping for the perfect piece for my living room. I’ve been putting it off for 2 years because it’s such a Big Commitment but I think I’m ready ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jodie McDonald

    Well hello there mr orange buck, do you want to hit the shops with me, lets start off with a new coverlet in the grown ups room & then some shopping for new pillows & then we’ll go get some new bedside tables. If there is any $$$$ left, which we highly doubt but we may just let the kids go shoppin

  • Rach

    I would pick the yellow it’s so cheerful ๐Ÿ™‚ I have just lost over 50 kilos so it would be so great to be able to buy some new clothes and take the hubby out for a night on the town to celebrate a healthier me, a healthier us

  • Liz

    I’d go green – green means go (and in this case, go spend $500!)
    I’d try and do too much with it – spend in on all the things I want and don’t splurge on. I’d have to seriously consider doing what you did and go sheet and pillow shopping. Our sheets are almost threadbare and our 2 rotating doona covers are from our wedding almost 11yrs ago!!
    But what I’d really selfishly love to do is buy some millinery materials to indulge a little hat making hobby that I have that comes somewhere behind intermittent paid work and 4 kids … I do love it so much when I get the chance to make hats (I’m just always so scared to cut/ruin the materials I have because they are expensive …) This would be a free pass to buy some and play!

  • Fiona Kent

    Dearest Buck I’m sure you can guide me to find some delightful additions to the Master Bedroom. I do trust your judgement after seeing the previous photos. Firstly, I’d like to locate practical, yet more aesethically pleasing bedside lamps than the el cheapo practico ones that my dearly beloved brought home. I’d like these in a colour that links to my (currently) favourite art piece – The Dragonfly. And while we are on the lookout for those, how about some sliding cupboard doors to replace the ghastly handled swinging ones we currently have? Then we could move on to the manchester isles for a particular sea green coloured quilt cover that matches the art works that adorn the walls. And should we have scored absolute bargains with the items previous, how about yet another set of fabulous 1000+ count cotton sateen sheets? Perhaps these could be in a bark colour, much like that of a lemon scented gum, like the wings of the dragonfly.

  • Karly Kirk

    Totes green! Green for go, go, go gadget arms and spending and no ATM fees. Yeh!
    I feel inspired by the gorgy sheets so maybe sheets!

  • Katie Simpson

    I’d choose yellow because yellow makes me happy, and so does the idea of having $500 to spend on some furniture to make our crayon/snot/banana encrusted home a bit well… Less crusty! ?

  • Amber Robinson

    I would totally choose yellow! My favourite colour, the happiest colour in the world!

    Gosh, $500 would go far for me. It would take me a long time to save that and then I usually end up spending it on something necessary (boring), like bills, and never on myself. So I would probably choose to take myself on a little shopping spree 100% for me! Buy those parenthood DVDs I eye off every time I see them, those new clothes I want but get around to making it a priority….heck, I’d probably also go to the hairdresser, which is a very very {read never happens} treat! This mummy of 4 would throughly enjoy a date with Buck!

  • Jodie Mackay

    Shark Blue-Grey. I would love to buy some sun lounges for our new deck!!

  • Amy Garrow

    avocado green! i would spend it on a bedroom makeover. i haven’t bought new bedding since our wedding. I’m down to 1 sheet! not ideal with kids in the house.

  • julia

    Color me blue. I think I would buy new sheets and a quilt. Maybe even a new coat of paint on the walls. Peeling paint is not a good look.

  • Anna

    Blue!!! I’d have a red hot go at making my tacky looking bedroom half as flash as yours, and then I’d be laughing. All the way to bed!! ?

  • Isabeau Jane

    I love the minty coloured one! Super close to my favourite colour turquoise!! I’d want to flash him around everywhere and everyone would be jealous!!

  • AlisonF

    Lobster red for me, it would be so matchy matchy with my wallet and I’m sure many people would comment on the colour. For me I would love to use the money to visit my best friend in another state, it’s feels like so long that we have had a girls weekend away and pampered ourselves.

  • Skye Kottachchi

    It would have to be mint green/turquoise for my Buck, it would fit in perfectly with our decor!
    And since i just got married and we’re about to move into our marital home, my $500 would go toward a few new bits and pieces to pretty up our first house!

  • Meredith Gordon

    The yellow one waaaasss tempting….but I couldn’t pass the mint one – so cool and refreshing looking…
    I’ve recently caught the sewing bug, and fabric is expensive! So I’d go on a mad fabric shop…and a much needed date with the hubs!!

  • Erin Stickman

    I love a sunburnt orange card
    That brings the cash to ME
    Choosing what to buy is hard
    Maybe books and a DVD?

    What about some new kitchen stuff
    Or the bathroom or study?
    Man, the decision’s tough…
    I might settle on new jewellery!

  • Marissa

    Definately mint. The Mint is where the money’s made. Need I say more. I would buy my hubby a coffee machine for his birthday. At the moment I can only afford to take him out for coffee.

  • Colleen

    Hands down, the mint! The mint is MINT! And given that we are just about to purchase our first home – SQUUEEEAAALLLL!!!!!- $500 would go towards making my children’s room’s actually look like children’s rooms! Living in a rental has limited what I can do so I’d love to decorate the way I want and not be told I can’t do that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emma Bruce

    I love the mint green one! $500….. I have just moved the length of Queensland yep from the top to the bottom and bought my first home and expecting our first baby in 8 weeks! I would spend the money probably on decorating the rooms in our house especially baby’s room as they are very bare at the moment or towards some Reno materials. Oh $500 would be amazing!

  • tizz lipp

    Love the blue!! Love to inspire my bedroom with a new look. Cushions, new colour to inject some fun!

  • Gemma

    A yellow one would be soooo good! Please! The practical side of me says I would put it towards practical things but gee I’d love the pick me up of a fresh bedroom makeover too.

  • Kathryn Jewkes

    Oh the mint is so pretty and that’s what I would choose. I wouldn’t know where to start with the money. There is so much that my family need. Would I be selfish and buy myself some new exercise gear or would I help my family with the things we need, mechanic fees, dentist appointments etc? Maybe a little bit of both.

  • Sandy

    I love the Mint one! Delicious. I would spend the money on a do-over for my son’s room because five minutes ago he was my baby and now he’s 15 and towering above me. He’s outgrown the room he’s in and I’d love to create a more grown up haven for him. Deep down he’ll always be my baby but I want him to have a space where he can really be himself, x

  • Karen Martin

    I would probably choose the yellow as it shouts happiness from my purse would be begging me to spend money! I would definitely put it towards a new couch. The one I have is a hand me down from my brother who got it as a hand me down from my grandmother – yes my living room doesn’t just need a style makeover but a whole generational taste transplant. I have visions of being Tara Dennis wandering the aisles of Plush picking out a gorgeous new couch that I can snuggle up on and watch endless episodes of Downton Abbey while sipping tea and eating scones. Yes I am slightly mad… It comes from sitting on a horrible couch for too long.

  • Karen Edwards

    Oh I love the green. We’re moving to a bigger house soon yay!!! So excited I’d love to spend the money on a playroom for my 3 children with a homework area and a fun space to get creative Kmart have the cutest little chairs and table that I’ve been eyeing off forever but we just haven’t had the room oh and a wooden play kitchen hours of FUN.

  • The green (avocado? mint?) is my favourite here as well.

    I’d spend all 500 big ones on my dining room, which is currently a barren wasteland with gorgeous hardwood floors – a dining table with no chairs – and in real danger of becoming a laundry room/dumping ground. I’d actually like to be able to eat meals in there.

  • Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    Red, every time! If I won, I would probably buy a stack of multi-graft fruit trees as I love to grow my own fruit and veg and have been wanting to teach my kids about the benefits of growing our own produce.

  • megan cesaro

    Id have to say Avocado Green, what ive been wanting to do for a while is have some professional photos taken of me & my kids & my partner & his kids. Some of us…some of them….some for all of us. One of us is always behind the camera & its been some years since ive had any done…..thats what i woukd spend the $500 on…..and big prints so we can look at them….have to be big there are 8 of us all together!

  • Lauren McAdam

    The Avocado Green resonates with my soul!!! โ˜บ I love the Avocado Green and as well as being a hip and cool card…the $500 would be perfect to spend on flights for my dream trip to Puhket, which I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl!

  • Kellie Herbert

    The mint one. Gorgeous, fresh colour.
    I’d spend the money on new carpet in my bedroom. Toilet training my youngest has been a nightmare. He will only use the ensuite hence the bedroom carpet woes?

  • Carice

    Mint. It’s unlike any other card in my wallet and my all time favourite colour. I would spend the $500 on redecorating our bedroom and spoiling my husband. All our money seems to go straight to bills. He works so hard to keep the family financially stable. Definitely deserves a bit of spoiling!

  • Brianna Kent

    Yellow for sure as its my favourite colour. I would actually makeover my bedroom as I am back home living in my childhood bedroom but now it also has to fit my sewing stuff. I would also update my kids room as my youngest two desperately need new beds as they are outgrowing their toddler beds.

  • Kendall Pickering

    I think I’d choose the shark grey one as there’s no PINK! ! I would use the money on my own bedroom makeover. I never seem to spend any money on myself so our room is a mismatch of furniture and random bedding and clothes everywhere! I want it to be pretty and airy and fresh! Great comp โ˜บ

  • Jon Rolfe

    Red (or is it orange? Hard to tell lol) and Id spend it on travel to the U.S.!

  • Melissa-Lea Meyer

    I would get a Avocado Green BUCK card. Purely because i have no cards in the my wallet that colour so that way it would stand out. I am currently trying to lose weight and if I won I would love to spoil myself with some new clothes. Being a single mum I always feel a bit selfish when I splurge on myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kay88bl

    Oooo a minty green buck! Would match my wallet nicely! (A girls gotta be matching!) I’d spend $500 on some nursery decor for bubba #2.

  • KT80

    Definitely the mint green! I would spend it at IKEA! We have been renovating our house and are in desperate need of some bookshelves or cupboard spacing. This would help me to finish off a room ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elle

    Oh my card would be yellow for sure! It’s my favourite colour and what prompted me to click your post. We are moving house this week so home wares & wall prints (artworks and family photos) would be my shopping list. I can’t wait to decorate our new place and make it feel like home!

  • Mint! With $500 I’d hire a cleaner to all the shit jobs for me and buy everything in the home decor section of Kmart. Seriously, the buyer for Kmart deserves a bonus, they’re on point ??

  • Cindy Rowsthorne

    Id love the bluey greyish one please! Oh and id also love a bedroom makeover. We’ve just bought a new house and id love a new bedroom to go with it. Sheets would be the first thing on my list as my white sheets I have now are not so white anymore ?

  • Deirdre Healey

    100% mint! Such a cool colour for a card!
    I’d go to heaven (kmart) and definitely deck my kids bedroom and spare room in all the groovy stuff Kmart has! I’d most likely have change to spend on my bedroom too! Oh and some new lounge cushions!

  • Lynelle Frame

    Mint, it’s the cutest!
    I have had visitors staying over the holidays and until they came I didn’t realise that I only had one set of sheets that were presentable enough to put on their bed!!! So it’s cloud sheets for me too, maybe even a few sets! Aaaah the bliss! โ˜๏ธ?โ˜๏ธ?โ˜๏ธ

  • Shannan Bailey

    I’d love to spend $500 on family memberships to the zoo, museum and the swimming pool with my new “sunshine yellow” buck card. Spending quality time with my little family means the world to me.

  • I’d chose the blue card & as for what to spend the money on, the possibilities are endless but I think I’d like to use it for a mini getaway. It’s been sooooo looong since we’ve had a holiday & it’s much needed so besides deciding on where to go, the next biggest decision becomes with or without the kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Georgi Bah

    I’d definitely pick yellow, so fun! Where to start! I could do so much for my house/family/kids but I’m going to say I’d take that bad boy straight to buy some new clothes for myself. Yes please! ??

  • Jasmin Clear

    I love the yellow. I would spend it updating the kids rooms

  • Liz A

    Hey Mummy warBucks! Loved your “before” pic anyway. Mint green Buck (more Hemsworthy looking in my mind) would make my sewing nook!

  • Julz Lean

    I’d get the blue one so its a different colour to other cards in my wallet! Then you always find the right card fast. I’d use the money to update my sons bedroom it’s the whole primary to high school transition! He needs a much more grown up feel for a soon to be teenager.

  • Maria

    I would have to choose the minty/aqua one as it the super star colour of my heart ? I would use the dollars to update my bed linens and get a few decor pieces for my bedroom

  • Yellow for sure. Happy and yellow go hand in hand and who isn’t happy shopping for what their heart desires. Buck and I will be going on a quest to somewhere like Provincial and putting funds towards a big, white, kitchen dresser. Oh my!!

  • Jennifer

    I would love the avacado green ? I would spend it on updating my lounge room hello Moroccan ottoman ? & a few items to complete my kids rooms ? Xx

  • I LUURVE the mint green colour! Gorgeous. I got a bike for Christmas so would use the $500 for a toddler seat for the back, a helmet for my little man and a bike lock for my little girl so we can all ride to and from school. Speaking of which, any leftover funds would go towards school stuff. She starts prep this year! Gah!

  • Thelordswaitress

    I would totally go the green one!! And I’d be using the money to update my study space!! My current desk is a little tired and really needs to retire ?

  • Kristy Annett

    The orange looks like fun, and I’d indulge in a much needed night out with my hubby! I picturing pre dinner drinks, a long romantic dinner and a driver to take us home! Man, a girl can dream, right?

  • kylie

    If the fantastic stats dont impress Hubby, the colour of the Blue will, okay a colour wont take away the grumpy if i overspend but Oh well. I would also do a bedroom makeover. Heck I am jealous of your before shot. thanks so much for the chance

  • Kylie Macmillan

    I would definitely chose the yellow card, it represents sunshine and happiness to me!
    I would spend the money on a perfect date night with the husband. And if money stretches that far, once our newborn is out of the bassinet in our room, changing the decor in our room back into an “adult” space! Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bec Wood

    Mellow yellow would be my choice of card colour! And I’d take that little ray of sunshine to treat myself to a bit of girly pampering then go and buy myself some funky new threads….and I’d even shout my dearest a new shirt or 2!???

  • Amy Price-Wilson

    I’d love the Mint one ?
    We just got a king bed (finally upgraded our over 10yo bed, because we often end up with all 3 kids in the bad with us) and we need new blankets and linen to go on it that actually fit (still using the Queen stuff). I’d also get some paont so we can make our old bedroom furniture match the new bed and I’d definitely sneak in some new clothes for my husband and I.

  • Melissa O’Brien

    Definitely yellow! I love it. Our lounge room/office is in desperate need of some styling. We have thrown all our attention to the kids lounge area,and bedrooms and now our supposed parent retreat area is seriously lacking. Thank you for running this competition and giving us the chance to enter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emma

    I want to sleep over its so lovely! I like the yellow one, so happy looking and also super easy to spot when the youngest takes it into the play market/kitchen and empties it out! I’d start with a new wallet in a nice colour for the same reason and then try to make our lounge room a better cross between I look acceptable and I am the main play area because at the moment it’s not working too well!

  • May Lee

    I would choose the minty green buck card! And I’d spend the money on a Lego space port set for my DS, a cool cycling related item for hubby and a nice pair of sandals for me.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  • Jess

    The mint one and we would spend it setting up baby no twos bedroom. Things are pretty tight atm and this would really help us out ?

  • Rachel

    I would love the mint one! Reminds me of the Tiffany jewellery box and is my fav colour at the moment! Love it!

  • Emily&Co

    The mint buck card is for me! We are about to embark on a renovation/extension with my mum and after drastic redraws of plans etc and a tight budget we may end up with a fab new house with zero money for styling for her and my family (inclusive of our 3 kidlets)! So this would be great?

  • Kylie

    I would choose the mint one.
    I would use the money to change my front room to a reading room. I saw a photo of a reading chair and acour organised book shelf on the fms_photoaday challenge and I felt a real yearning to make a room like that. Maybe because I’m still nursing my 2yo DD so feel a need for s place that is JUST FOR ME.

  • Tracey Sharp

    Definitely the mint/aqua one! So cute! And I would spend my $500 on so many things!
    1# Mummy and Daddy date (baby free of course cos we all need time out)
    2# Go shopping for decor for my rental house to make it feel more like mine
    3# Get my hair done so I dont feel like a mumzombie dragged out of bed backwards
    4# Buy something nice for my partner for always thinking of me and helping me.

  • Megan Barnes

    I would definitely love the aqua one. I would spend the $500 doing up my bedroom to make super relaxing and buying materials to build my own bed (so much cheaper then buying a king bed?) and getting out and probably putting on numerous laybys before baby #2 comes. ?

  • Kath

    Mint/Aqua! I would spend the money on doing up my bedroom too! With four kids this little room has been neglected for far too long and we are desperate for a built in wardrobe! My clothes and other belongings are out of control and I would love to have a place that is just for me to relax!

  • Belle Mitchener

    Green for me please so every time I look at my buck I have the green light to use him! My $500 would be spent half on me (massage and a facial) cos every mum deserves some relaxing time out and half on my family as a night/weekend accommodation to celebrate our wedding anniversary and bubs first birthday.

  • Cherri

    Id use the mint one. Closest there is to teal my fave colour of late.. aside from purple! Id use this money in my bedroom too. I wouldn’t use it like you have Chantelle, although I do love those fluffy/non fluffy pillows! Id use it to replace my floor boards.. termites got hungry and decided my floor boards were appetizing. Its become a little like a mine field in here.. which is a real bummer as Ive been working on making my room more calming.

  • Alyce Singline

    id love the mint one. IF i won $500 I would go out and buy a new tv unit and matching sure board to re do my lounge with – the current furniture is almost 10 years old

  • Louise Carseldine

    I’d definitely pick the yellow and spend my loot on storage shelving & baskets etc to keep me off Hoarders for another year. And dog toys, because you always need dog toys. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sam

    I love the yellow!! Winning this would be super awesome and i would spend the money on some fabric to make some new dresses as well as a mini break night at the coast with the family before school goes back!!

  • Angie Vallance

    I love red, its my favourite colour. I like the blue/grey one though but i think since red is my colour, I’m choosing red. Yes red it is!
    We need to fix our back yard. It looks lije a tip. It is snall and we need low maintenance, the money would go towards redoing the pavers and adding on to them. We might even spend the money on a new fence. Either or, but it will be put to good use.

  • Erin Mitchell

    I love the blue buck. I would use the money to buy flights to Melbourne to visit my family for Easter. I haven’t seen sisters since January 2015 and my mum since July 2015.

  • Tracey Bentley

    I’d pick mint (aqua?) Because it would never get lost among the boring grey, blue and red cards littering my purse! I’d spend $500 on pampering for myself – I’m currently in the last trimester of my second pregnancy and boy do i feel so much more broken than the first time around! I need someone to rub my back and give my poor feet some love.

  • Nadia Mencarelli

    I love the orange one and I would spend the money on my partner. He works incredibly long hours so I can be a stay at home mum to our little girl and even though he’s exhausted, he comes home every night and sweeps us into his arms and tells us that it’s all worth it because he has us. I’d love to get him a dive package for our mini holiday in Fiji because under water is his heaven, his peace and I know there isn’t anyone more deserving than him!

  • Kassie Anderson

    Ooo I love the mint one! If I had a spar 500$, I would buy the curtains that I’m slowly putting up everywhere, some flowers and vases that are vibrant and fake because the bf is allergic… haha Beautiful pillows and a lush bedspread that would make me want to stay in there all dayyyy!

  • Diane Heriot

    Orange please. I would love to get my husband a new pair of glasses and a spare pair in case he loses them again. I would love to buy some groceries, stock up on pet mince and felix cat food so we can last more than a week.

  • Sherrealle Hanley

    I’d also have to go with yellow because it’s bright and fun and if a bright yellow card can’t cheer you up what can! Plus its one of my favourite colours!

    I would totally use it on a mummy wardrobe makeover. Had bub no 2 11 weeks ago and my staple clothes got stretched and worn a lot whilst pregnant and totally need some undies that fit now there is isn’t a bump (saggy butt pants anyone??) plus my all time fav pre pregnancy jeans just dont quite fit yet! Oh to have some non stretched clothes!

  • Alicia

    The mint for me. I’d spend it on my kids rooms, they are both entering that tween era and their linens and decor still look like the bedroom of a 5 year old. Miss matched and a craze colour with a complete lack of storage.

  • Sue

    Orange for the WIN every time I would pick orange. I would take my partner and our twins to the fabric shop and let the carnage begin. Between two 5 year olds and a grown up its amazing the total at the register but it creates their clothes, toys, they make quilts together, they make doll outfits, bags etc but most importantly the get time together to be creative and have fun. I don’t like to see but I love to watch the three of them hanging out and sewing… I’ll just pop in with snacks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jessica Frost

    The mint card is really cute. If I won, i’d finally do that whole ‘capsule wardrobe’ thing everyone has been talking about for ages and I’ve never got around to doing.

  • Sarah West

    I’d choose the mint. I’d love to use the money to pay a pager to finish my crossover for my new house. Then the developer will start the garden works and nice GREEN grass for the front of my property ?

  • Bethany Newnham

    I’d choose the green one and use the money to buy a brand new bed with the storage underneath or a buffet for the hall as my apartment is seriously lacking on the storage front!

  • Bethany Rose

    I’d choose the green one and use the money to buy a brand new bed with the storage underneath, a buffet for the hall or a double cupboard for my laundry as my apartment is seriously lacking on the storage front!

  • Orange for me. I am obsessed! If you gifted me the $500 i would invest in our IT nook/homework station. I have dreams of reclaimed timber floating bench with floating shelves above, with a funky stool. Unfortunately my designer budget has been eaten up by building inspector fees as we dispute building defects with our builder ? so our IT nook remains a blank space.

  • yolandi mallard

    Oh definitely the mint/greeny one. That’s the colour I want to redecorate my lounge…I too have lived in the kid fog for far too long….4 of them versus one of me = ruined cushions and who’s got time for pretty when you have a tv cabinet climber…actually flag that…I’d spend it on a hotel room and massage for myself…..hahaha see ya kiddos.

  • Tamara Rhodes

    I would definately choose the yellow. It is my eldest daughters favorite colour. I would use the $500 on new bedding too. I know sounds repetitive but here is why. Brace yourselves! I have 3 sheet sets 1. Leopard print hand me downs (they are cringe worthy even without seeing them) thanks to my mother in law 2. Black ones that i used on my bed when i was a teenager still living with mum and dad, that now look more like a dark grey and 3. Lastly a set that is meant to be mauve but there is no description for the colour they look now. I’m not even going to bore you with the lack or decorating in the room itself. Let’s just say think about a really cheap motel room! PLEASE HELP!

  • Kat Evans

    I would definitely choose the mint green – and AMAZINGLY – it’s the same green tone that is in the gorgeous butterfly wallpaper that I would love to do a feature wall in my bedroom with!!!

    And I usually hate wallpaper!!!
    What an awesome opportunity. Thanks so much to Fat Mum Slim…..and Buck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Amanda P

    Mint green for sure! It’s my current favourite colour. I have many favourite colours depending on my mood. I just bought new Jamberry’s in mint green and LOVE them so much!
    I would love to spend the $500 on myself; clothes and my favourite beauty spa but we all know it will go the kids…………………

  • Jessica

    I would totally pick the mint as it matches what I would spend the money on. I would use it to finish off our gender neutral nursery (our color scheme is grey, white and mint) I want to give our baby an amazing nursery but with mounting medical costs because of health issues relating to having bub we have had to cut corners and costs and I feel that our little one will not get the dream nursery they deserve.

    Thanks FMS and Buck

  • Nicole Aust

    Well buck me…
    What do i see?
    An ORANGE debit card
    With money for free!

    Id Buy a new pillow
    Id Buy a new throw
    By Kylie Minogue
    YAY For free dough

    Thanks Me bank & FMS for buck
    Wishing all who enter, but ‘specially me ;), good luck

  • Crystal Devenish

    I love the minty green one – it’s fresh and pretty … Just how I imagine my laundry could be. My laundry is outside in its own little hut and desperately needs a makeover. My sturdy little washing machine is bravely tucked away in the corner surround by a water pump, sand clogged matchbox cars, and dead dryer. The floor is a “lovely” tinted linoleum, the tint is nature based (clay from our hill ).

    If I won – I would restore my little laundry into a spider free haven of full of sparkles and fresh linen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Natasha Price

    I would choose yellow bright and cheery!
    My 2,4 and 6yo all cosleep with me. We need new everything so would definately help with brightening our dull room up with fun accessories and bedding (and letting my girls help choose) as i am saving for a new mattress in the meantime.

  • Brodie de Munk

    Definitely the mint for me. I would be selfish and spend it on me, not often i do that but if i was gifted $500 i wouldnt feel guilty about treating myself. And i would buy things that were full price in.current season rather than just off the sale rack as i would normally do.

  • Beth Wieland

    I love the mint one – one of my favourite colours! I would spend $500 on buying a bunk bed for my girls – the one we love is very lovely but a bit expensive! they love sharing room and a bunk bed would give us some much needed floor space in our teeny townhouse. plus it creates a great place for cubby houses and forts etc.

  • LGirl

    I’d get the yellow, it makes me think of the print I have in my daughter’s room with the words of “you are my sunshine” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would spend it on my girls bedroom…. We are about to move out after a divorce and my two girls will be sharing a room. I would love to make it a fun bright haven for them to soften some of the pain of the split!

  • Star1542

    Duck egg blue for me please. We have just moved 3,985 klm from the tropics to SE Qld and need new bedding. A thin coverlet will not be sufficient for our first winter in a decade! I’ll need a new feather quilt and quilt cover. The best news is there are soooo many new shops to explore! The dilemma will be where to start first!

  • Kalla Kathleen

    I would choose YELLOW! Why because this year im trying new things! I never would have chosen yellow before. Its bright and brings a sense of happiness!
    I would spend the $500 on a new mummy waredrobe! When you shop for a fiancรฉ and 3 kids i swear you never buy yourself anything new! So far my waredrobe consists of 1 pair of jeans, 2 shorts and 2 skirts and a total of 4 black shirts ? i would absolutely love to go on a shopping spree where id spend it all on ME! ๐Ÿ™‚ which probably wont happen but who doesn’t love to dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melanie

    I would have to get the yellow one I think, it is the colour of happiness and sunshine – perfect for an exciting shopping spree? ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to buy some lovely decor and get my home looking fresh and happy and with a sense of cohesion. We moved in to the new house over a year ago and straight back into that “mixed up mismatched home” feel that doesn’t do anything for my happiness! I’d also have to take my beautiful mum along to get her opinion and that would mean treating her to some special buys too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracey

    Green because its my favorite colour…dah. i would probably spend it on a brand new wardrobe for myself (going from a 16 to a 10 isnt cheap when you still want to look good) im over being in the daggy mum clothes or wearing things that are way to big and fall down every two seconds or you know the 2 year old has easy access to whip out the boob she hasnt feed off in 2 months because my tops dont fit. I would love to spend 500 on my self but lets be realisitic im a mum since when do we do that! Would i spend it on the kids? Nop nope and more nope they have everything they could ever need or want because i dont buy myself anything just make sure kids have everytging they need because again isnt that what we mums do? Although i couldnt just spend 500 on clothes, well i could but hey hubby might shoot me being we have such cramped living spaces being in a 2×4 room at my parents house. I would probably buy some luxury bedding items to make our sweat box feel a little more luxurious and romantic and more like home. Who knows i might even splurge and get that laundry hamper ive been dreaming of the last 6months but never get because kids need school clothes or birthdays or christmas.

  • Mum Of Five Girls

    So many great colours but I think I’d choose the yellow !!!
    So what would I spend $500 on….well you have to promise not to tell!!
    Hubby turns the big ’50’ this year and I am secretly planning a little family holiday…okay well nothing stays little when there are seven of you!!
    I haven’t told anyone this!!
    I’m planning a few days in Melbourne all chaotic and busy with sightseeing and shopping! And then a few days of glamping…eeek!!! Hubby and I in a 1966 airstream and the girls in a gorgeous bell tent right on the waterfront!!!
    I’ve been freaking out whether or not to do it….but I’ve paid the deposits on everything now so soon it will be a reality!!!
    For his birthday I will give hubby an annual leave pass (since he’s self employed!!) so he will be able to not schedule any work for those dates and then I’ll tell the girls not to plan anything on those days of the school holidays and then on the day we’ll head off to the airport!! That’ll be the first they know of where we are going!!!!
    I am so freaking out and so excited at the same time!!!!!!!! And I am soooo bad at keeping secrets (as you can tell by how I blurted it all out here babhaha!!!)
    $500 would mean a bit more shopping and a few lovely family dinners out in Melbourne which would be the icing on the cake!!

  • Olivia Gallagher

    I would go blue or green, they are both my favourite!!
    I could easily blow it at Kmart !!! On home supplies & accessories. We just moved into a rental so can’t change the walls or carpet so needing plenty of accessories to brighten our home.
    Although could just spend it on myself if need be!!

  • Fee Rowaro

    I would go for the minty green card…it pops so much.
    I would spend the $$ on a “ME” makeover. After finishing having children last year, I have declared 2016 as my year to shine. I’ve lost 5kg so far this year, with a few (few) more to go, so would love to spend the $$ on some gorgeous new clothes for…ME! #totallynotselfish #beingthebestMEicanbeisgivingthebestME tomyfamily

  • Becky Grins

    I’d choose green ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’d spend the money on some new fluffy bath sheets and rugs for the floor of my new step-sons rooms. I have been collecting bits and bobs to make their rooms cosy and inviting for them when they move in, but a rug for each room would bring it together nicely.

  • Rebecca

    I would choose the Avocado Green card and I would spend the money on a bedroom makeover got my daughter and the rest I would spend on fabric to make more pretty things!

  • Beck MH

    Mint green the best colour there is! ME all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lorraine P

    Yellow! It will pop in my navy purse and make me sl happy everytime i look at it. I have CASH to spend on whatever?! Always have bills or kid stuff to pay for and never have surplus cash to spruce up the house, which is well needed!
    I would love some new luxury bed sheets, doona cover and pillows (I too, have the memory foam pillow at the mo and OUCHY! But just added it to the list of needs. Would definitely buy new bedroom lamps. My husband’s ex wife chose them and still yet to replace- 7 years later!

  • Sally Everett

    I love the mint colour!! I have just ordered a new Kate Hill wallet & the mint card would be the perfect addition! I could then used it to purchase a new matching handbag! Something the budget doesn’t often allow for.

  • Nlesni01

    Definitely green! I would invest in some quality knit fabrics to make my kids some clothes (they are far out of my price range but worth it!), new pillows for our bed (every year? Really?), and my current dream item which is a steam press ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Natasha Berry

    Im liking the “Laura Ashley” blue. Like yourself, my bedroom could do with a little makeover and having Buck by my side would make it that little bit easier (fully loaded lol)!

  • Bd82

    I would go with the green. I have had not the best end to 2015 and a shocking start to 2016 so some money to spend on my daughter for her first birthday and some to spend on me would be very much appreciated.

  • Shannon Walker

    I love the green!
    I’d spend $500 on a small getaway. Hubby has been working 80hr weeks for almost 3 months straight (he has only had 3 days off over Christmas, such is the life of a head chef a person down in the kitchen). When he is finally able to take days off again I’d love to get us (& the kids who are missing their daddy) away for a night or two for some r&r and some much needed reconnection ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kylie Grant

    Definately the mint it’s so refreshing and relaxing! As for the $500 a small holiday for my 2 boys and I! We haven’t gone away in over 7 years and a family bonding getaway is definately needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jo Smith

    I love the teal one. Very nice. I would spend the money on supplies to redo our front deck. Some boring but will improve the look of our home.

  • Fiona Margery

    I’d love the mint Buck to be my friend. We could go on all sorts of adventures together. Buck would love to spend time with me setting up a nice little spot in our neglected garden. A little piece of paradise for me and my new friend to share ?

  • Simone Carey

    Mint for sure it pops…easy to find in the wallet! I could spend it on anything! Linen is my latest addiction so linen sheets for the also much neglected boudoir.

  • Georgia

    Shark Blue-Grey is me! Where would I start with $500…. I would have to say homewares. I need to update the lounge room with an oversized floor lamp, new rug and some cushions! If there is anything left maybe I would treat myself to a massage and a mani/pedi ?

  • Carli Wilson

    Mint is my favorite. 500 ‘bucks’ would be great to print and enlarge my wedding photos

  • Nic

    I’d have to go with the mint one. I’d be going straight to the shops to buy some gardening supplies. Fresh flowers in the bedroom and a garden retreat sound amazing

  • Jade o

    Blue, my all time favorite colour. I would love to buy an armchair, something comfortable where I can sit and read a good book to my hearts content. A new lamp would also help seeing I can’t see in the dark LOL

  • M’leigh Edwards

    I would give myself a makeover. With 6 kids and a partner to look after I think I’d spend a day out getting pampered. Cut and colour then some brunch, maybe a pedicure, a spot of shopping for a new outfit or two, then some coffee and cake and maybe even a movie. As you can see I haven’t put to much thought into spending a day alone.

  • Narelle Abbie

    I would like the blue, very happy earthy colour. My purchase would include complete new top quality bed sheet and quilt cover as well as some throw cushions and new towel set for my ensuite, make me feel like I am living in a 5 star hotel.

  • Leia Parish

    Like like the green one so eye catching what a great and generous idea

  • Melissa Kagie

    The sunny, happy yellow would be my choice because winning this would make me so happy!

    Well I was taught not to count my chickens before they hatch, so I will let you know if I win what I would spend it on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Marisa Beattie

    buck in green please! I’d buy some green plants for inside my home and some lovely plant pots for outside ๐Ÿ™‚

  • michelle hipathite

    I would choose the mint one. Very pretty.
    I would spend the $500 on a very special little girl, I know who has just battled cancer for the second time around, it would be her choice.

  • Kg

    Oh I’d go that fiesty orange colour. It’s so unlike me, but more my inner alter ego! Love a good dose of retail therapy! I’m thinking I’d update our (hubby and 3 kids) shoe wardrobe and if anything is left, I’ll buy myself some new underwear after the deflation of breast feeding my 3rd and final baby. Or perhaps replace my favorite earrings hubby accidentally vacuumed up ?

  • Lesleigh

    I love the blue. Makes everything seem so cool when it’s hot outside. I would have towels that match and pillows that match a matching quilt cover. Ahh bliss

  • Over 40

    Spearmint BUCK because everyti-ME I’d swipe it
    I’d say to hubby the purchase was “mint” to be!
    Especially on new shoes to add to my brood.

  • Catherine

    Mint Green because it reminds me of mint chocolate…mmm chocolate

  • Stacey Maree

    Oh i really like the blue but i think id choose the red/orange one because it’s a great colour but also because it would be easy to find in my purse amongst all the junk haha I’m actually save any spare money that i manage to scratch together in the hope of one day being in a position to buy a home but if i won a $500 lump of cash i think id treat myself to a ghd hair straightener as I’ve always wanted one ๐Ÿ™‚ but I’d save the rest away ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Teresa Clark

    I would choose the mint. I would use the $500 on frivolous purchases, bedside lamps, pillows for the bedroom and lounge room, and a couple of throw rugs.

  • Meloo

    I love the mint ?? I would spend it on a new bedspread, and two fresh prints to put either side of my bed. It would make such a difference but I can never justify the cash for a picture (or one that is plain enough for hubby to approve of!) ?

  • Lucia Saal

    Love the Orange! So different you never see a card that is orange! I would buy a new duvet cover for my bed, mine is pretty drab and rundown!

  • Amanda

    I would definitely get the yellow one so I could find it in my purse quickly and I love yellow. I’d spend the money on petrol and a car trip from Sydney to Brisbane to see my old Dad and introduce him to his first grandchild Georgina.

  • James Sharpe

    i love the mind/green one, i would use the 500 to buy fabric i say, that way my woman can give her best shot in making some beautiful clothes for herself and our four kids

  • Jules

    A blue buck for me. I would lash out and buy super soft comfy sheets. Am in desperate need of a new set. Oh and new lamps for my bed. The ratty one I’m using now is as old as me and probably not the safest.

  • shadow88

    Yellow, its the colour associated with happiness and boy oh boy, when i’m using my mebuck that is exactly what i’ll be!

  • Ashley Beech

    The mint buck please, who doesn’t want minty fresh in their wallet?! Now what to spend $500 on? Call me dull, call me obsessive compulsive, call me organised but I would probably buy a whole lot of containers to organise the games, craft and that blasted Lego that makes you say ‘buck me’ when you step on it!

  • Cass Fulford

    I’m going to choose that lovely minty green, we are about to re do our bed room and as I’m now 45 I thought it best to make a nice adult room. So I’m going to gather together throws and colourful pillows, if you knew me you’d know I don’t generally ‘do’ colour. I think it’s time.

  • feline1981

    Mint. I would buy teacher clothes and shoes! Cause I am the teacher! Yay!

  • Nicola James

    Sunny yellow to inspire me! With $500 bucks I would update my wardrobe for my first real holiday in 5 years, I’m off to Perth and the Margaret River area next month!

  • Tania Small

    I like the green one & I’d spend it on a road trip from Melbourne to Mid North South Australia to visit my Nanna to celebrate her 100th birthday in early February! She’s a feisty 4’11” with an amazing sense of humour, it will be a great day.

  • Katherine Cruwys

    I love the mint colour! We are in need of some new sheets for the bed. Then Id buy some paintbrushes and rollers so we can FINALLY get around to painting our bedroom!

  • Helen McAlister

    A yellow one for me please! Although mint comes in a close second, being all cool and refreshing. As it’s summer, I will have to take the warmth and cheer of yellow. Plus it would make Buck easy to see and harder to lose.
    As for what I’d buy; well, probably a bit of everything. I am lusting after some very on-trend copper Birks. But I would love to pay for some finishing touches to our decor. A new cushion for the living room, fresh soft linen pillow cases. A storage canister or two. And definitely some extra tea spoons, because doesn’t every kitchen need those?

  • Bianca van Meeuwen

    Pineapple yellow!!! How happy is that!! I’d take Buck on my European holiday where is wine and dine a hot Frenchman… Oh oops, I better not. I’ll wine and dine with my husband looking out over the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Thanks amigos at me.

  • Megan Waymouth

    The green one to freshen up my life once I escape from this one…seriously need a change ?

  • Bec

    The green one please ! I think i would copy you fatmumslim and pimp our bedroom … would be nice to paint the walls and get some shelving to get my ironed and folded clothes off the floor and the end of the bed ?

  • Michele Collins

    The yellow it’s nice and cheerful and will brighten up the room. I will start off by getting some pillows which we are in a desperate need of after puppy got hold of a couple and cats using others as a toy of their own lol

  • DonnaJMJ

    Mint for me. Our shower needs replacing and this would help!

  • Jess

    Yellow, please. And I’d treat myself to my first haircut and colour since my first child was born 3.5 years ago. Pilates membership too for some me time.

  • Lence76

    The Mint one please. We definitely need to update our bedroom. We’ve moved the kids into our room so they can share. So that’s left us with pink and purple walls with butterflies on the walls ?

  • Sonja Ladbrooke

    I love the mint green – my fav colour! As for what I could spend $500 on with my ME mint Buck beauty…for once I would spend it all on ME!! Having two kids in two years, I have definitely neglected me – my kids have amazing bedrooms, great shoes, lots of lovely clothes – but with me not working and juggling study too there is not always a lot left in our family budget for Moi! So I would take myself off for a massage somewhere a little bit fancy and maybe a pedicure too – lugging a baby and a toddler means I have constant back and neck pain and I have been meaning to buy nail polish remover to take off the chipped polish from Christmas Day since…um Christmas Day! Then I would find some gorgeous new shoes, they used to be my “thing” and would make me feel a little bit like the ME I used to be! I would show off my new polished toes in my new shoes and then maybe sit down and enjoy a coffee on my own in peace and drag out the ME time a little longer ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mleventhal50

    Orange is my pick, it looks delish, but what looks better is $500 to make my room heaven! I can only dream of what I could do, fairylights, new crisp white sheets, carpets, paint, a wallpaper feature wall perhaps? Oh how my room needs this!

  • Tabatha Voss

    I would choose mint,because,to me,$500 IS a mint. I would use to to get my tooth removed that a filling felt out of months back and I now can’t chew on that side and am in agony every day. Since I am already in chronic pain with a foot injury and stomach issues,I’ve had enough

  • Natalie Muller

    Green please (followed very closely by lovely sunny yellow!). A bedroom makeover is long over due in our master bedroom! A new doona cover, some pretties to freshen up that 90’s vibe I’ve got going on! I’d like to throw a rug, a pretty one! And some lovely squishy decorator pillows that I could pile up and read in bed like I’m Barbara Cartland!

  • Nadine Cameron

    Yellow- because every time the card comes out of your wallet it’s like a little Ray of sunshine! Like you, I would spend it doing up a bedroom! My 9 year old son’s though- he is a massive reader so I want to get him a bed with a book case bed head so he can keep his books he is reading on it, his book shelf is a wee full so he needs more room! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rhianna Gibbins

    I would choose the mint green card to spend on an art class to make a divine resin art piece to hang in my house. The mint green would be one of the colours I’d choose along with pink (fave colour), yellow and purple. The resin artwork looks like watercolours on the canvas and gives a soft but breathtaking look. Great way to transform any room and a bonus I can say I made it too.

  • Kate Gardoll

    I would pick the blue one and I would buy new decorative pillows and quilt cover to match all the artwork I have been pick for my room/house.

  • Donna skead

    I’d go with the mint!
    Oh my gosh, if I had $500 to spend on something for me, that I really want… It’s a dream! Money is always tight here, the last time I bought new sheets for my bed was 5 years ago. Gasp! I’d buy new linen, new fluffy pillows, a chest of drawers. I’d make my room beautiful! My imagination is going wild now!!!

  • Roddena Pantall-Park

    Orange because its so in your face ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would spend it on finishing touches in my 3 kids rooms after painting we need to add colour and to make them fun

  • Bright orange, so I don’t lose it!

    I’d spend my money on travel,
    Because my life in Canberra’s about to unravel.
    A mum and a dad both in my care,
    I’d like a break before I pull out ALL my hair :p

  • Heather Hopley

    Gold because it’s a newly found nugget bringing me wealth, and some new gardening tools to help me control the jungle that is taking over my backyard.

  • Kristy Yeoman

    I would love the mint one please ๐Ÿ™‚ I would spend the $500 on our bedroom. Since having our first daughter 2 years ago and having to pay for our wedding last year, it’s been a while since we have been able to spend some money on us. My husband works away however he looks as though he is about to return home to live and work so I would love to fix our room up as a joint special place for both of us.

  • Linda C

    I love MINT. Such a pretty colour and like you I couldn’t have hubby sleeping in pink. With $500 I could go to Bali with my girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Holly6

    Mint – it’s the closest one to green and we all know that green means go! go! go!… go shopping, go get a bargain, go wild, go have fun! When it comes to shopping the buck stops with me and Iโ€™ve often day dreamed of filling my drawers, with all I could carry from my favourite store, fresh new sheets is what I’d choose…. Ramesses Egyptian Cotton in four different hues.

  • Tanya Stebs

    I would choose the mint green card. If I was lucky enough to win the $500 I would spend it on new drawers for both of my boys room and I’d even send you a photo to show you that I did.. as the ones they have are just starting to come apart x

  • Jamie McGraw

    Mint… will need to resist chewing on it thoughtfully, but a nice sharp Japanese kitchen knife for preparing dinner will take time and frustration out of night-time meal preparation.

  • NicoleAnn

    Orange so i could find it in my wallet of many unnecccessary cards (why do i always sign up for membership then never go back?!). I’d use it to get myself new bedside tables, mine are at that point where theres no handles and the backs about to fall in but everytime i consider buying them i think ‘but what else do i need more, nobody see’s my bedroom anyway right??’. If i won i’d finally commit to buying some!

  • Michelle Sowinski

    I’d get the blue one! If I won the $500 buck card I would buy a nice, big rug for the loungeroom and some paint to repaint the loungeroom walls

  • hyya

    The blue is my colour. Because its letting me know its cool that there are no ATM fees. Loving the idea of an area rug in my living area to give it some life

  • Lynne Lillington

    Yellow , because it would brighten my day. Id buy a Actifry as mine died during cooking tonights dinner. It is the only way I cook saving my family from eating fat and keeping them healthy. it’s going to take me months to save up for a new one.

  • Kim Magrath

    The blue one as my daughter loves blue. I’d spend the money on my daughter – probably put it toward a Princess Bed.

  • Cara

    I’d pick blue thanks! I’m in desperate need of a bedroom makeover. I moved in with my partner 2 years ago and it still looks like a batchelor pad! Oh what i would give for matching bedside tables!

  • Mint cause its pretty. As a mum of 4 I appreciate your bedroom dilema. I am torn between new towels for our bathroom we are renovating or a styling class at. Megan Mortons “The School” a aarrrggghhh I would be torn!!!

  • Chloe Taura

    Green one please, Makes me think of gorgeous palm trees on a tropical island..
    I would use the card to take my mum for a massage, facial & lunch! She’s forever doing things and spoiling us So id love to do this for her.

  • Nikki Fowell

    The yellow and orange are pretty but to common for a card so I’d choose green, it’s so pretty! I’ll be honest, I would probably stock the pantry first ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I would invest in some pretty new linens for the family. I don’t remember the last time we updated our sheets but I know they would have been the $20 cheapies! After 9 years in the wrong place we have finally moved into a lovely home and since it’s twice the size of our last place I think some fresh linens, new glass pantry storage containers and possibly a little storage unit for my awesome new lady den (my first time having an art room and I’m so excited!!) would be a super special treat.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Therese newton

    I love the mint one! I would spend the money on a bedroom makeover, we don’t even have a cover for our doona at the moment, it’s on my to do list when we can afford it! Then with the left over money I would take the kids out the questacon for a nice family day before school starts back and Uni for me.

  • Jim Riddle

    Blue, cause that’s how I don’t feel spending $500 for free

  • Alison Turner

    I would pick the mint one because it’s pretty. I would spend the money on my kids bedrooms making them a happy and comfortable space of their own.

  • Ari

    I’d chose the mint colour card it sort of matches my new quilt cover. We’ve just moved so I’d spend it on making our master bedroom more welcoming. Some nice indoor plants and some splashes of colour in some artwork and cushions. Definitely get some new pillows too because we’re way overdue for switching them over.

  • Sarah Bridget Doran

    Mint is my absolute go to Colour, so that’s what I’d be choosing. As for spending the money? We are close to finishing an extension which will include the master bed, WIR and ensuite, as well as open plan dining, living and kitchen, so I’d be taking that money straight to the ships to buy some amazing decor for the area. Plus we are in desperate need of new linen too, and I would love to be able to afford beautiful high quality sheets n

  • Emily Psaila

    I like the Tiffany coloured one! Cute, and very fresh! I’d would take my family on a date, a walk around the shops for a little gift each, to Mondo’s on the inlet in Cairns where the kids can play on the grass and we can watch the boats come in and out and have a nice lunch and a few cocktails.

  • lollie monsta

    Pineapple yellow all the way! I’m all for tropical, tropical everything! I would spend it on a mini holiday to tropical North Queensland. Just a quick break to get away… I’m in my last year of study for my degree and really need a change of scenery. Student life is not the party people imagine it to be!

  • Jo

    I’d choose the mint green, as in hey, it would be MINT to win a $500 ME Buck debit Mastercard! This year Ineed to prioritise my health, $500 would be spent on visiting a dietitian and some fun exercise classes. Because I have 3 little girls and I need to be around to see them grow up. โ˜บ

  • Toni

    Definitely mint, one of my fave colours at the moment!! I’d use the money to purchase needed storage options for the kids rooms as things are getting a bit dire and 4 kids require amazing storage solutions

  • Krista Taylor

    I would have to pick the blue one, it’s fun enough to say ‘hey, let’s go shopping’ but also reminds me of the mini me on my shoulder that says ‘only buy what you really need’. Luckily in my case what we need is an entire bedroom makeover for my nearly four year old who is growing up way too quick. Let the fun begin!

  • Nikky

    I absolutely love the yellow card! I would spend half the money on new clothes. My wardrobe has taken a hit since having kids and the other half would be spent on a massage and a facial!!

  • Amie Hutchinson

    Green! I would love to buy myself something, anything.. Haven’t done so in a while, since having my daughter I never actually buy what I need I always buy what she needs. And now I’m pregnant again so would like to buy something pretty or fancy or just simply lovely for myself… What a treat that would be!

  • Sacha Pech

    Green! Green means Go and I so badly need to spruce up our bedroom it’s not funny! So much so I would trade my current for your BEFORE picture (no judging from me!)

  • Jessica Coulthard

    I like the green. What a beautiful colour! I’m mid-bedroom-update at the moment, so $500 would easily go on a few sets of king sheets, all new pillows, and a fabulous plant. And with the leftover, I’d look at getting a birth poster of my son – at 18 months, time feels like it’s flying by!

  • Jacquelyn Forster

    I’m loving mint at the moment! So I would be drawn to the mint card! What would I do with $500? I’ve recently spruced up my bedroom. New doona cover, sheets and mint decor. As a single Mum I only have one old shabby bedside table. I would purchase new modern bedside tables with the $500. They would finish of my look!

  • Peta-Lee Bartlett

    A green Buck card would be my green light to spending some money on me! I always put the kids first and rarely spend money on myself so I would hit the shops to treat myself to some new clothes and maybe some fancy lingerie for my 10th wedding anniversary coming up (then I could be seen as treating hubby too!)

  • Kas

    I love the mint colours. My bed needs some colour brought back into it. Make it a lovely place to be.

  • Deanne Haydon

    Blue. Always blue.
    My bedroom needs an update too. I’ve picked out the new furniture so some new linens to go with it would be lovely.

  • Kate

    I love the green. I am loving all things mint at the moment and would definitely choose a pallet with these hues to give my bedroom a much needed update! ‘Cloud’ sheets sound heavenly. Sign me up for some of those! โ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธ

  • Rachel Hardcastle

    Can’t go past the mint coloured card! Would spend the money on new work clothes to make the return after maternity leave a little more bearable! Dreading leaving my baby girl!!

  • Veronica Nou

    Mint! Because I, refusing to bow to peer pressure, do not salad. So when asked if I have had my daily greens, I can answer with a flourish that I have indeed, so there! And then I shall sweep up my three little ones and we shall go out together and spend it on steak, sausages, chicken nuggets and chips and have a generally fabulous time.

  • The mint green is my fave! I would buy my boys bunk beds. My threenager is turning 4 in a few weeks and started a bad habit of coming into our bed and waking us up. He says he doesn’t like his bed anymore. It’s a hand me down family bed that I once attempted to sleep in and it was not the same as our king size love cloud! Bunk beds are heaps of fun so why not aye ? x

  • ErinJEmm

    Yellow! I’m making up for lost time with yellow. Growing up, I was told never to wear yellow because I’ve not the complexion to pull it off – apparently only the Queen and Oprah should wear yellow. Turns out, grown up me doesn’t care, so I’m embracing my inner Oprah/Highness and literally (actually, make that figuratively) rolling around in all things yellow.

  • rachel sinclair

    i love the mint one… im a kinda mint and silver freak haha! i would use the money to go towards redorating my boys bedroom. They are in desperate need of some new bunks and a splash of colour. maybe mint and silver haha

  • Louise M

    The mint green, what a cute card colour! I have just got a bed sorted, so I’d spend all $500 on accessories for the room and make it look like the magazine bedrooms I used to daydream over!

  • Laura Tough

    The green/minty one! It would look so fresh in my wallet! I’d also spend the $500 adding some fresh accessories to my room, its pretty bland and boring at the moment ๐Ÿ™

  • Hollie

    The green card for me please! I would spend the money on throwing my daughter a fabulous 5th birthday party! She is the youngest of 5 kids and definately deserves to have a special party all of her own. After Christmas, back to school expenses and now 5 kids birthdays in the first 1/4 of the year, spare money for parties is a little scarce!!!

  • Amy Willis

    I would choose the mint card. I would spend the $500 on decorating my lounge room. We had it painted over a year ago and not a single piece of artwork or photos are hanging on the walls. And we painted it all white, so it looks clinical and not homey. Please let me make it look homey!

  • Charmain Jackson

    I would choose the Yellow card, because it is fun. Then I would take him out to buy new bed head and if there’s any left over money a new sheet set for sure.

  • Ally

    I love the mint one. My favourite colour.

    I would spend it on updating our boring hallway – paint, new lighting, a hallway table, a rug and some beautiful art. Being a new home buyer, we are a little strapped for cash for decorating and would love to make our home inviting (and have one room in the house finished!).

  • I would definitely opt for yellow – that way I could find it in the mess that is my wallet! And I would spend the $500 on pimping out my new bed that is arriving on Monday (the first new mattress and frame I have purchased in, oh, maybe 10 years. EEEEEEEK! Totally adulting). New bedspread, new doona, new throw cushions… and maybe a cheeky new dress too to celebrate being aduly hahaha

  • Christopher King

    Minty fresh, please! Now, what to spend the funds on? Well, new school shoes for my two giants who are still growing at a rapid rate!. I guess there might not be too much left over, so I would reserve that for coffees at my local cafรฉ rather than running up my usual tab!

  • Emily W

    The Burnt orange would be my card colour of choice because it would burn through my wallet so quickly lol.
    i would spend the $500 on bedroom items aswell, need to replace the weird green sheets that really dont match with our leopard doona cover and bright red pillow cases.

    Also would buy a big girls bed for our toddler who loves to sleep lengthways in the king size bed, pushing us right to the edge with no room to move.

  • Shannon

    I love the mint colour, it’s so pretty! i would spend my money on travelling to a new a exciting place i have never seen before. I know a lot of other people are saying they would redecorate their room too, but travel is one of my greatest goals and any money i have, i save for travelling!(and paying off hecs debt). Perhaps i can get some awesome souvenirs that i can put around my bedroom to remind me of the beautiful places i’ve seen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Angela

    I love the mint fresh colour. I would buy new sheets, new pillows, a new blanket and a lovely spread cover. I will surely use all the $500! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christine Douglas

    I would take my aunty to Spotlight where we would buy fabric for our favourite obsession (quilting) until our husbands come and drag us kicking and screaming from the shop. I would pick the yellow one, it’s so cheery to match my mood if I won $500!

  • Gayle Vos

    Burnt Orange is the one I’d go for, I haven’t got a card that colour, it would be a fab addition to my purse. Now what to spend it on, well I could use it to fly interstate for my niece’s wedding later this year, that beats driving to NSW or I could go on a “me” shopping spree (which I haven’t done for a zillion years) what to do? Maybe if I’m smart about it I could do both.

  • Anita Tavendale

    Mint. Because it’s refreshing. A real pick me up colour and feel. Like my purse with minty fresh $500 inside. To turn my girls new term beginning 2016 into green goodness and freshness. This we all get the vibe from. Pass it on!

  • Faria

    I’d go with the yellow card – it’s bright and chirpy – and when I find my blingy, satin, Kylie Minogue-brand duvet cover set and squeal, I can spot exactly where I’ve dropped my debit card. So yes…yellow thanks!

  • Rebecca

    A yellow card would help me ease
    The cost of getting my hive of native bees ???

  • Madelaine Howe

    Green- the first thing I would buy is some software that means I don’t have to use ad blocker gosh it was hard to get this comment box to come up! Maybe a new hubby too who doesn;t put weird stuff on my pc! (:

  • Amy

    The mint green – it matches my couch :p
    I’d buy some amazing prints of Etsy to make my bare walls come alive.

  • Darren Lacey

    I’d pick the blue, because it’s my favourite colour. And everyone else seems to want the Mint one. If I won, I would simply buy my 9yo daughter a much needed new bed.

  • Andieharrie

    Mint is fresh and clean
    Mint is a pretty shade of green
    Buck Could buy me the most beautiful bedroom sets
    Buck’s generosity will provide the best look yet
    my lean mean Minty buying machine
    best i have ever seen

  • Andieharrie

    Buck is a lean mean Minty coloured buying machine
    stylish and active the best i have ever seen

  • Rosana

    Burnt Orange for me please. Wow…500 bucks to do whatever I like? Can’t possibly remember when I had this type of financial freedom. Where could I start? Clothes, new pair of shoes ( haven’t bought a new pair for many, MANY, years. Perfume. Am I being too selfish for not putting the family first this time? One can only dream with a bit of pampering. It’s been a long time…

  • Angela Kelly

    I’d definitely choose the shark blue-grey – sharks outrank lobsters, pineapples and avos any day! I want to tell you $500 would go on gym gear or pilates classes, but in the spirit of honesty
    , its’s going to go on cake, cake……glorious CAKE!!!!

  • ita


  • Karen

    mint- i’d spend it on repairing the mint green marks i accidentally put on mum’s car!

  • Ei Nyo

    Red because it’s fast and with buck Debit MasterCard, fast shopping is guaranteed as I won’t be no Stephanie looking to get money out from my bank’s ATM.

  • jayla1987

    I’d choose the mint colour one, such a refreshing colour. I’d go by son a chest of drawers hubby was suppose to do a set up months ago and hasn’t so I’m
    Gonna have to buy some before my boys comes along

  • michelle j

    I would choose mint, because I loooove the colour. So fresh and summery!!
    I would buy new pillows. My pillows have well and truly seen better days, but I sadly can’t afford the ones I want! I would also buy a new throw and matching cushion – pure bliss.

  • Sarah’s

    Id choose the green buck, reminds me off the $100 note that is a rare sight. Not long had baby #2, would be great to ‘freshen myself up’, have a day for me and my sanity.

  • Mike

    Blues all the way for us. We’re an ocean family and love anything blue. Good thing Buck comes in blue too. Bedside tables, lamps and a nice reading chair would be our purchases. A nice peaceful, ocean reminding space for when the kids are running a mock.

  • Sara Toucan

    Yellow, because its such a bright and happy colour and reminds me of my absolute flavourite flowers- sunflowers!
    I have a very very old dressing table and would love something more modern. I also dont have any nice pictures on the walls, so would look at getting a nice bright print. maybe something tropical ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DeeDee

    With a brand new buck green card, I’d buy huge prints of Aussie comic artist Leuing’s work to brighten up my bedroom. His art always make me giggle and smile and not take life so seriously!

  • DeeDee

    With a brand new buck green card, I’d buy huge prints of Aussie comic artist Leuing’s work to brighten up my bedroom. His art always makes me giggle and smile and not take life so seriously!

  • Anna39

    ME…Really you have picked ME to be the winner! I wont BUCK the system here! $500.00 dollars to spend on what my heart desires..? Drop Dead Gorgeous I will be from Fat Mum to Slim mum, yes the body desires all this. A Retro Mummy I could be, re-designating my style of an earlier time. Yellow is my choice as it creates an enthusiasm for life and can awaken the confidence and optimism in all of us!

  • Emma

    I’m going to say mint and that’s because if I won the $500, I would use it for dental work. Hopefully it would offset some of the cost of having my teeth (which are breaking and cracking with startling regularity! :-() repaired and…wait for it…getting minty-fresh breath. (Sure, I could buy lots of toothpaste or gum, but I’m TRYING to tie things in here! ;-)) Plus, as the young people say today, winning would be MINT. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the opportunity! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Averil Robinson

    Your going to give me $500 if I tell you how I’ll spend it… Every woman’s dream! I can tell you right now I will be greedy and wont share with the kids… (Santa spent up big this year and forgot about mummy!) I’m organizing my office so will need some new draws and things that will turn mess into no mess! I want it bright and colourful so looks inspiring, and I seriously need a new chair, the old one does nothing for my back. I’ll shop till I drop flashing my bright yellow card so salespeople know I’m coming.

  • Ailish Goodall

    I would choose the mint, it’s such a happy and vibrant colour (and matches my 2016 diary – win!)
    My partner and I moved in together in the middle of last year, and bought what we could afford to decorate / furnish. $500 could buy as much better items (soap dispenser, towels, cushions, decor, bedroom furniture – all very exciting, adult stuff) and really make our house feel like a proper home!

  • Karlie

    I am obsessed with everything mint right now, so I’d have to pick the mint buck yard. I am moving house and I’d love to spend it on new accessories to make it feel homey. So I’d spent the money at Kmart, my other obsession!

  • Jaimee

    I love blue! The soft blue reminds me of calm water at the beach, like a little rock pool. It’s a relaxing sleepy colour that I would definitely use for my bedroom. As I currently have nothing in my bedroom thanks to a sudden move to a different state because it was too expensive where I was living, and there were no jobs after I graduated because everyone was a graduate there, a lovely little rock pool blue ME card would be my hero ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cheree Robinson

    I’d go the gunmetal grey type colour.. blends in nicely with my wallet so my husband won’t notice it! I’d probably spend it on new decor once we finally get approval to buy our new home! Hopefully within the month we will be new home owners! Decor or Paint… or a bit of both!

  • Tracey Herbert

    Mmm definitely the blue/grey one for me ๐Ÿ™‚ trying to declutter and brighten the house at the moment even hubby is helping . So $500 would certainly help brighten things up and keep the motivation going ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle

    I’d buck the trend, Orange is my colour, and I would buy clothes pegs, the most expensive clothes pegs I can find….(I’d really like my clean washing to stay on the line), and if there is any change left, I would spend up large on camping gear, tent, bags, chairs, lanterns.. the works… Because we are going camping this year whether hubby likes it or not!

  • blackwidow63

    Would love a new single bed for visitors my granddaughter or my mum

  • Ainsley

    I would definitely choose the yellow one, as the colour gives off a very happy vibe and that’s how I would love to feel every time I opened my wallet! I recently built my own home and am a bit strapped for cash, I would spend it on all the finishing touches that will make my house feel like a home! Thanks xx

  • Dean

    I choose green and consider myself a greenie. I would spend the money on a flat screen tv if I could get one for that amount.

  • kathy clark

    Would love Yellow as its such a bright and happy colour makes me feel warm and Fuzzy inside

  • Banana

    Has to be blue. It is my favourite colour and get to meet my blue Buck, I definitely will NOT be blue!!!

  • Nic

    Mint! I would buy pillows a chair some new sheets and some lovely things to make the room a real retreat

  • sesame00

    I would like tge soft blue as it would look good with my favorite handbag and i would just have to go buy a pair of heels that would also look good with the buck card and some pretty jewellery cause a girl can never have enough bling!

  • Shannan Sullivan

    Green is grabbing me. Id love to buy gifts for my mum & two brothers just because I love them

  • Kylie Maree

    I like the aqua one ๐Ÿ™‚

    We desperately need a new bed that dosnt squeak with every move and will have to be a king size that’s big enough to fit the little bodies who come and crash our space in the middle of the night ๐Ÿ™‚
    Add some gorgeous linen to the mix and some new art on the wall and our room will look a million bucks…. Get it BUCKs ????

  • Nicole Smith

    Yellow is the colour I would choose ??โ˜€๏ธ
    If I was lucky enough to win I would be a selfish bugger and spend it on some decent gym gear. This year I am trying to put my health first after a Heath scare and I can sure tell you I would feel even better about myself with some gorgeous new gym clothes and shoes ??

  • Janet Molloy

    I would absolutely love a date with Buck! I’d pick the green card to remind me that there are 5 “big green ones” on that card and I could spend them all! I’d love to have an overnight stay in the CBD with my bestie followed by a shopping spree and a delicious lunch – oh the fun and the memories. But would have to be more practical than that and use Buck to put towards a respray of my car. It’s got lots and lots of chips from putting my son’s wheelchair in it and it’s starting to look very shabby. Would like to swap shabby for happy! I’m ready for that date Buck!

  • Rachel K

    Buck would ensure I was never in the RED as a result of ATM fees so I would chose the redone to remind me of this!

    I’d choose items that showed my duality of being a woman. Things that showed a thinking yet feeling, strong yet vulnerable, ruthless yet compassionate, sophisticated yet fun loving woman. Yes, I choose
    something for all occasions – a multi-functioning wardrobe for a multitasking woman. Some party jewels, summer decor pieces, interview clothes…but stop…it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and I want an automatic NESPRESSO coffee machine.

    I love a smooth, strong, cup of coffee. The type that would put any normal person in a head spin or make them feel so exhilarated they thought they had just come off a roller coaster! Well my coffee experience doesn’t take me on a ride, I take it on my roller coaster ride of life and there is no room for DECAF passengers!!

    Like a roller coaster I start of slow in the morning, regular coffee intake helps me rise up and over the highs and climb out of the lows of the day very quickly. You could say it was my engine fuel!!! This is mostly how I function during the week but weekends are a different story!

    I guess you could say I use coffee as a stimulant during the week but on weekends it is for relaxing and enjoying what life has to offer. Rather like a ferris wheel I guess. On weekends I like to sit at the top and watch the world buzz around at the bottom. It all looks so insignificant from up here!

    So as you can see I have a serious coffee addiction, I need it, I want it, I love it!! It’s my stimulant and relaxant and yet I sleep like a baby at night. That part has always puzzled me!!

  • Christine Care

    The green is beautiful. If I won the $500 i would re-decorate my home as I love vibrant colours also I’m desperately in need of a new mattress for our bed.

  • Mandi

    I would choose aqua as it would practically can go with any colour, and I could splash it to make it girly with the use of bright colours, or create something sinister and badass with the use of dark tonal colours. If I won $500 I would love to re-decorate my home to something unique and different, such as urban wooden furniture or a kind of retro look, with a mix of animal prints on fabrics to give it a splash of colour and wilderness.

    I love mixing up colours and tones to create unique looks and feelings to express myself and home, and it is always inspiring creating something new as I love art passionately. Every new look I create in my home is like a new masterpiece I have created on a canvas. Each new design and concept is an inspiration in itself, revealing its personality and emotion to the audience that steps inside the newly decorated established home.

    As I’m only 19, I’m still unsure what my dream job is, however I do understand that it has something to do with my artistic abilities, and my passion towards my artistic creation and inspiration to create new, wonderful masterpieces on a once blank canvas, or something that was once amazing but had gone dull with age. So with that $500, I would use it to make the world colourful, unique, inspiring and beautiful with my passion of creating something incredible out of something that has became dull and ordinary.

  • Nicole

    avocado green would be my choice and I would have to spend the money upgrading some of my wardrobe with more maternity friendly clothes and starting the baby buying spree ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yvonne Ingle

    Love the avocado green;
    Itโ€™s calming and good looking;
    After ATM fee rage;
    In spa massage Iโ€™ll engage;
    Let me know Iโ€™ll make a booking!

  • Louise

    I would love the sunny yellow. If I won $500 I would decorate part of my house as my sanctuary as since I’m the only female in a house full of boys I need a girly space to rewind.

  • Melissa Arieslaylanemo Wilkes

    Green, calm and peaceful to help my spending.. I would buy some “me” products.. that all to expensive shampoo and conditioner I dream about. Maybe some Versace Yellow Diamonds (my fav), New socks… where do they all go?, Super Comfy Pajamas and some choccies, guaranteed to make me smile.

  • Monica Porreca

    I would pick the orange one so I could find it easily in my wallet. I would then spend my $500 on decorating my lounge room adding cushions, throws, a rug, a coffee table and prints to make it a warm cosy place to spend family time together creating happy memories.

  • Lisa

    I’d like the green one to remind me of this photo ๐Ÿ™‚ As a painter I love colour! I’d buy some new bright coloured blankets for my room and maybe some funky pillows!

  • Belinda Bee

    I choose mint because in our the bedroom, mint is neutral ground for hubby and me, he’s a beige kind of guy and mint is as out there as we are going to get and I’m happy with that because it’s such a serene, calming peaceful colour perfect for a bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚ dress it up or down, mint doesn’t date it merely re-invents itself!

  • Kate Hardman

    I love the Green one! I’d spend it on a bassinet pram for the little bub growing in my belly

  • Christy

    The green card is a little different – a bit like me! I’d keep Buck hidden in my purse until something sparkly caught my eye, so I could buy myself something beautiful, guilt-free.

  • Elisabeth Martins

    I am in love with the green one. It kind of looks like the colour of money, money that I don’t have. If I won 500 I would spend it on doing up the children’s bedrooms. We had a bad storm here a few months ago and their rooms got damaged, water logged and a bit flooded. It really sucked because I thought our house was insured but it wasn’t against “natural disasters”. They got me on a catch! ๐Ÿ™ I hope to make their rooms better than it was before, decorating like you. I would love it if I won and I would consider myself very luck. Thanks so much for the generous offer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mandy Keane

    Blue, always Blue has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember, well now,what would I do with $500,first stop would be for some super soft sheets and towels just like yours and then a nice soft fluffy doona would top it off nice! Thank for the chance to get my dreams

  • fresh

    GREEN! I’d “BUCK” the system of Motherhood and buy a new outfit for myself! How very selfish of me! But I’d want plenty of bang for my “BUCK” so I’d spend it wisely on several smaller items instead of one big one. When my husband complains about how much I’ve spent I’d pass the “BUCK” to you FMS! It’d be all your fault that I look like a million “BUCKS!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Melinda Bolitho

    Mint green is the colour for me, the other’s aren’t my cup of tea. But any card with $500 is fabulous when it’s free! A new lounge room is on the cards for us, the lounges make me sad and the paint is really bad. TIme to liven up the place, create a funky but “zen” space!

  • Kerry Turner

    Green please! That was the same colour I turned when I saw my son’s list of requirements for school this year. Who knew that BYOD means bring your own device and they mean a LAPTOP!! Buck could really make me look like the cool Mum.

  • Clare De Celis

    I love the mint green looks lovely and fresh like my LUCK is about to change. It would be nice to treat ourselves (think romantic mint chocolate) we haven’t had much luck since our little man was born.

  • Jody Smith

    Yellow makes a statement, love it! I’d buy my parents a new queen sized mattress. Dad has Parkinsons and fi ds it impossible to turn over during the night on their old, drooping mattress, resultjng in sleepless nights for them.

  • Ru

    The green Buck is my favourite! A lovely pop of colour ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d spend the $500 on my books for uni! Each time the new year comes around I always find I’m unable to afford everything I need for uni. Being prepared for one would be incredible!

  • cat

    Green like the garden, green like the trees,
    My business is what I’d spend my BUCK on please,
    I make pretty candles, so good do they look,
    I also do scrapping for nice photo books,
    And pretty up frames to display memories,
    My business would boost with 500 buckies,
    Sometimes I do sewing of formal gowns,
    But only by fitting for those around town,
    So I’d buck up my business, I’d buck up it’s name,
    If I win this 500, you’d top my hall of fame

  • Sarah Collett

    Yellow would stand out in my wallet. A happy colour when I am happily shopping. I would for once be self indulgent and update my wardrobe without the guilt.

  • laureneve

    Mint.. reminds me of all things shiny and a certain jewellery company. $500 on a fence to stop my wandering cat and pesky wallabies eating my veggies.

  • laura

    I like the mint one, reminds me of icecream.
    Winning would be a dream.
    Then I could pay my vet,
    Pick me and help save my pet!

  • Marina M

    Green buck would stand out in my orange wallet. I would spend the money on decent pillows to help alleviate the headaches and some beautiful soft linen that would feel like I was sleeping in clouds.

  • lisa

    Summer is hot, my garden’s gone gloom
    500 GREEN BUCK ‘s to make my garden bloom

  • Maree Karas

    MINT is fresh, uplifting & complements my home decor which is shabby chic meats beach house!

  • Charisse

    I love the green mint coloured one,
    and if I’m the lucky chosen one,
    I’ll spend my Buck,
    Towards a new Pup,
    To get this Fat Mum Slim!

  • Mikaela Cowan

    I love the mint, I’d spend the $500 to makeover my room!

  • Sharon Markwell

    Yellow for me as it is bright like sunshine, bananas and pineapple – all of my favourite things.

  • Lisa

    It ain’t easy being green, unless you are a Buck MasterCard. That would make it easy for me to spend you on a High Tea get together with my friends for my upcoming 40th birthday.

  • sam

    I’d go for blue – and I’d buy a new kettle to replace my rusted one. Then I’d probably need to replace the toaster and then my mixmaster which is on its last legs. That would about clear me out.

  • Sonia

    The $500 buck card would update my two teenage bedrooms with beautiful mint color bed linen, paint their rooms with their favourite colours. It would bring a lot of joy and excitement for my family this year and beyond. I have read fatmumslim newsletter over year and I have some great ideas to make my vision alive . I do not want to miss it.

  • Katrina Bradfield

    Orange for me, it would fill me with glee,
    a-shopping I would go.
    Experience High Tea after a shopping spree
    would leave me with a rosy glow!
    On what would I spend I hear you ask?
    I best answer before you take me to task.
    A book on poetry, rhyming and such,
    would give my words a much better touch.
    If you gift me the card, I could go away,
    but I find your blog posts have much to say.
    So I think you’re stuck with me un-fortun-at-ely.
    Blog away, fatmumslim, with help from (Bank) M. E.

  • Carly B

    Avocado Green a nice mellow colour to keep me calm as I am trying so hard to be. I would love to spend it on a makeover on my bedroom to give a new trendy look.

  • Laura Rafferty

    Yellow. Being a typical girl I have cards flying around everywhere in my handbag – so practically speaking it would be easy to find in those quick buying circumstances! It’s also my favourite colour, bright, cheerful and a little bit of fun!

  • Joellen

    I would choose the blue one. It would be spent on new flooring for my bathroom, which is the only part of the makeover that I can’t do myself. I mean, I could, but it would look like crap. I know this because I already tried, and it looks like my 4 year old did it.

  • robfunk

    Green buck would be perfect for me

  • Tim Fox

    I would like to get the blue one! If I won the gift card I would put it towards a new armchair because my current one is not all that comfortable and I want to have a better time watching my favourite shows!

  • Anna

    Sunny, fun yellow! Such a happy colour for a happy occasion- the spending buckeroonies occasion! I’d be buying a new hallway runner- We’ve moved into a neighbourhood with lots of other kids. Yay! but yeah… they all get together and come racing through the house with their clogs and dogs and assorted other hardwood floor scratching apparatus.

  • Amey

    I’d get ORANGE!! its such a happy colour & I sure would be happy with $500 to spend!
    I would buy a GO PRO Hero Black for when I move to Canada after my sister lost my last camera in the ocean in Hawaii (lucky I love her)


    Blue, because my wife is least likely to notice this one in my wallet. I’d love to buy her something special, like some lingerie. Isn’t that what all women want? Kidding! I’ll buy her something for herself, an iron perhaps ๐Ÿ˜‰ Come on, I’m not that bad! I’ll hand the card straight over to her to decide.

  • JESS

    Yellow, because I have no other cards that colour. Hmmm, I think I’d buy a bed head because I’m sick of leaning up again a wall to read and a beautiful upholstered bead head will make me feel like I’m in a luxury hotel (if I just ignore lack of house keeping and room service)!

  • Maria Stone

    Sunny yellow!! … My bedroom should be my haven to escape my mischievous toddler, but currently it’s far from it haha and isn’t relaxing at all…. I’m also pregnant so having a special place to retreat to would mean more than you will know. I would spend the money on this, what a great idea! thanks for the opportunity… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stella

    I think I need the blue one, I like muted colours, but then again my room is so muted and dull I should go against the grain and buy some pops of colour- a few pillows, maybe some colourful frames, definitely some gorgeous plants and a painting that ties it all together. Please??

  • Mark Fraser

    The burnt orange colour reminds me of my Dad’s old house. He had burnt orange benchtops and splashback. Don’t judge, it was a popular colour back then. I’d use the $500 to pay for my daughter’s university books. They cost the bomb!!

  • Kathryn Cole

    The mint green card appeals to my taste
    I promise I’d not let it go to waste
    It would take pride of place in my purse
    and I couldn’t think of anything worse
    than giving it to another peep
    who would spend it on a wasteful treat
    Mine would be a sensible buy,
    here it is, I’ll tell you why..
    My lounge room is outdated and sad
    it needs a new rug and cushions to make it glad ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sesame00

    I find blue soothing and peacful like waves of the ocean lapping at the shore so this would be my ideal colour to spend time with buck

  • Rachel amanatidis

    Love the LOBSTER RED .. Because always having a BUCK in my purse means I won’t be left (LOBSTER )RED faced when wanting to purchase some of my favourite things ?โค๏ธ Like new shoes because a girl can never have enough shoes of course ! ??????

  • Dawn

    I’d choose mint.
    I’d spend 500 bucks,
    On a family trip away,
    Cause my boring life sucks.

  • I’d have a red buck.
    Lobster like the 20 dollar note.
    I’d spend money on a new bike.
    So I can around town on my pedal power.
    And safely tow my little girl in her chariot.
    That would mean the world to me.

  • Jos Alberto

    Orange is my favourite colour. Love it! If I’d win I would buy a new couch .x

  • Jacinta

    I’d choose the blue one. So on Valentine’s Day I could say ‘I’m all alone and I’ve got the blues’ and then I’d cheer myself up by buying my own flowers and chocolates!

  • Courtney

    Yellow is such a bright and happy colour, so that’s what I would chose.
    Like you, I want and need a beautiful bedroom. It’s full of mix-matched items, and piles of junk that don’t have a home. I’ve been eyeing off this beautiful bedspread from Sheridan, ABBOTSON LINEN TAILORED QUILT COVER, in blush. It’s so soft, and will make my bedroom so tranquil.

  • Adrienne Coombes

    I would love to use a lime green buck! I like how zesty and new this colour is for a “buck” so it attracts me as if it was something tropical (and who doesn’t love tropical?). If I where to win this $500 buck I would more then likely invest it into doing my own room up! I’m currently in a very small and basic room without even any cupboards or wardrobes to hang my things. So this would be the first step I would take to spicing up my own little living space make it zesty like the lime green buck!

  • Carly Williams

    Definitely the Yellow buck! A little ray of sunshine, just like winning $500 would be! I
    would buy some new camping gear and take the kids camping at Easter!

  • Samantha

    I like the green because it is such a vibrant colour. If I won the 500 bucks I would buy stuff to re do my bed such as a quilt cover, sheets and pillowcases.

  • Kris

    Would have to be the blue one. Always been my favourite colour, and I am typing this while wearing a blue shirt… I think its a sign.

  • Alicia Bardsley

    I’ll take any colour – I doubt it would last long in my wallet so it doesn’t matter! The money would come in very handy for my daughter’s birthday coming up next month.

  • Tamara Lamb

    I love the mint Buck! So calming! I would definitely do the same and spend the money on my bedroom taking it from “crazy people owners of a tiny army” area to a “Oh my gosh! This is actually an adults” room vibe! lol. Thanks for the chance!

  • Andrew Hayhoe

    I like the Blue card as it is different to the other cards I have. This would go on my own bedroom makeover, the last room to be done and the budget is all gone already on the kids rooms!

  • Wilma Brbot

    I’m keen as mustard, and hubby would be cheese’d off and wine like a stuffed chook if I didn’t use the 500 buck Debit MasterCard on a romantic Valentines Day dinner…..if I win I’m ordering RED LOBSTER

  • Grete Benson

    I love the mint one! I would also spend it on a new doona cover, my bedroom still has my Husbands horrible bachelor, black, grey, “blokey” and satin (erghhhhh) covers…Or my flowery, pink, patterned and snuggly covers… Now we are married we really need to blend and buy a new stylish doona cover…
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Jen

    Green please! And it’s my birthday this weekend so I would not feel the least bit guilty spending it on treats and trinkets for me (what groceries?!)

  • Laura Perks

    I love the mint one because mint green is my ultimate favourite colour! If I won $500 I would firstly buy a new duvet and of course some throw pillows! I would also buy some mint green and white accessories for my bedside table and of course my desk. As I am almost finished high school I am quickly becoming an adult where I will have to support myself so before I get to that point I would love to do up my room!!!

  • katrinatomaszek

    I’d pick Shark Blue Grey because when it comes to money I like to devour it quickly and ferociously lol. 500 lovely dollars would be amazing to indulge in a makeover/pamper session to make turning the big
    4-oh! this year a little more pleasant ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lorraine Reid

    The Orange Buck, bright and juicy and full of Luck!
    $500 with no Fee, I want it all to spend on ME!

  • I REALLY need one of those little plants I can’t kill! Because I’m a serial plant-killer and after a while it gets ridiculous (and cruel, I guess!). Some people are a bit weird about fake plants and flowers (I’m thinking of a certain man that I know..) but I think they’re fab. Noone even looks that closely, so why not just embrace it? I seriously love everything about this makeover, Chantelle!

  • Katie

    I would choose a green card as it matches my eyes. If I won the Buck debit Mastercard I would use the $500 to deck out our small backyard with a little haven for our new puppy Theodore! Currently it’s looking pretty damn miserable out there… I would love to add a gorgeous little safe place for him to retreat to. Maybe a small sun baking area (tiny dog sun lounger included of course), lots of toys, and a cute little kennel in case it gets cold.
    Just look how happy Theodore would be if he won a Buck card!! The green looks good on him too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Wendy Norton

    Definitely the mint green one for me. I have no other green cards in my purse and can I tell you how embarrassing it is to try and pay for something with your Woollies card by mistake?
    If I won, I would buy a lovely gender-neutral linen set for my children. They recently pushed their beds together so they can sleep with each other at night and it’s killing the OCD part of me that their linens don’t match. It’s also breaking my ovaries with love that they don’t want to separate at night.

  • Aleisha

    Oh my LAWD, what a prize!
    I’d pick the green buck (but in reality, I don’t really mind – a buck is great, no matter the colour!).
    What would I spend it on?
    Well, I’ve just lost my job and am running out of my backup money.
    Realistically, it would go towards living while I’m endlessly looking for a new job and studying at uni!
    In my dreams though, it would go towards a massive PAMPER sesh at my day spa – I’m talking THE WORKS.
    Whatever is left would go towards some pretty new threads.
    *sigh* how I would love to pamper myself!

  • Tracey Taylor

    She sighs “I cannot choose today as my mind is clouded”
    He pats her hand responding ” I know my dear, you have so many decisions’ to make now that you have your own money”
    Again she sighs ‘but I must as a lady must make her bedroom alluring to her husband”
    “My darling wife, you know I feel in love with you when I saw you carrying the Mint Parasol, why not choose the Mint?”
    “My dear husband, with $500 I could visit the Mint and leave you behind!”

  • natasha bermingham

    Mint I would lust to make over my beroom a must. Please help me, so a new bedroom I can see.

  • Monique L Brown

    Hi there, Would definitely have the be the Mint Green (so yummy!)
    The 500 Bucks, would have to go towards a honeymoon (finally) … My husband and My 1st wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days, with 4 kids and bills, we just couldn’t afford one (we also had a budget wedding, but thats ok as it was truly magical) so I would cry if I learnt I could surprise him with a honeymoon holiday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Allira Akehurst

    The pineapple yellow one for sure, to match the nursery we are decorating for our first baby, due in July.

  • Jane Bolton

    Shark blue grey. It’s the new theme for my room. White, purple/mauve, shark grey blue. Nothing says tranquil like shark blue grey in the bedroom. I would spend the money on a new bed. I’ve been getting by on a single for a while now so I think it’s time I upgrade to at least a king single. To make me feel like a King that’s single.

  • Angelina Raappana

    Orange, it’s bright and hopefully I wouldn’t lose it or leave it in an ATM. I’d love to win the me BUCK Debit Mastercard, I wish I had some fantastic idea as to what I’d spend the money on but with 4 children and my two boys 2016 soccer season approaching (early bird registration has already opened), I’d probably pay for that and buy them new soccer boots. P.S the bedroom looks great.

  • Billy Sheffield

    The dark blue card is my favourite and would blend well into my wallet, i would use this card to take my siblings to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. I have done the trip numerous times on my own for $100 so 3 siblings and fuel should only cost $500.

  • rosmayes

    I’d choose the orange card…now, I usually don’t like orange..I have NOT ONE item of orange clothing in my wardrobe, BUT this colour reminds me a fresh, juicy mandarin hanging on a tree covered with morning dew…and I do want the card to stand out from the rest!!
    What would I buy??? I know!! A new, you-beaut HUGE mosquito net!! The one I have, which I bought at a bargain price from the internet ( yes, I know, you only get what you pay for) is driving me nuts! It is too small ( well, it SAID it fitted single, double, queen and king beds!!) and it claws at my face while I try and sleep! It feels like I am in jail!! Grrrr…so I dream of one of those 4 poster beds with glorious covers and a net which drapes majestically, loosely to the floor!! ( And a servant to bring in breakfast would be nice too!!) But, hey, $500 might not stretch to a servant or even a new 4 poster bed, BUT it sure will buy me a net which doesn’t try to eat me every night and which tucks into the mattress!!

  • Dave

    Green because I have no green cards so it would stand out. It would go towards a new mattress as ours is killing our backs and shoulders at night.

  • Bec D’owney

    Blue/Grey! $500. Dull, but my sofa is 10 years old and falling to pieces (cheap Chinese leather) and I’d CHAIRish having a new $500 one so much!

  • Deborah A Moor

    Def the bedroom! It is dull (read brown), boring and uninspiring. $500 Bucks could give me bright, inviting and relaxing!

  • Kathie Winn

    Yellow, it always reminds me of sunshine.

    โ™ฉ โ™ช โ™ซ โ™ฌ

    Buck is my sunshine, my only sunshine,

    Buck makes me happy when days are grey.

    You never know, Buck, how much I love you.

    Please take my Atm fees away.

    I’ll always love Buck, Buck makes me happy

    If all the banks were only say the same,

    So Iโ€™ll buy ‘sheets’ and some for Mother,

    Iโ€™ll spend it all, yes all in just one day.

    Buck is my sunshine………….

  • Allison Wilson

    Green since I’m at a fresh start. I’ve traipsed interstate to follow Defence hubby and currently looking for work but ‘buck’ that I say, I’d splurge on a weekend away as we’ve been tight with our dollars of late.

  • Beksmum

    I love the mint, for me its such a calming colour and exactly what I want for my bedroom makeover, with some beautiful smelling candles it could become a real retreat ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elizabeth Davey

    becuase there is no purple I shall have to surfice with mint green which is actaully nice. With it I would buy some lovely new shoes for my size 12 feet which never get to try on anything at the shops

  • Neenee

    Orange for me as its a great inspiring colour you see
    Bedroom of this colour would inspire creativity and that’s what my bedroom is lacking
    Bright stylish and loads of BUCKS.

  • Harley Trashbag Ciempka

    I like mint because it will remind me of the money I have from no ATM fees!

  • carolinemargaret

    Mint green is the closest to the hungees I rarely see. My bedroom is currently much more hideous than your before. Think random white bedside draws in laminate from old teen decor set, toddler paraphernalia EVERYWHERE, bedside lamp with broken base, bits & pieces galore. If said toddler wasn’t asleep in there I’d take a pic, then burn it as it’s so awful haha

  • Jessica

    I would choose the mint as it’s the happiest of the 4 colours and we all need a bit of that in our life ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jessica

      Oh and I would probably be boring and pay bills with the money!

  • lisa s

    With $500 bucks, I’d rush to the shop,
    filling my trolley with Kmart goodies until they overflow from the top!
    New cushions and accessories in pinks, aqua, grey and white!
    Decorating a modern look lounge room for me to relax in at night!
    The colour of my buck- I don’t really mind,
    although a bright yellow one would make it handy to find!

  • Faye Hannam

    Valentines Day coming up… I’d love to choose the mint as my favourite for my favourite fella!

  • Emily

    It HAS to be the yellow!! The colour of sunshine, the colour of happiness and how could you not be happy sporting a $500 Buck card?!
    I’d spend the money on a couple pieces of Kmart furniture, a new rug, an iPod speaker dock (to blast my tunes and shaking my booty cleaning), new doona covers for all of us and then have a cute milkshake date with my three babies!

  • Tania C

    Oh, mint for me, it’s my colour! My kids would laugh so hard if I had a bank card in mint, they can’t bear it! I would spend the $500 on tickets to Disneyland, we are heading over for our dream family trip over Christmas this year and can’t not visit the Happiest Place on earth!

  • Laura Scriven

    Green is a colour of zen,
    Shopping drives me around the bend.
    Been putting off getting new towels,
    But I can already hear my MIL’s howl!
    She’s coming to stay soon,
    So with soft towels and linen she’d be over the moon.

  • Krish

    Yellow yellow and more yellow it’s always a bright happy colour that makes you feel warm and alive, love it

  • Sarah mary

    The mint green is bright and pretty! I’d love love love to revamp my lounge room. We recently got the DIY Reno bug, and are in the process of painting our house, so it would be amazing to buy some new cushions and a new rug to complete the make over.

  • Domenica

    I need a splash of happy yellow Buck following the two floods we’ve had here this past month. Everything downstairs was ruined in the first flood (note to self: do not turn a tap on to hand wash a couple of items the night after your kids have woken you 8 times).

    The second flood was a sewerage flood – yes POO.

    Poo now covers everything that was salvaged from the first flood and was being stored in the garage. The kid’s toys? POO. Italian linen passed down to me from my Nonna? POO. My freezer? POO. All my unopened boxes from our move? You guessed it, POO. In all honesty I will spend the money taking the hubby and the kids somewhere special for a few days – anywhere that does not smell like the entire neighbourhood’s poop wiil do!

  • Janine Piscopo

    I would choose the Mint, because it is a light and refreshing colour. The money will go towards my upcoming operation. It’s looking like I am a carrier of the breast cancer gene, so with the support of my family I will be most likely undergoing surgery to remove my breasts (with new girls being made) and my ovaries taken out, so that I have every chance of staying with my family.

  • Stephanie McCaul

    Hello, can you hear me
    I’m in Brissy dreaming about a Buck card in avocado green
    With $500, of credit thats for free
    I’ve forgotten how it felt to have new shoes upon my feet

  • Jo Miller

    Yellow because quite simply it always makes me smile !

  • Jen MacCulloch

    I love them all but think I’d go for happy, sunshine, pick-me up yellow. :):):)

  • David Emerson

    My wife was only saying yesterday she would love to redecorate our bedroom. She loves whites and greens to match our engagement canvas above our bed. With 500 dollars we would make a trip to Adairs (she is like a kid in a candy store at this place!) and freshen up our bedroom with new linen. Followed by a trip to Kmart for the cool knick-knack’s to make the room more homely lime you’ve done above – Looks great!. I promise if we win I’ll be the supportive husband on the shopping trip and carry all the shopping bags!

  • Caitlin

    Green Buck! I would put the $500 towards taking my family to New Zealand – a plan we’ve had for many years but haven’t managed to make happen yet. A lovely green card for a trip to a lovely green country.

  • Caitlin O’Gorman

    I couldn’t go past the yellow! It’s always been a favourite colour of mine simply for what it inspires within the mind; sunflowers, tropical North Queensland, over-sized beach towels, and lemon tarts. If I were to acquire this happy little card I think I would spend it on a date with my partner (we never get the chance as we’re always so tight on money), perhaps something new, just ’cause. I’m thinking a phone case as mine has seen better days. And maybe I would take a leaf out of your book, and redecorate my bedroom a little. It’s very dull and could use with a little pick-me-up; something definitely in yellow.

  • Lynda Whiteway

    The mint would be the one I choose
    Who knows what I could buy?
    It could be perfume,or those shoes
    Oh Buck, you make me sigh
    I should be buying boring things
    Like teatowels, wooden spoons
    A kitchen timer , one that tings
    But those shoes. They make me swoon
    the price is quite outrageously
    But oh, I love the shape
    That colour, it’s contagious
    Oh Buck, you can’t escape
    I love your minty colour
    I will hate to see you go
    Here’s the till,$500
    And those shoes I love them so.
    Sadly we must part too
    Find a man Buck, he will be
    Much more inclined to keep you
    In his wallet, carefully.

  • Tania De Azevedo

    Mint Green!!! I would spend the $500 on upgrading my couch!!

  • Kylie C

    The Mint green is fabulous and what i would use the $500 for is a much needed long overdue pampering session, If i dont do it for myself no one else will.

  • mel gale

    I love mint in general, am a fan!! I would spend it on new stuff for my room (I actually live in a caravan) and would love to spruce it up!!

  • Kate Young

    Orange for me!

    So it stands out in my purse, on my bedside table, on my husband’s bedside table, in the middle console of my car…you get the idea!

    As you can tell, I need some extra organisation in my life, so I’d be off to the shops for a new handbag, car organiser and diary! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Seph Lemon

    Yellow because my last name is lemon and it is my favourite colour!

  • Kristina

    I like the green. Mums birthday is coming up so would be nice to take her out, spoil her, pamper her and have money be no object

  • emmaemu

    What the buck?!
    I get a choice?
    Ok, I’ll have Lobster Red thanks…
    How cute!
    Now I’m hungry…
    I feel like Lobster Thermidor
    Oh and a bottle of French Champagne to wash it down.
    Ahh so satisfying…
    Thanks buck…you’re the best!
    My shout next time x

  • Denise Bradbury

    I choose the mint green card as it is a bit different to my other cards colours.I’d spend my $500 getting over to WA to see my daughter and her new baby.

  • Brigitte

    The card that Iโ€™d choose would be yellow

    โ€˜Cause it reminds me of eating tangelo

    Iโ€™d buy some new sheets,

    A few cool looks seats

    And make it a sweet place to mellow

  • Tina Walden

    I love the lime green one. If I won the 500$ I would buy a new doona cover, and some beautiful matching throws and update my very tired 15 year old curtains. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bakeree

    I’m a fighter. I’m passionate and strong.
    But sometimes even the bravest of us all need back up.
    Everyday of the last 6 months has been a battle.
    And even with warrior Buck, in red, by my side,
    The war will not easily be won.
    $500 would give me space to breathe.
    A chance to rest.
    Time to muster up the strength to fight on.

    Against the never-ending scourge of bills that I face.
    Standing Tall.

  • Yellow is bright so I can find it faster,
    a new mobile so I can have internet where ever I go

  • Emma Puszkar

    I like my Buck’s like my days, shiny, clear and blue! I’d surprise hubby for a quality weekend away without the kids xx

  • Jo Harlow

    All that glitters may not be gold, but Gold shines brightest in my eyes. Seeing as I’ve just announced to the family that we are all going to set goals and intentions to get us to Disneyland (the original one in Anaheim) in 2017, it would go on Disney tickets (and the express passes!).

  • fiona

    B-uck looks good in every colour
    U-nusual name but i’d choose yellow
    C-os i like bright & happy colours
    K-eep it in my purse & buy something special

  • Joni Langos

    Buck Me! I would love the mint green as it is unlike any other card in my purse and would stand out. I would use the money to treat my family to a weekend away for Easter.

  • Bella Ki

    I love the mint green. Mint is refreshing and used to cleanse the palette, which is exactly what I’d do if I won this amazing prize. I just said goodbye to my wonderful sofa bed because its days were up. A fresh start means I would spend my BUCK on a comfy, new sofa bed. I can read stories to my daughter, relax and unwind with a good book and cold juice during those hot summer days and a hot coconut chocolate on cold winter afternoons. Not to mention, perfect for unexpected overnight guests.

  • Melissa

    Orange, because as we’ve all learnt one thing this century; ‘Orange is the new black’ (and NO Elle Woods, I am not “seriously disturbed”). $500 would give me 500 reasons to demonstrate that with new clothes for my wardrobe!

  • Debra Marr

    Love the green/ aqua reminds me of the colour of the biggest $$$$ notes. My bedroom badly needs a revamp, walls are currently the colour of eggplants making the room feel even smaller than it is.
    New blinds that block out the hot summer afternoon sun, be gone the outdated lace curtains!
    Modern slimline bedside tables topped with monochrome table lamps, a great big beach themed print to make the room a calm sleep easy haven.

  • I would chose the blue buck, loving blues so much lately. If I won the 500 bucks I would finally put our wedding photos (from 2004) on canvas and hang them in our entry hallway, been meaning to do it for so long now… ummm 12 years!!! Then I would have to purchase some of the World’s Softest Cotton Sheets in India Ink (to match my blue buck), because who doesn’t like brand new sheets, and you twisted my arm Chantelle xxxx

  • Jenly Legiman

    I’d choose yellow! As a new Mum, my life is filled with lemons some days, and it feels like a ray of sunshine on other days. Life isn’t perfect but that’s the beauty of it all because I get to appreciate and cherish the good days more with my loving family. I’d buy plenty of nappies for my newborn daughter. She’s the brightest sunshine of my life!

  • Alysse

    I would use the $500 to buy glue and cleaning products because I am in the stage of life where I can’t have anything nice – it only ends up broken or dirty. As my children are little predators for my belongings, I would choose Shark Blue-Grey!