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16 things to do in 2016

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You know that thing when people ask what your hobby is, and you get stumped for an answer? In my head all I’m thinking is, “I’m a mum. I like to steal moments away from my kids in my spare time and use the bathroom alone.” So sad. This year I’m going to actually find a hobby. One I have already and need to give some love to or find a new one, other than using the toilet alone.


This one is basically here to remind me not to stay in my comfort zone, and to encourage you to leave yours too. The good stuff is beyond your comfort zone, FYI. Go there.


I had such a scare on the second last day of last year, and I realised how important my body is and how I’ve taken it for granted. So I plan on giving my body what it needs. And when I say nurture, I get scared by the over-the-top body stuff going on in the internets of late. It doesn’t have to be gung-ho, I plan on finding my happy place somewhere between it all.


It’s taken me 35 years, but last month I realised that I need a moment of solitude each day to be my best self. I plan on stealing those moments each day, and not ‘stealing’ as if I don’t deserve them, FYI. Cos I deserve them, you do too!


This has been on my to-do list for far too long. I’m going to plan a getaway, I don’t care how cheap and nasty it needs to be… but something that isn’t work, that I don’t have to write about. Didn’t someone say one of the secrets of happiness is something to look forward to? A getaway is what I’ll be planning and looking forward to. Where will you go?


Anything. Seriously. We’ve all got a little bit of creativeness in us. You don’t have to start folk art or something difficult. Just make something; a cake, a photo, an abstract artwork, something!


This might make me an a-grade dag, but my song is Jessie’s Girl… and when that song comes on, I sing it loud and I dance. Lacey is at that stage when she eye-rolls… but man it makes me instantly happy. Find your song, and use it whenever you need.


Oh yeah, you don’t need those things. Put your money back in your purse. I’m going to get one of those money tins that you can’t open and throw all my change in there. It all adds up.


For too long we’ve been spreading ourselves thin, so now it’s time to spread ourselves thick. My friend Babs is a master of this stuff!


This is a little bit of number 2. When it comes to work or making friends or your hobby… put yourself out there for people to notice. See what happens.


Since having kids, I’ve kinda just left catch-ups with people to be a spontaneous thing most of the time. I’ve decided to actually make dates with people, put them in my diary and make them happen. Spontaneous is fun, still. But actually having a date to look forward to, is awesome.


I think it’s also important to put time away for ourselves too; to exercise, to eat a nice lunch, to ponder and wander.


It doesn’t have to be big, but it’s so easy to improve the lives of others. It’s about stepping in to help, or offering a smile, or listening {you have no idea how many people just want to be heard}. Improve the life of people around you.


I’m planning on writing a letter each day to someone, because I used to do this religiously before kids and I loved it. I’m bringing it back.


You know how we get asked to support so many charities these days, and I feel guilty that I can’t support everyone. So I choose Rafiki Mwema as my charity, and I invest my time and money with those girls. Yours could be a charity that means anything to you. And if you don’t have funds, you can donate time. Or you can just keep them in your back pocket and support them when life gets easier for you {just have them on your radar until then}.


Oh yeah. I’ve spent most of my life feeling guilty about stupid stuff, do you do that too? I don’t want to carry that guilt around anymore. I don’t want to feel guilty for putting myself first, or saying no, or choosing my family, or not going above and beyond for others. It doesn’t make us selfish, it just makes us self-preserving. Guilt be gone.

What’s on your to-do list for 2016?

  • katieemay1

    I’m definitely going to try and get these into 2016! All such great tips

    Katie xo |

  • Love this, Chantelle! You never fail to inspire me. 🙂

  • Ms Betsy xo

    I love this and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I hear you loud and clear re #3. For years I’ve been on a diet off a diet, need to lose weight, need to exercise, need to give up sugar, carbs, food in general – not any more, my big 2016 resolution is to look after me. I will eat well (good real foods), I will exercise just a little every day (not kill myself in the gym), I will accept myself the way I am, if I lose weight it is a bonus (already bought a new wardrobe for work, rather than saying I don’t deserve clothing until I lose weight), I will nurture my mind and give up or at least try to give up all the negative talk. No 3 is a big one for me this year but I love them all, will be working on them ALL YEAR. Printing this off and putting it where I can see it. Thanks

  • Tash Jay

    Everything on this list is awesome. I need all of them on my to do list. This year I plan to focus on balance – taking better care of myself, taking a little pressure off myself and stepping back front social media so I get more stuff done!

  • Alix

    Lovely stuff. I am also planning a getaway I don’t have to write about this year – heaven! You might not pay for those trips, but believe me, you pay for them! I also love the idea of a money box – so easy for money to just fly out of your wallet. Bring on 2016!

  • Love, love, love this list! x

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. We’re on the same wave length. All these things are on my Making 2016 Happen list. {but I’m going to download your list and add it to my planner as a reminder}. Thanks for sharing, and happy 2016. x

  • Donna M. Lee

    Well 3 things Ive learned to nurture my body, Be grateful, and scared the crap outta my self driving my truck on 2″of ice the other nite…

  • Ella Spurling

    Happy 2016 Chantelle ?
    Jessie’s Girl is a fab sing + dance along. I love it – so I must be an a-grade dag too ? x

  • Jo

    This list is fantastic, its like u have read my kind! Thank u again for sharing, wish u all the best in 2016..?

  • What a great list! Happy new year!

    Who Let the Mum Out?

  • Amy {The Misadventurous Maker}

    I’m hoping your getaway is going to be to Melbourne to hang with me 🙂 xoxoxo Love this list Chantelle and I shall be printing it out and hanging it on my wall and use it to brighten up my days 🙂 xoxoxox

  • fromthekiwigirl

    I’ve started a meetup called – Social Bikes..the premise is to set a destination and like minded cyclists join your group and meetup, ride, socialise and have fun…oh and have coffee. Also on my new bucket list..I want to go to ChiangMai on my own!

  • Netal Singh

    What an awesome list – & each of them are totally do-able!!! What’s more – it’s a list I’m actually looking forward to working through and accomplishing! 🙂 THANK YOU. You brighten my world, Chantelle. x

  • Rebecca Walker

    I LOVE this post Chantelle! You inspired to create a list of 10 Ways to Be Brave in 2016. Brave is my guiding word for the year 🙂
    (If you want to check it out, you can read it here: )
    Thanks for the inspiration lovely!
    Bec xx