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Making Their Dreams Come True

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In partnership with Disney On Ice.

These two are besties and cousins, and one of my greatest joys in seeing their friendship blossom. They’ve been together since Lulu was born, when we’d plonk them on a rug together and they’d lie side-by-side… and then here they are now, almost five years of age and the best of friends. As soon as Lulu could write her own name, she could also write her cousin T’el’s name too… because she was just as important as herself.

Last weekend we took the trip up to Brisbane and went to see Disney On Ice to celebrate both of their upcoming birthdays. The whole family joined in together, and a few friends, and we all settled in for a good night {of course we had a visit to Costco beforehand, and a dinner of dumplings at our favourite spot}. Lulu and T’el dressed as Jessie from Toy Story.

The girls had a special treat, they were chosen to be taken onto the ice during the Finding Nemo scene and pushed around on a little boat. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING. They were so excited, and they will totally remember it forever.

We’re big Disney fans, and the Disney On Ice show is something we’ve seen before and gives such a taste of the magic of Disney. This year Disney On Ice is celebrating 100 years of magic, and it was magic.

We’re looking forward to next year now. The kids all had such a great time, and have been talking about it ever since.

Have you ever been to Disney On Ice?

If you’d like to find out more, visit the Disney On Ice site here. We watched the show as guests of Feld Entertainment and Disney On Ice.