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Make your own fun gift wrap



Last week I flew down to Sydney to have lunch with a few lovely people that read this blog. I’ll be writing about it a bit tomorrow, so I won’t share too much. But I’ve had lots of emails since I shared a photo of the gifts I gave each person in my newsletter and I thought it might be fun to share how I made the wrap.

I love to wrap, and Hubby always likes to give me a hard time because ‘Who has time to wrap? And does anyone really care about it anyway?’ I don’t know. But I know I appreciate it. Boys just don’t get it, do they?


Each gift had the same thing inside, a Kikki-K photo album and a box of Max Brenner chocolates, but I wanted the outside wrapping to be a little bit different for each.


All were wrapped in brown paper packaging which I then decorated {details below}. The little box of chocolates were wrapped in HiPP paper {my favourite wrapping paper – you might recognise some of them from my Instagram photos, I use it as backgrounds now and then}, some neon pink string and a little camera that flashes and makes noises. I added the camera because the lunch was hosted by Olympus, and we were talking about photography… so it kinda made sense. Each gift had a different polaroid {from Typo} and a little card name tag.


I used a different shape and colour sticker for each gift. For some I had huge gold polka dots {that are meant for wall decals} that were from Papier D’Amour. And the others all had stickers from Blank. I used little dots and triangles.

Here are some other presents I made this week for my blogging friends. I might be slightly addicted.

Big question time {tongue firmly in cheek}: Does wrap really matter?