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June Photo A Day Challenge: It’s time my friends, so let’s do it!

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June photo a day challenge list

Hello! June is here, so it’s time to get crack-a-lacking and playing along with the June Photo A Day Challenge. Join in!

How to play!

Playing along with photo a day is super easy:
Check out the June photo a day list.
Each day look at the daily prompt and take a photo according to whatever the prompt is. For example for day 1 the prompt is ‘B is for..’ so share anything you see that starts with the letter B. It’s a great opportunity to get creative. Be inspired by a little creativity and see what you come up with.
Once you’ve taken the photo it’s time to share it. There are loads of places you can share it. See below for more details.
Check out other people’s photos. You can browse through them on my Facebook page, in the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group. Or on Instagram or Twitter just search for the #FMSphotoaday hashtag to see them all.

Where to play?

There are loads of places to be social and share your photos with the #FMSphotoaday community:

Instagram: Just upload your photo, use a fancy filter, add a caption and the hashtag #FMSphotoaday and then share.
Facebook: There are a few options here. You can simply share on your own personal page, among your own friends. Or you can upload to my page’s wall, or I’ve created a Facebook group for 2013. You can join it here:
Blog: If you have a blog, you could share each day or do a wrap up of all the photos at the end of the month.
Tumblr: Add your daily photos to your Tumblr feed.
Flickr: You can get their app and share your photos there, or upload on their web version. We also have a photo a day group here.
Twitter: You can share on Twitter by uploading the photo and sharing the hashtag #FMSphotoaday. Easy.

How do I remember the prompts?

There are a few ways you can grab the list or remember the prompts:
Come back here each day and click the button on the right-hand side to check out the list.
Right-click on the list above and save it to your desktop. Or if you’re on your phone you could take a screenshot and save it as your wallpaper. {To screenshot click the power button and home button at the same time}.
The lovely Doug has created prompts for us that we can download straight into our calendar, so we won’t forget.

To subscribe on iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac:

To view on the web:

What’s the fab four?

Each day I’ll be picking four photos on each Instagram and Facebook that have caught my attention, and sharing them to my Facebook and Instagram. I go through the photos a few times a day, saving ones that make me smile and then at the end of the day I narrow them down to four. It’s hard with so many talented people! To have your photos in the running you can just share them to my Facebook page or the FMS Photo A Day group or the #FMSphotoaday Instagram feed, or both. It’s not a competition – just a fun way to put the spotlight on some photos from the community. And it is most definitely not the purpose of being involved in Photo A Day, the best bit about Photo A Day is being creative, being part of a fun community and seeing life differently.

What do the prompts mean?

There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below:

1. B is for…: Share a photo of something starting with the letter B.
2. A moment: You might have a special moment with someone you love, a little time to yourself. Just capture any moment from today and share it.
3. On my table: It’s likely that we’ll all come across a table at some point today. How can you capture what’s on the table? Get creative.
4. After dark: When the sun goes down, take a photo.
5. Environment: Today is World Environment Day, take a photo of your environment. This is our charity prompt for the month.
6. Transport: Be it a car, bike, skateboard, plane or another mode… capture transport.
7. Bright: Is it light? Is it smart? Capture bright.
8. An animal: From the teeniest of insects to an animal at the zoo, find an animal and shoot it. I mean take a photo, of course!
9. From down low: Get down low today and take a photo looking up.
10. You!: Show us you. Be discreet if you like. Or take a selfie. Or a photo of an old photo. Anything. Just show us you.
11. Something funny: What makes you laugh? A comic strip in the newspaper? A movie? A person?
12. 11 o’clock: At either 11am or 11pm take a photo of whatever it is you’re doing.
13. Kitchen: We all have a kitchen, so how will you take a photo to capture it. Black and white? Find a cooler kitchen to snap?
14. Texture: The sand at a beach? The knit in your scarf? A close-up of the hair on your dog? Capture texture.
15. From above: Stand on a chair, climb some stairs – just find a way to get high and take a photo looking down.
16. Family: It’s Father’s Day in some parts of the world, so share a photo of your family.
17. Centred: Put your subject matter in the middle of the photo. Make it front and centre!
18. Street: Take a photo of a street-scape.
19. Currently reading: Are you in the middle of a great book? Reading a sign on the street? Or a great blog? Share.
20. Cute: What’s your idea of cute? A person, a cat, or something else?
21. Lunchtime: What does lunchtime look like for you today? Are you eating alone? With others? Out? At home? At your desk? We wanna see!
22. Enjoying life: Today you have permission to go out and enjoy yourself. Do it!
23. Last: Interpret this as you please. How can you show ‘last’ in a photo?
24. Negative space: Negative space is where you leave a lot of blank space in a photograph to show off the subject in your picture. This site shows some great examples.
25. Sharp: This could be the blade of a knife, or a corner of a building, someone in a suit – or however else you want to interpret sharp.
26. Empty: This one pretty much explains itself, so how will you show empty.
27. Into the sun: Use the most beautiful light source in the world. You can shoot straight into it, or use something as a filter {a tree, a silhouette of a person…}
28. Red: Today is red nose day in Australia. Show us some red!
29. In my bag: Let’s take a sneak peek into what you’re carrying around. No bag? Show us what’s in your wallet or pocket instead.
30. Handwriting: Take a photo of handwriting. Maybe you’ll have to step away from the computer and pick up a pen!

Charity & reader prompts:

Our charity prompt this month is World Environment Day.
The theme for this year’s World Environment Day celebrations is Think.Eat.Save. Think.Eat.Save is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your food print. You can read more about the movement here.

The reader prompts this month have been suggested by:
On my table – Deepika
Last – Kristi
In my bag – Lauren

Thank you everyone!

You can suggest a reader prompt below:

Fill out my online form.

I look forward to seeing all your photos and getting a glimpse into your world. If you’re playing on your blog, please leave a link below so we can visit and take a look.

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  • Deepika
  • Nikki

    Hello, I can’t wait to get started with this tomorrow, I follow you on Instagram over at @Flumplicious and my blog which I have a scheduled post for this tomorrow on my blog (as I am away this weekend and I’m a newbie blogger) My blog can be found over at Two Slices of Toast and a Cuppa Tea

  • Julia

    I’m having trouble getting the prompts to open on my iPhone. The link opens a new window in Safari, then does not do anything. I got the April/May prompts to work, so I wonder if something may be wrong with the link? I love your Photo a Day!!

    • Try copying the link and pasting into Safari, instead of clicking it.

      But also check in your iPhone settings, under calendar in case you need to allow something. Hope that helps. x

    • Lisa

      I am having the same problem. April and May worked fine
      Even when I copy and paste into safari it just opens up this June photo a day page on your blog

      • Are you doing it on your phone? This isn’t my area of expertise, unfortunately. I’m not sure what advice to offer.

      • Lids

        Cutting and pasting into actual browser tool bar instead of google search did the trick!

  • Jen

    Hi Chantelle, I copied the list straight to my blog (hope that is ok). My daughter is taking a photo too. Love this idea.

  • Hippie Kim

    Hi Chantelle – this will be my first time playing and I’m so excited. I will be posting on my blog with a poetic twist, and also sharing on Instagram. You can visit me at or bohohippiemom on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing everybody’s photos this month!

  • Hello. Christina Cison linked me to the photo of the day challenge. I would LOVE to join! I’ve joined the facebook group, have a blog and will link there, and will look forward to seeing all the shots! (I have my “b” ready!) Thanks so much for this!! Roz


  • Missyg*

    Just FYI, when I subscribed on my iPhone, it made “reminders” from April until June. Maybe me computer tech Doug needs to tweak thus a little.

  • Dawn Oosterhoff

    Thank you for doing this and making it available and thank you to the lovely Doug for creating calendar reminders. I’m really enjoying this!

  • Rachel tryingforsighs

    Hi I’ve just been lucky enough to find your blog and I’m taking part too. Hope I’m not too late! 🙂

  • Lisa Michelle

    just curious why are certain days bolded?

  • amandaattard

    I love your photo a day challenge. I don’t always post a photo every day but I love looking at what others are posting. I’ve nominated your blog for a shine on award

  • Julie & Kevin

    We’re taking part over at 🙂

  • Random….but I rarely stumble across anyone with my name and get excited when I do. 😉 I was googling photo a day challenges! 🙂

  • Jessica W

    Hi, I’ve been struggling to find a good photo a day challenge and have now found this so I am going to be sticking for a while me thinks 😀