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Dead easy oven baked risotto with chorizo

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There’s a new girl in town. Her name is Beverley. Perhaps you’ve met her before. She’s an app/magazine, filled with beautiful photos, stories, recipes and so much more.

Back when I was in high school I was in the popular group. I kinda really didn’t belong there, but I was there. On the outskirts, hanging on with a tight grip. The most popular of the popular girls were called the Bevs, as in short for Beverley {Beverly Hills 90210, if I remember correctly} and so every time I hear someone mention Beverley it takes me back. And the creator of Beverley is Beth who often gets called Bev too by fellow bloggers. It’s a BEV-fest.

Anyway, boring stories aside… today I’m sharing a recipe with you from the most recently released edition of Beverley. It’s a baked risotto with chorizo. I’m hoping my Big Sis sees this post. It’s right up her alley with lots of spice, and not so much work {i.e. standing over a stove-top stirring and mixing}. I hope you enjoy.

 photo RISOTTO-1_zps5403e64c.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-2_zpsb6e49c59.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-3_zpsdebab110.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-4_zps31e833ad.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-5_zps3af72efb.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-6_zps36031c93.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-7_zps5199bfb6.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-8_zpsf58d4869.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-9_zps16977097.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-10_zpsfff49d63.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-11_zps2afea57a.jpg

If you want to see more recipes and good stuff from the lovely Beth Beverley, you can download the app here. The app is free, and then you just pay per issue. You can also read more on Beth’s blog BabyMac.