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Dead easy oven baked risotto with chorizo

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There’s a new girl in town. Her name is Beverley. Perhaps you’ve met her before. She’s an app/magazine, filled with beautiful photos, stories, recipes and so much more.

Back when I was in high school I was in the popular group. I kinda really didn’t belong there, but I was there. On the outskirts, hanging on with a tight grip. The most popular of the popular girls were called the Bevs, as in short for Beverley {Beverly Hills 90210, if I remember correctly} and so every time I hear someone mention Beverley it takes me back. And the creator of Beverley is Beth who often gets called Bev too by fellow bloggers. It’s a BEV-fest.

Anyway, boring stories aside… today I’m sharing a recipe with you from the most recently released edition of Beverley. It’s a baked risotto with chorizo. I’m hoping my Big Sis sees this post. It’s right up her alley with lots of spice, and not so much work {i.e. standing over a stove-top stirring and mixing}. I hope you enjoy.

 photo RISOTTO-1_zps5403e64c.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-2_zpsb6e49c59.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-3_zpsdebab110.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-4_zps31e833ad.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-5_zps3af72efb.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-6_zps36031c93.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-7_zps5199bfb6.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-8_zpsf58d4869.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-9_zps16977097.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-10_zpsfff49d63.jpg

 photo RISOTTO-11_zps2afea57a.jpg

If you want to see more recipes and good stuff from the lovely Beth Beverley, you can download the app here. The app is free, and then you just pay per issue. You can also read more on Beth’s blog BabyMac.

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  • Is the app on Android??

    • That is a good question that I do not know the answer to. I’ll ask Beth.

      • Thank you, I have looked but sadly can’t find it 🙁 xx

        • BabyMacBlogBeth

          Yes Amanda…sorry not as yet! We’re planning on it in the future though, so stay tuned!

  • Judith Klarenbeek

    that looks fantastic on the menu for this week I think

  • SuZan VaSica

    One question tho,it says when u put the rice in the oven its for 20minutes but then further down it says “once the rice is done (after 30minutes)”. Does it make much difference whether its 20 or 30 minutes? And I don’t have saucepans that can go into an oven, handles aren’t metal! Is a casserole dish ok?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth

      Sorry about that…yes, it’s 30 mins, not 20. I’ll make the change to the app. Casserole dish will be fine…good luck!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love a good risotto and an oven one is perfect for my lazy ways.

  • Domenica

    My two favourite bloggers in one post!

  • Marg Proudfoot

    This looks gorgeous. I am so going to try this tonight and add some chicken thigh pieces chopped up. I’m hungry thinking about it….crusty bread, green salad, glass of wine………

  • Brooke

    Made this last night – delish! I found 25 minutes in the oven was perfect and I added some brocollini for a bit of extra green. Can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch today!

  • mum of three

    Hi I made this tonight too, it was seriously YUMMO! Plus it looked EXACTLY like the pictures – WINNING! Thank you for sharing it?

    • Mum of three

      That ‘?’ Should be a ‘!’. Sorry for the confusion.

  • SuZan VaSica

    Woo hoo! Success! I made it for lunch today & it all turned out beautifully! Have been scared of risotto til this recipe! Thanks for sharing it & I’ll def b making it again! Loved the advice to not “look at it, disturb it, touch it or talk to it. Just let it do its thing” I did that & after 30 mins the rice was perfection! Well as far as my un trained eye could tell! Went all creamy when I stirred it as u said, but had no liquid left as u also said there should b! All good though as it wasn’t in the slightest burnt!

  • Ms_Critique

    Okay, that looks delicious. Was looking for something easy to cook tomorrow night. This might just be it!

  • gratefulgal

    Gutted 🙁 made it the evening and after 40mins the rice still hadn’t cooked and absorbed the liquid 🙁 not sure what I did wrong – was the chicken stock meant to be warm when I put it in? I put it in cold maybe that’s where I went wrong? Well i’ll definitely be trying it again!

    • disqus_hmpbe8V2b6

      After half an hour I took the lid off as my rice was still very watery.

  • Heather

    Writing this comment as I’m eating this dish! Lovely meal, kids & hubby are loving it too! Really easy to make after a long day out. Thanks!

  • Reet petite

    This is easy and absolutely delicious!!!! A must for anyone who can’t stand stirring in stock to make risotto as its supposed to be made.

  • jen

    this wasn’t cooked at all at 20 minutes; not even slightly. ugh.

  • Kim

    Probably silly question, but is the temp in Celsius? So it would be about 350 Fahrenheit?