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If you look for beauty, you will find it.

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If you look for beauty, you will find it.

If there’s something I’ve learned in life, it’s that life is what you make of it. Give and take a bit, of course. But it really is as good as you decide for it to be. Bad things happen, they do. Good things happen too. I’m no guru, but I do believe that we’re as happy as we make up our minds to be.

And in much the same way, if you look for beauty, you will find it. It’s there, waiting to be seen. {And if you want to look for ugly, dirty and not-so-nice be warned that you can find that if you look hard enough too}. Does it sound like I’m talking in circles?

My friend Hailey started this movement about Finding Love. I shared a clip on Facebook a while back because it was just so beautiful. You might have seen it, if not here it is again.

Finding Love from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

As a result of the video, people all over the world are sharing their finding love photos on Instagram using the #FindingLove hashtag. It’s fun to flick the ‘finding love’ switch on in your mind, and notice the hearts you discover as you go about your day. It’s everywhere. You’ll see it now. Trust me.

In September {a short while after the baby is born, I don’t know if I’m crazy or just over-enthustiastic} I’ll be headed to the ProBlogger conference where Hailey will be teaching a bit about creating video {it’s what she travels the world doing}, but she’s also made a tutorial on how to create your own video with your iPhone or iPad. You can check it out here.

Do you see hearts where you go? Do you believe that if you look for beauty you’ll find it?