I am officially the worst packer. Ever.

I am here. I’m in sunny Cairns.

And I forgot my toothbrush. I always forget something. Thankfully it wasn’t something as vital as underwear*, I’m thankful for that. My bag weighs a whopping 23kg, and still no toothbrush.

How was your day today?

*For the record, toothbrushes are extremely vital. No one likes to travel with someone with stinky breath. No sir. I did pick up a new one for $9.95 {battery powered – going ALL out!} at the airport. Phew.

21 thoughts on “I am officially the worst packer. Ever.”

  1. Ah man. I always seem to forget deodorant. People don't like that much, either. What did I do today? Write a snarky post about packing, actually. Appropriate, no? 🙂

  2. I always forget deodorant and underwear. For serious. Every trip I go on I end up buying deodorant and a ten pack of underwear. Good luck on your new adventure! x

  3. Oops! It happened to me before, so for next week, when we will travel to Greece, I have bought a new one for at home so I could pack the old one already. Apart from that I make endless lists with what I should take with me and what I still need to buy… Nah, just a bit of a perfectionist.

  4. When I am packing, it's not about what I'm packing in my suitcase, it's more about what has to be left behind. Which is next to nothing. And still I manage to forget things like toothbrushes! So you'll have to share the title “worst packer” with me, sorry!

    xoxo, Isabelle

  5. Haha I always forget my toothbrush too. When I first started staying over at my bf's, I would always forget to bring it. He gave up and just bought me one to keep at his. Cute, first sign of commitment I thought 🙂

    P.S. I stared reading your blog, thanks to the PhotoADay challeneg. Love it.

  6. Camera chargers and phone chargers are something I am PARANOID about leaving behind so I pack them first! How was my day? I had a great day teaching and holding a Mini Olympic Day at the school…lots of fun novelty events like horsey rides with brooms and gumboots!! My friends have all become followers after checking out my photo a day folder. I hope you have a fabulous time away and relish all of the opportunities and experiences that come your way. Kim

  7. I thought you were talking about your boxes at home… and was going to add that I am a terrible packer too. Procrastipacker. Anyhoos I am glad you managed to pick up a toothbrush at the airport. very fancy! Enjoy the tropics 🙂

  8. My daughter gave me a similar title when she was about 7. Everytime we went away I would forget something – even the vital undies in a very small country town, swimmers for the beach!!!! She is now 14, packs for herself and does a great job.

  9. I feel your pain. Last time I went camping I discovered all my clean underwear was at home still on the bed, and I only discovered this after a long hike. Noice

    Have a great trip away – hope you have better weather than we have in sydney now, just horrible.

    • Speaking of hiking.. I had a rough time the last time I went hiking! I forgot to bring extra clothes and swimsuit for when I want to take a dip in the pool or want to change for more comfortable clothes. I learned my lesson though! I'll be more prepared and make a list before packing 🙂


  10. I love Cairns! I went diving in the Great Barrier Reef and loved it. I hope you have a fabulous trip and don't have any more mishaps.

    When we went to Cairns I forgot to take deoderant. That was not a good thing.

  11. I have a habit of forgetting stuff too. I once travelled 12 hours in the car, to cover a story for my Blog and another online publication only to realise 4 hours into the trip I'd left the camera charger at home and I was on 15%. Perfect! So I now pack from a list. I use pretty much THE SAME list every time, from stuff I need to do before I go, to my list of stuff to take. It saves me so much drama. I tick it off as I go, as there's always stuff I have to pack at the last minute like a toothbrush (been there done that too, grr!)

  12. When we went on holiday recently, I forgot to pack mine and hubby's swimsuits! Very essential when you've got 2 kids who expect to go swimming every day! Have a great trip x

  13. Toothbrush is important – but being a user of contact lenses you definitely should not forget to pack them, especially if you hate your glasses as you can't wear normal sunglasses with them 😉

    When you come up to Port Douglas come in and say “Hi” – I am at wellness@port in Port Douglas all day, giving relaxing Spa treatments. Might take your mind of anything that you have forgotten to pack 😉

  14. Just don't forget to enjoy yourself, the sites, the company- all that good stuff…and the toothbrush too…there's nothing like having nice clean teeth.

  15. I can relate. My husband always says it wouldn't be a vacation if I didn't forget something, and, sadly, he's pretty much right.

    As for my day, had to make a trip to the clinic to get some steroid cream for a rash of some sort of bug bites I probably picked up yesterday while outside taking pictures. Still worth it.

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