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How to fill that Offspring-shaped void in your life

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If you’re a woman, living in Australia and you own a TV… then there’s a good chance you’re addicted to Offspring. I am. I’ve loved Asher Keddie from her Love My Way days. She’s amazing. As is the whole show. {If you have no idea what I’m talking about, visit here}.

Last night Offspring had it’s season finale, and there’s no word on a fourth season. There has to be a 4th season. They’d be crazy not to. What would we do with our Wednesday nights?

I’ve scoured the web for fun things to fill that Offspring-shaped void now left in our lives. You know what I’m talking about. That Nina and Patrick emptiness left hanging around. Click the photos below for fun ideas:


Clean your microwave

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Cleaning your microwave has never been so easy. Mix water and vinegar, heat and wipe. Fun. Kinda.

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So I’m going to give Girls a go. I hear it’s good. But in case it’s not my thing, what’s your favourite show right now? What should we be watching?


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  • Liss

    I’m so sad this season has ended. However, I love the way it ended.
    I have no idea how to fill the offspring-shaped void. 🙁
    Bring on Season 4!

  • We dont have a TV and havent for many years! So I cant recommend any good shows – the last time I was watching TV and addicted to a show was McLeods Daughters…so I guess its been a very long time since we have had shows to watch 🙂

  • claire

    just saw on the FB that it has been commissioned for a 4th and 5th season…………YEAH. More Nina. More Dr. Patrick.

    • fatmumslim


      • Kellie

        Yes, I just saw that on FB too! Yay for us!!

    • Alice

      WOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! I love this show! Funny I was thinking that exact thing last night! How am I gong to cope without offspring on wednesday nights!? There isn’t much else on TV that I find good enough to watch(everything seems to be on repeat) :(… I guess it will be more Zumba for me (on the wee) and an early night (much needed)…

      • Alice

        Whoops that was meant to be Wii (as in that little magic box that stores many hours of entertainment) not wee (ummm I think it is fair to say that the word pretty much explains itself)…lol I am just getting images of puddles and Zumba dancing lol!

  • Analise

    Home from work with a cold. Day much improved by watching season finale – loved it!! Also feeling bummed that there’s not more next week! Ahhh Patrick! 🙂 I’m wondering what Channel 10’s new show Puberty Blues will be like. Loved that movie as a kid.

    • fatmumslim

      Yeah, I’ll be watching. I read the book, but don’t think I saw the movie. Fingers crossed it’s a goodie.

  • Season 4 & 5 were announced today. Thank god. I cant wait to see Nina pregnant and so glad her and Patrick got back together cant imagine the show without Patrick.

  • I love Suits & True Blood.

    I just watched last nights episode. Love.

  • On the one hand I am delighted there will be more Offspring, but the chances are I will be back in the UK where Offspring still has not reached. I very much hope I will be able to download it from somewhere when it comes back!

    • Anna

      I watch from the UK. Have downloaded via iTunes…so just have an Australian card to pay! It will be interesting to see next season…can’t wait,

  • char

    never really liked it to honest! i have the tv habits of a 20 year old man, i spend my wednesdays watching the simpsons and futurama.

  • Tara from EverydayHappenings

    Season 4 and 5 were confirmed today! SO EXCITED!

  • I get a double instalment of ‘Offspring’ each week….I get it on tv and a dear friend what’s apps me her Patrick Reed fantasies. Oh it’s a worry! I roll my eyes, I laugh with her…she’s a damn distraction but a funny one 😉 I’ll miss it…what now? ‘That awkward moment when a show you love finishes and you don’t know what to do with your time…’ I guess I’ll be on Pinterest, Instagram, FB…blogging…reading 50 Shades… and maybe even sleeping just for something completely different!

  • Beth R

    Sounds good, wish it was on in the states. I always get bummed when a favorite of mine is over and even worse when it’s the final finale. Boston Legal, Sopranos, Resue Me and half a dozen others I can;t remember. Odd which shows make it and other fantastic shows wrap it up for good. We are in that awkward in between time also. Nothing on and I have watched every episode of House Hunters ever made. I can tell you which house they choose at the beginning !
    Big Brother starts tonight and while it’s not as steamy as your show, it is a fun distraction 🙂

  • Niska Steele

    I just left oz, back to nz after the last season so still waiting patiently for this one. I love offspring too. Im sure I read on the offspring site on facebook last night that they have signed up for a 4th and 5th season YAY!!

  • I may need to try a hulu that show. That guy is yummy. I like to watch Covert Affairs, Bunheads, and Jane By Design.

  • I’m at a loss!! I only really had three or four TV shows I never missed, and they’re all off air at the moment. I must find a new must-watch show or else hubby will think he owns the remote… too late.

  • I love Offspring! Although I’m a recent convert so have been catching up on the first 2 seasons on DVD 🙂

    A couple of shows that I’m addicted to at the moment are Once Upon a Time, Revenge & Downton Abbey. They’re all very good, and definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen them. Although I can’t wait to see what Girls is like – I think that looks good too!

    • fatmumslim

      Girls should come with a warning, it’s absolutely brilliant. Funny and different. But it’s out there. I’m glad I watched it alone. There’s lot of sex and weirdness, but it’s really well done. I hope you like it. x

  • Traci

    Hi Chantelle
    Where do you watch Girls? Is it available online or on Foxtel?

  • Eva

    I do love a good cry at a happy ending. Even my hubby loves the show