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How do you get your kids to sleep?

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One thing I’ll never, ever, ever, ever understand… no matter how hard I try… is why kids have such an aversion to sleep.

I reckon I spend half my life trying to get someone to sleep. Luella is pretty good. She’s regressed a little bit of late, but honestly it’s mostly because of us traveling and breaking routine.

Lacey though, she’s always struggled. I don’t know if I did something wrong in the early days. Maybe I needed to teach her how to sleep better. I do regret not getting help back when she was young. For those that are new here, let me tell you what it was like back in the early days with Lacey: She woke almost every 40 minutes every night. Every single time she woke, I’d have to feed her, and then stand in front of the drier to get her back to sleep. I was a zombie, but yet still I didn’t think it was bad enough to seek help. I actually don’t know what I was thinking.

I remember my older sister sitting me down and begging me to get help. She told me she would pay, and that I just needed to do it. I think I was reluctant because I felt like I should have been able to do it on my own. I don’t know how I worked full-time on such little sleep. It was pretty dangerous, I imagine. Even with that talk from my sister, I still didn’t get help. I regret that.

So today, Lacey still doesn’t sleep well. She’s never been the child that goes to bed at 7pm and that’s it. If I’m awake, she’s awake. She sleeps in my room. She’s also a strong personality, and very full-on each moment she’s awake, so it’s exhausting to not have a break from her {that sounds awful!}. I love her dearly, of course. But I would love to be able to put her to bed, and recharge my batteries for a few hours before heading to bed myself. Oh, and spending time with my husband would be awesome too.

I asked my mate Rebel, who has a similar kid to me, how she did it. She said it was a struggle too, but she asked a child pyschologist about it, and he simply said, “You don’t see any 17 year olds sleeping with their parents, do you?”

I’m not so sure. I think we’ll be that family with the 17 year old sleeping in our room. Ha! {That’s an awkward unsure laugh!}.

So I wanted to ask you guys: What’s the sleeping arrangements at your house? How do you get your kids to sleep each night? TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS.