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Forwards & Backwards

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On Friday night my mum, Lacey and myself went up to Brisbane for a big girls night out. We had dinner, explored the city, and then walked back to our hotel to retire for the night. Just as I turned off the light, Lacey rolled over and said to me, “My friend told me Santa isn’t real, and the Tooth Fairy isn’t either.”

I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t prepared. I should have been, but I wasn’t. I’d also had three wines, and was feeling quite merry myself so simply dismissed it and said, “Oh he totally is! He is! Goodnight.”

And then we went to bed, and slept soundly for the night. Well, Lacey slept soundly, but she also likes to sleep the wrong way and ended up with her feet dug into my back for the whole night.

I’m not good with kids growing up. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably never stop saying it, because I’ll never, ever, EVER be OK with it. So, the Santa thing, it kinda got me. I was a bit sad about it all. Sad that the magic was over, sad that I didn’t handle it better, and sad that it meant that she’s growing up… quickly.

The next night I’d worked myself up to the get the kids back to sleeping in their own beds. After almost two months of co-sleeping due to sickness and travel and more sickness, I was ready to have my bed back and Hubby was too. It had been months of bad sleeping for me. It felt like the newborn years again, almost. People kept saying to me, “You look so tired!” which is code for, “Geez lady you look like shit today.” Thanks.

Just when you think the kids are moving too fast in the forward direction with aging and getting bigger, they go and get all crap at sleeping again… and that’s when I wish they’d grow up, or fall in love with sleep.

Saturday night was crap. I don’t know why my kids are so allergic to sleep. Like seriously, SLEEP IS THE BEST THING EVER.

My night consisted of me patting, and reading, and patting, and lying beside them, and comforting them, and thinking they’re asleep… only to creep out and look back to see them with one eye open again. I couldn’t get Lacey to sleep until 2am. TWO IN THE MORNING. And then Lulu woke me up at 4am and asked me to come in and cuddle her.

I felt like I had the biggest hangover in the world on that Sunday morning, except I didn’t have the party Snapchat photos to prove it. Instead I had super bags under my eyes and a cranky attitude.

So what’s a girl to do? I took myself on a solo trip to the supermarket to recover. And I ate a choc-chip muffin {from MuffinBreak – my current weakness}.

I guess that’s parenting. A few steps forward and then a dozen backwards.

What challenges are you finding with parenting at the moment? Do share!



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  • Kathleen

    Oh goodness I hear ya! My son just turned 8 and I so want to just stop the growing business! But on the other hand my 5 1/2 yr old daughter after a brief few months of finally sleeping through the night has reverted back to getting up EVERY single night! Such a rollercoaster being mums.

  • Yes it’s like a pendulum isn’t it? You get your baby or toddler to finally sleep through the night and then they wake up when being toilet trained, or from nightmares or because they just aren’t tired. I didn’t realise how much I loved my sleep until I was deprived of it by my children. I do hope you get some sleep soon. xx

  • My days consist of toilet training the 2.5yr old, answering the constant stream of ” how?” ” why?” Questions from the 3.5yr old, having sex talks with the almost 14 yr old & trying to talk about what the almost 17 year old will do when he finishes school next year. Hopping from one extreme to the other is draining some days but it does keep me on my toes 😉

    • Oh this is familiar to me. I have a toilet training 3yo, 5yo and 18yo who has just finished school. It keeps life interesting 🙂

  • Ah parenting challenges…. just published a blog post on how challenging I am finding it having a 3 year old! I find 3 so much harder then 2 (and this is the third time I have done it!).

  • Mine are the same, for some reason they just don’t like sleep – kills me. But I’ve accepted it because fighting didn’t do anything but stress me out x

  • I’m sure you still look beautiful when tired Chantelle. Sorry that the girls aren’t sleeping well, therefore you aren’t either. My current situation involves what I like to call end-of-term-itis… daughter has it big time (she of course will disagree). It involves all levels of tiredness, grumpiness, back chatting, arguing and fighting with her brother! Bring on the holidays!