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Exciting news + Let’s do lunch on the Gold Coast

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Brought to you by Olympus.


I’ve got some exciting news to share today. Exciting enough that I’ve pulled out the confetti. Yay!

So you may well know I’ve been doing some work with Olympus. I had lunch with 10 readers in Sydney a few months ago, and I also gave away a camera to one reader too. I’ve also been doing some writing over at Kidspot where Olympus is the sponsor.

This week I became an Ambassador for Olympus, and I’m telling you guys first here. Well, I told Lacey when I first found out {Hubby was at work} but I don’t think she really got it. And Luella, well she just laughed like I was telling an awesome joke {I think it was the expressive eye brows I use to try to explain it all}.

I shared in a post the feelings I felt when Olympus gave me a camera to play around with, I was still in that new baby fog and feeling a little bit overwhelmed with life. But one Sunday I pulled out the camera and started shooting, and this passion came alive again. I’ve always loved photography, but I felt that excitement inside me again.

And now I rarely leave home without my camera {O-MD E-M10}. We’ve been on holiday together, we’ve done dinner and we’ve celebrated the first birthday of my beautiful niece together. We’re tight.

It’s captured Luella crawling, walking, playing, bathing, eating… all the things. With the camera I’ve snapped Lacey’s first missing tooth, and her first big award at school. And also breakfast, because the every day moments are important too.



I love photography, and it makes me come alive. This feels so exciting. To have Olympus supporting me and helping make good stuff happen. Can you tell I’m smiling as I write this? I am.

That’s not the only exciting news I have to share…


Just like the lunch the Olympus team hosted for us in Sydney, they’re hosting one on the Gold Coast too {and Melbourne a little later}. It’ll be delicious food, fun conversations, a little photo-talk, and good times {and maybe a little gift as well!}.

This time we’re putting more seats at the table and inviting 20 people to come and join us. The more the merrier. And we’ll be heading to the ever-so-fancy Palazzo Versace on the water at the Gold Coast. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a luxury 5-star hotel. A few years ago I snuck inside to just stand in the foyer and soak it all in. I can’t wait to actually go in and lunch there.


Are you available on August 28th for lunch? If so, just let me know in the comments below that you want to come along.

Comments will close on Friday 15th August 2014 at 11:59pm. I’ll share here who the lucky 20 are. And then… we lunch!

Please note: Transport to and from the lunch isn’t included. You’ll have to make your own way there.

Thanks for everyone you left a comment, the guests attending the lunch are:

Debbie H
Melissa W
Marney R
Kirsty S
Renae R
Rana R
Ella S
Stacey C
Erica M
Kirralee B
Jacinta B
Sarah A
Deb D
Blythe R
Amanda B
Karen M
Jane M
Katrina A
Madelaine C
Peta B
Emily T
Claire C
Kirsten S
Megan K

I look forward to seeing you all next week! xxx