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Even If Your Voice Shakes

Fat Mum Slim /

I was the kid who the teachers knew to be nice, so they pulled me aside and asked me to play with the kids with no friends, so that they weren’t left out {I did as I was told}. I was the kid who never dreamed of having lots of friends, but only cared for a few solid good ones, and that’s what I had. I was the kid who was an easy target being chubby, so I copped it on the regular from kids who simply wanted to hurt someone else.

I was the kid who looked in the mirror and spoke to herself, arming herself with witty comebacks for the potential jabs coming my way. I was the kids with an older sister who was fiercely protective, who would put someone in their place if they dared say a word. She stood up for me often. I was the kid who couldn’t stand to see someone else being marginalised and hurt, so I would stand up for them… even when my voice shaked. I am the adult who still does the same, even when I have Hubby beside me urging me to leave it alone. Sometimes you just can’t help it.

I am the mum who is like a mother lion, protective and nurturing. I am the mum who watches from the sidelines, letting things go that don’t need to be addressed. I am the mum who steps in, and steps up when need be. I am the mum trying to keep communication lines open. I am the mum of a daughter who isn’t perfect, but she is kind and considerate and pretty freaking awesome. I am the mum who worries a lot, usually in the middle of the night. I am the mum of a child who was has been bullied {albeit brief and addressed, thankfully}, including physically punched by a boy. I am the mum who takes action, gets help and seeks systems that support her kids. I am the mum trying to teach her kids resilience, and how to stand up for themselves, as well as how to walk away.

I am the mum who knows all too well how vicious the online world can be too. I worry for our kids, who might be on the receiving end of some the horrible words that people spew from behind the safety of their phones. I worry for the bullies, cos there’s got to be something going on for them that needs to be addressed, more than just a hug, I presume. I am the mum who watched on the news as the parents of beautiful Dolly buried her, because of bullying… and it sent waves of fear and sadness over me. It wasn’t right. It’s not right.

I am the mum wearing blue today, in memory of Dolly, and also in hopes that our actions now, can stop bullying and heartache for our kids in the future.

I am the mum writing about this, and talking about this, in hopes that it will make a difference, somehow.

Today is National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. If you haven’t already seen it, this video from The Project is really, really powerful.