67 Fun Instagram Stories Q&A Templates

67 Fun Instagram Stories Q&A Templates

Howdy. How are you? I’m good for a Tuesday, one of our busiest days of the week. I’m about to rally the kids and head to an early morning swimming session. But first, Instagram Stories…

If you’re on Instagram Stories {which you are, right?} you will have noticed some cool templates infiltrating your feed. They’re a great way to learn more about people you follow, and also share a little about yourself.

They’re easy to use too, you just pull them from your camera roll, upload to Instagram Stories and scribble on them or add text where needed. Like this one below. Emojis are always a good idea too.

It’s that easy, and so fun too!

So, I’ve gathered some of the best Instagram Stories from around the world and put them into one neat place for you. Be sure to head over and follow the amazing Instagrammers that put these together, including @heyashpash, @thesundaychapter, @keikolynn, @hannah_neese, @ivy_avenue, @mowoblog, @matildarodgers, @inspiringwit, @jesslincheesman, @theemasphere, and @amywrenphotography.

To use them, simply right click and save and airdrop to your phone. Happy days!