Enough about me, I want to know about YOU.


For me, I guess because I’ve been online for so long, it’s so natural to leave a comment on a blog. I know for some of you reading right now, it’s not. Some of you message or email me to tell me what you want to say in a comment. I think it’s so stinkin’ cute.

But enough of the cute. Today is the day I want to know about you. I want you to stop lurking and say hi. Whether you’ve commented or before, or this is the very first time… now is that time to come out. Yes! You’re coming out. πŸ˜›

So in as many {or as little} words as you like, tell me who you are and what’s on your mind. And if that’s too personal, tell me what you’ve got planned today. Or if that’s too personal, just tell me SOMETHING.

I’ll start…
IMG_6607I’m Chantelle, and on my mind right now is this: I don’t know when I’ll get a good night’s sleep. It’s hot, Luella is waking almost every hour and I’m tired. Oh, and I’m bridesmaid in a few months {matron of honour even!} and I need to shift some of this baby weight. I have the dress and it fits, but I just want to not hate having my photos taken. Because with weddings come a gazillion photos, you know?

So your turn, who are you? What’s on your mind?


P.S. I know this is a big deal for some of you, so thank you. x

414 thoughts on “Enough about me, I want to know about YOU.”

  1. Hi Chantelle, my name is Kim, it’s 3.30am (Perth time) and for the last hour I have been awake being lulled into a false sense of security by my 13 month old, just as I think she is asleep, hop back into bed and almost fall asleep myself she cries out…. I too would like my sleep back, or at least her usual only waking twice a night. It’s hot here too and I have only just turned off the cooler for the night until morning when the sun rises for another hot one.
    So as I’m checking emails and Facebook praying that this time she will actually stay asleep, it’s nice to find your post and know we are not alone haha

    • Oh my gosh, isn’t that the pits. Luella does that all the time. There’s nothing worse than falling back into your soft bed and think you’re free to sleep… and then they wake.

      Stay cool today, and try and steal a nanna nap. x

      • Hi πŸ™‚
        I am Sal from Rugby, England. 40 (but not for long), and mum to 3 teenagers (19,18,13). As 2014 starts I find myself juggling wife duties ( the ironing and stuff), a full time job, a full time degree course, running our daughter from one university interview to another at opposite ends of the country and then to and from work .. Why won’t she learn to drive ? and wondering when sleep or pampering time comes !! So you thought when the girls got older sleep would follow … Afraid it’s not quite like that but it’s no fun if I give all the game away!
        Love the blog and will play PAD more than twice a month

  2. Hi Chantelle, I’m Shelley and my hubby was made redundant this week. On the upside it is a great opportunity for him to spend more time with our 3 yo daughter and for me to retire for a while from my housewifely duties for a bit! Lucky I wrote a post on budgeting last week! LOL!

  3. Hi Chantelle.
    I am Kim, wife, Mother of five and Grand Mother last year of three, busy year.
    I recently dropped 25 kgs using the Body Trim system, its an easy program to follow, and I am not good at putting me first ever full stop, but for this I did simply because I want to travel when my youngest is old enough and do it without being sick.
    Have a wonderful day, I am off to the zoo with my eldest daughter, two grand children and some extended family xo

  4. Hi Chantelle- I’m Lynn, a grandmother so no late night wake up calls for me, thank goodness. I’m a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher, doing advanced studies in Yoga Therapy at the Integral Yoga Institute. I know it’s hot where you are, but I’m in NYC freezing and hiding from the blizzardy weather.
    Love your photo a day forum.

    • Oh NYC! What a dream. I can’t believe the Super Bowl is being held there at this time of year.

      I’ve never tried Yoga and I’m told I will love it. Must put it on my to-do list this year.

      Nice to meet you Lynn. xxx

  5. Hi, I’m Rebecca, 32 and I am currently on maternity leave. My daughter Alice is 6 months old and has decided that she’s going to wake 3-4 times a night, not because she’s hungry but just because she wants to so I’m feeling zombie-ish and considering a referral to sleep school! Have my brothers wedding in 7 weeks and desperately wanted to lose a few kilograms but I hurt my back over the weekend so I’m in a bit of discomfort.
    Off to the physio today to get it sorted hopefully!

  6. Hi Chantelle
    My name is Nis, I am a mum of 2 (6 and almost 3), I work full time 8am-5pm. Im late to work most mornings due to not being snapily organised, the kids not listening, oh and I like to sleep so struggle getting up in the mornings. I think I should go to bed earlier but Im also studying for a degree so once the kids have gone to sleep it is my study time.
    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Chantelle! My name is Kristine and I’m a pastry cook in Florida. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert to bake. Just got off work and I’m home relaxing. Nothing else planned until work tomorrow morning, just how I like it. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi I am laura I am a newish subscriber of yours. I have a 14 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I am currenlty trying to lose weight also for a wedding. I am currenlty a stay at home mummy who loves taking picture walking and more recently blogging. I look forward to reading more of your post. X

      • There is and my daughter loves taking picture too so she is always willing to tag along on walks. My blog is laurasarahdoll.blogspot.co.uk I have been trying to blog for about a year but have decided this is the year I really concentrate and become consistent with posting. I love your photo challenges too.

  9. Hello, I’m Josie! It’s 8.15pm here in England and it is freezing! Swap? I recently went back to uni and I am currently feeling free as I handed in a massive assignment yesterday! I am a bridesmaid in a couple of months too and I need shed my Christmas weight or my dress will most definitely not fit! XD

  10. Hi I’m Jackie and you know me from your admin team with the FMS Gift Exchange. I’m also a blogger (www.hippiemumma.com) and like you, would love to know when I will get a decent sleep. My 15 month old hasn’t slept more than 3 hours straight since birth. *sigh* On my mind today is how I’m going to keep her (and me) from going stir crazy in this wet weather, which is actually very welcomed after the recent heat wave. But still! Bored toddler = long days, I’m sure you know! I’ve also got my to-do list on my mind, and how can I forget about my desire to sleep… that’s always on my mind! Much love! x

    • Hello Miss Jackie! How are you?

      You must be so dog tired, and I don’t think you realise just how tired you are until you start getting sleep and you see how lovely it is. I remember that with Lacey.

      Enjoy that rain, if you can. I say go out and play in it. πŸ˜›

  11. Hi Chantelle. I’m Beth. Long time follower, first time commenter from the US. I love your Photo A Day lists. I hate my job. Which is neither here nor there, but I was motivated to share πŸ™‚

  12. I am danielle, 32 and have a 3yo and 10.5mth old. I too don’t know when I will get sleep consistently but we will get there. I stay at home and help my husband run our building business in central west NSW. We moved here after being on the GC for many years and I dearly miss the coast, I am an outdoors and beach person so I dread the winter months here!

  13. Hi Chantelle! I’m Samantha in cold England at 8.25pm. At the moment I am watching Biggest loser Australia and admiring their sheer determination to get through an assault course. I have had a busy day at work, working with children, came home and did an hour’s exercise before eating a Quorn curry and am currently trying to plan what to do with my phonic group tomorrow, as well as trying to decide what to do for today’s PAD!

  14. Hello my name is Vicki and I live in Sydney. I am trying to establish an online children’s boutique – junior Epitome (www.juniorepitome.com) which I started last year. Let’s hope the boutique grows and becomes all I would like it to be. I love blogging at shoppegirls (www.shoppegirls.blogspot.com) everyday. I love the blogging community and always look forward to meeting new people. This year I would like to make and meet new friends.

    • Oh wow. I didn’t know about Junior Epitome. I’d love to give you some free advertising if that will help? Email me if you’re keen.

      I hope you meet lots of lovely new friends in 2014. Lacey starts big school so I hope to do the same.


  15. Hi, I am Karen, living in Amsterdam with my husband and almost 6,5 years old daughter and 3,5 years old son. I work parttime for a fundraising agency for non-profits. When the kids are in bed I love to go online: facebook, twitter & pinterest (how I love pinterest) and see and read about fun, serious, silly things. I’m a blogger at http://www.goed.is (sorry, it’s dutch). Basically it’s a blog about the good things in life. My husband and I love to travel, one thing we have promised each other when we got kids: we will go on travelling. So we did! In February we will go to Oman, for months I’ve been so excited about this trip.
    Oh, I love your blogs. Mostly they made me smile, sometimes they made me cry. Life should contains of happy smiles and sometimes some (happy) tears. And I love your photoaday.

  16. Hi Chantelle.
    I usually don’t comment on blogs as I am too impatient with the whole logging in process, but today I persevered.
    My name is Sarah, I too am trying to shift some weight, although I haven’t had a baby in 5 years! I have been walking and have just started to run a little! Don’t think I have run since I was a kid! I am also going to start boxercise classes next week. Wish me luck!
    I have two girls aged 9 and 6 and love joining in PAD.
    Keep up your amazing work and can’t wait to see what you have in store in 2014!

      • Does feel great, and so rewarding to be running! First stop tomorrow is for a sports bra though! Not so easy for us well endowed girls! πŸ˜‰
        I am thinking of trying the couch to 5k app.
        Was worth it xxx

  17. hi!
    my name is Kristina.
    i love reading your posts with photographing tips. and your everyday posts.
    and i miss summer.
    and feel silly leaving comments like “i love this post”.
    and i’ve been thinking for a while now of starting a blog of my own. then i would probably be happy to read “i love this post” in a comment…

  18. Hi Chantelle. I am a new subscriber. I just started reading your blog. I found you from Instagram when I saw tons of people using the hashtag #fmsphotoaday. I was curious and here I am. I live in the Northeast US and it’s snowing today. Can relate to those sleepless nights as I had 4 babies myself. And the problem of fitting into a bridesmaid dress post pregnancy. I have to say that even with the extra weight and the unflattering dress…I still looked better in the photos than I expected since in those crazy baby days my standard was unkept hair, no makeup, & baby vomit on my shirt. Did I just over share?

      • Rock the tan and eyebrows girl!! You’ll look fantastic!! I’m over the snow. Ready for summer weather. Thanks for pad. Looking forward to joining in the fun!,

  19. Hi Chantelle! I’m Sara…wife (19.5 years), mom of 3 (15 year old daughter, 12 & 10 year old sons) and lifelong California resident. On my mind right now? My daughter is attending her first formal high school dance this coming weekend. I am SO not ready for this! I mean she has the dress, the jewelry, the shoes, etc but I’m not ready for the sweet baby that I swear we just brought home from the hospital to be so darn grown up! At the moment, she’s rather over the whole experience and making a comment or two about “I really didn’t think that (acceptance) through…now I can’t stay home in my sweats watching Sherlock again!”, LOL.

  20. Hi Chantelle, I am Jodie, 34 yr old Single Mumma of 2 boys Jaiden 4 and Joel 2. πŸ™‚ Ive been a “Liker” For a few yrs now, Im slowly getting back into the PAD Challenge πŸ™‚ Im slowly getting my photography adventure off the ground, but its slow going πŸ™‚ I enjoy seeing your blogs, and all the photos from around the globe with the PAD Challenge, its like taking a holiday without leaving home πŸ™‚ Thankyou πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for sharing – I like reading your blogs… Just started my personal one out of Manhattan (through the eyes of a lady)… Hope you like it – I wish it could be as fun as yours to read someday, I love your posts and honesty! http://www.ladyhattan.com

  22. Hi Chantelle! I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning and love your Photo A Day (I even managed to complete every single day in 2012!) I’m married, have two children and one blog. Today I’ll be tackling the mountain of school books that need to be sorted, covered & labelled before doing a bit of baking with the kids πŸ™‚

  23. I’m Stacey, 31 from Tasmania. No kids, but I have a wonderful boyfriend of 2 years who acts like one πŸ˜‰ On my mind is our trip to Melbourne next week. It will be his first ever trip out of Tasmania!! I just checked the weather forecast & discovered its supposed to be 39 degrees on Tuesday. Wowsers! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that type of temperature! This little Taswegian is going to melt. I love your blog Chantelle & I occasionally comment. Xx

    • You need to be totally prepared for some hot weather! For some reason I thought you were from the states. I love seeing your PAD photos and seeing your comments. Thanks for sharing.

      You enjoy your trip. I hope you create lots of memories. x

      • Thank you πŸ™‚ You thought I was from the states? Wow. No, I’m as Aussie as they come πŸ˜‰ My photos usually feature our lovely Tassie beaches β™₯

  24. Hiya Chantelle! I am a mother of 2 teenagers from Wauchope NSW, Australia. I joined PAD back in June 2013 and I have to say my life is so much richer for the experience. Currently we are on a month long vacation in Vancouver, Canada but come the weekend it is time to pack us all up and head back home. I will be very glad to renew my acquaintance with my own bed.
    Hope the baby sleep pattern improves for you soon!

  25. Good morning!
    I’m Lauren, 30 year old mother of 4 amazingly incredible children,3 boys and 1 girl (she’s the princess of the world in all her big brothers eyes)
    I was born and lived on the Gold Coast for 23 years until I moved to Mt Isa. I now live in Goondiwindi, but get back to the coast as much as I can as that’s where my family is.
    I always love reading your posts, getting ideas and tips from you and also seeing your photos.
    Today on my mind is work, money, back to school and most importantly some family friends who will tomorrow say goodbye to their 18 year old daughter, sister and friend who was taken too quickly from us last week.
    Have. Great day everyone!!!

  26. Hey Chantelle, you may remember me from the PAD group on Facebook πŸ˜‰ Just wanted to say “Hi” because you asked me too. On my mind right now is my bed and I’m heading there in a few minutes as it’s nearly 10pm here in the UK x

  27. *Stands up* I’m Kim and since Twitter sucked me in I’ve become awful at commenting. So I’ve decided to shake it up and what better blog to start than here. Oh and also, I just ate an entire tub of Ben and jerrys. I’m not even sorry. *Sits down*

  28. Hi! I’m on vacation in Salt Lake City from California with my cute husband and 11 month old baby, and we’ve missed Utah so. But being back downtown is a little different with a baby — wishing we hadn’t written off buying a stroller completely. We’re going to the Outdoor Retailer show this weekend, and I’m stoked to see all of the new yoga gear/companies I get emails for every post you do, and this one really made me smile. Thanks for being awesome and encouraging us to join in and say hi!

  29. Hi Chantelle, I’m Elsa. On my mind right now is: I also didn’t get a good nights sleep last night thanks to a certain 1.5 year old ending up in my bed at 2am. And this weekend we decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Canberra (decided on Sunday). And I’m really trying to find my ‘voice’ on my blog. Today I’m at work but I’m looking forward to yoga tonight. Love your blog x

  30. Hi Chantelle,
    I’m Rissy. I am 22 and starting university next week. I am nervous but happy because I graduated last year. I am on my fitness journey for over one year. I have lost 17 pounds. I work out 3-4 times a week. I don’t like taking rest days. I am trying to be happier.

  31. Good afternoon, it’s still Tuesday here in Canada. I’m Deb, mum to a very busy 4 yr old girl, I admire you all with more than 1, she keeps me on my toes as it is. I’m busy juggling work and being around as much as I can for her. We’ve been living in Canada almost 10 years now and this year hubby and I are embracing winter sports, I’m learning to ice skate at the tender age of 40 (proper skating we even go backwards!) and he’s starting curling. It’s bloomin’ cold today so that’s on my mind, windchill of -30 and I’d love a little of your heat. (Loving the nude bridesmaid comment Chantelle)

    Oh and I should add I recently completed a whole 365 days of PAD! yay

  32. Hi there!
    My name is Maritha and I live in Sweden ( 2 hour ride from Stockholm) with my lovely hubby and 4 kids. I have made my way up from zero work hour to 50%. Still with a lot of disability. In 10 years or so I hope I work fulltime. That is my goal.
    Three of the kids is with diagnoses. AdHd+ gluten, AdHd+ Asperger, Selective Mutism+ Asperger. Not a dance of roses..

    I really like your photochallange and I try to make the photos “ours”. Taken on the right day and have some connection with our everydaylife. I need that one point of stability and focus on details in my bog cloud of chaos..

  33. My name is Jess and I’m a lurker. Been reading for about a year and managed one whole month of photo a day. I’m 25, from the UK and I make ceramics. I’m thinking about growing my creative biz and getting through the grey misery of January in England.

  34. Keep re-typing and trying to post – hopefully this time. I found and have been following you on Instagram/FB since May – I love the global photos – so inspirational. I regularly post on FB fmsphotoaday. I am NE New Jersey USA, 20 miles from NYC and it snowing like crazy, expecting 10 inches tonight. I am married and mother of 2 – daughter age 13, son age 9. Early dismissal from school for them today because of snowstorm. I am a labor and delivery nurse, just finishing a week’s stay-cation, back to work tomorrow night. I love to cook – about to start dinner and a pot of soup (cream of chicken) just because a snow storm calls for hot soup. I live movies and during my week off saw 4 Oscar nominated films. I love the blog, stories and photos – keep up good work!! Your daughters are beautiful – thank you sharing with us!! βŒβ­•οΈ

    • Oh what a job you have, making miracles every day. Do you love it? I imagine it’s hard too.

      I saw on the news that an Aussie lady died in a car accident in NYC today with the snow. So very sad.

      Which of those 4 movies would you recommend I watch? x

      • I do love my job – have been L&D nurse for 12 years.

        Too many deaths in snow, driving especially too dangerous and icy.

        I did not see a bad movie yet, Dallas Buyers Club still my favorite. But Nebeska is also fantastic.

        Going to read more posts here…
        Great topic

  35. Hi Chantelle,
    My name is Cari. I’m Canadian, living in Montreal with my hubby and dog, and it is currently very cold here (-24C!). We lived in Australia for 5 years (Brisbane and Melbourne) and miss it a lot, especially at this time of year! I enjoy reading your blog, as it reminds me of all the things I love the most about Australia, the beautiful places and the people! I’m currently feeling very clucky, and crossing my fingers tight for some baby-making luck in 2014! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the photo-a-day inspiration. I’m giving it a go this year!


      • I’m in awe of the fact that you replied to each person’s comment! You’re a star! We have a 12 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (a bit of a mouthful!). He travelled all the way to Australia with us and back again. He’s really quite worldly. πŸ˜‰ You can see a ridiculously embarrassing amount of photos of him on my blog…
        http://lovelikecrazycakes.com/ πŸ™‚

  36. I’m Fran, and I live near Brisbane in QLD. I’m 30, married for 6 years. Two kids: Carmen, she’s 5 and starting school, a severe refluxer and never, ever shuts up πŸ˜‰ Flynn; he’s 19mths. Learning to walk and teething, severe refluxer, and allergy bub with low muscle tone.

    I’ve been a long time reader but never posted. Really want to do the photo a day but haven’t found the time to yet. I love taking photos! Avid crafter. I’m trying very hard to find a balance between housework, me time and family time. My poor garden is more weeds than beautiful flowers!

    • How hard is it to balance EVERYTHING? Man, so hard.

      So the kids had reflux as bubs and it’s continued? I know Hubby has it too and takes medication – is there anything you can do to make them more comfortable?

      • Carmen had it from birth, she’s better now, but just generally has issues like; she can’t eat too much acidic foods or she gets tummy pain. Flynn was my dream baby at birth, but his reflux came on suddenly at 6 wks. His is still a major problem, and has been causing secondary problems. I have it myself still. Hope your hubby’s is manageable on meds… It’s horrid! Flynn is on medication, plus mylanta. (Just don’t look at my lounge/laundry basket πŸ˜‰ )

  37. Hi, I’m Hilda and living in Den Helder, Netherlands. I am 59 years old, have 3 sons, 3 daughters in law, 2 sweet dogs and of course a husband. The kids are already mature and no longer live at home. I’m super proud of them. Adore shooting, walking along the beach and singing. I’m singing in two choirs, a women’s choir and a general mixed choir

  38. Hi, I am Antje, 30 years young from Germany. I discovered your blog through Photo A Day and have been following it for quite a while now. We have something in common: our daughters are born on exact the same day so you know what my profession is right now: being a Mum to a 5-months-old baby! πŸ˜‰

      • We have started solids three weeks ago but taking it slow, so far she likes it! πŸ˜‰ I am really happy about her sleeping very good during night time, but still: I didn’t expect that spending everyday with such a little person can be so exhausting but just awesome at the Same time!

  39. Hi Chantelle, I think I’ve commented before but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to say hi again. I’ve been a fan of yours for a few years now and I often giggle that we seem to have similar lives. I think we bought new houses, lab puppies and got pregnant all within a few weeks of each other and set up our babies room pretty similar (coincidently I promise). I love reading your letters to Lacey (esp ones before Luella was born). You often write the things I wish I could write to my little girl but I’m an accountant not a writer like you πŸ˜‰ . So Thankyou and keep posting.

      • That’s where we went a bit different, I had a little boy, Zander Jude. Sept 5th and I have Piper Willow who just turned 4. I was so worried about the age difference but in actuality it’s great. She is such a great little helper. Btw love the name Luella blue. I had similar names for girls picked, Luna or maybe Lulu. Enjoy your little family of four. I sure am.

  40. Hi Chantelle,

    I’m Annette and today I am feeling really weighed down with a hard decision. I never thought it would be the case that I’d be so disappointed (again) with being in a job where there’s loads of promise, but nothing to do. Not in a fun, occasionally slack Friday afternoon way, but all day, day after day, now into 4 months… nothing to achieve, or tick off the list and in a sometimes toxic atmosphere. Ugh. It’s horrible. I want to work! So after a hard meeting yesterday, and many tears on the way home, today is a day of reflection and I’m feeling pretty low. It is a rank situation.

    The thing that spurs me on is that I know that once I choose, I can get on with finding myself a better situation, even if that takes time and is challenging. And I’m signed up to Pip Lincolne’s online blogging course, which should perk me up once it starts.

    Think I better get some sun on my face today, and let it seep into my soul!!

    • Oh, that doesn’t sound good. Some people would love that, having to do nothing, but not me… so I totally understand what you mean. I want to be driven, be proud and achieve STUFF.

      When do you think you’ll make the big decision?

  41. Hi! I’m Naomi from Melbourne, aged 30, Happily married and I’m now a stay at home mum of a 2.5 yr old boy who is my world at the moment! I have the constant battle with my weight as well as fertility problems also caused by hormone issues. I choose not to be discouraged to the thought of not being able to have any more children and live in the hope that one day i will be a mother to another child and get everything out of life that I want. Until then I’m enjoying my son, my husband and my life. I’ve also been taking part In the pad challenge which is amazing to see some fabulous photos from around the world, I also think it great to use as a positive tool to see all the great things in my life and it’s great to inspire and challenge me every day. Look forward to more of your blog! Xx

      • I’ve always thought that you have to be happy with what you have and not be to held up on the bad stuff that happens in your life and accept that what you have is enough. Any good things that happen after that are a bonus and I’m happy with that!

  42. I feel like I’ve been following your blog for years! Actually started back when I was blogging my marathon training, now I am blogging birth stories. I had a baby (Leila) last August and am not quite as zen earth mother as I would like to be. Actually I don’t think I really aspired to that, but certainly I anticipated sleep getting better and not worse!

    Also I thought I would meditate occasionally – HAH!!!!

    I enjoy your writing and your openness tremendously πŸ™‚

  43. I’m Karrine and I’ve been here reading and commenting when I find time for years now!! πŸ™‚ On my mind: I hope my ACT teacher registration approval arrives before school goes back. I wonder how long I can last on the money in my account before I HAVE to find some way to get more. I wonder if I will love my new house and become besties with my new roommates. When can I ride a roller coaster next??


  44. Hi. I’m Faye 27 from England. I’m currently thinking about going to sleep but shift working means silly sleep patterns. I’ve got a little cottage by the sea in Cornwall and counting down the days until my next visit in February. I’m a bridesmaid for my best friend in August and desperately trying to shift some weight too, we should join forces and do it together. I have a slight obsession woke bicycle’s and cycling. I’ve followed your blog since September 2012. I spent a week in Sydney in 2010 and would live to visit Aus again with my other half. I’ve commented I think only 3 times before. Sometimes when I start talking I just can’t stop, so have a beautiful day! F xx

  45. Hi Chantelle pleased to meet you ! I’m Meegan I’m 41 and originally from Bondi ( went to school with your hubby) but have moved all over the place since having kids and am now settled in Newcastle .I’ve been with my ‘hubby’ 20 years but have never got around to the actual marriage part, we will all in good time LOL!!!
    I made what seemed like a selfish parenting decision last year to move us all from VIC back to Newcastle because I missed the beach and family and friends , but I knew it was now or never . My daughter was going into year 12 and my son year 10 , to cut a long story short it’s been the best decision THANKFULLY My daughter Rayannon did excellent in her HSC and has gotten into Newcastle Uni to do Journalism and my son Kyle has been accepted into the Performing Arts school to live his music dream . So at the end of the day it all worked out beautifully and I’m a happy and proud mumma x

    • Hello! I just asked Shane and you did indeed go to school together. How cool!

      As you know, we made that big life changing move as well, and it was the best thing we did. So glad it all worked out for you too. You must be so proud of your kids. x

      • I am hugely proud of my kids , after all you go through as a parent it’s nice to see that you must of done some things right !
        I am very impressed with you replying to everyone , surely with Luella and get Lacey ready for big school you must be very time poor .

  46. Im Tessa, im 28 and im in a hate the world kind of mood lately! No idea what will help me out of it at the moment. Im in need of something exciting to look forward to i think, so today im applying for a job. I dont even like looking at my photos lately, they never work out the way i want them to.

  47. I’m Leisa, 27 & living in Sydney. I currently live with my husband and gorgeous Blue Heeler puppy dog. I’m working full time & studying small business management (well trying!) in the hopes that one day I can have my own business and work from home πŸ™‚ No baby as yet, but hopefully this year is the year!! I love reading your blog & looking at all the photos. They are so inspirational and always interesting and giving me ideas πŸ™‚

  48. Hi, I’m Lilybett. I’m 34 (I think… errr. yeah, that’s right), and have a 2-year-old who’s currently experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. Just left him crying out my name at childcare, which is not a great feeling. I’ve come home to an empty house (and a tonne of washing) so I can write job application after job application. At the moment I am full of anxiety about work and money. I need a new job after my work told me at the end of my last contract that they want to put me on casual hours. All I really want to do today is wallow, read blogs and pin a crap-tonne of things on pinterest. But I’d better get back to writing documents that address long lists of selection criteria.

    • Eat the frog {do the things you don’t REALLY want to do} and then pin a shitload of stuff. πŸ™‚

      I’m sorry that things are a bit crappy at the moment. Fingers crossed you find the perfect job and your kidlet makes mates at school and is soon screaming to go TO childcare. xxx

  49. Hi,

    I’m Lauren. Brisbane mum of a nearly 6 month old boy, not much older than miss Luella (I think we were due around the same time but Mr Isaac had to arrive early due to illness). Have been reading your blog for maybe close to a year now. Love how you are honest and tell it like it is, no airs or graces. Motherhood is hard work and I think we could all be kinder to ourselves and give ourselves a big pat on the back more often. What’s on my mind? Going back to work in April 2 days per week, nervous and excited at the same time; thankful for a great sleeper (we won’t count last night as it is so humid! Even I can’t sleep well) and a wonderful husband who I have come to love more and more since starting this journey of parenthood. Thanks for keeping it real.

    • Congrats on the arrival of Isaac, he must be about the same age as my little niece.

      Is he eating yet? Or are you delaying a little because he was born early?

      Thanks for leaving your comment. So nice to hear from you. xxx

      • Yep we started about two weeks ago, he was super keen day 1 and 2 (a novelty!) but it is hit and miss the other days. I offer each day (so far we have tried rice cereal and apple) and if he takes some ok but mainly just plays. He does love the mesh bag holders though and we have had apple, pear and banana in them. I gave him some straight banana today and he gagged so I guess that is a good sign it is a
        L working. It’s all about fun and main source of nutrition is breast milk at this stage anyway.

  50. Hi Chantelle,
    I have been reading your blog regularly and completing PAD on and off since January 2012. I am currently recovering from Achilles tendon surgery. I am 6 weeks post op and have just been placed in a boot to start putting weight on it. It is my first ever surgery, so EVRYTHING is very overwhelming. I am a Kindergarten teacher and I am very excited to meet my new class in a week!!! I hope to be free of the crutches when I meet them and I hope Lacey enjoys kinder as much as I enjoy teaching it. Thankyou for your blog.

      • It is a little hard, trying to walk on it is the most frustrating thing ever! I hope Shane doesn’t have to have surgery, it is a long recovery.
        Tips for Lacey, lots of downtime when she gets home from school for the first term. She is going to be exhausted in the first week.

  51. Hi! I’m Danni, 29 from England. I’ve been following you on Instagram and your blog for over a year now and love it! Thank you for the inspiration! I’ve always loved photography and your prompts are challenging me to become a better photographer and to capture our lives as time flies by! I have a bad habit of always letting “the every day” get in the way of the things I really want to do so I’m hoping to start a blog this year so I can track my progress with photography and keep myself inspired! Thanks for always telling it like it is, making me laugh, cry (your letters to your girls are a killer!) and challenging me to get more from myself! Having so much fun along the way πŸ™‚ ! x

  52. Hi Chantelle!
    I’m Josephine, a Sydney-based book designer and mother of 2 little lads (3 and 1). I would also like to know when consistently good sleep will be mine once again (over the past week it’s been a deadly combo of teething troubles and noisy nighttime vermin activity – yikes!) I’m looking forward to cooler nights and, more immediately, wondering what to have for lunch πŸ˜‰
    I’ve been visiting your blog for a few years now, and while I don’t comment often, I do when I feel I have something valuable to say. I’m also a sporadic participant in photo-a-day.
    Best wishes for the year ahead, it’s always a pleasure to visit your space on the internet πŸ™‚

  53. Hi I’m Danni! I am 28 and live in the United States. I am expecting baby #2 any day now, so my son and I have been having a few lazy days. I am enjoying soaking up as much time with him as I can before baby girl arrives and we go from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

  54. Hi, Chantelle! I’m Stephanie or stephanette on most social media. I am mom to one and wish for one more. He is B and almost 5 which means I’m busy planning a Lego birthday party. My husband is in law enforcement and we live a swing shift life. I live in the heart of the US in rural Kansas. It’s an awesome area, but every once in awhile I HAVE to head to a city. I love reading your everyday adventures around the globe from us.

    • Wow, our lives are so similar. Shane {Hubby} is a Police Officer and does shift work too, and I have a 5 year old.

      It’s hard being the wife of a shift worker sometimes, do you think?

      A Lego birthday party sounds awesome. Lucky B. x

  55. Hi Chantelle,
    I’m Hayley, I’m 21, and I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. On my mind right now is the interview I’m having in a week for the publishing course I want to do this year. If I get in chances are really good of getting a job out of it, but if I don’t I have no idea what I’ll do instead. Wish me luck!

  56. Hi Chantelle, I’m Janelle (Nelle to everyone), I live in Newcastle and I am currently in the process of building my dream house on a golf course and finally taking up golf again after quite a few years. Had my first game on Sunday (bit of a shocker) but had fun!! I have two beautiful children, aged 13 and 11 (girl and boy respectively). I love my man and my kids deeply and love a few champer’s with the girls. xx

  57. Hi Chantelle, I’m Renae. I’ve been having a bad few days. I’m super tired and I feel annoyed by everyone. I’m sick of school already, and I kind of hate my classes this semester. Right now I’m trying to get out of a bad spot in my life.

  58. Hi Chantelle. I am Belinda. I am 44 and live on a farm with my hubby and two little darlings. Hayley (8) and William (7). Right now I am thinking that I don’t want the school holidays to end. I miss them like crazy when they are at school. Love having them home with me. Only 5 more days to go. πŸ™ Oh and now I must go and update my own poor neglected blog! Have a beautiful day. πŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Hello you! How are you?

      I feel mixed about the school holidays ending this time. I’m craving normality and routine, and less stress with getting work done but I will miss her and I’m sad she’s starting BIG school. xx

      • Oh I will love having some hours in the day to myself to get stuff done but I know I will be counting down to the next school holidays. My two will be in the same 2/3/4 class this year so I don’t know how I will feel about them both going away on camp together. I don’t how I am going to let them do that. All the very best for your little cutie starting big school. I bet she will love it. πŸ™‚ xoxo

          • Oh it freaks me out too. Little Miss Hayley has already been on two. I just am stressed the whole time and counting down the hours! I’m sure it will get easier but they are just so SMALL right now.

  59. Hi Chantelle,
    I`m Nikki, I`m 42 and a Mum of 5, ranging from 20y/o to 2y/o from Melbourne. I have been doing P.A.D since March 2012 on and off and I absolutely love it! I am currently getting ready to study again having just enrolled in Cert III in Education Support, excitement! Also having a little bit of a freak out that 2 of my children are now considered adults, my eldest son just turned 18, and my eldest daughter is 21 this year!! Eeekk where did that time go?! After a year full of struggles I have decided that this year is going to be a much happier one, doing what I love and just being happy, onward and upward! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  60. Hi. I am Claire- reading from South Carolina… Long way away! I’m currently nursing and doing everything I can to get my milk supply up. And hoping both of us get a good nights sleep!

    • Oh I’ve been there and am still doing it.

      Tell me all the things you’re doing?

      At one stage I was taking 24 {!} tablets a day {some vitamins and some prescribed}, 4 litres of water, lots of rest and baby cuddling time and expressing too.

      It was hard work, but I am so so so so proud that I got where I am now. You are amazing. It would be so easy to give up. I know the feelings. x

  61. Hey, I’m Tina. It’s cold here, brrrrrr and I’m already planning for the garden this summer, even making garden planning part of our homeschool program. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two giant boys, ages 11 and 13. We live in rural Nebraska, almost exactly in the middle of the U.S.

    • What’s going in the garden? Reveal all!

      We got a garden when we moved from the City to here in the Country and we’re slowly learning how to do things. My neighbour always sighs at how things are dying {not really dying, but definitely not thriving}, but we’re learning.

      I have to ask, and this is very narrow-minded… but I want to know, have you ever seen the ocean?

  62. Hi Chantelle πŸ™‚
    I’m Kate, 38, I’m a long time reader, and occasional PAD participant. Mum to 2 little rascal boys. They are 7 & 4. I live with them and my hubby {Happy birthday Hubby!!} in gorgeous, hot Townsville and work nights as well as some online work thru the day. I have a very neglected blog { manicmumdays.com } and my passions are sewing, quilting, timber work, and craftiing in general.
    I am currently consumed with thoughts of meeting with a couple of my managers and trying to talk them into letting me move to day work. This may require a transfer to another store which will make me sad as I love my current team and only transferred there when we opened in October πŸ™ ….. And also thinking that the fact that I *can* move to day work is because my youngest is starting Kindy on Tuesday. I am trying to think of ways to not cry in front of him. He is very, VERY ready, but I fear I am not.
    Take it easy x

    • Oh hon. I know that feeling with Lacey starting school. I’m trying to ignore that it’s happening.

      I hope you can transfer to day work. I have a friend that worked nights to fit in around her kids, and now this year she can try and shift to days too.


      • Thanks so much for your reply!! I bet you have been busy with all these responses lol πŸ™‚ Good luck to both you and Lacey for her beginning school – take tissues! {For you not her πŸ˜‰ }
        I heard this morning I have my transfer! Hope your friend can too πŸ™‚ I feel so blessed xo

  63. Hi Chantelle
    I’m Cass Mum to a 21 year old and I didn’t get a full night sleep till my boy was 14 agh he had night terrors. I love to make things, i knit I sew, i quilt you name it, ive proabbaly done it at some point, crafting that is. i am also incredibly broke and hoping that i get a fulltime job some day soon

    • Hey Cass. I have to say, you win. 14 years without sleep? Ugh! I hope he’s an amazing son and is spoiling you in return for all the hard yards you put in.

      Good luck on the job search. I hope the perfect job is just around the corner. x

  64. My name is Emily, but you can call me Em! I’m turning 29 on Australia Day, and will be spending it with my mum for the first time in 7 years! I’m also freaking out about my baby starting kindy in just over a week! Wahhh

  65. Hey! I’m S-J, and on my mind right now is this: coffee. I haven’t had one for weeks and I really want one but I know I won’t sleep tonight if I do. I’m also thinking about Tinybeans in 2014 and have a pack of felt tips out and some butchers paper for a big planning session. I realised last week that that’s how I used to do things and how my mind works and that sitting in front of a laptop waiting for the ideas to flow wasn’t happening – game changer!

    The other thing that’s changed my life this year are kikki-k to-do lists. I thought of you when I bought them πŸ™‚

    I’m also thinking about where to take my daughter for lunch when she comes into the office. She is so excited but I’m missing hanging out with her in the school holidays and a little bit jealous of my husband, truth be told.

    I love reading how you are trying to soak up every minute with your girls at the moment and cutting back a bit on work. I wouldn’t have been able to manage half of what you are doing when I had a newborn. I think you are doing an amazing job.

    • Oh, thanks SJ. How are you? Are you still at Tama? I miss it so much. I mean I love it here, but I’d love to have one more month living there so I could enjoy it all again.

      I hope the kids are well. I keep an eye on Tinybeans and get so proud of it for you. xxx

  66. Hi Chantelle, I have been subscribed to your blog for some time. I’m 20 living in Perth and have just decided to start studying again. I just finished studying (majored in Photography). I have tried blogging on and off for about 4 years and am just never happy with what I do so start from scratch all over again. I feel like I’m quiet young compared to other readers but I love reading your stuff and everyone else’s input πŸ™‚

  67. Hi Chantelle,

    My name is Taryn and it’s been 83 days since…

    Haha kidding! On my mind today is how exhausted I am because I didn’t get any sleep last night as I was worried about my boyfriend who lives 8000 miles away and didn’t message me to say he was home safe! I worry too much! I’m also thinking about how excited I am to be heading overseas soon to chase my dreams of studying a Diploma of Confectionary Art in Toronto! Only 67 days to go! Wheeeeee! ^_^

    PS. Thanks for your fab blog and photo a day challenges! I started this year and am loving it, and feel like my photography has improved dramatically already!

      • Wow I can’t believe you’re actually replying to everyone’s comments – it must be taking forever! You wonderful, crazy person you!

        So I’ve been cake decorating for almost two years now, and have had a small part time business (Sugar Push Cakes) for almost a year. In 67 days I am packing my bags and heading to the Bonnie Gordon of Confectionary Art where I’ll be studying cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, tarts, pastries, macarons, eclaires, chocolate work, ice cream, cake decorating and design, sugar work (flowers, figures, and even blown sugar! How cool!), and business related topics, photography, staging & production and more for four months full time!

        It will be a big and scary adventure and I’ve started a blog at blog.sugarpushcakes.com to follow my journey! πŸ™‚

        Thank you so much for letting us all share our stories with you!

  68. Hi Chantelle, I’m Erin. On my mind right now is finding a job. My husband and I just moved from Sydney to Brisbane and he is working but I’m not. It’s starting to worry me as we pay rent here and also have a mortgage on our house in Sydney. I need a job ASAP. But on a brighter note, I am focusing all this extra time I have on trying to get fit. I have been going for daily walks/runs and I’m already starting to feel better.
    I also have a little blog that I’m enjoying at the moment.

    • Hey Erin. How exciting that you made the big move. It’s so hot at the moment though. How are you finding it?

      I hope you find a job soon, but I like your positive spin on it. What sort of work are you looking for?

      • I’m struggling big time coping with the heat! Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon.
        My dream job is to be a sign language interpreter but I am waiting for accreditation results so I can’t do that yet. In the meantime, I am looking for Accounts work.

        • Hi Erin,
          I live between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the heat is disgusting isn’t it.?
          What a great job? I’d love to be a sign language teacher in primary schools to help with inclusion learning.
          good luck with accreditation.
          And good luck walking in the heat, the humidity was killing but and I on our 5am walk this morning.

  69. Hi Chantelle, I’m Larissa. I have commented before but not so much since my second bubba was born. I’m on holidays from Little Pudding, my Sydney bakery, up in beautiful Kingscliff for a few weeks. This is why I have five seconds to myself to actually comment. It’s nice, this spare time thing! Like you I’m sure, I could use an extra four hours up my sleeve each day! Loving just hanging out with my boys with nothing more to do than play. Love your blog. Keep inspiring!

    • Oh wow. My mum lives at Kingscliff and that’s where I go to the beach every morning. Are you loving it?

      What I would do for and with an extra four hours a day? Sleep comes to mind, but cleaning, working, swimming… oh my!

      Where is Little Pudding? I need to visit when I’m in Sydney this year. x

      • I love the whole north coast area, both inland and the pristine, long beaches. We’ve been coming up here for about five years now. Little Pudding is a wholesale biz selling mainly to cafes in the city and north shore. I’d love to find a little retail space for it later this year (that butterfly excitement thing you were talking about a few posts back) but we’ll see how I go with childcare.

  70. Hi Chantelle,

    My name is Macedonio and I am from Chicago, IL USA. I presently teach ESL in S. Korea where I also happen to DJ. I have been teaching ESL for 3 years and DJing for 13 years. I simply want to say hello and thank you for your photo challenges and photo tips and tutorials.

      • Yes, ESL means English as a Second Language. DJing can be a lot of fun at times. My favorite song to play is an R&B track from the 90’s named, “Love Like This” by Faith Evans.

  71. Hey ladies!
    I’m Brooke, 33yo and live in Sydney’s lower north shore. I work for a big airline during the day and blog like crazy at night {www.theloverlist.com}. I’ve been happily married for 7 years, have two dogs but no kids.
    On my mind: Hubby and I have been trying to have kids for 6 years … but I keep losing the pregnancies. (My last pregnancy ruptured and I lost half my uterus). My OBGYN ordered me to take a year off …. longest year of my life ….. trying to conceive and now it’s time to start trying again. I’m so nervous yet ready to inject, poke, prod, inspect again. I hope it’s MY TIME soon.
    B xx

  72. Hi Chantelle,
    This is the first time I have commented and on my mind right now is Photography. Which doesn’t surprise me lol. I am a thirteen year old aspiring photographer Maybe I’m biased but I think my pictures are pretty good. Some days I feel like I’m not good enough, like I’ll never be a professional photographer. But some how your blog really inspires me! I follow along the PAD everyday, although I don’t always post my results. It really keeps me going with my dream of one day becoming a professional photographer :-D. I use a Nikon d60 but also enjoy just taking snapshots with my iPhone.
    Thanks so much, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  73. Hi! You can call me Toots, it’s my nickname. I have followed and “lurked” your blog for a while. I’m on Instagram (LoopsAndSwoops) and am unashamed to say I’m in love with your photo-a-day challenge. I only look at the prompt in the morning so I have something to look forward to . . . it’s a fun surprise every morning. I love your eye for photography and I LOVE looking through #fmsphotoaday any day, any time. I constantly find inspiration. I lurk on here mainly because I don’t think my comments are really that note worthy . . . but I comment more on Instagram. Without sounding silly, I really am so very grateful for the photo-a-day challenge as it reminds me to look every day for something. I don’t always know what I’m looking for and sometimes my ideas don’t quite pan out, but still it’s there and it’s a reminder to search and try to find. Thank you for the invitation to “come out”! πŸ™‚

  74. Hi from Alabama, United States. It is freezing here and a possibility of snow. Right now I am wondering if there will be enough snow so school can be cancelled tomorrow. (I work as a teacher’s aide.) Love reading your post!

  75. Hi Chantelle, I’m Julie…Julz to my friends (@jdoust on Instagram ) I turn 50 this year and am rather preoccupied with that…eeek! I am a teacher and I go back to work late next week…am rather concerned that somehow he school holidays have passed by way to quickly. I have been doing your photo a day for over a year now and have become a real photo taking tragic. I now want a ‘proper’ camera…guess what I want for my birthday hehe?

    • Oh, I wonder if you’ll get one. Which type are you hoping for?

      My aunt and uncle are teachers and we’re having them over for a BBQ on Sunday. The school year is coming very quickly.

      Do you teach Primary? High School?

      • Pretty sure I will get one….I’m doing lots of hinting. Hehe. I am still unsure what type… But nothing to complicated…I’m no photographer, it has to still be fun. I teach Primary, well early childhood. I am teaching year 1 again this year. Hope your relies are enjoying there break, it’s off to work for us WA teachers on Thursday, getting ready for the kidlets to start the Monday after.

  76. Hi I’m Alexis, I’ve been following your blog for a few years now. I tend to come and go to Photo A Day, I’ve done two FMS gift exchanges and really enjoyed them, I’ve made your Tim Tam tart, got in the Fab Four once ages ago (@lexibles) and used a lot of your recommendations for a Singapore trip. I’ve got a catch up day with my three year old daughter in daycare for the day and my three month old son falling asleep feeding right now. I go back to work 3.5 days per week in July but I would love to stay home with my gorgeous babies. I’m taking them with my husband to Thailand next month and am a little nervous but so excited.
    Love your work,

    • Hello!

      Did you love Singapore? And the tart?

      I wish we could all win lotto and do as we please {stay home with the babies, not work, enjoy each other!}. I’m sure it won’t be bad, but it would be nice to win and choose to do what we like. x

  77. Hi Chantelle, I love your blog, and photo a day, although I very rarely finish a while month!! I have two beautiful boys (three if you count my hubby!) and have just finished my first year of full time work – busy, busy, busy!! On my mind at the moment is the fact that I haven’t done much work for school next week (I’m a teacher), but instead of doing any, I’m making your Tim Tam Tart for dessert tonight!!

  78. Hi! I’m Naomi. I’m currently drinking green tea spiked with peppermint and wondering how two days of rain can make everything so DAMP. I’ve got a pot of chicken stock bubbling away on the stove and debating the wisdom of writing a blog post vs. starting dinner prep to try and get ahead before an action packed afternoon with the toddler.

    • Which won? The post or the dinner?

      I keep putting other things before the blog, which doesn’t make me very happy or fulfilled. I’m aiming to stop for a moment and write, because it makes me a better person. x

  79. Hi Chantelle I’m Lauren a mum of Cadence 3.5 yrs and Linken 13 months. I work 4 days a week for the government and study photography part time. I too wanted to shift some KG’s so I started making use of my fitness passport which I can use at lunch at the gym near work and about 5 gyms near home and the local swimming centre. I changed my lifestyle significantly and started clean eating 4 weeks ago, I’m in a great head space now and know in time I will achieve my goal for me! If I can do it you can too!!

  80. Hi I’m Em. In 2 weeks I’m renewing my wedding vows to my amazing husband. We are celebrating 18 years together. So feeling excited and also nervous that I’ve missed something in the organizing. I also start full time study the Monday before for the first time since leaving school nearly 20 years ago. Haha bad timing really. But also very excited about that. I have 2 amazing boys 14 and 16. They keep me very busy most days. Life is amazing and try not to let anything bring it down.

  81. Hi Chantelle
    My name is Rowena but mostly I’m called Row, i feel like I’m swimming in kids at the moment- I just had my 3rd two weeks ago and am exausted. My older two are bored of sitting at home, so I’m looking forward to the end of the school holidays but sad too my oldest is starting school. Thank you for sharing on your blog, I like to read a few blogs but most seem to be American.

  82. Hi I have been reading your blog for about 6 months now. Really loved your recent post about “ordinary things to do for 2014”. Planning on sending birthday cards now and making desserts πŸ™‚
    I am a Mum of a toddler who keeps me on my toes. It’s so stinking hot where I am now but the little man is snoozing in the air con and I’m relaxing and reading blogs.
    Totally hear you on the lack of sleep thing!
    Cheers El

  83. Hi! I’m Tricia, 32, from the United States. I work part-time from home but I’ve got a 1 year old son who is a full-time job πŸ™‚ I’m really excited for this upcoming year. Last year was really tough and I was so glad to put it behind me. I hope that by the end of this one I can look back on a ton of fond memories.

  84. Hi, I’ve been reading for a few months now…I’m a mom and wife in Canada, getting a bit tired of our snow and ‘way cold temps this year. Looking forward to getting away next week to a Caribbean Cruise with some of the family. Missing our biggest girl, away at school. A little bit excited and a little bit sad as we help our middle girl get her university applications ready to go. A little worried as our youngest has special needs and will soon lose some of his services due to his age. No end of things to think about!
    Love the blog!

  85. Hi Chantelle. I’m JoAnn. I am currently trying decided whether to enrol in a Bachelor of Business or not – do I want that HECS debt again? I’m on leave from my teaching job. I was introduced to PAD by a friend and am really enjoying being part of something so widespread. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  86. Howdy. Elisha here. Pregnant with #3 and have a 21/2 and 15mnth old. Trying to get motivated again to continue my blog. Holidays are too good. Its bloody hot in NE Vic but I love it. Finding time to read my fav blogs and clean the house is pretty much filling my days. (not much cleaning actually!!!) Love following along, especially your photography tips.) I usually write a blog post on them after I have a go with my camera. HHmmmm gosh i could ramble all day. Thats me. x

    • Hello! Wow, your kidlets are going to be such nice friends being so close together. Part of me will always regret not having Luella sooner {well, I guess if I had a bub earlier it wouldn’t have been my Luella!}.

      Not much cleaning is getting done here either. I’m replying to all these comments instead. Must get back to it! x

  87. I love how you said to stop lurking and say hi πŸ™‚ Because I am definitely a lurker (is that a word?)

    Anywho, I’m Jessica! I follow you on insta as well, you’ve definitely inspired me to think outside the box with your fmsphotoaday! Anywho, on my mind? Blogging. I’m trying hard to get into it, and I feel proud of mine. Also, I’ve been making smoothies, green smoothies mostly. Makes me feel so much better. Trying to make myself more healthy and active so that my body will carry children better, which is what me and my husband hope to do in the coming year. Conceive. Thank you for inspiring me!

      • They are so amazing, I never thought i’d like them as much as I d! But they are so yummy and you can use so many things to make them!

        link is http://incavanaughpark.blogspot.com/

        hoping maybe one day mine will be as well read as yours. You are so inspiring! πŸ™‚

        Excuse the long top post on it. Working on a photo project πŸ™‚

  88. Hi, I’m Ness and I’m currently sitting watching the tennis with my 7mth old boy (Buster) asleep on me – he’s very needy today.
    The thought of going back to work and leaving him is on my mind (always). The mere thought breaks my heart so I know I’ll be a mess when the day comes. I probably won’t be returning to my previous job (too stressful, very long hours) and instead will be working for myself and only have to leave him for 1 day a week (fingers crossed my plan works out).
    Today we’re not up to much. A trip to town shortly (I live 20mins from a large town in rural NSW) to get supplies for B’s bedroom. I hate going to town.
    I love your blog. This year I’m aiming to participate more in the Photo A Day – I enjoy how this pushes my creativity (mostly it’s just boring pics from me though).
    Like you, I’m struggling to lose my baby weight, I have about 5kg to go. But, I’m not worried cause at the end of the day – I made a baby and have managed to breast feed him so far and that outweighs everything else!!

    • Hello! I love the name Buster. I bet he’s supercute!

      I just wanted to wish you all the best with going back to work. It sounds like you’ve made some awesome changes, and Buster will probably miss you, but love all the kids and the new people to hug him. πŸ™‚

  89. Hi Chantelle, I’m Emily and am also suffering teething-hot-baby sleep deprivation. My 3yo is about to start kinder and we’re a very excited household. I’m currently trying to put together some themed music group sessions for toddlers ready for the new year. And ignore my over-full breasts – my bub is weaning himself!

      • I know I’ll cry just like I did with the eldest, but just the once. And then I’ll celebrate! I’m actually on blood pressure meds and have to take a different kind while pregnant and/or breastfeeding, so while I’ll be sad to lose the cuddle time, I’m looking forward to getting back on the non-exhaustion-making meds.

  90. Hi Chantelle! My name is Magda and I’m from Poland. I’m married to an American and live in the States (MA) since 2011. I’ve started reading your blog exactly a year ago and you inspired me to do the monthly photo challenge. [I just took some nice shots of snowy owls, they came here from the Arctic Circle for the winter]. I am happy I made it safe home today, because we have a blizzard and I miss summer.

  91. Hey Chantelle,
    I’m Simone & have been following your Gorgeous self for the past 3 years πŸ™‚ I am entering my 31st week of pregnancy & hating the heat! Having another little boy (have 4yr old Sweet boy already). Pregnancy is not so fun for me so I am looking forward to getting through the next 7 weeks & safely delivering πŸ™‚ Also looking forward to a long weekend ahead with friends & their kiddies on the Gold Coast & luxurious stay at the QT, xxx

  92. Hi Chantelle,
    I love the idea of this post.
    I love that you can put so much effort into blogging. I had to do blogs at Uni and love the idea but I don’t have the confidence (I suppose is the best word) to create what I want to create and also I feel like my blog would be full of grammar mistakes and that freaks me out πŸ˜›
    I’m about to head back to uni to change life directions, I hope I can pull it off as the single mother to a 6 month old, who thinks 3 am is a perfectly normal time to be awake. (I miss NSW and it’s brilliant use of Day light savings – Darn these crazy QLDer’s).

    • I think with blogging you have to let go of that fear. If I really thought about how many people were reading, and all the spelling/grammar mistakes I’d make, I’d be paralysed with fear. Just write. πŸ™‚

      I wish you guys would get DLS. I live right on the border and it’s so hard with Hubby working over the border, family living there… everything is always: NSW time or QLD time? Total first world problem. πŸ˜›

      Good luck with uni and sleep. I had the worst night ever last night. How did you guys go?

      • I thought some of your beach shots look familiar. Living on the border would be so frustrating. I’ve love to live down that way though. That’s my dream anyway.
        As a NSWer originally I don’t get the lack of DLS. It has something to do with chickens and cows. I think they get mixed up about it going forwards and not backwards.
        The last 2 nights have been murder. a certain 6 month old has been waking up between 3am and 4am and not wanting to go back to sleep.

        thanks for this blog post it has been great to read about other people.
        I’m totally with you on the pool front. Every house needs a pool.
        We are settling for paddling pool and slip and slides for Sunday.

  93. Hi Chantelle,

    My name is Cherie. I’ve been cooking today since I was expecting a friend to drop by, but they have had to rain check, so I now have LOADS of soup and salad! Won’t have to cook for the rest of the week! I’ve been putting off hanging out the washing all day, because it is so hot I don’t want to leave the air-conditioning!!! However, I am running out of clothes, so I probably should just bite the bullet and go and do it…

    Hope you get some sleep tonight! or a nap this afternoon…

    • Send soup, pronto!

      Did you hang out the clothes? The bonus is they’ll be dry by the time you walk back inside.

      I’m so over this heat. It’s our first summer with air-conditioning and I’m so worried about the bill. Does yours go up much?

      • Still some soup left! There was rather a lot… Clothes did EVENTUALLY get hung out – you were SO right – they dried almost as they were hung…

        I must confess that I haven’t paid much attention to seasonal variations in the power bill! But I looked it up out of curiosity – it did increase by $100 total over a 3-month period… but I think that’s a very small price to pay for sleeping at night! or during the day – I do shift work… I never use the heater in winter, so summer is the only time I chew through the power.

        I’ve enjoyed looking through the new list of photo prompts!

  94. Okay, 3rd time lucky… I have started this twice already so I am hoping that I actually manage to get it finished and published this time.
    I am Katherine, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and am a 40 year old mum of a six and a half (do NOT forget the half!) year old boy. I have been married for nearly 4 years and I met my husband nearly 9 years ago through online dating. I am a trained primary school teacher and last year completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education which I am extremely pleased (and a little surprised) about! I love photography and at the beginning of last year I started Photo-a-day although I am determined to complete it this year. After being hassled by my friends I have set up a website and a Facebook page to try and sell some. If anyone wants a nosy at it it is Colour it Red Photography.
    Keep up the fantastic work Chantelle, you are an inpiration to all of us. xxx

  95. Hi there, I’m 45 with 3 boys, 11, 18 and 23. I work in early childcare and I live on the Tweed Coast . The beach is 800 metre walk from my house and I rarely use it. Even though I love the beach , it’s just easier to dive into the pool. I have a blog called Sugarcoffeenaughtywords. These are the 3 things that get me through mothering . What’s on my mind? I cannot wait til school returns. It’s getting a bit much now.

  96. My name is Susie and my husband and I have two year old twins that were born at 28 weeks gestation – we have no family help so life is full on! This week is particularly difficult as Saturday would have been our daughter’s 3rd birthday – she was stillborn at 24 weeks.

  97. Hello Chantelle. My name is Steph and I am a photo a day girl on Instagram (chensmum). I’m a working single mum of 2 teen girls in western Canada, an island girl through and through. Photography is a passion but most of my shots are crap. I’m too impatient to compose. I desperately need to lose about a hundred pounds but I struggle with… consistency? It’s not motivation it’s… stick-to-it-ness. What’s the damn word? Oh well. I have an aunt who has lived in the Cairns area for 40 years and I’ve never visited. Aussie bugs freak me out! What’s on my mind? I’d rather do anything else tomorrow than go to work… how do I get this yellow paint off my hands… what is the kitten playing with now… do I have lunch stuff in the fridge for tomorrow… must mend my pants before work… I hope Bailey does well on her French exam tomorrow…

  98. Hi Chantelle,
    My friends and family call me Bek (or Rebekah if I’m in trouble) I’m living my crazy busy life with my husband whom I met 22 years ago and our 6 kids aged 17, 10, 8 year old twins, 6 and 4. I like to think life is what you make of it, so I take the good with the bad and just go with it. I have two blogs, plate4eight.com where I keep all of our favourite family recipes and thelittlelunchbox.com where I share the lunch box recipes we love as well as ones suitable for our 10 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 17 months of age. We have also started providing Emergency Action Plans for parents of Type 1’s so I guess I just became a WAHM. While I’m a chatterbox I’m a bit shy when it comes to blogging, especially if my friends know about them and read them. I cook to relax and I’m a compulsive bookmarker of recipes (I’ll get to them eventually). Right now I’m thinking about the 60+ school books I have to cover tomorrow and the fact that Miss 4 only has one year left at kindy before she goes to Big School (insert tears). I love your blog, your happy nature and your willingness to share the tough aspects of motherhood, like the relentless lack of sleep. I feel for you, there have been times when I have just cried talking about it. It does get better, or so I’m told. I just want a few years off before they’re teenagers and I have to sit up waiting for them to come home. And I’m tempted to start photo a day, I see some of my friends have joined in.
    Wishing you a spectacular 2014,

        • No, I’m considered the weird one in my circle of friends because I love covering the kids school books. I find it relaxing, maybe because it’s methodical. I have been trying to hide the multitude of book coverings I have bought over the last couple of weeks from my husband. But they are going to look amazing!!! Dinosaurs, Butterflies, Owls, Love Hearts, Jelly Beans even!! So pop on over, I’d love the company. Oh, and I didn’t forget that I already have a teenager, but he’s easy peasy, the other 5 will all be teenagers all at once. Didn’t think that out very well did we?

  99. I’m Sam, I’m 42 (but feel like 5 and a half) and the Disneyland Half Marathon is on my mind. Registration opens in a few days – and if I get in, I can look forward to doing the hard yards, and the trip (and the run) of a lifetime. It’s been top of my bucket list since my Cancer diagnosis(es) in 2011 and this will be the first year I don’t have to have a battery of tests and get my radioactive wiggle on (fingers crossed!) It will also be a good way to battle the bulge and feel fit and fabulous in 2014 because everyone needs a purpose, right?! Enjoy the wedding Chantelle, you will look awesome as always, only awesomer. (Yes, I just made up a word!)

    • You are so good at making up words, and that makes me happy.

      Man, the Disney Half Marathon? That sounds AWESOME. You can totally do this, and I’m going to cheer you on while wearing Mickey ears from here.

      Let me know how you go. x

  100. Hi you! I’m sure I’ve commented before, but because you asked so nicely I’m stopping to say hi again. Hi! You are one of my favourite bloggers, ever. You inspire and motivate me to write better, share more and of course take better pictures. I’m currently having a detox bath, drinking licorice tea, scrolling through my favourites on bloglovin, listening to my children play and run on the other side of the wall. On my mind right now is how much my well being has improved over the last year. January is a time of reflections, isn’t it. Good luck with getting some sleep.

  101. Hi Chantelle I am Lisa I have a dodgy knee and it makes me angry sometimes and also causes me not to sleep.i have 2 adult children one has her own house and the other my son lives at home with his girlfriend.My dad recently had a heart attack and my sis was in hospital with a bowel infection at the same time.I am finding it hard to deal with dad becoming old and that scares me!

  102. Hi Chantelle
    I’m Chelsea, I’ve been following your blog for ages now, and love reading your posts. I have a book blog at mynoveladdiction.wordpress.com, and am trying to post more regularly! I haven’t told too many people in my real life about it – I think I’m unsure what they’ll think of it, and I don’t know how good (bad) my writing is.
    But the point of this comment, is what’s on my mind. I’m finding more and more on my mind at the moment is that I’m 31 and single, and I don’t know how to meet men. All my friends are married or in long term relationships, and now they’re all having babies. And I’m really, really happy for them, but I’m also jealous as hell. And I can’t tell them that, because it’s not all about me. So one of my new years resolutions is to be more consciously happy.
    I love the idea of the Photo a Day, and have tried a couple of times to participate, but never seem to be able to do it properly. My working hours are long and I can’t carry my phone/camera with me. Another new years resolution is less work/more life. So we’ll see how that goes.

    • I love that idea of Less Work, More Life. Hopefully you’ll be surprised of what good can come when you make that big shift.

      And I’m sure your friends would be happy to listen to you. I’d love for my friends to be honest with me, not matter what. x

  103. Hi Chantelle, I’m Kim & I really should introduce myself because I did your 2013 gift exchange (SO wonderful!) & I’ve been following your blog & PAD on IG since New Years Day last year when I was in a completely different place & so suffocated by a big black cloud I could barely see a thing – so I took your challenge to help me find little things to see that were already in my life. Fast forward a year & I can’t say the cloud is all gone but its mostly just a shadow & now that I’m seeing things all around, I’m taking on PAD to work on my photography skills a little, as a daily reminder to take a look around & notice the here & now all whilst I wait for Mr Stork’s mailman to bloody well find my address & tell me he’ll visit 8-9months later! And your post yesterday has given me 14 more things to fill the days with a little simple & happy. It’s just lovely. So thank you. I hope Luella surprises you with a deliciously long sleep very soon! xx

  104. Hi, my name is Sarah, nice to meet you. What’s on my mind at the moment? Probably a bit of uncertainty but I’m trying to ignore it. Uncertainty in my health, in mine and my husband’s jobs, in money and my ability to pay bills. I want to enjoy the simple things and I want things to be easy. I would like to be fitter, less tired and have more time and energy to do the things I enjoy. Reading that back, it all sounds a little depressing! But really, I am very happy and lucky in my life. I have love, lots of it from my wonderful husband and crazy kids, and I have happiness. The rest will work itself out.

    • I don’t think it’s depressing, just refreshingly honest. I am so not a person to give advice, but I do find when I exercise I feel less tired. We’ve been walking on the beach each morning and I quickly forget how tired I am. πŸ™‚

  105. Hi Chantelle, how are you? I’m Jodi, 31, from Canberra. I was introduced to your blog and PAD by my cousin. I really enjoy both and hope that you’re aware of the little bit of fun and joy you put into the day-to-day of so many strangers. Such a great thing to have an impact, even tiny, on so many people from all over.

    A little about me. I’ve been married to a great man for 7 years and we have two beautiful boys – Cohen (3.5yrs) and Egan (8 mths). I’m passionate about my family and friends, our dog, music (especially live), sport and laughter.

    Currently on my mind: trying to rediscover my motivation and healthy habits, my impending return to work (April – I’m looking forward to it actually), a family trip to Bali (first time on a plane with the boys), my need for a pedi and tossing up a third baby (whether to have one, not actual juggling of a baby).

    Love the blog and PAD – keep em coming!

    • Oh lots in common. I need a pedi and can’t figure out when I can fit it in, and not sure about baby number 3. I want another, Hubby is not as keen.

      Thanks for introducing yourself, and thank your cousin for introducing us. πŸ™‚

      What sort of dog do you have?

      • Hoping to find time for a pedi on Friday. Fingers crossed! Something you could do with Lacey?

        Same – I think 3 is my “number”. Hubby floats between maybe and 98% sure. I guess we will wait and see.

        Scout is a pure bitsa. He’s a bit Great Dane, bit wolfhound (both from his mum) and his dad is a real unknown. Def some mastiff in him I think. He’s large, but a boofheaded sook.

  106. Hi Chantelle,
    My name is Kate. I am 37. I have one child, a gorgeous little boy who is nearly 3. I have been married for three years to a beautiful guy I met when I was 30. I am a midwife but I currently work as a Child Health Nurse at a parenting centre in Brisbane. I started blogging when my little boy was about 6 months old. After having him, I was bit down and quite anxious. By the time he was 6 months old, I was feeling much more like myself again and wanted to do something creative. I have always loved writing and decorating (like everyone!), so decided I would give it a go. My blog is called A Little home with freesias- a little home (cause well, ours is) and freesias cause other than daisies, they are the happiest of flowers. I used to read your blog when I breastfed during the night!
    My thoughts at the moment are mainly around getting back into the swing of shift work (I have had a month off) and helping my little man settle into childcare. He has been going for 3 weeks and is finding the adjustment a bit difficult. It has been pretty hard on us both. The non- existent book of motherhood doesn’t explain how hard it is to trust other people to care for your children does it! We will get there.
    You do a wonderful job with your blog – inspirational. How you mange to do posts on such little sleep is beyond me! Funnily, babies who don’t sleep, keep me employed πŸ™‚
    You make a difference Chantelle- we all love your blog! x

    • Oh yes, I think I’m going to have to get some help on the sleep front if it continues.

      I used to be a nanny, and only now do I realise how hard it must have been for those mamas to leave their little ones with me, and how glad they must have been when they’re kids loved me. No wonder some were SO devastated when I quit.

      I know Lacey took a little while to love childcare and then she really loved it. It enriched her life and offered her more than I could at home. Hopefully your little dude adjusts well soon.x

  107. I don’t sleep and its not because my 3kids don’t sleep well its insomnia – and it bites. I have followed your blog for years – it was the first one I ever read, and kind of motivated me to start my own. People hardly comment I know they are reading though πŸ™‚ you seem to have a winning formula!

  108. Hi Chantelle! I’m Patri, 35 years old, from Spain. I think that’s the first time I leave a comment here. After all the effort you make writting posts, it’s the least we could do!
    What is in my mind lately is an upcoming trip I will take with a friend. Next month we are going to Berlin and I am SOOOO excited!!! πŸ™‚
    Also, I want to thank you because my photography has improved so much since I started doing the photo challenge. I know my pictures are far from good, but I see a slight difference πŸ™‚ Besides it’s so fun! I’ve got my whole family involved, even my little niece sometimes helps me πŸ™‚
    So there… πŸ™‚

  109. Hi Chantelle! My name is Belinda but go by Bee. I love the beach, exploring and being creative. Very much enjoy “me” time and that’s how I recharge. Although very hard with two small children

      • Certainly do appreciate that me time when I get it!! Thank you for asking to see a pic of my painting. I have only done a few but plan on doing quite a lot more and experimenting once kids go back to school! Hope you like it xx

      • Thanks Chantelle! certainly appreciate my me time more now! Here is a pic of one of my paintings! Thanks so much for asking to see it xxx

      • sorry i didn’t mean to post the pic so many times below and now I don’t know how to delete it!! Please if you can delete the multiples!

  110. Hi Chantelle, to use the radio phrase “long time reader first time commenter”. I made it a new years resolution on Woogsworld to stop lurking so here I am.

    I share your dreams of a good night sleep. Miss 2.5 still not great & Mr 8 months has turned from guru sleeper to a little bit shithouse:(

    also trying to get lachie to start accepting a bottle as I go back to work in 8 weeks and her starts daycare – he isnt having a bar of it. My kids couldnt be more different Olivia refused to breastfeed but lachie is a boob man – men!!

    Oh and my name is sarah – thanks for your blog

  111. I am TJ. I have a 4yo daughter, work full time, adore crafting & try to keep up my blog which is mostly about my crafting pursuits. I’m also in the process of trying to set up a craft-related business which is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting & terrifying all at once.
    I’m also pretty tired πŸ™‚

  112. Hi, I’m Toni, I live in the north of England and goodness me it is cold at the moment. I’ve actually got the day off today and for the first time in a while, I plan to lock myself in the house and be a bit of a slob and i’m loving it. I’m currently attempting a vegan diet (just for the month) and goodness me I am craving chocolate so bad. Life is pretty awesome at the moment, we recently purchased our first home, we’ve adopted two pugs and we’re heading off to Thailand to spend some time with orangutans in May. Pretty excited! Thanks for running such a lovely blog, I started following you about a year ago when you begin your photo a day project and have been hooked ever since. πŸ™‚ xx

  113. Hi Chantelle,
    I am a long time reader and lover of your bog – but this is my first comment πŸ™‚
    On my mind at the moment is my beautiful little girls first birthday in March – I literally feel like I blinked and that year passed. It’s a very bittersweet feeling! I am also going back to work soon which I have very mixed emotions about. I know it’s going to be quite the balancing act, but there are plenty that do it so I shouldn’t complain! I have had a lot of success with my career but don’t feel like it is what should be doing if that makes any sense?! I think the next 12 months for me will be assessing what I want to do career wise and hopefully find that creative little spark that I know is laying dormant somewhere. Thanks for creating this fab blog! Love it!

    • I think having a baby makes you reassess your whole life, so it makes sense that you’re questioning what you do for work. Do you know what you’d like to do?

      I can’t believe how much the time flies when you have a bub. Luella is 5 months. Your little one would have been 7 months when she was born. How can time fly by so quickly??

  114. Hi Chantelle. My name is Ana, I’m 31 and I’m reading you from a small town near Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a translator and today I woke up with two thoughts on my mind: I want to be more independent in terms of what I do for a living and I want to go to Croatia. Simple isn’t it? I’m working hard on these goals as well on another ones that are boiling in my mind. Today is a happy day. Why? Just because. Have a nice week!

  115. Hi I have been following you for awhile & jealous of your life. You sound like a great mother I’m the flip side, so I don’t know why I’m addicted to your blog ??

  116. Hi Chantelle!
    I’m Bruna. I’m 26 and I’m from Azores.
    I love arts and crafts, but I work in IT, for the azorean government. I would love to work on crafts but it’s very difficult around here.

    I would love to have money to travel, but with the “lovelly” TROIKA around here, I struggle to have money for the monthly expenses. I have a 11′ year old boy and I’m married. I also have a blog, take a look here: http://memoriascoloridasminhas.blogspot.pt/

  117. Hey Chantelle!
    My name is Kim ( I live in NSW, Aust) and I just love your blog and Photo a Day. Am managing to get this month done successfully however I’m predicting I won’t get a photo done each day in Feb as I will be back to teaching!
    I will be turning 40 this year and have my family asking me what I want to do! Um, I’m not sure but would it be rude to say I just want to take a small group of good girlfriends out to to dinner?
    I have three gorgeous kiddos who are the light of my life ( aged 8, 6 and 3). I don’t reply or comment much but have been reading your blog for years ( when you were in Sydney) and love your writing style. It is like sitting on the beach with a good friend, a magazine and a cool, refreshing drink! ( Your blog, that is! )
    What’s on my mind at the moment – how to fully toilet train Mr 3 before he starts Pre School shortly. Tick tock, tick tock…..time is running out. Also – how to find a little “me” time to do craft, photography and Project Life – all of which I love.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog – you should be so proud of yourself!!
    Kim Tighe

    • Hello Kim! I know you!

      What a great way to describe reading my blog. Thank you! Thank you!

      I think dinner with friends for your birthday sounds amazing, and maybe let someone host a family lunch one day as well?

      You’re only 40 once! x

      • Thanks for your reply. How you have time to reply to anyone is beyond me. Great suggestion for the 40th – family lunch is a great idea. Yes – I only turn 40 once!

  118. Hello! I am Lucrecer, pronouced Lu-cree-sha, and what is on my mind: Writing a photography book, helping people to see how amazing they are and loving on my children. I am feeling wonderfully blessed and a little stressed, but happy all the same.

  119. Hi I’m Davine, I’m 60 and I am currently travelling around Australia with Shane and our camper Myrtle. We have been on the road for just over 8 months and not sure when we will get back home to Melbourne. Today we arrived in Kalgoorlie and it is pouring with rain so I am thinking what will we do tomorrow in the rain? Your welcome to check out our travels on http://www.53buddhas.blogspot.com

  120. Hey! I’m AnneeApple.. Currently contemplating a new job / promotion proposal and looking forward to a date night with the Mr on Friday night! And… currently losing some weight.. 6lbs off, just 71lbs to go!

    Happy day wishes from Scotland x

  121. I’m Jennifer from Show Low (Named after the turn or card) Arizona. I’m a 37 year old stay at home mom of a 4.5 year old girl, a 2 year old boy and the wife to one awesomely amazing husband. I’m with you on the none sleeping roller-coaster. Last night was a good night I got to sleep till 5 before one of my kids woke me up, most nights I’m up with the 2 year old for an hour or two trying to get him back to sleep. I miss sleep! I recently started on a heartier life style journey to lose weight and make better food choices for my family in hopes that my kids will not grow up to have to same struggle with food and weight as my husband and I did. I love reading your blog post, I get a good giggle out of them. I wanted to tell you I was so inspired by your post the other day about the 14 ordinary things to do in 2014, my two favorites were Make dessert and eat it and Get in the photo. Thank you for writing your blog and being so inspiring post and Photo a day πŸ™‚

    • Hello! My sister lived in Arizona for a while. πŸ™‚

      Ah, you and I can be sleep-deprived zombies together.

      All the best with the weightloss. I’m sure making dessert won’t help, but it will make your tastebuds happy!

  122. ah, comments boxes fill me with dread . . . but your photo a day fills me with happiness. Hi Chantelle, I’m Kirsteen, mama to 3 teenagers (oh how did THAT happen), full time workey type person (because how else do the hubster and I feed those three teenagers?), lover of words,sideline saturdays, beachy goodness and tinkering with photo taking. I adore the little community you have helped create on IG thru your photo challenge. Thank you lovely for helping me, and countless others, find the sparkle in the everyday ~ peace and blessings x

  123. Hello Chantelle and everybody πŸ™‚
    I’m Claudia, I’m from Venezuela. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I like it a lot! I try to keep up with the photo a day challenge as well, but it’s sometimes hard to find the time to prepare a nice pic… I teach literature and I pole dance, which are very different activities, but I love them both!
    I would love to have a blog as well, but I wouldn’t know what to write about.

  124. I am Amy. My friend and I were talking about art journaling today and she introduced me to your blog and your photo a day challenge which looks like a lot of fun. I have recently been thinking about and researching art journaling and am looking forward to finish a few books that I am presently reading.

  125. Hi Chantelle,

    I’m Krystle, 29 and from Brisbane. I am a wife and stay at home Mum to my gorgeous, smart, healthy and divine 4 year old son, William, and 11 month old daughter, Ava Mae. My children challenge, enrich and reward me every single day. I suffer from severe anxiety following a few years of miscarriages, IVF, a high risk pregnancy and a near fatal Pulmonary Embolism after birth. I absolutely love your blog and the FMS photo a day challenge. It gives me a place to escape too on a daily basis (aside from the children being a fabulous distraction) and really keeps me going. Thank you so very much.

  126. Hello! How are you Chantelle? I’m Ella and I really think your blog is AMAZING as are you. I love the recipes you create + share (raspberry + white choc muffins were incredible), the photos you take and I think your children are just gorgeous. I am studying nursing (going into my second year) after a career change from being a flight attendant for 4 + a half years. I love to bake + create, spend time with family + friends and travel amongst other things. Going to Bali on Sunday so a bit of packing is on the cards today. Hoping some sleep comes your way soon. Take care, x

  127. Hi Chantelle, my name is Dalice, from Puerto Rico. I’ve been following you and doing the PAD since october 2012. And I am having a blast. I took part in the gift exchange and it was awesome as well.
    What’s in my ind right now? I want to finish cleaning up where I live, and get ready for some new things. I’m not married, divorced(waiting for the right one to come along), and no children. I have three cats. I have a blog and write recipes for a local newspaper in Orlando, Florida

  128. Hi Chantelle,

    My name is Julie I have been reading your blog since you were working at Kidspot! Those were the days! πŸ™‚ I’m a stay-at-home Mum to two girls (5 & 2), and write for fun on my blog – Off to the Park. (http://off-to-the-park.blogspot.com.au/).

    What is on my mind: I wonder if my family will get over the virus that’s been living in our house since Christmas. We’ve had a horrid Christmas/NY break, and had to cancel a trip to Brisbane as Hubby & I were sick. So hoping we all get better soon.

    πŸ™‚ Julie

      • We are trying everything at the moment, so hopefully something will work. πŸ™‚

        Yes, I was a Kidspot member, but after having bub no 2, I spent less time on there. πŸ™‚

  129. Hi Chantelle,

    I’m Jo and I am a 42 year old mom of a 4 year old.
    Not sure what possessed me to start so late with the parenting gig, but
    sure glad I did. I work at an online University and one of my students
    once said “I need to feed my spirit and my soul” and it struck me so
    much that it’s become a guiding mantra for my own life. This has been a
    year of change and growth focused on what brings me balance. I am still
    at a job that I don’t love, but I love parts of (and it pays the bills),
    but I am able to focus more on the things that bring me joy such as
    spending more time with my family or photography.

    I love how your blog
    connects people – through posts like this or in doing the photo a day.

  130. Hi Chantelle,
    I’m Whitney. I won your Tommee Tippee Mama Moment competition πŸ™‚ So obviously, I am a mama. Baby Felix is now 8 months old and it has gone super quick. Trying to decide whether I want to go back to work or start a blog of my own… hmmm decisions. Thank you so much for inspiring me, and my husband thanks you also for all the scrumptious recipes you put on here. Hope you are having a lovely day! x Off to make those jaffles!!

    • Hello! How are you? I can’t believe that teeny tiny baby is now 8 months old, and probably moving all over the place. Time flies.

      I say start a blog, and even if you have to go back to work – you’ll have a little haven online. I’m so glad I started my blog way back when. πŸ™‚

      • I’m great thank you! Oh yes he is definitely not teeny tiny anymore! Nearly at the 10kg mark and crawling all over the shop!

        I’m going to start a blog! Wish me luck! Have absolutely no idea where to begin but hey, who cares! Don’t need to show anyone for a bit, until I find my feet!

        Lovely hearing from you! Everything looks perfect with your baby Luella added to your gorgeous family! Can’t wait to have another one already! πŸ™‚

  131. Hi Chantelle,

    I just love reading your blogs AND your recipes. Yum-O!! I’m Michelle, I’m 39 this year and 9 weeks off have my third (and sadly last) baby. I have a 4 year old and 9 month old daughters, Autumn and Belle. Somehow I managed to stumble across your page just as you started your #FMSphoto a day and I’ve been onboard since conception. I just love photography and even though I take all my photos on my iPhone I am in the midst of reading up on my Canon DSLR, for dummies.

    I’ve been in my current job for 15 years and in dental for 16. I’m hoping to eventually do something in photography, just don’t know what. For now, I love my little iPhotography hobby.

    That’s a little from me.

    *waves* from Melbourne.

    PS, even though my gift didn’t arrive from your Gift Exchange I’m happy to say I’ve made two new friends.

      • I’m great and feel amazing Chantelle. If I could keep having babies I would but they’re just too darn expensive! xx

  132. Hi Chantelle, Whats on my mind? Well I’m currently counting down to the long weekend (my long weekend starts tomorrow) YAY… 2 minutes and counting. Oooops make that 1 minute and counting… I cant really think of anything else because OMG less than a minute until a four day weekend…. There it goes i have wasted that whole minute just gazing at my watch. Off i go to enjoy my four days with my little family.

  133. Hi!
    My name is Bec, I am 26yrs old and it’s 65 days until my wedding!
    Work is on my mind at the moment (so busy!!) and my hens party this weekend.
    I love reading your blog Chantelle, it keeps me entertained every morning on the train πŸ™‚

    Ps. Chantelle used to be my babysitter!

    • And wasn’t I the best babysitter EVER. All that chocolate I let you eat? And I let you cut my hair?

      I can’t believe you’re getting married. I can’t believe it. Have the best time at your hen party. You behave lady. x

  134. Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a mum of two boys aged almost 5 (I’m still clinging to 4 because he starts Prep next week and he turns five in a week) and 20 months. I’m about to turn 33, I’m about to be divorced, I’m about to re-enter the workforce after 5 years off raising my babies. I’m gradually finding my feet as a single mum and getting back to being “me”, I hate being in photos (I’m also about to start the whole ‘exercise’ thing), love taking photos of my boys and pretty much anything else (IG account – Katie_every_day), I’d like to start a blog, the thought of ‘dating’ again petrifies me, I have a massive phobia of all spiders but have a massive spider problem in my house, I wish I was more inventive with hairstyles but have only pretty much mastered a pony tail, I finished my first DIY project (refinished a dining setting in the French provincial/farmhouse style), and I love your blog and everything in it πŸ™‚
    That’s me xx

    • Wow, Kate – what a great introduction. I was just saying to Shane that dating has changed so much since when we did it. There’s Facebook now, and everything has changed.

      But how exciting that ‘the one’ is out there and you just have to discover him, or have him discover you.

      All the best with your boy starting Prep. πŸ™‚

  135. Hi Chantelle. I’m Kate. I loved getting to know all your other readers. People are so great. What’s on my mind? I lost almost all of my baby weight but have put so much on with all the fertility drugs trying to have a second baby. I love photos of Luella, the milk drunk one made my heart melt. I know have to keep trying, even if it means my wardrobe is full of stretchy clothes without buckles. Babies are such a blessing. I hope you all get some sleep.

    • Ah yes, it would all so be worth it. It will. I wish that you didn’t have to go down that path, but I hope that means you’re seeing a positive test very soon.

      People have been so great in these comments. πŸ™‚

  136. Hi Chantelle, I’m Tash. A 32 year old mum of 2 in Perth. Just posting this now cause I also have a little girl, Chloe who is just younger than Luella, and I can’t believe how you get time to blog, and read others blog, etc., etc. On my mind at the moment is how I can relax some more so expressing to bottle feed my little girl is easier (let down and all that stuff). I also need to get out and exercise more….

    • Hello!

      Oh yes, how hard is it to find time to exercise? I’m hoping when Lacey goes back to school to walk more. We walk on the beach almost everyday, but I need to do something a bit sweatier.

      Good luck with the expressing. I can never get anything out when I do it. x

  137. hi chantelle! my name’s janene and i’ve been playing along with PAD since march, 2012. i absolutely love it! i have a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old son and my family lives in sunny southern california. i blogged for awhile at whimspirationphoto.blogspot.com (and you can still see old posts there) but this year i’m trying something a little different and started a new blog at alohaneener.com. i played along with your gift exchange this past christmas and am so happy to have met and become pen pals with my giftee. unfortunately, my secret santa took ill and i was told she went to the hospital fairly early in her pregnancy. i never did hear if she’s alright or who she was and would love to know that she’s ok!

    • Oh she was in touch and said she was doing well, and she also said she was going to send your gift.

      Did you receive anything? Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to follow up on the gifts so you might have left that information already.

      • glad to hear that all is well! i’m not worried about the gift. it was just so disconcerting to hear she was hospitalized and then nothing else. thank you for the update.

  138. Hi Chantelle, my name is Dalice, from Puerto Rico (right in the other side of the world). I’ve been following you and doing the PAD since october 2012. And I am having a blast. I took part in the gift exchange and it was awesome as well. My giftee doesn’t know me yet, there’s some trouble with one ofmthe presents but she will know soon enough. My SS was awesome and did an excellent job stalking me and knowing me.

    What’s in my ind right now? I want to finish cleaning up where I live, and get ready for some new things. I’m not married, divorced(waiting for the right one to come along), and no children. I have three cats. I have a blog (airamlebasic.wordpress.com) and write recipes for a local newspaper in Orlando, Florida.

    Thanks for sharing your life and families adventures. The blog about Lacey’s room made my day. My Mom had the same problem with me πŸ™

    Thanks again for PDA, it has made me look forward to be a better photographer.

  139. Hi Chantelle! I’m a bit late to this post party, but anywho! I’m Jess, from Victoria. I’m 22 and i’m studying my last year of a degree in Education – I can’t wait to be a teacher. I have made so many friends through Instagram, which I started to do the FMS photo a day challenge. I feel like these people are genuine friends despite never having met them before. I love it! I am very into health and fitness (I like learning about alternative therapies etc) and today i’m going to enjoy lunch with my boyfriend, while the rain pours down outside! Enjoy your day xx @paperchailove

  140. Hi Chantelle, I’m Nuriah & I’m a fan of yours from Singapore! Right now, I’m just thinking of crawling back to bed and sleep. It’s only 9.33am here and I’m already counting down the hours to the start of my free weekend! (Been out for 7 days/week straight since the start of the new year!) I have a love-hate relationship with food and I get angry at myself on days when I over-indulge in fried food & fast food. I love all the pics you posted on Instagram, I love all your blog posts and you inspired me to pursue my love for writing and open a blog! So, thank you! πŸ˜€

  141. hi Chantelle,
    nice idea to have all these lovely people to say something about themselves, i really enjoyed reading the posts i got to!
    i am simone, i was born in brazil but leave in sydney since 2001. love it here!
    i have two boys, 13 and 8yo.
    i have been doing the PAD for over a year now and confess to be a bit addicted to it! i also have met some fab people via the challenge and instagram (another one of my love affairs!).
    thanks for creating the challenge!
    ps. i am sure yopu will make a wonderful matron of honour, lucky bride!

  142. Hi Chantelle,
    I’m Tiia. I was laid off just before christmas, but I signed a contract with a new company last week, so things are starting to look better. I went back to pilates and dance classes the beginning of this year, and I’m taking an intense 2-week flash photography course, so January has been hectic. And I think I may have just pressed the “buy” button to get myself an iMac, so I can better work on my photography and photo blog in the future πŸ™‚

    I’ve been feeling unreasonably tired and restless these past few months, so I got myself a sleeping monitor that you put on the wrist. It’s helped me to see a pattern between restless nights and headaches, and then again what I’ve eaten, exercise and better slept nights. My situation is different from yours, as there’s not another person to keep me awake at night, but I’m hoping with this sleep monitor, I’ll be able to learn to make better choices in my life to improve my sleep and health.

  143. Hi Chantelle
    I am Anita and I found you somehow on Instagram. I started following you when I saw the #fmsphotoaday on someone else’s page. I

    I must say……. I am in absolute awe at your following.

    When I first started to follow you on Instagram you had 84k followers! You must be a rockstar! I had to do a double take when I saw that. Oh my goodness! And today I see that you now have 88k followers!!! An extra 4,000 people are following your adorable posts and beautiful photographs. I just had to let you know how amazing I think that is. And I love the photo challenges! it is making me think more creatively and helping me with my ipad photography.
    x. Anita – instaname ~ Myclectic

  144. Hello Chantelle!
    It’s been a while I’ve visited and leave comments. I think this one is interesting topic for discussion.
    I am Lili Sulastri and I shall be be 55 in March 2014. I am in Records Management where I am currently employed and it really is an interesting job. At the time of writing, I am wondering how my daughter fare in her 5 km Cross-country competing against students from other Selangor State schools. She may be holding the Runners-up title for her school; but not sure where her stand will be for State division. She was at 73 last year. She just needs more exposure. Another agenda on my mind right now is to create a layout that is long overdue. Haven’t been creating in a while and I am just itching to get back on the drawing board. Finally, I want to update my blog: http://lszalil.blogspot.com.
    Enjoying your write-ups. Thanks for sharing.

  145. Hello, Chantelle – how are you? My name is Dulcinea (Spanish name-taken from the book “The Adventures of Don Quixote de La Mancha”, and I’m the mom to a 22 year old son, and 3 daughters, 21, 20 & 19 years old. There’s nothing like being a mom! πŸ˜€ I’ve started a weight loss journey recently, and have been on a journey of rediscovering myself since my separation a few years ago. I’m a Christian and love to listen to Latin, Reggae, Gospel & anything that makes me dance and smile! The beach is my favorite place-I love the water. I have been blogging for a couple of years now, and I can completely be myself when I write.

    I love your blog and I follow you on Twitter and Instagram as well. Photography is another one of my passions, too. It’s fun πŸ˜€

  146. Hi, I’m Lotfi. 44 in April, mum to 4. My eldest is going to be 21 this month and my youngest is 11. In my mind right now is the fear of letting go my eldest as she is planning to be married to her American friend soon and leaving Malaysia where we are is inevitable. Will I ever survive this.. :))

  147. Hi I’m penina. I have been doing your fmsphotoaday challenge and enjoying it.
    I am a mum to a 7mo girl, my first baby, I love it but it does have its challenges and some days it isn’t easy. That said, I wouldn’t take any of it back. On my mind is many things, wedding arrangements for myself, mummy duties, should I try and be healthier in terms of trying a bit of organic and clean eating and your juicing blog has made me think about getting my juicer out again. πŸ™‚ I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I enjoy checking it out when I have a spare 5 mins to myself! Take care!

  148. Hi Chantelle, my name is Kim. I’m a 42 year old mom to 3 and wife to 1. My girls are 14 & 11, my son 8. What’s on mind? I’m wondering if (1) I’ll ever get The Little Mermaid songs out of my head (my 14 year old is Ariel in her high school spring musical); (2) I’ll get caught up with all of my laundry and (3) can I make any barre classes this week? Weird…. I found your blog via a friend on Facebook & I’m so grateful. It’s inspiring me to be creative and stay up on my blog (www.chalkboardsandchairs.com). Thank you! Xoxo k

  149. Hi! I’m Liz and I’m 27, 28 in just a couple of weeks. I am going to school and majoring in Psychology and I love it. I’m also minoring in Communication. I’m from the US, specifically Utah. I love your blog and the healthy stuff because I’m trying to start being healthy too. I also love the photo a day thing because I love taking pictures and it’s so much fun trying to find the perfect thing for each day πŸ™‚

  150. Hi, I’m Ange, I also don’t know when I will get a good night sleep again, I can’t remember the last time I got a good night sleep now. I am a stay at home mum of a 2 year old and 1 year old twins and none of them sleep very well… Ever! I don’t know where they get their energy from, but wherever it is I wish I could go there and bathe in it. I’m slowly trying to make my house so organized that people think we’re weird because it’s so well organized because I feel like I can’t think probably living in clutter. I like watching how clean is your house just to feel good about mine.. Thankfully we’re just unorganized not dirty.

  151. I’m Carol from San Diego, California. I retired last June from the 2nd grade after 43 years, 39 at the same school. I volunteer once or twice a month in a 2nd grade. I get to read favorite books, sing, dance, and do art. I got married for the 2nd time when I was 61, having been married for 25 years and single for 17. I never dreamed I could be this happy. Between us we have 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters. I love roses and just got two new ones to make 32.

  152. Hi Chantelle, I’m Taya. I’m 22 and work in recreational coordinating with seniors. I love your blog! I’ve recently started a blog but am so hesitant to actually share my writing. I just don’t have my confidence yet, but I’m hoping it’ll come soon! I don’t have children yet, but am in a relationship with an amazing man and love where I am right now in that department. πŸ™‚ I’m still trying to figure out ‘what I want to be when I grow up’, it’s so hard to decide! I’m also starting to really try and get healthy and lose weight, I get a big overwhelmed sometimes so your blog is a great place for me to read and relax. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing, love the idea of this post!

  153. Hi chantelle I was scrolling for (banana bread i think) in december and the link to your blog came up and i saw a famaliar face from long long ago aka high school and I think primary days. Its great to see you loving life congratulations on your two beautiful girls and thank you for sharing your story,
    Bec swadling
    (you might know me by Rebecca Mussig)
    Ps I wont be offended if you dont remember me

  154. Hi Chantelle!! My name is Britney πŸ™‚ I am a 22 year old hairdresser from Las Vegas and I am happily married. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT! I REALLYYYYY want to have my own blog because I have found so many great women that inspire me (you included) through blogs and it makes me want to be the same for others! not sure where to begin or what to talk about…I feel like nobody would even listen to me! but I know deep down that the only way I will be happy in life is to inspire and teach others and help others to do things they didn’t think they could do! I have also been trying to lose weight because I gained about 50 pounds over five years after high school and I have lost 20 so far…it’s so stinkin hard because I am a lazy girl at heart! but I am getting better…hopefully to lose the rest!

  155. Hi Chantelle, this is a year of creativity and courage for me. I’ve been enjoying participating in your #fmsaphotoaday and that has inspired me to finally create my own little blog. Today’s post is about *you* =) http://www.emiliahii.com

  156. Hi Chantelle
    I’m Lauren! I’ve been married for 4 years in April and our daughter is 17 months old.
    We have just returned from a weekend getaway at Shoal Bay, in Port Stephens. Can you say HEAVEN?!
    Love and Blessings x

  157. Hi! I’m Lisa from NY, USA (Not the city but just an hour or two by car or train). I don’t remember how I found you, probably from a Facebook/Instagram/Livejournal friend. I love checking out your blog and photos. I hope you keep it up for a long time πŸ™‚ I’m a junior high Spanish teacher (my students’ ages range from about 12-14 years old) and we’re now at the half way point in our school year. It’s had its ups and downs, I’m hoping it continues to go smoothly because this has actually been a pretty good year for me πŸ™‚

  158. Hi, I’m a bit late to this party πŸ˜‰ but here goes another try with the disqus comments, maybe they don’t like the other computer! Just wanted to say thanks so much for the inspiration to develop photography skills through the photo a day challenge, to try blogging (again) – so that my friends aren’t driven nuts by my continual photo posts in their Facebook newsfeeds) and just to live a bit more creatively. Makes husband happy too that I’ll join him in photography, although it’s always tricky when family members give driving lessons, whether it’s cars or cameras!

  159. Hi Chantelle! I’ve been reading your blog since 2008 when I had first baby and it’s one of my absolute favourites! I’m sorry I don’t comment nearly enough. I used to live in Sydney but moved back to Brisbane last year. On my mind is… me! After having three babies in three years the last couple of years have been about survival. But seeing one off to school and one off to kindy this year means I have a lot more time on my hands. So! I’m thinking it’s my year to get back into exercise, work, some study and a the blog I have been thinking about since forever. I’m feeling excited! Hope Lacey enjoyed school x

  160. Hi Chantelle, I am Jane, 37ish years old. Mum of 3 girls. Like Lacy, my 5 year old twins started school last week. All my babies are at school now. I work for Mission Australia in an early intervention program and start working 4 days a week this week. So on my mind right now is how am I going to get myself and my girls ready and out of the house by 8, o’clock everymorning!! Thanks for encouraging us to leave comments. I promise to write more often. I haven’t really thought about it much before, but bloggers put so much effort into the pages they create and to not leave a comment is almost like walking past someone you know and not saying hi. Hope you have a chillaxing Sunday. We are off to the pool early to beat the crowds. Xxx

  161. Hi Chantelle,
    Me? I’m Sooziii, turning 65 this year, an Artist – single, an introvert and a recluse – lonely and would love to meet the love of my life but know that’s not going to happen. I found you via P.A.D; gave me the chance to ‘meet’ lots of people from all round the world without leaving my house. The really amazing thing is I have actually physical met up with some of them; yep, I left the house and met with STRANGERS! Lol ….
    So a big thank you for coming up with the idea to get people involved in the world they live in and share their lives through their photographs.

  162. Hi Chantelle,
    I’m Trish, I’m a newlywed (May 2013) and we’re thinking of starting a family soon – I’m nervous about that…. How will I cope with no sleep, will I be a good mum, will I be strong enough when it’s time for them to leave the nest…. Eeeepp!
    I also participated in the Christmas Gift exchange and had a ball – thanks for organising it!

  163. Hey I’m Caitlin.
    On my mind right now? You know those adds with the two children, and at the beggining of the add they are drinking juice, and you see them grow up and they are obese. You see the sam children again, except drinking water, they grow up to be healthy. I was feeling sorry for the first set of adults, the ‘obese’ ones. It’s one thing to be overweigh but another to be told it so bluntly. Another thing, if someone does absolutely no excersice, and they drink water, there will not be much difference if they had of drank the water. Odd i know πŸ™‚ What are your oppinions on these adds, if you have seen them anyways.

  164. Hi Chantelle. I’m Fe. I’m excited to be going back to work after having some major time off. Ironically it will be 3 years ago tomorrow that my constant headaches started. I’m a chocoholic (dark mainly) and workaholic. I’m also trying to shift some weight but finding it difficult due to all the medication. My new passion is photography so taking snapshots of my daily life is a perfect way to capture the quirky moments πŸ˜‰

  165. Hi Chantelle,
    I’m Michelle. I’ve just turned 33 and am a mother to 3 boys 9, 6 & almost 2. My boyfriend and I have been together coming on 6 years in march and the whole time we have done the long distance thing with him in Sydney and me on the sunshine coast. right now I have just sat down after some of those dreaded chores around the house, listening to kids shows on tv and the sounds of the boys playing/fighting and everything in between.
    I have just started studying again after being out of the paid workforce for 10 years, I have done a lot of volunteer work with playgroups, kindy, school etc but now that I have my youngest in day care I’d like to be able to look for a job knowing that I will have the qualifications.

  166. Morning Chantelle
    I’m Lizzie, and I live in the Isle of Man. On my mind at the moment is turning 45 tomorrow and thinking of the changes I want to make (my New Years resolutions), continuing to drop those pounds for a healthy and happier me. I’m looking forward to my daughters birthday this month and busily planning her 8th party.
    I enjoy reading you blog and looking at the photo a day. I must be more consistent and load more than one a month!
    Have a great day!

    Lizzie xx

  167. I’m Melle, 38 (was 30yo 5 mins ago I’m sure). My kids are constantly on my mind, even now in my “me” time when they’re asleep. My 11yo I hope stays true to his sweet, funny self despite his recent pre-teen rebellion. My 7yo who struggles to conform to this world and constantly makes me feel broken because when he snuggles into me at night, oozing adorable charm it makes me want to change the world just to fit him. And my eldest son traveled heavenward in 2007 is with every beat of my heart. At this time of night I particularly miss my FIFO hubby and ponder how we can solve the puzzle of how to all live in the same house again, but remain living on the Sunshine Coast. It sounds a bit depressing, but I’m blessed to mostly have an optimistic outlook, based on a faith that God’s got it all sorted and I just have to trust in him. Very deep Chantelle, hope you’re not sorry you asked! So excited about Scatterlove, had actually begun thinking along those lines myself, so thrilled you’ve done all the hard work for me! Good night, novel over, THE END!!!

  168. Hello Chantelle,

    I love seeing all your posts and following FMSphotoaday. I wish I would be more of an active participant but life has been very crazy for us lately. I have promised myself that once things settle down, I will commit to it – because when I have in the past, I found I looked forward to posting things I may not usually think to post.

    A bit about me: I’m Zee. I am the mum of a wonderful and active 1 year old girl. My hubby and I just left Sydney and have moved our lives to Dili, East Timor. Timor is familiar to me because my family have had lived here for 10 years but it’s new for my hubby and daughter. The pace here is wonderful and life in the tropics is perfect for us. What’s on my mind? Recently I have had to employ someone to help watch my daughter whilst I work from home and I have so much guilt that I can not be there for her all the time. I don’t know what I am going to do the day that my daughter chooses to go to her Nanny over me. I tear up just thinking about it.

    Keep up the amazing work. x

  169. Hi chantelle,
    My name is Charlotte and I am (nearly) 28, and I live in Wales
    I realise I am quite late with commenting.
    Natural red head and naturally sarcastic!
    I am mummy to 2 girls, Bella (3 and half) and Ariana (11 months)…soon to be adding a boy to the mix.
    I have a blog I started not long ago..but brain freeze is an issue!
    I love to sing…a lot ( I even braved posting a few videos )
    Also we would love to emigrate to California… More sun..and we have friends there πŸ™‚
    Have a good day,

  170. Hi, Chantelle!

    As usual, I’m behind the times. You posted this week’s ago, but it was so charming, I had to chime in. I’m Leida, a working mom of a 2-yr-old boy, who looks almost scarily like Lenny Kravitz (no relation, I promise!). Right now, I’m sitting in a Starbucks blocks from home while said toddler is home sick w/daddy. The intent was that I could go get 4 hrs of work in then go home to spell the big man to get his work done; so equitable.

    Instead, I’m sipping my non-fat steamer, frustrated because my laptop was left on all night and is therefore, dead, and of course the charger is at home, and while I’m only BLOCKS from home, I put 2 hrs on the meter so I feel trapped by the 2, stinkin’ dollars I spent to come here!

    So instead of working, I’m catching up on my Feedly reader. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for being a bright spot in my parenting day!

  171. My Instagram pal gezzy_b combined with my curiosity led me to you. Let me share that residing in the Washington, DC metro area while enduring a frightful winter you are a breath of fresh air! I love knowing about people. There isn’t a stranger I don’t know is a saying that runs in my family. I am a Mom (Mum sounds so much better), wife, grammy, daughter, sister, friend… who has had the quality of my life severely affected by my health. Add to that list a former Interior Designer at Roche Bobois and wanna be artist I am grateful for the exposure you provide to many a splendid thing. You have provided an outlet for my creativty that I am able to participate in albeit actively, or as a spectator sport! I am grateful you are willing to share your amazing creative and talented energy. I also applaud you for your kindness to share this with others. I am a believer in fate and can only hope you are rewarded for your never ending ways of giving. For now I will say warm regards and a heartfelt thank you, Heidi
    PS please tell this computer disabled follower how to change my post name to my Instagram name… jagatha13

  172. Hi Chantelle! My name is Jennifer, I’m 35 years old, and live in Tennessee, USA! I love the idea behind this post!! I follow you on Instagram and love participating in your photo-a-day. I have a budding photography business – http://www.jcommonsphotography.blogspot.com (because you don’t have enough to do, I’m sure :)) No kids, yet, but we are working on it. I just ordered my Scatter Love pack. I can’t tell you how excited I am to receive it! I love snail mail! My friend lived in England for several years and we refused to email or text. We wrote each other long, beautiful letters that I will treasure forever! She’s first on my list to receive a postcard!

  173. Hi Chantelle
    I am a mother of 6 boys and would just like to say anyone can lose that babyweight. I’m now 42 and my youngest is nearly 6. Its not always been easy but i’m a size 8 and proud of it. I eat 3 meals a day try not to eat too much white bread….although I do quite often.. I just think a little bit of anything you fancy never hurts and it works for me……

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