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Delicious & dairy-free chocolate fudge cake

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choc fudge cakeIf you’d asked me to bake a dairy-free cake 6 months ago, I’d have probably declined and told you that cakes NEED dairy. Butter, milk and all that dairy goodness.

But now that I’ve been going dairy-free because little Luella has some colic, and I’m trying to see if ditching dairy helps, I’ve been looking for dairy-free cake recipes. This one is from Retro Mummy. I tweaked it ever-so-slightly, but it’s pretty much one of the yummiest cakes I ever made. Lacey and her friend licked the bowl and didn’t appear to miss the butter or milk at all. And it has no eggs either, so it’s a win all round.

I swapped out some of the oil for apple puree. We always have some in the cupboard because Lacey loves to take it to school, or we have it with roast pork, but you could easily make your own. OR you could just create it like the original recipe {check here on Retro Mummy for it}.



270ml coconut cream
50g cocoa powder
275g brown sugar
100ml vegetable oil
100ml apple puree
450g plain flour
3 tsp baking powder


♥ I used a Thermomix to make mine, but you could easily just use a food processor.
♥ Line a square baking tin with baking paper. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.
♥ Place coconut cream, cocoa powder and brown sugar in your Thermomix/Processor and blitz. {Thermomix: 10 seconds on speed 4}.
♥ Add in the oil and apple puree and blitz some more. {Thermomix: 10 seconds on speed 4}.
♥ Add in the flour and baking powder and blitz until combined. {Thermomix: 30 seconds on speed 4}.
♥ Place mix into the baking tin. Place in oven and cook for 45 minutes.
♥ Be sure to enjoy a slice warm, because it’s too delicious not to!

Is there anything you can’t eat due to intolerances/allergies or just trying to be healthier?

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Mmm yum! This looks so moist and delicious! I love retro mummy too! Xx

  • Lauren

    You should also try “crazy cake” or “wacky cake”. I found it on on pinterest but the site is No eggs or dairy, can be adapted to chocolate vanilla or lemon (I think). I’ve only tried the chocolate but I will never make a regular choc cake again, it is that good!

    • Lauren

      Also, I forgot the best bit…. It’s a one bowl cake. You just mix it with a wooden spoon in the glass baking dish! So so easy!

      • Moira

        Thanks for sharing Lauren, I tried this today and it was beautiful!

  • Claire T

    This looks awesome and I am lactose intolerant so I am always on the look out for the dairy free option. I am sorry you are having to go without for Luella but it is definitely a win for readers like me!

  • Katrine Anita

    I hade the same problem with my son, but you can bake without dairy. You can use soy milk or rice milk instead of regular milk. In norway we have margarine without milk too. In our case it was eggs that is the problem, so now i bake without eggs – yes it’s possible. I actually made my own food blog after trying all kinds of recipes ( but it’s in Norwegian.

    I love your blog, the way you write, it’s so alive. Sorry for my bad english.

    Hugs for Norway 🙂

  • vintage peony

    Looks yummy and delicious. I would like to try this recipe!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    This looks so good,yes I am lactose intolerant so always looking for recipes that I can eat without making me sick,Thankyou for sharing it x

  • Yum…..a must and will try! And will also head over to retro Mummy site too to check out other recipes…thks! Hope the dairy free is helping with little Luella x

  • Tash Bayliss

    This is a delicious dairy free recipe I found. I had no milk or eggs so googled and I found this. I did alter the recipe to use what I had here. I used 3 bananas, plain flour, ⅔ olive oil and raw sugar instead. I didn’t add the optional stuff either. I loved it so did the other half and our two boys (4 &1)

  • Yolande

    Thanks for sharing this fab dairy free recipe. I made the cake to take last night to a dinner party. It was supposed to be dessert for all the children, because my son is very allergic to eggs and dairy. He is understandably a very discerning eater and suspicious of new foods, yet he just loved it. It looked so good that all the adults wanted some too so it was cut into very small pices indeed!

    • Isn’t it GOOD?

      I’ve made it so many times because it just never disappoints. It’s so delicious. 🙂

  • Caterina

    I’m having a guest who is dairy intolarent and this looks yummy for everyone. You wouldn’t happen to have the ingredients in grams so I can put them straight in the thermomix? Thanks.

  • Elizabeth

    When you say “coconut cream” you mean the sweetened stuff, right? Not the regular coconut milk. Thanks!

    • It’s not sweetened, just the ‘coconut cream’, but I made it last time with coconut milk and it was delicious. A little less moist, but still great. x

  • Kate

    Hi. I’ve just made this for a Birthday. Do you normally ice it or use a ganache? Thanks!

    • Howdy! I don’t ice it. It looks like it’s iced in the pictures above, but it isn’t. I like it plain. 🙂

  • YummyFoodRecipes India

    I love chocolate, when the recipe is prepared with my favorite item, then obviously it gonna mouth watering. I’m eager to have this delicious chocolate fudge cake. Thanks for sharing.