Why don’t you do something good?


The other day I was at the local shopping centre, and it wasn’t very busy. I had a trolley full of groceries and was headed for the escalators down to the carpark. At the same time there was a woman coming up the escalator, and a man walking past us. Just the three of us.

The woman coming up the escalator was older, and as she stepped off the escalator, she tripped and flew across the floor and head-butted a temporary wall and door {you know when a shop closes down and they put up a temporary structure? Yeah, that}. She then fell to the ground. I rushed, with my trolley, over to her but the man was really close to her. He glanced at her, then looked away {as if he’d never seen her at all} and kept on walking.

The old lady had hit the wall so hard that the make-up that was once on her face, was now all over the wall. She was in pain. She could hardly walk. I waited with her, talked to her and tried to calm her. She was shaken. Eventually the first aid arrived and she was in good hands, so I said goodbye and left her.

Sometimes the world can seem like a scary place {hello, freaking Ebola!}, and we can feel helpless. There’s not a lot we can do, except in our own direct little world. We’ve can do stuff there. So I thought I’d create a list of good stuff that we can do. Feel free to add any ideas to the comments.

Good stuff is good. It does make a difference. If an opportunity to do good arises, jump at it I say.

1. Send a letter to a friend telling them why you love them
2. Call your mum and tell her you love her
3. Help someone that needs it when you see them
4. Donate a few dollars to a charity
5. Smile at a stranger
6. Forgive someone that you’ve been kinda cranky with
7. Cook your kids their most favourite meal
8. Text a random number with something fun “Hey stranger. Hope you have a good day!”
9. Tell someone that you love their outfit {especially when you actually do}
10. Pick up rubbish that you see laying around
11. Send a gift to Eden for
12. Buy flowers for someone you care about
13. Make a cake for a friend/neighbour
14. Tell someone they’re doing a good job
15. Leave a post-it note in a public bathroom with the words “You’re beautiful”
16. Do something nice for yourself. Take your legs out for a walk.
17. Offer to look after your friend’s kids for an hour so they can have a break
18. Give a homeless person a meal
19. Donate blood
20. Clean out your wardrobe and donate your clothes
21. Say thank you. Use your manners
22. Pay for the coffee for the next person in line
23. Listen when someone is talking. Like, actually really listen.
24. Organise a get-together for friends {all the mums of the kids at school, your old school mates etc}
25. Donate your magazines to a doctors or dentist surgery
26. Give a thank you wave when driving and someone lets you in
27. Don’t say that mean thing that you’re about to say {yeah, don’t put the negative vibes out there}
28. Visit a nursing home and spend time with an old person {they have a whole lotta wisdom to share}
29. Give out positive vibes. Positivity is contagious.
30. Tell someone you appreciate all that they do
31. Be an organ donor
32. Give your lover a hug {or a bit of loving}
33. Write a letter about that person that always serves you at the supermarket and is actually pretty good at what they do {my Ma works at a supermarket and you’d be surprised how seriously they take those lovely letters}
34. Dance with your kids. Turn up the music. Let you inhibitions go, and dance.
35. Don’t get annoyed when your partner does that thing that kinda annoys you. Let it go and love them anyway.
36. Let go of that grudge. It’s not healthy.
37. Teach someone something that you know how to do and they don’t
38. Open the door for someone
39. Bite your tongue. Don’t say that mean thing. Don’t write that mean comment. Spread love instead.
40. Make time for people in your life that deserve it
41. Give someone chocolate. Heck, everyone loves chocolate

Got anything to add?

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13 thoughts on “Why don’t you do something good?”

  1. I love this list. The world needs more of the good stuff. I once gave a thank you card and some fudge to my barista for always giving me such a great start to the day. I also love writing letters to managers if someone has been really helpful. Other things I love to do is bake cakes for the office, or bake cakes and give them to homeless people. I have a sticker book of inspirational quotes and I will often stick them on colleague’s desks and around the office in the hope that they’ll brighten someone’s day. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. I love this post, it’s so easy to do something good yet something it takes a little nudge to actually do it! Thanks for so many ideas x

  3. This is such a beautiful post and list! That poor old woman though 🙁 Karma will take care of that man who looked the other, don’t worry.

    Just today I was getting angry at a slow driver in front of me but decided the world doesn’t need more anger and hate. So I changed those vibrations to positive calm ones and reminded myself that it’s a lesson in disguise for me 😉 To be calm, more patient, etc. xx

  4. Gosh! I need a challenge, my life is hectic right now but I’m going to do 40 of this list by Christmas! Used to donate plasma fortnightly but an irregular heart beat snuffed that out so I need a suggestion for 1 more Chantelle! Thank you, it’s awesome

  5. Woah, that’s just plain disgusting of the guy – I know talking bad of someone you don’t know isn’t exactly good, but seriously?!

    You’ve shared some great friendly gestures, number 41 is definitely my favourite. For chocaholic reasons.

    Thank you for helping that lady.

  6. Yo chantelle you really are a good sort! I bought your postcards earlier this year and have randomly sent them to friends just to say ‘hi, I think you’re a bit of alright! ‘ I donate plasma every 3 weeks, randomly pre pay for the next persons coffee and quite a few other things on your list but there’s always room for improvement and these are some great ideas. Although I gotta say, 41 just screws with my minor OCD tenancies!

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