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BLOGversation: Kicking bloggers block to the kerb {my top 5 tips}

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Ah, the old Bloggers Block. That thing where that essential creative part of your mind packs up and goes on holidays and doesn’t even bother to ask for permission. Sigh.

It happens. Well, it happens to me. Does it happen to you?

I find that’s when I need to get out and get busy living. A trip to Sydney always does the trick for me, but when budget and time don’t allow, then just heading to the beach, or exploring a new suburb or even cafe always help. I wrote about 5 ways I use to banish bloggers block here, if you’re interested.

How do you move past writers block? How do you find inspiration when it’s seriously lacking?


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  • Seana Smith

    I think a bit of emptying the brain is great for creativity, especially getting into the great outdoors as you said. I tend to type ideas into my phone notes bit too so there are always ideas there… lots of them look awful after a day or two and get deleted though!

    But factual posts and blogs are always easier to find ideas for there as there’s always another fantastic Sydney beach/playground/cafe for me to find and photograph and write about. Hooray!

  • We allllllllll agree. Bloggers block SUCKS!

    My brain always seems to kick into gear when I’m showering, walking my dogs, flicking through a magazine or catching up on other blogs I follow. I constantly jot down blog topics into my iPhone so there is a list of inspiration there at any given time.
    And if all else fails, a quote to inspire my readers always does the trick.

  • Walking, showering & road trips for work are where I come across things I hadn’t thought of before ๐Ÿ™‚ But when I’m stuck…I do a Loving Lately/Reading Lately style post…little collections of favourite things or reads I’ve found online…that often gives me the breathing room I need to explore other types of posts next time.

  • Yes, getting out is the best thing to say goodbye to bloggers blog! I love a trip to the beach and then take a million photos. That usually works! x

  • I’m a travel blogger so I look through my pics (I have about 20,000!) and I try to think like someone who doesn’t travel. That helps me to look at my pictures differently and find a story. Not every post has to be long, some are short and sweet, a helpful hint or tip or a beautiful picture. Sometimes I forget everyone doesn’t know what I know.

  • Traci Ling

    Yes!!! And I just started blogging again after a long time just trying to adjust after having my third (when I really should have been blogging). I found the shopping trick works. It gets me out, gets the kids out, we have fun, meet people and I get INSPIRED!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carla @my yellow heart

    A break away always helps I find. Read some magazines, weekend away, trips to the beach, or somewhere outside of the usual. Having a blog has compelled me to do things that I wouldn’t normally have done, to keep my blog writing fresh. I’m only new to blogging, but I can definetly see the potential for running out of idea!