The best kid-friendly sausage rolls recipe


Did you have a nice weekend? Ours was a rainy, chilly one which was kinda nice for relaxing. I helped run the BBQ at Bunnings yesterday {more fun than I thought it might be!} and baked a whole heap of food to fill the freezer.

These sausage rolls are really yummy, and one that I’ve been making for years {I thought I’d already shared the recipe here, but alas I hadn’t!}. For the sausages, you want to grab some gourmet sausages from a butcher. My butcher sells pork, onion and herb sausages so I use those every single time. Shop around and see what you find.

Also, if you want to add in vegetables, feel free.

The best kid-friendly sausage rolls recipe


2/3 cup full cream milk

1 cup fresh white breadcrumbs

1kg good quality pork sausages

2 eggs {plus one extra}

5 sheets of puff pastry, thawed


1. Preheat oven to 180ºC, and line a tray with baking paper.

2. In a small bowl, place the breadcrumbs and milk. Place to the side.

3. Remove the casings from the sausages and place the meat into a bowl. You can use a processor or Thermomix to mix these, personally I find it over works the meat and it’s better done by hand. Add the milk and breadcrumb mix, as well as the two eggs and mix to combine {processor or hands, your call!}.

4. Place the puff pastry sheets on a flat surface and cut horizontally in two. Place 1/10th of the sausage mixture on the pastry in a line, and fold the pastry over. Cut each roll into six pieces and place onto the prepared baking tray. Use a sharp knife to cut slits into the top of the pastry, and brush with the remaining beaten egg. This recipe makes A LOT of sausage rolls, so you’ll have to make batches.

5. Place into the oven and cook for 30 minutes until golden. Serve with tomato sauce.

NOTE: I freeze these already cooked, and reheat for school lunches or even a cheeky, easy dinner for the girls. You can also freeze before cooking as larger rolls, but put baking paper in between the rolls before freezer because they could get stuck together.

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