Cheap & Cheerful: 30 affordable recipes for the whole family

Created in partnership with Woolworths.

Tell me, what happens when someone asks that inevitable question in your household; “What’s for dinner?”

I know that it brings a sense of dread to many, and a sense of disbelief that the family wants to eat… again. 

Sometimes it’s not the act of cooking, or even shopping, it’s actually coming up with the ideas. It’s a fine art of thinking up the dinner idea, having it not cost the earth, and having it be something the whole family would want to eat.

I am here to help. I mean, I won’t actually cook the meals, but I have the next best thing. I’ve teamed up with my friends at Woolworths to create a free eBook, filled with 30 budget-friendly recipes that your family will love.

Enter, Cheap & Cheerful.

I’ve been working with Woolworths for over 11 years this year, and my mum has been working for Woolworths for over 30 years, so I feel like they’ve been a big part of the family for as long as I can remember. So, I’m thrilled to announce this exciting project that I’ve been working away on for the past few months (for those concerned, my husband was definitely VERY well fed these past few weeks as my chief recipe taster!).

What’s inside? From meaty, to meat-free, from soups to slices, I believe there’s something for everyone. Every recipe is affordable, with every recipe feeding the family for under $20, with some for even under $5.

There’s also a shopping list, a meal planner and tips on how to save money at the supermarket.