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Australia Day Ice Cream Cake

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Australia Day Ice Cream Cake

Holy good stuff guys, I am so excited about this Australia Day Ice Cream Cake. Less excited that I can’t eat it, because gallstones… but OMG… isn’t she pretty?

I wanted to make an Australian-type recipe for Australia Day and I couldn’t quite figure out what to do; a lamington something, a slice of some sort, and then it hit me… and ice cream cake with all things Australian on top. And inside.

I went to my friends and asked, “What on earth is Australian and what isn’t?”

They told me that this list was pretty good {click Australia at the top}, so I picked my favourites of all the Australian chocolates and went from there. Sadly I bought Caramello Koalas but left them in the fridge. So I would absolutely add those next time. THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.

Australia Day Ice Cream Cake


To make the ice cream cake, I used the following ingredients:

1 2L tub of vanilla ice cream
1 packet of Tim Tams
9 Golden Gaytimes {don’t buy the tub, because you want all the biscuity bits! You do!}

I lined the base of a springform cake tin with baking paper. I then placed the vanilla ice cream in a bowl and let it soften {which didn’t take long in this summer heat!}. I then roughly chopped the Tim Tams and threw them in the bowl, folding them through the ice cream. I then filled the cake tin with the vanilla ice cream/Tim Tam mix, and place it back into the freezer.

While it was chilling, I chopped up the Gaytimes and placed them in a bowl and mixed them up. I then grabbed the tin out of the freezer and put the Gaytimes in which filled it to the top. I smoothed it out with the back of a spoon.

The Gaytimes form the base of the cake, because when you go to serve you’ll invert it upside down, so the Gaytimes go onto the platter first.

Let it freeze overnight.

Australia Day Ice Cream Cake

After placing onto a platter {to get it out of the tin you might like to run a hot knife around the edges}, I then melted a mega block {350g} of Cadbury Milk chocolate in the microwave for a minute, and let it sit for 3 minutes. Then I poured it over the set ice cream cake. Moving it around so that it dribbled down the sides. You’ll then want to quickly place your chocolate decorations on top before the chocolate sets. I cut the Cherry Ripes and Aero Bars on an angle so they would look prettier. Do as you please with yours.

And that’s it. Australia Day Ice Cream Cake. Get on it!

What’s your Favourite Australian chocolate or lolly?

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  • Shut the front door.

  • As it’s my first Australia Day as a “real” Australian, I totally think I should make this. I met Caramello IRL last week – I’m sure he’d give this masterpiece his paw seal of approval!

  • Suzanne Pettigrew

    Omg, I’m so making this!!!! And, because I am slightly addicted to coconut, I might sprinkle some on top of the chocolate in honour of the lamington and maybe some crushed up meringue ? ?

  • starbate

    This might be my favourite ice cream cake recipe ever. I didn’t even know I would be making ice cream cake for next Tuesday…but now…I’m not sure how I couldn’t!

  • this is awesome! Think I might have to make this next week…

  • Alix

    That is the funniest thing ever! Love it! Everyone will go nuts for that cake!

  • Oh my, that looks amazing!! Brilliant idea Chantelle! x

  • Oh My Lord. You’re a genius!

  • Fanny Mouton

    Looks delicious !

  • I seriously MUST visit Australia at least once in my lifetime. Yum!

  • Wow!! Yum!!

  • Belinda Skellern (bindybee)

    This looks fantastic!!! I love all those chocolates but I think Tim Tam’s have got to be my all time favourite!

  • That is just to die for!! All my favourite things on one cake! Genius!

  • mary_j_j

    Brings to mind the icecream my Nana used to make for us when we came down for lunch (she lived in the ‘Gong and we were in Sydney!). She would partially melt 2l of icecream, put it in a bowl and mix in all sorts of chopped up chocolates – aerobar mars bar, violet crumble, and suchlike, then put the bowl in the freezer again. It would be served for dessert after a roast – and we were told to eat it all up as she did not like leftovers!! We obliged. I think Nana would approve of this icecream cake!

  • Planning this for hubby’s birthday cake instead of Australia day(it’s only a few days after Australia day), it will work too right?

  • This sounds seriously amazing. Looks incredible too! #musttry

  • Jessamine Schulz

    This was my effort yesterday!

  • Chrissylee Huggett

    My son is turning 18 on Australia day having 3 of his mates over for a sleep over showed him this he now wants this as his birthday cake will post pics once the day arrives and we put the 18 on it

  • Chrissylee Huggett

    Made 2 days ago ready for youngest sons 18th Birthday tomorrow…….

    • Mary Crea

      Well Done πŸ™‚

  • Holly Toogood

    Just curious how your chocolate did not at all melt the ice cream and compared to mine did not cover the entire cake ? I followed your instructions exactly but could not get the same effect -almost looks like your cake has half the amount of chocolate ?

    • Mary Crea

      I am wondering why the melted chocolate doesn’t melt ice cream too

  • Holly Toogood

    Just curious how your chocolate did not at all melt the ice cream and compared to mine did not cover the entire cake ? I followed your instructions exactly but could not get the same effect -almost looks like your cake has half the amount of chocolate ?