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On a budget: Spruce up your work space

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Aloha! I’ve got a friend here today, Fleur from Our Urban Box, who is sharing some beautiful ideas for making your work space more stylish {unlike the epic mess that mine currently is!}. Thanks for popping in Fleur.


Hey there! Are you a bit like me and like to go on a cleanse at the start of each year? Not an herbal or lemon cleanse, no thanks. I’m talking about the ‘throw out all the crap’ type of cleanse. Yes? Good. I like you.

I’ve been on a cleansing bender this month. Cupboards, kids rooms, shed, garage and wardrobes – no space has been left unturned in this house. Except for one tiny space.

My desk.

My desk is a mess. So much so that I moved to the dining room table and set up camp there about 6 months ago. It’s not fun & it’s not working. The dining table is not an inspiring or motivating. The desk needs to be cleansed and made pretty again so that I can find my mojo again. Here is my budget friendly desk make over wish list & tips.


ONE / Lighting – my desk is in a corner of a dark spare room. Good lighting is must. And is there a happier colour than yellow? I think not! This Typo lamp is $40 and the colour just makes me happy looking at it.

TWO / Art – Find a quote that you love, that will motivate you and give you the kick up the bum you need when you are feeling less than productive. Plus it looks oh so fancy on the wall. Oh Eight Oh Nine have some great options including this one that I quite like and it starts from $12.

THREE / Paper Planner – I’ve tried to be the new age lady I like to think I am, but when it comes to to-do lists and planners, pen and paper all the way. I like to write down what needs to be done each day and week and then give it a big satisfying tick when complete. Typo has a great range of weekly planners. But also check out Kmart. Their stationary range is impressive! Which brings me to my next point –

FOUR / Diaries – I need a diary on my desk to jot down notes in, blog post ideas, blogs to read, new Instagram accounts that I need to check out – you know all the important things! My personal calendar is one my phone (so it links to The Mr’s so he knows what’s going on), but for work and play I love a paper diary where everything is kept together. This Kmart one is a absolute steal for $6! And it as a day to a page.

FIVE / Candle – I adore candles. There is one burning in my house almost every day so having one on my desk is essential. This yummy grapefruit one is $8 at Target and looks oh so pretty.

SIX / New Pens – Are a must for any desk make over and I just can’t go past Kikki-K for pens. They are fun, bright and oh so easy to write with. I like these fruity At $10 for a pack of three, they are a little pricey but the cute factor makes up for the little bit of extra cash.

SEVEN / Cute Accessories – I love this little owl penholder. Somewhere practical to store my pens and sharpies but adds a bit of fun and colour to the space. You can pick this pineapple up from Typo for jut $9.

EIGHT / Grid Notice Board – oh my! I am in love with this grid notice board from Moore Creative. Its perfect for an office space, bedroom, kitchen – anywhere really. This gem will set me back $50 but it does come with accessories like 2 or 3 prints, cards and feathers to decorate.

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