April: The month according to my iPhone

Goodbye April. Thank you for the memories. Here’s the month that was: photo 1amp2_zps8a672ca0.jpg

PLAY: At a friend’s BBQ // BLUE: Lacey swinging away {it’s her favourite thing to do}

 photo 3amp4_zps806f378f.jpg

SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH A: My afternoon {after a day spent with Rowe} // THIS HAPPENED TODAY: I made cupcakes for Lacey to take to school for her birthday. They were a packet mix. Don’t tell a soul.

 photo 5amp6_zpsda0b94db.jpg

SOMETHING GOOD: Birthdays are always good // AIR: From Lacey’s party

 photo 7amp8_zpsd66c7559.jpg

DREAMY: I love this sweet little dress and the whimsy in the blur // ON MY PLATE: I know sushi is a no-go while pregnant, but I make sure they do it super fresh, and cook the beejeezus out of the salmon

 photo 9amp10_zps01bb5642.jpg

TINY: Cute, right? // A PLACE: The beach near home

 photo 11amp12_zps62e1512d.jpg

DETAIL: From my walk // MIDDLE: In the middle of putting together the baby’s room

 photo 13amp14_zps8ab57222.jpg

VIEW FROM MY BED: I love a good early night and some magazines // WATER: At Kirra Beach in Queensland

 photo 15amp16_zps317b14d8.jpg

ALONE: A rare moment alone in the school holidays. And by alone I mean she was just metres away from me, but happily playing with a friend // MY FAVOURITE COLOUR: Is it any surprise that it’s pink?

 photo 17amp18_zps8dfa53bf.jpg

BUSY: On this day I had my standard check-up at the hospital. Nothing exciting. // HELLO: She loves to pick little flowers for me.

 photo 19amp20_zps50d151d2.jpg

BUTTON: Little buttons on her sweet little dress // ON MY MIND: Sleep. With this silly insomnia I’m always thinking about sweet sleep.

 photo 21amp22_zps06d2c51c.jpg

FIRE: I almost forgot to take a photo on this day as we had friends over for dinner. Thank goodness for the candle in the corner. // BLURRY: Life as a mum is a constant blur of chasing and running.

 photo 23amp24_zps0cc956d4.jpg

TIME: A clock on the wall at my local beauty salon // I SAW THIS PERSON TODAY: Off on a work conference with blogging buddy Veggie Mama.

 photo 25amp26_zps497e622c.jpg

LIFE IS…: Good. Well when you’re cruising through the Whitsundays, how can it not be? // CHILDHOOD: Oh sweet baby legs! I can’t believe I’ll have one of my own soonish.

 photo 27amp28_zpsa26031dd.jpg

EARTH: Hayman Island is so picturesque. It truly is paradise on earth. // MY SUNDAY: I love pottering around with baby stuff. That’s how I spent my Sunday.

 photo 29amp30_zpsc5e7fc84.jpg

I WORE THIS TODAY: Gloves for cleaning. I’m all class. // GLASSES: Yes, I cheated and used a pic from my trip. I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses.

Did you play along in April? What was your favourite prompt of the month?

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