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20 ordinary things to do in 2013: Now is the time to…

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I’ve been sitting on some pretty darn exciting news. I’m going to be an Aunty. My little sister is having a baby! A fresh, new little BABY. Hubby is an only child and my siblings are taking their time in the baby-making stakes… so I have been waiting for this moment forever. The moment I could have endless cuddles and newborn baby moments, and then hand the baby back so others can deal with that pesky night-time stuff. Being an Aunty is going to be fun.

Lacey is just as excited, although she’s struggling to wait the whole nine months, “Is that baby coming out now?”

So that’s my main thing I’m looking forward to this year. Meeting that new little person that we’re welcoming into the family. I’ve put 20 other things I’ll give a good go this year {you might like some too}, cos now is the time to…

1. Talk to a stranger
At the shops this morning I saw a guy having a few troubles breathing. I stopped and checked that he was alright. “Don’t ever smoke!” he called out and assured me he was OK. I went and checked my mail and on my way back I noticed he’d made his way back inside. Lacey and I stopped for a chat. He was so grateful. So was I.

2. Dance to your favourite song
Close the curtains, turn up the music and dance like no one is watching. {We don’t bother with the curtains personally!}.

3. Plan a holiday
Right now I’m planning a loooooong way off holiday to Disney World. It may not even happen but the planning is fun. Otherwise a cheap-as-chips weekend getaway to anywhere really does recharge the batteries.

4. Write a Thank You card
I just sent off a batch of 8 Thank You cards to people I know. I hope it brightens their day. I’m going to try and do one a week this year.

5. Try a new recipe
Yes, the spaghetti bolognese is getting boring. Yawn. Try something new.

6. Create an inspiration board
I’ve started on mine. I’ll show you when it’s done.

7. Move the furniture around
My mum and my aunt used to find joy in doing this all the time. We should try it too?

8. Sleep upside down
Before we had Lacey I kinda forced Hubby to sleep upside down one night. You know put your head where your feet go. He thought I was weird. But we woke up and laughed. What a way to start the day. {Seriously I might be nuts}.

9. Invite your neighbours over
We’re pretty darn lucky to have fab neighbours. We’re all pretty social, but I’d love to have them all over to ours one day. It’s on the to-do list.

10. Go swimming
Whatever the weather, swimming is pretty fun. I’m going to start doing laps in our local pool this year. I’m nervous because I don’t have great style or swimming fitness… but who cares?

11. Stop dwelling on the negative
I’m a thinker and the negative can often eat up more of my thoughts than the good stuff. I’m trying to stop dwelling and focus on the good instead.

12. Embrace simplicity
My usual way of living is to say yes to everything and then figure it all out later. This year I’ve started thinking first, saying no sometimes and embracing simplicity. I find saying no really hard, but I find being stressed and frazzled harder.

13. Stop
Over this silly season I took some days and just stopped. I did mind-numbing things like play jewel blitz and lie on the couch. I even napped in the afternoon. Unheard of! But I felt so good afterwards.

14. Take care of yourself

Last year I saw an ace Naturopath who got to the bottom of a lot of things. Taking care of yourself might mean different things for different people; going to bed earlier, exercising daily, drinking 2L of water a day…

15. Watch an old movie
I am going to hunt down I Am Sam. Here’s some others I recommend.

16. Get a hobby
Sometimes we do jobs we don’t really love. It doesn’t put that fire in your belly. A hobby can sometimes do that. Dancing, singing, creating, connecting…

17. Clean out the fridge
Seriously. What is that lurking on the top shelf back there?

18. Make a five year plan
Where do you want to be in 5 years? How can you make it happen?

19. Grow a herb garden
Herbs are rocking my world right now. Mint in drinks. Coriander in salads. Rosemary on roasts. Chives in potato salad. You get the drift.

20. Be you. Whatever that may be
As Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

What ordinary thing are you going to try this year? Does anything on the list tickle your fancy?