Photo project: A day in Sydney

I found this from a friend, who found it from another friend. A photo project, where once a month you take a day {usually the 10th but I discovered it too late} and take 10 photos of your day. And then you blog them {or share them where ever it suits you}. I grabbed my big camera and my iPhone and I shot our day. {Doesn’t that always sound aggressive? I shot a person, a day. I mean I took photos of our day}.

I set the alarm for 3:50am and we got up, dressed and finished packing, and then headed to the airport. Mama and Lacey were off on an adventure.

And then we waited. “Is that our plane? What’s the man doing? When is it time to go?”

We took off. She loved it.

We arrived in Sydney. Gaga picked us up from the airport. As soon as Lacey spotted her, she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her and into Gaga’s arms. First stop: Kitchen by Mike for green tea.

It’s only a few months old, but we noticed they’d already changed the decor a little {in my absence}. The place is a visual feast.

We waited for Koskela {the adjoining homewares and design store} to open. Hello neon brights.

And this beautiful felt ball garland by Castle and Things that I’ve been eying off for… years.

Isn’t this robot the cutest? Makes me want to collect boxes and make myself a robot friend.

Then we went to Mitchell Road Auctions. When I lived here in Sydney, I had it on my to-do list for such a long time. So we thought we’d visit. I fell in love with this red ‘S’ but was too scared to ask how much it was. Lacey fell in love with all the old phones and a big cash register.

Then we headed to Bondi Junction to meet my Aunty Nancy for some lunch. One of the things I can’t find up in our new home is good dumplings, so that was on the menu for lunch. Nancy had never tried them before. I don’t think she was a fan.

Then it was time for a hot chocolate and a little chocolate lick for Lacey.

And because we were jamming as many new things as possible into one day, we trotted off to see our friend Jason for Lacey’s first EVER haircut. She loved every minute of it.

We got our nails done, and Lacey wanted hers done too. In neon rainbow. Ah, only in Sydney. {Check out the new bob!}

Then we drove through our old streets, to my old Post Office {to say hello to Amanda and Phil} and past our old home. Lacey wanted to go to the toilet there. It’s very confusing to a 4 year old.

And then we grabbed some groceries so she could make one of our favourite meals; casserole with mash and vegetables.

Not long after this the sun went down, we got home, Gaga poured a champagne, Big Sis came over and the laughs began. And then it was time for bed. Thankfully.

23 thoughts on “Photo project: A day in Sydney”

  1. oh yay… im so pleased you are joining in! im guessing you will do it next month? your sydney adventure looks somuch like mine when im there… it always includes lots of eating and nails and visits to fave places i miss so much! have fun xxx

  2. What a wonderful day! Lacey’s new ‘do’ looks great! For your dumplings, try a day trip to Brisbane. I used to go to China House Seafood Restaurant and King of Kings in the Valley for yum cha (haven’t been for a while). I have been told that Lennon’s in Queen Street Mall does good yum cha also.

  3. Chantelle, this is a really wonderful entry and I am so inspired. In Malaysia, dumplings are served everywhere. Just like your aunt, I am not so fond of dumplings.
    Well, I think I am going to try this photo day shoot and see what I can come out with. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a great snapshot of Sydney!! I’m a bit in love with that S too, but like you I’d be scared of the price tag.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I love this idea, can you remind us all next month and we’ll do a linky on the 11th? What do you think?

  6. I’ve read the post and it looks so interesting to join on this photo day project!
    I want to try one day a month and to take photo’s! Should be fun! Just wishing for some sunshine, it quite cold here in RSA

  7. Hi I have to say the Mr Backpack rolling luggage is adorable – I have been trying to find one but no luck – did you get yours recently?

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