10 Fun Ideas for Happy Mail {+ A Free Printable too!}

Do you like Happy Mail? Join my Happy Mail Project, make friends and starting sending mail all around the world {it's for kids and adults!}. Here's 10 fun ideas to get you started, and a free printable to help get you! Join today.

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Hello to those of you of who are playing along with the Oh So Happy Mail Project, and for those of you who just like happy mail. A question I’m getting asked a lot {A LOT} with the Happy Mail Project is, “What should I send to my partner?”. The answer is anything! But I know that answer isn’t helpful. So, today I’m sharing 10 fun ideas to get you started, and also a free printable which I know you will totally enjoy.

One thing you do want to remember though, you want to keep your package light if possible, because heavy means more money in postal costs {eek!} so don’t be sending big rocks and diamonds and heavy metals ?. Stick to light things, paper is good.


A postcard from your area. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably only bought postcards when you’re on holidays… but what if you went searching for postcards from your local area {if they have them}. I live in a tourist area so I know we have so many, so I need to buy a few to keep at home. It’d be nice for your partner to get an idea about where you’re from.


10 things about you. Have you seen people write these on Facebook or Instagram? I love them. It’s just 10 things that pop out of your head. You write them down and share them. Let your partner know a little about you!

10 Fun Ideas For Happy Mail {+ A Free Printable}

Lovely stationery! I love buying stationery when I’m traveling. Because your penpal is overseas, imagine buying them a little lovely stationery from a sweet shop near where you live? Australians could send some goodies from Kikki.K or Typo Shop. I know they’ll be well received. You don’t even have to send a whole stationery set. Buy one set, and just send one envelope and one piece of paper. Along with your other goodies, that’s plenty!

10 Fun Ideas for Happy Mail {+ A Free Printable}

Stickers! It’s much the same as stationery, but stickers! The ones above are from Etsy.


Rocks! Ok, I know I said don’t send rocks because they’ll weigh a lot, but wouldn’t a small pebble be OK? Especially if it’s so stunning like this. It doesn’t have to be rocks though, you could start collecting beautiful, cute, inspiring, interesting things you find as you travel about and start using those! The beautiful stones above are from Papered Thoughts.


A Confetti Postcard. Enough said.


Photos! Photos that you’ve taken and printed. Someone sent me a beautiful card the other card day with two photos inside that they’d taken themselves. I loved it.


A card. Go to your newsagency {or whatever you call your shop that sells cards} and buy a few little cards. I love ones with inspiring quotes on the outside. You can simply send a card with a little bit about you inside. It can be that simple, and I think that is absolutely beautiful.


Crafty goodies. If you’re crafty, make something and send it. It could be anything, although remember to keep it small!


Random stuff. This is especially great for kids, but I love this too. Just little bits of happiness all packed together. I like it. The one above is from this Etsy store.

And if you’ve got lots of penpals and you sometimes forget what you’ve written already, then I saw this awesome mail tracker printable online that might just come in super handy!


Do you like Happy Mail? Join my Happy Mail Project, make friends and starting sending mail all around the world {it's for kids and adults!}. This free printable will help get you started! Join today.

Remember up at idea two, I mentioned that you could write 10 things about you. Well, I have a little printable for you to make it a little easier for you. Print it out, colour it in, write about you and send it! Download it here.