Sweet products to make from your Instagram photos

My name is Chantelle and I’m an Instagram addict. But you knew that already, right?

After taking over 600 photos in a year I started to think about what I could do with them. A quick search and I found that there were a handful of fun options and now I’m sharing them with you. All of them were easy to use, you just log-in to your Instagram account via their site and all your photos appear for you to choose from. Here are some more details:

Make a beautiful iPhone case using the photos you’ve taken on Instagram. You can design it in a collage like the one I did {and choose where you place photos} or even polka dots. There are also loads of other designs and background colours.
Cost: $34.95 and free shipping worldwide
Quality: I’m impressed by the quality of my Casetagram, it’s sturdy and the colours of the photos are beautiful and true.
Website: Castegram.com

Create an album with your Instagram photos with pre-made page templates that your photos easily assemble themselves into. You can name your album, select which photos you want to include and choose the album cover design too.
Cost: Albums start at $29.95
Quality: This is Lacey’s favourite of all the products we had. The quality is great, even after a lot of use from little hands.
Website: Keepsy.com

{One of the pages inside the Keepsy album}

I wasn’t expecting to love this one as much as I did, as I’m not a big canvas fan. This is about 30cm by 30cm and the quality of the print is pretty spot on. I love on the back of each canvas is a little sticker that says ‘Lovingly made by ____’. Mine was made by Anthony. Thanks mate!
Cost: Starting at $39.95 {but they don’t ship Internationally. I had to send to a mail forwarding service and then sent on, which was pricey}.
Quality: Crisp and lovely.
Website: CanvasPop.com

Simple and clean is the layout for Blurb’s Instagram books, which I love. It let’s the photos be the star of the book. It’s smaller than the Keepsy album {so 18cm by 18cm}, but not too small. I plan on making a Blurb Instagram book when I finish the photo a day challenge at the end of this year, with all of my favourite photos {the page limit is 240}.
Cost: Prices start at $12.95
Quality: Absolutely brilliant.
Website: Blurb.com

{Inside the Blurb book}

A perfect gift for parents and grandparents {or anyone really} the Hatchcraft Bamboo Shadow Box impressed me on arrival. The quality is brilliant, as is the packaging. Choose from a 4 or 7 inch box.
Cost: Starts at $22
Quality: Spot on
Website: Hatchcraft.com

Turn your Instagram pics into magnets using Stickygram and your favourite photos. These have already taken pride of place on our fridge among the bills and recipes I want to try.
Cost: $14.99 with free shipping worldwide
Quality: They’re soft magnetic paper so don’t expect hard, plastic or fancy magnets.
Website: Stickygram.com

Is this tiny book the cutest thing you ever did see? I love teeny things and this one won my heart. Design your own tiny book, each containing 24 photos and share with the kids. Prinstagram also does photos printed like polaroids {in the very top picture}, bigger books and lets you make a huge collage of your photos that you can print yourself.
Cost: $10 for 3 tiny books
Quality: Brilliant. The pages are made of card and it’s not flimsy at all.
Website: Prinstagram

Other Instagram products:

Would you turn your Instagram photos into something you could display or use? Which tickles your fancy?

Please note: I was sent all of these products for editorial review. I did cover the cost of international postage for the CanvasPop canvas. You can read my disclosure policy for more details. All reviews are truthful and my own opinion.


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    I've got several batches of the stickygram magnets. They're ace! I also got some little polaroid like snaps delivered a few weeks ago (can't remember where from). Oh and if you use Hipstamatic they do lovely little prints too. I love iphone photo apps, clearly :)

  2. says

    Loving the look of Instagram, but don't have an iphone. Hmmmm. Was going to get an Android phone but might have to re-think. Is it wrong to reconsider only because of Instagram??? ;)

  3. says

    Awesome! Great post! Thank you Chantelle. I have been thinking about all my Instagram shots lately & wondering how I could do more with them {except just download to my computer!} I will definitely be checking out a few of these ideas! They're all FAB though…..so this could be hard for me to just buy a few LOL!

  4. says

    Chantelle, I can't even work out how to make photo collage things for my blog posts…. any recommendation of a program would be much appreciated! (There must be some way of posting them together. You and others make them look so beautiful. AND you add words. I think I'm technologically incompetent!)


    • says

      Deb try Printsagram – you can make posters and they are downloadable in PDF format – so you can print them or use them online.

      Otherwise I love Picnik – but it closes next week. You could get in now and make a beautiful collage before the site shuts down.

      Both of those are free. x

  5. says

    instagram is wonderfully addictive so a big THANK-YOU for sharing the many wonderful things we can do with the photos, another reason to take MORE of them than i already do. thank you!

  6. says

    I've been gagging for this post and just KNEW it'd come from you!! Thankyou! I want one of those keepsys for sure. Project for 2012 is printing up my thousands of photos into photobooks, so this will do just nicely xx

  7. says

    That mini book is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I'm going to buy a few and send to each of the grandparents with photos of the kids :)

    Such a beautiful post.


    P.S Do you know if there is a site that makes Samsung Galaxy cases?

  8. says

    I love the books! Think I might have to do one with my photo a day pictures too. One site that you didn't mention is Printsgram.com where you can make PDF files of various sizes as well as stickers and photo cubes and print them yourself or take them to a print shop. I used them last year to make an A3 size poster and got it printed at Officeworks. Total cost $19 for the printing.

  9. says

    These are AWESOME!! What a great post! I am totally addicted to instagram, great to know you can make the photos into something! Now I'll definitely be hooked!

  10. says

    Do you know how excited I am to be able to try these things?!?
    I have an android phone, so waking up this morning to discover I could now use Instagram was the most exciting thing EVER!!

  11. says

    I love them all!! Like, love love them. I think I need a few of these albums. I built a cushion but then just couldn't bring myself to buy it. Thinking I might have to surprise myself at some point. They'll look great on my couch.

  12. says

    Oh my, you are so great! Because of you I´ve found out today (via facebook), that now my samsung mobile can have instagram too and I´ve downloaded the app immediately (so thank you!!!!) – and of course I am in love now with instagram!
    And now so many new features…oh what a great day :-)
    have a happy day today. geisslein

  13. Rachel white says

    I have been looking for an instagram book printer that will include my captions. Have you see. Any such thing?

  14. says

    Love, love! And I've really been enjoying your photo-a-day challenges!
    I did a Blurb Intagram book last year and I love it! It sits out and we flip through it all the time! I'm sure you're aware, but you can change the layouts to include nine (or more maybe?) pictures per page. I didn't do more than nine. Some layouts also give you the option to type captions. Of course you can customize the cover as well. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  15. says

    Just got my tiny books this week. You're right! They are the cutest ever and I didn't know they would be magnetic so the sit on the fridge.

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