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How one person rocked the Photo A Day challenge, and you can too…

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You know when you’re playing photo a day, and you think your photos are a bit of alright… and then you spot someone and they totally blow your mind wide open that pieces of it splatter all over the place?

Yeah, that.

Jo does that to me. I get jealous and I seriously consider popping over to her house in the dark of night and stealing a bit of her creative brain, and implanting it into my own head. Because look what she did with the October Photo A Day challenge…

hello jo

The October challenge was the alphabet list, so each day she took a photo on a colourful wall. I don’t know how one person can find that many colourful walls, but she’s truly blown my mind. I love what she does so much that a little bit of me wants to hate her. But I won’t. Instead I love her, be inspired by her and then scour where I live for colourful walls and borrow the concept a little later. How awesome/inspiring/creative/fun was Jo’s take on the October challenge?

The answer is super dooper.

You can rock the Photo A Day challenge. For some the list is challenge enough, for others they like to mix it up a little. Here’s some ideas so that you can rock it too:

♥ Do the whole month in black and white
♥ Give your month a theme {Jo did walls, some people have done food, some others have done it with Barbie dolls for each photo or other toys – think outside the square}. See how Katrina did it with toys over the past month.
♥ Can’t commit to a whole month? Do just a week. Give that week your creative all
♥ Do it with friends. I love when friends play along with me. There’s always the bigger Photo A Day community, but having a mini-community makes it so much more fun for me. I love checking out their take on the challenge
♥ Plan to make a book. If you know at the end of the month you’ll make a book or a poster or something of your photos, then it’s a good incentive to finish the challenge
♥ Involve your kidlets. Get the kids to shoot a photo each day too. It’s a great way to get them creating stuff, and connecting in with you

Have you seen any other creatively fun takes on Photo A Day? I’d love to hear them!

P.S. If you haven’t already, you can join the November Photo A Day challenge here.

P.P.S. You can see more of Jo’s amazing photos here.