Letter To Lacey: Twenty Eight Months

The television catches your eye and you stop in your tracks. “That’s amazing!” you gasp.

You’re always describing things as delicious, amazing, beautiful and even gorgeous. I look over to see what has grabbed your attention and it’s a man break dancing on TV. Your eyes are glued.
You drop to the floor and try to copy his smooth moves, twisting and turning with much enthusiasm.
One day last week you woke asking for tapping shoes. Tapping shoes? We didn’t have tapping shoes, and we’d never even talked about them with you. But you wanted tapping shoes. You tumbled through your shoes trying to find a pair, with no luck. Instead you found your first ever pair of shiny black shoes, and wanted those to be your new dancing shoes. You tried over, and over, and over to squeeze your toes in. Once again, no luck.
The next day you woke again asking for tap shoes, so off we went to find some. “Do you sell tap shoes?” I asked the lady in the store.
“We do, ” she smirked and took us over to show us their range.
Before long you had tap shoes on your feet. And you were tapping. Your arms were swinging and your feet were going. It’s like you’d been tapping all your life.
Dadda tries to hide your ‘tapping’ shoes, but you always seem to find them.
I don’t know where you get your love of dancing from. You’re always doing ballet everywhere you go, showing off to people we know, and even people we don’t. You love ‘Ballet Friday’ and always request the prettiest skirt, to allow you the prettiest twirl.
Dadda and I are certainly not dancers {well let’s forget the short stint I did at ballroom dancing}, so we’re not sure where this dancing enthusiasm comes from. All I know is, it’s pretty darn cute!
We love you Miss Dancing Lacey. xx


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    Pure loveliness :)
    My little girl is JUST the same & it is so cute! She has some black shiny {OTT} party shoes that fit her when she was about 10months old…but she tries & tries to squeeze her pudgy little feet into them because they make a tapping sound on the tiles!! She is dance obsessed too & I love it….so much fun!

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