how to play & FAQ

Joining the photo a day challenges is super easy and fun! The first rule is, there are no rules. It’s all about being creative and just getting involved. Everyone is welcome to play along. Yes, even you Aunty Nancy.

Frequently asked Photo A Day questions

Can you tell me a bit about Photo A Day?

Photo A Day started in January 2012. Every month I create a unique list of daily prompts and people all over the world take a daily photo, using the list as inspiration, and share it online. You can share where ever you please, the most popular places are Facebook and Instagram.


Why would I want to play?

It’s fun. It really is. It makes you take a little time each day to stop and take notice of what’s around you, as well as be a little creative. There’s also a rockin’ community of photo-sharers that like and comment on each others photos. Over 20 million photos have been shared to date, and even celebs like Pink, Dannii Minogue, Holly Madison and more have played along.


How do I share my photos?

If you’re playing on Instagram, just add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday to your photos. You can see the most recent photos shared by clicking here.

If you’re sharing on Facebook, you can share on your own personal page, on the Fat Mum Slim Facebook page or to the FMS Photo A Day group.

You can also share on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, on your blog or Google+.


I like to be nosey. How can I see other people’s photos? Please.

On Instagram, just search for the #FMSphotoaday hashtag to see everyone’s photos. You can meet new friends and be part of the community by liking other photos and commenting.

On Facebook, I think you’ll love the FMS Photo A Day group. It’s filled with over 8000 lovely people who are super friendly and supportive.


Where I can find the monthly list of prompts?

The monthly challenge list is revealed on the last Monday of every month {prior to the new month}. You can find it here on my blog. I also make a button that you can find in the right hand column of my blog, just click that and it will take you to the most recent list.


Why are some days in colour?

They’re the weekends, so you can see the month better at a glance.


What’s the Fab Four?

Each day on Instagram and Facebook I go through and pick out 8 photos {four on Facebook and four on Instagram} that have captured my attention. It’s not about the best photos, but more about putting the spotlight on some photos shared in our communities. To have your photo considered just share it on Facebook {in the group or on the Fat Mum Slim Facebook page} or on Instagram using the #FMSphotoaday hashtag.


I missed a day, and I failed. What can I do?

Photo a day is all about having fun. So you skipped a day, so what? It doesn’t mean you have to fall off the photo-a-day bandwagon completely. You can either just pretend yesterday didn’t happen, or you can take two photos in one day. If you skipped a whole week, then just decide whether you want to make up some days or just start on the current day. Remember, there are no rules.


Can you help me create a challenge just like yours?

Unfortunately, no. All the best though.


Can you please email me the list each month? Or can I at least get a sneak peek of it early?

Unfortunately I can’t email everybody personally with the list, and I can’t share it early. On the last Monday of the month I do send out a newsletter that links to the new list so you don’t miss out. You can sign up for the monthly newsletter here.