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Finding readers: How to get the people to your blog

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One of the most common questions I get when I tell people I’m a blogger is, “But… how do you get all of those people to read your blog?”

I’m not holding a room full of people ransom with laptops in theirs laps insisting they read Fat Mum Slim, I promise. Creating and writing a blog is the easier part of blogging, I guess, and getting people to read it a bit harder. So today I’m sharing my best tips for getting people to read your blog. Because when you’ve gone to all the effort to put it together, wouldn’t it be nice to have people to appreciate it? Of course.

Write stuff worth reading

I think you have to step outside of yourself and think about what would make you read a blog. You have to make your blog read-worthy. If your blog is a space for you to moan about the world, I’m probably not going to read it. But if you’re going to moan about the world with passion and creativity, or even humour – well then you’ve got something worth reading!

Be a commenter

I’m a bit of an accidental blogger. I started a private blog, enjoyed it and opened it up for everyone to read. I love the blogging community and would comment regularly on my favourite blogs. I’m still friends with those people today. So find a few favourite blogs and comment on them. They’re sure to come back to your blog and read it too, and even the other people leaving comments might pop over and become readers as well. I used to love commenting at Mamamia {not realising that people were seeing me comment and coming over to read my blog}. It was a bit of an accident, but a happy one.

Be social on Social Media

Think of social media this way. Imagine you’re a shoe designer and you’re just starting out and you’ve got a great little range you want to share. You could stand on a corner and hope the people come to you and buy them, or you could turn up at the party where the people already are {wearing fab shoes, mind you} and be seen there. Facebook is just like this. Facebook is the party where all the people are already at {as are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc} so you need to go to that party. Start up a page, or account with other platforms and start growing your presence.

Create shareable content

This rule combines the first rule {write stuff worth reading} and the social media rule. If you’re creating really great stuff, people will want to share it. Say you wrote a really passionate piece about a topic. The topic resonated with Judy so much that she had to share it, so she did on Twitter to her 403 friends. A handful of those friends read it, and perhaps felt compelled enough to share it too. And that, my friends, is a very happy moment. I wouldn’t expect every single piece on your blog to be that shareable piece, but try and create a few golden nuggets every now and then.

Are you a blogger? Share a link below and hopefully the people will come.

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