May Photo A Day: A challenge that will change your life

May photo a day list

Hello! It’s time. May is here, so grab your camera/phone/photo-taking device and get ready to have a cracking good time. All the details that you need to know are below. x How to play! Playing along with photo a day is super easy: ♥ Check out the May photo a day list. ♥ Each day […]

April: The month according to my iPhone


Goodbye April. Thank you for the memories. Here’s the month that was: PLAY: At a friend’s BBQ // BLUE: Lacey swinging away {it’s her favourite thing to do} SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH A: My afternoon {after a day spent with Rowe} // THIS HAPPENED TODAY: I made cupcakes for Lacey to take to school for her […]

Hey, it’s May photo a day. Come and play…

May photo a day list

Hello! Hello! Hello! Having just spent the last few days jetting around in Queensland, I have to say it’s nice to be home. So nice to be home. I spent the day yesterday washing, grocery shopping and putting together this here list. I’m excited by next month’s list. I hope you are too. Below you’ll […]

April 2013 Photo A Day: It’s time to have a bucketload of fun!


April is here! So, grab your phone/camera and get ready for some fun. See below how to play, or if you’re an old hat at this – just get started! How to play! Playing along with photo a day is super easy: ♥ Check out the April photo a day list. ♥ Each day look […]

April Photo A Day: Take a photo each day and have some fun!


April is just around the corner. Don’t ask me how, but it is… so that means it’s time to embrace a new month of photo-taking fun. Above you’ll find some freshly cooked prompts and below you’ll find some easy instructions on how to play. Enjoy! How to play! Playing along with photo a day is […]

It’s time to play: March photo a day challenge


G’day. Hello. Hey. It’s time. Time to start a new month of photo-taking fun. If you’re new, you’re gonna love this. If you’ve done it before… well you know what to do… so let’s do it! How to play! Playing along with photo a day is super easy: ♥ Check out the March photo a […]

March 2013 Photo A Day Challenge: Get the list, details and more!


Hello! Hello! Hello! March is an exciting month in my family… filled with birthdays and presents and CAKE. And I do love me some cake. And it also means that it’s time to welcome another photo challenge list. If you’ve never played before and are just stumbling across this {or perhaps a friend of family […]

February Photo A Day: Let the photo-taking begin!


Hello! Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! February is here and it’s time for a new month of photo-taking. Above is the new list for February 2013 and below are all the details on how to play. It’s very wordy, so just flick through to the parts that you want/need […]

February Photo A Day 2013: Are you ready for some photo-taking fun?


Hello! I hope you’re all well. The weather in my area at the moment is super crazy. So we’re safe and cosy inside while the rain and wind creates chaos outside. I hope everyone is keeping safe. Moving on to more sunshine-y type things… the February Photo A Day list! January was a cracker of […]

January 2013 Photo A Day: Let’s do this thing


Happy New Year! I hope you’re not nursing a hangover, but instead are cradling lots of high hopes and excitement for the new year ahead. I love a new beginning, and a brand new year brings just that. I’m excited for a year of photo-taking fun. 2012 was a blast, and I predict 2013 will […]

Photo a day January 2013: Inject a little fun into your everyday!


Hello! Would you like to inject a little fun into your life? Would you like to stop each day and appreciate a little beautiful along the way? Put the photo a day challenge on your resolutions list! Whether you jump on in for the month of January or even the whole year… it is a […]

December Photo A Day: Let’s have some fun! #FMSphotoaday


Hello! It’s time to end the year with a whole lot of photo-taking fun. Yes, it’s going to be busy with all the craziness that the end of year brings… but think of all the brilliant photo-taking opportunities. Oh yes! So get out your phone/camera and get ready to start snapping photos. Everyone is welcome […]

November photo a day: It’s a wrap!


It’s the last day of November. My Christmas tree is half up {we had an incident with the lights not working so now we’re going to have to undo it all to get them off. Sigh}, and another month of photo a day has been snapped and shared. Here’s how it all went down: Day […]

December photo a day: Let’s end the year with a snap!


I’m going to be completely predictable and say, I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I really can’t. But it’s time to end it with a bang snap and finish up with a month of photo-taking fun. You up for it? So let’s jump right into it. For those that are new […]

November Photo A Day: Join the photo-taking fun! #FMSphotoaday

november photo a day

Hello! Welcome to a new month. November is here, so get out your phone/camera and get ready to start snapping photos. Everyone is welcome to play, so check out the details below and if I’ve missed anything, or you have any questions at all – just leave them in the comments below and I’ll get […]

November photo a day: Find the challenge list here! #FMSphotoaday


Again, another month has flown by. Flown I tells ya. October is almost over, so it’s just about time to start thinking about November. For those that are new to this photo a day business, let me break it down for you. Photo a day is a fun game to play where every day we […]

October photo a day challenge: Everything you need to know!


How to play 1. Look at the list each day, and discover the daily prompt. 2. Grab your camera – your phone or another camera – and take a photo using the daily prompt as inspiration. 3. Upload your photo to where ever you like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, your blog or anywhere you […]

September photo a day wrap-up: a month in photos


And that’s a wrap! September is just about over {in a few hours we’ll be putting the month to bed}. It was a good one, for me. The weather warmed up, friends came to visit, Bronte was old enough to be taken for walks so that meant many days at the beach. Here’s my month […]

October photo a day challenge list: Come & play!


Hello! Hello! Hello! I know I say this every month, but seriously how fast are these months flying by? They’re turning into a blur of photos and prompts for me. What about you? So last month I introduced a new hashtag for the project – #FMSphotoaday – to hopefully make things easier. Some loved it, […]

Photo a day challenge: See the September list


It’s time! Each day this month stop for a moment. Just a moment. And find a little inspiration in your life. Take a photo. Share it. Be part of a big, happy, sharing family. It’s fun! Here’s how to play: 1. Grab your camera or your smartphone 2. Look at the list. What’s the daily […]