February 2023: the photo challenge list and all the details

Are you ready to get creative? I know I am. This list is filled with easy prompts, some open to your own interpretation and others that will send you on a simple (hopefully inspiring!) hunt for objects to take photos of.


+ To play on Instagram, simply check out the list for the daily prompt, and then snap a photo using that as inspiration. Share the photo to your feed and include the hashtag #FMSPAD in your caption. We also have daily hashtags to find photos better {see below}. Over on our @fms.photoaday Instagram account, we love showing off photos from our community. You can look at the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the great photos from our community.

+ To play on Facebook, you can share to your personal feed, or jump over and join our private Photo A Day Facebook group and share there.

We have a beautiful bunch of moderators in our Facebook group who select the photos from each day to highlight and give a little extra love in the community. It’s a fun, friendly place to get involved.


+ To make things easier, you can download the prompts automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.
+ You can also save the list as your screensaver or save it to your camera roll.


Sometimes we can get a little creatively stuck or want to understand a little more about the prompts, so let me help.

  1. I’m grateful for this… : Share something that you’re grateful for. It might be something big, or something as simple as the sun rising.
  2. My favourite animal : I imagine we’ll see a lot of dogs and cats for this prompt, but if you’re favourite animal is a elephant, you might like to dig into your archives for a zoo photo, or even photograph a toy.
  3. Clouds : On these days we hope for a crisp blue sky with fluffy white clouds!
  4. Inside a store : When I travel I loooove taking a peek inside the local supermarkets, so this prompt will be fun to see what shops around the world look like.
  5. On my plate : What’s on your plate today? It can be literal, as in food, or slang, as in what’s on your to-do list.
  6. A rectangle : Look around and see what rectangles you see – buildings, envelopes, doors… get creative!
  7. Something white : Take a photo of something white.
  8. Floating : A pool float, balloon, kite, boat, bath toy, cloud… you get the drift.
  9. Something in nature : Head outside today and take a photo of something you see.
  10. A corner : A street corner, building corner, wall corner, book corner… take a look around.
  11. This has wheels : What has wheels? Take a look around to see what you can find; a toy, a car, a plane…
  12. A mirror : Yup! A mirror. You can think outside the box and use a car mirror, or something creative.
  13. Begins with B : Choose a subject matter that starts with the letter B. Box. Bin. Bee. Budget. Bargain. Blob. Blue. Bland.
  14. Love is… : What is love to you? Show it in a photo.
  15. On the shelf : Take a photo of something on a shelf – it could be a product at the supermarket, a decoration in your home…
  16. Money : Let’s see money from around the world.
  17. See-through : This might be my favourite for the whole month, it’s a great way to be creative. You could find something with a hole that you have to see through, a window for example. Or you could have something, like a stained glass that you see through.
  18. A game : What game do you love to play? Cards, an App on your phone, a sport, or even a game on TV.
  19. On Sundays I… : What’s something you do on Sundays? Share it on a photo.
  20. A product I love : What’s something that you love and would recommend? Your favourite cereal perhaps! Or a face cream! Or anything little thing you use and love.
  21. An insect : Find a spider in a web, or a fly in your soup (gah!), or a caterpillar munching on your flowers. The hunt is on!
  22. Not mine : Take a photo of something that doesn’t belong to you. Maybe someone else’s pet, mailbox, lunch, husband, wife, camera, car… you get the idea.
  23. This makes my life easier : What makes your life easier? Is it a calendar? A car? A person?
  24. On the line : Clothes hanging on the line, a bird sitting on a power line, someone talking on the phone.
  25. A tree from below : Get ready to bend your knees! find a tree and get down low and take a photo looking up. It’s a great way to play with perspective.
  26. Pasta : Time to carb it up! Take a photo of pasta.
  27. A tool : Hammer, drill, hair straightener… find a tool and snap a photo!
  28. So cute! : Take a photo of something cute. Hopefully someone has a baby handy. 😉

I hope you have a great, creative month. Get curious!