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Win a new $1000 next wardrobe

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Brought to you by next.


Well, I’m pretty excited to be sharing this with you today. It’s a cracking competition, thanks to next. As you may already know, I’ve been working with next over the past few months, sharing their clothing with you. First up, I shared my favourite girl’s clothes, and then their boy’s clothing too. Now it’s time for a little giveaway. Well, actually not little. HUGE.

next caters for everyone. They’ve got kids clothing, newborn clothing, clothing for women {even plus-size, yay!} and for men too. They even have homewares too. No one misses out.

So, up for grabs is a $1000 voucher. Yes, that’s insane. You’ll be able to dress the whole family for that budget. You can go and shop up a storm, and postage is free… so you don’t need to waste your money on that.

How can you win?

All you have to do is head over to Instagram and share a happy moment. It could be anything! The kids playing, you having some me-time, hanging out in the pool, eating cake, a clean house, whatever you please. Once you’ve snapped your photo share it and tag it with #NEXThappymoment and tag @nextofficial too. You’re welcome to share as many photos as you please, but they must be new photos.

So go on! Jump over and enter. I can’t wait to see your happy photos.

For full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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  • Nicole Tate

    Wow. What a prize. Thank you xx

  • I really need a new wardrobe!! Will be adding some photos to instagram.

  • Wahooooo! Love NEXT and love this comp!
    Thanks for sharing it Chantelle. I can’t wait to see your posts with them over the coming months

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Awesome comp lady!! I’m going to check out NEXT ?

  • Kirsten

    Wish I could find that Sun Daze singlet top on their website!

  • Carla Reed

    I’m not (and have no desire to be), on instagram… Is there no way for me to join this competition? I love the next range you have been sharing!

    • Sure Carla. Just upload your photos to the comment section here. πŸ™‚

      • Carla Reed

        Thank you Chantelle!!

  • Teresa Hogg

    id love it

  • Erica

    Silly question maybe , but does my profile need to be on public to enter the comp? Cheers

    • It does. If you don’t have a public profile, but still want to share, just upload your photos here in the comments. πŸ™‚

      • Deniz

        Are those of us who share here in the comments still considered for the competition ?

  • Carla Reed

    Australia Day 2016… Our first time hosting, and it was a perfect day… Thongs, snags n rissoles on the barbie, crazy Aussie ‘tattoos’, pool play, backyard cricket, and most importantly, Family…

  • Carla Reed

    My 5 amazing nephews, and beautiful baby niece… Never fail to bring a smile to all who meet them…

  • Carla Reed

    My husband and I on our wedding day, almost one year ago… The 28th of February… The most beautiful day of my life, and one of my happiest…
    My husband is my hero, and through all of our trials trying to fall pregnant, and every single day we have been together, he has let me know he loves me in so many ways… I am completely blessed…

  • Carla Reed

    Some months along… ?
    Haven’t announced anything to the world yet…
    Keeping “Mum” as it were… ?

  • Emily Psaila

    Some people get flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day! I get timber! My #nexthappymoment is the hand made desk my husband made from timber that my grandfather had kept from the 60’s (as well as some bits and pieces of pallets etc) It’s perfect! I’m so stoked. My own little space I don’t have to share with the kids or dog or anyone else, so this much more to me then just a desk, it’s nice to have a ‘place’that is just mine! It’s a little plain right now, but it’s the best gift he could of given me!

  • Deniz

    Happy moment right here – my mum secretly planted this sunflower for me in my front yard (i thought she was only planting peppers) and I saw it slowly emerging but when I woke up to discover this huge flower (that was facing toward the sun no less) I was literally grinning from ear to ear and telling anybody who would listen πŸ˜€ seriously how can a flower be so GIGANTIC?! isn’t it just awesome?! #NEXThappymoment @nextofficial

  • Kristy

    Crossing half away across Australia (travelling by car) with my other half and our 2 little children (7 & 2) ~ this made my heart sing!! Brings a smile to my face every time I think about the trip❀️?
    #NEXThappymoment @nextoffical

  • Erica Brown

    It’s the simple things at the moment. With so much emotional stress going on in my personal life, I have been gardening and grew this sunflower from a seed. #NEXThappymoment @nextofficial