Why you should never cheat on your hairdresser


Last week I cheated on my hairdresser.

I knew I shouldn’t. I bloody knew it. I was subconsciously trying to talk myself out of it, whilst simultaneously talking myself into it. You don’t want to be in my head. It’s NOISY.

Oh come on, take a chance.

You know this is not going to end well.

But what if it DOES end well. What if this is the haircut of my life? How about that?

Against my better judgement I walked in and waited. I judged the hairdressers by their haircuts. They all scored well. It WAS going to be the haircut of my life. For real.

I sat down, cloaked up and got ready for THE haircut. Of course I showed her the photo of the beautiful young thing that I wanted to be transformed into.

I’ve learned over the years though, so I was very descriptive {read: annoyingly decisive}, “I want it to sit right on my shoulders. I don’t want any layers.”

“But if you don’t get some light layers, it won’t sit like the girl in the picture, you need the layers. We need to do the layers.”

So I agreed to a few layers, but said I didn’t want them around my face because HELLO CHUBBY LADY.

I kid you not, the haircut took TWO HOURS. My mum came and visited me, and then came back 30 minutes later thinking I’d be done, but I was still smack-bang in the middle of the haircut. I can not tell you all the things I could do with two hours of time. So. Much. Stuff. But I sat there getting my hair cut, strand by strand. She was precise and focused, and had a strong attention to detail; three things that I lack.

It was at about the 1 hour 32 minute mark, when the hairdresser was busy layering that I started to get cold sweats. It wasn’t the haircut of my life. I could feel it. It was layered, a lot, and short. “I think that’s a lot of layers,” I piped up.

She assured me it wasn’t, and that it was going to be fine. I continued to freak out internally, and then eventually I was done. It wasn’t to my shoulders, instead up around my ears, and it was choppy. But it was fiiiiiine.

Yes, no one wants to hear fine. I asked Lacey if my hair looked okay, “Oh yeah, it looks fine.” I didn’t want fine. I wanted AMAZING. Or I actually would have settled for nice or beautiful.

Hubby was much the same, “Well, it’s quite short. You can see in the mirror, look for yourself.” Helpful, Hubby, really helpful.

It’s hair though, and in the scheme of things… I’m glad I have it and that it grows. It’s good to get a good chop every now and then, or so I’m telling myself.

And now I just have to explain to my real hairdresser, who I adore and I only cheated on because she couldn’t fit me in that week as she was busy, what happened to my hair and why I cheated on her.

And this would be where I’d insert a photo of my hair, if I loved it. Unfortunately, I don’t. Not yet anyway.

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  1. We’ve all been there at some point! I know I have a few times, because like you I couldn’t get *my* hairdresser. And … as Sabring the Teenage Witch taught me, hair grows. Before long you’ll be back at your hairdresser who can give you that haircut you love.

  2. Oh I feel for you! I admit I dread the hairdresser. Second place, after the dentist. It’s just almost never as I would want it. Now I go once in a year, I say goodbye to way more hair than I want and have meshes. But at least they’re not pushing me to change my (non-existent) style. They like long hair. I’ll remember your lesson!

  3. Being a hairdresser myself I totally get your story. I sometimes get tired of asking my coworkers for a trim and venture out myself. Your hairdresser will love your honesty and story. Lol. Sometimes you have to venture out to a different salon so to know where you are comfortable. I bet your haircut is super cute and you’ll be used to it in a week or two. Can’t wait to see a picture.

  4. I’ve just made an appt to cheat on my hairdresser because I want to go fairly short and she keeps talking me outa it. I hope I don’t regret it! lol {truth be known I’ll probably chicken out and cancel before the appt o.O }

  5. Oh come on Chantelle – please share a photo – if only to really put us off cheating on our own hairdressers !! (that was tongue in cheek – but do share please)

  6. Cold sweats!! Yes that is me! I am such a hair person. Oh God I can totally relate to this post. Just remember that no one really cares about our hair like we do ourselves. And you’re a blonde so can get away with all kinds of hair-murder. It grows back. You’re still AMAZING! I also get cold sweats watching dressers cut my kids hair! I am all kinds of craZy. PS 2hrs is waay too long to be sitting there stressing too!

  7. I used to be a hairdresser and never had a problem with clients straying…I’m known to stray myself (or attack my own hair). 3 hours for a haircut though…far out! These days I’m just grateful to have hair I don’t really care what they do to it. Eyebrows though are are a different story x

  8. OMG!! I can so agree with you! I didn’t cheat on mine, she left so had to find a new hairdresser and instead of having “the haircut of my life” (which should have been just a few inches shorter than what I already had) ended up being a dodgy shoulder length bob which doesn’t sit right and looks awful! I could of course grow it out, tie it up for the next 6 months but I can’t stand it so am going (on another recommendation…..) to a different hairdresser in the hope that they can do something….at this rate I’m going to end up with a crop! Still it grows back and it wouldn’t be the first “hair disaster” and it probably don’t be the last…sadly…✂️‼️❌??????

  9. I was once doused in bleach and sat under a dryer by a rogue hairdresser, I knew what was happening was not a good idea (hello bleach is self activating, it was summer, she wanted me to sit there for like an hour)… I was right, obviously. A good hairdresser always listens. Tut tut.

  10. Hahaha!!! not laughing at your experience but because I have been there…and with a colour as well 🙁 and the new place took 2hours as well! lesson learnt and I’m sure your layers will grow out beautifully 😉 x

  11. My dad always says ‘what’s the difference between a good and a bad haircut’? 2 weeks !!
    I was gorwing my hair and went in for a ‘thin out’ and came out withe extra short so now I have to start again – we were chatting so much I forgot to tell her not to cut it short (I usually get it short).

  12. I cheated on my hairdresser of many years with my friend who dyed my hair. She owns her own salon too. It was the best decision though, because I knew and trusted her. She did a complete re-style cut on me and I loved it. Then went back to my other hairdresser and told her it was because I was was doing a blog post for that hairdresser friend, which was half true. My hairdresser went to trim my 5 week old hairstyle and muffed it up. I saw my friend for a dye and she was like what the hell happened? Took months to grow it out to be able to get the same look again. I had to break up with my hairdresser and start seeing my friend. Awkward.
    Wish you had had a similar experience with your hair affair 🙁

  13. I had a perfectly reasonable concave blonde bob, cheated on my hairdresser as I was seduced by a 50% off offer at a “trendy” salon . . . three different staff and three hours later (at 9pm!!) I was driving home in tears with an asymmetrical brown boy band cut. I was about 9 weeks pregnant at the time and highly emotional. It took about 6 months to grow out!

  14. Never ever ever EVER cheat on your hairdresser. Eeshk, it gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it. It takes me forever to build a bond of trust with a hairdresser, when I moved across England I spent 18months driving 2hours every 6-8weeks to get my hair done by the one I trusted in my previous city…it took my Husband eventually pointing out that this was farcical to make me attempt to find someone new in my new area!! Even then I could only let him trim it, then cut it, THEN dye it over the course of 5 months ha ha!!
    Hope your new hair either grows on you…or grows. Fast xx

    • I’ve just realised I’ve been doing the same thing- driving 2 hours every couple of months for a haircut from my old hairdresser because I just can’t face the disappointment I WILL inevitably feel when I try out someone new… I think I’ll employ your strategy of only getting a trim until I can trust they won’t completely screw it up!

  15. My hairdresser went on mat leave and was replaced by a pompous guy who announced himself as some “ambassador” for some random brand. I was VERY specific – “I am a bridesmaid in a wedding very soon, I’ve been growing my hair out for almost a year, I want a straight trim – no layers no nothing, I want it all one length… Yes, I know that’s boring and after the wedding I’ll spice it up but my bride made this request so it’ll work well with the style she will have us in on the day, I agreed and I’ve been working on it for a year.”

    Half way through the cut I notice him taking chunks of hair and randomly cutting in. I said “just a reminder I want my hair all the same length, no layers no cutting in no nothing.” He paused, glared at me and went about his business.

    When he put up the mirror with a triumphant look on his face, I saw what he’d done and I burst into tears, he’d done the opposite of what I’d asked! Everyone was mortified, especially the other lovely hairdressers who I’d known for years. I very awkwardly paid with tears rolling down my cheeks and walked out and wrote a letter to my normal hairdresser who had been with me on the journey (she also owned the salon). When I went back he was gone but the damage was done, I changed salons after that.

    • Oh how awful….and having to PAY as well!!! Was your hair OK for the wedding?! I’m about to switch hairdressers myself. I moved last year and I’ve given one local salon three chances but each time it has been pretty dire so I’m switching! The only reason I kept trying again was because they’re only a ten minute walk away from my house. The convenience isn’t worth the dodgy old-lady or 1970s soapstar hair I’ve ended up with 😛

  16. Ooooh that moment when you KNOW that it is NOT going to be fiiiiine. But it’s been chopped then and you can’t sticky-tape it back on can you? God it’s awful isn’t it??? And I’m about to cheat on my hairdresser who will be on a different continent for the next 6 weeks- no getting around that one. Wish me luck!

  17. I have been with my hairdresser for over six years, she’s my longest ever. No matter how bad my hair looks or how desperate I am for a cut or colour, I won’t let anyone else touch my hair. Just thinking about it makes me feel anxious! The good news is your hair will grow back, your layers will grow out and you will get to go back to the hairdresser you know and love! In the meantime, it’s time to love those layers! xx

  18. My mom convinced me to check out her favorite salon, so I went in and asked for a shoulder-length lob, essentially, which was about 5 inches off from before. About halfway through, I hear her say, “Hm, your hair really shrinks up when it dries.” Um, WHAT?! I left the salon with my hair several inches shorter than I wanted, and I was horrified. It was so short that I couldn’t even hide it in a ponytail until it grew out. I hated when people complimented it, because I despised how it looked. My hair = only my opinion matters to me. I was so upset over it that it took me a year to go to a salon again, and I love my new hairdresser so so much now!

  19. Luckily for me, my sister is my hairdresser and so I daren’t cheat on her. It also means I daren’t not like my hair. Small mercies….

  20. Gosh two hours is a long time. I went into a new hairdresser today and I was washed cut and dried in an hour. Sorry that you’re not happy with your new style, worse case you just have to let it grow out!

  21. I wish hairdressers would have emergency appointments where they will agree to squeeze you in for say 25% more cost for eg. I would be willing to pay more to not have to go through hairdresser angst. I have also got into the habit of booking the next 6 week appt at the time of paying to make sure I dont miss out.

  22. Ex hair dresser here. Best advice, fess up, admit you strayed, confess your undying love for her skills and promise to never cheat on her again, haha.

  23. So I could totally have written this post. I feel your pain. But if you’ve only strayed once I think it’s ok. You’ll bounce back, your hair will grow, and your totally amazing hairdresser will forgive you. Me? Not so much. I’m a hairdresser whore and can claim to have been with almost every hairdresser in town…in a scisorrly (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word) way of course. All in search of that most amazing haircut that not only makes me look 20 years younger but is also almost maintenance free. I’m ready to branch out to other states at this point. Yes, I know I have a problem ?

  24. Once I let a woman who said she’d cut lots of people’s hair. I wanted my bangs cut and she said she was just evening it up. Oh my! Horrible. Even my husband said so. She said mine was the hardest hair she had ever done. All I could do is smile in the pictures the next day. Never again will I not go to my hairdresser who knows me and my hair.

  25. I feel your pain! My friend cuts and colours my hair at her salon. I asked for blonde and it came out bright orange. She was able to subdue it a bit but as we were leaving for an oversees holiday in 2 days I now have photos of me with reddy/ orange hair 🙁 Sadly, these are my memories with my family I planned so long for. It’s hard when it’s a friend.

  26. I had a similar experience. When Phoebe was born, I had a two hour slot between feeds to get my hair cut. I went up the road to local hairdresser instead of going to my normal hairdresser 20 mins away. Anyway, the new hairdresser BUTCHERED my fringe. It was whispy and feathery. I looked like Hugh Grant’s sister in the movie Notting Hill. To fix up the cock up, she pulled more hair to make my fringe thicker. It worked but it was a painful process regrowing it. After going back to my hairdresser she told me never to go to that hairdresser again. She could tell it wasn’t cut properly. I learned my lesson.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week. I bet you still look gorgeous. xx

  27. I’m a hairdresser Chantelle and I can honestly say that I do not take it personally if a client tries out another hairdresser every now and again. Some times as hairdressers, we can get stuck in a rut with a clients hair style and not take any risks. I think good on you for trying something different. In saying that though – I understand that it doesn’t always work out. I have been in your shoes too though and cried over a bad haircut- CRIED! How silly is that…

  28. I asked for a bob, chin length at the front & when she was done it was so short my daughter told me I looked like a boy. I didn’t get my hair cut again for 18 months and only a trim. Hair angst is real!

  29. I strayed because I wanted something different and if it didn’t work I didn’t want to hate my hairdresser but I LOVED my new hair and now I am too scared to go back and I have to because that is where my kids get their hair cut. I didn’t think it through. Hahaha.

  30. Don’t have a hairdresser to cheat on don’t trust them anymore since i got the hairdresser from hell who destroyed my hair and it took 8 years to grow back

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