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What to bring when you’re asked to bring a thing

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Brought to you in partnership with Woolworths.

If there’s something we can be almost certain of this silly season, it’s that you’ll be invited to a get-together {or host one} and you’ll be asked to bring a thing.

Does this instill a sense of nerves or excitement in you? I take it as a challenge. I want to take the most delicious thing possible, and I am always up for it {I’m that person that brings three things ’cause I can never decide. I’m weird like that}. 

I’m about to introduce you to five dishes that you don’t have to scour some faraway place for, instead you’ll find them at your local Woolies. You can fancy them up a little {to up the impressiveness factor, if you like to play like me}, and walk into the next gathering with a little swagger in your step.

First up, dear reader meet this delicious Gold Indulgent Caramel Chocolate Cake. It’s smothered in a salted caramel frosting, and you can see that gooey caramel inside. You can find this cake in the bakery. It’s heaven. I serve it with cream. I also sometimes pretend that I might have made it myself. What I really mean is that, ‘yes I did indeed put that onto a plate myself’.

How good does it look? I’m seriously drooling.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful seafood lunch? Woolies has a great seafood selection, and if you’re like me and feel totally clueless you can pick the brains of the seafood person behind the counter. Sometimes I never know which are sweeter, the bigger prawns or the smaller ones, so I ask to taste them. I do!

You could easily plonk these fresh prawns on the table and let everyone at them, or you could spend a few minutes and make them into something a bit more special…

This dish! Little prawn and avocado cups. This dish is so good, and gets smashed every time I make it. Sometimes I make it for a healthy-ish lunch or dinner for my little family, and other times I bring it out for parties. All you need is gem lettuces {they come in packs of two at Woolies, and that’s the perfect amount for this big platter}, around half a kilogram of cooked prawns, an avocado and then some homemade cocktail sauce {cream, a generous squirt of tomato sauce, a squeeze of lemon juice, along with some salt and pepper. Assemble the cups by laying them out, topping with a slice of avocado, a peeled prawn, and then drizzle with cocktail sauce. Perfection!

Get your laughing gear around this one. It’s a Nutella and strawberry pavlova. I can make a mean chocolate pavlova, but I can not for the life of me make a normal pavlova, and to be honest… I love the Woolies Pavlova Base for under $12 better. What’s better is it saves me stressing over making one, and then having it flopping! I topped this delicious base with cream that I whipped, and lashings of Nutella {the trick is to gently heat it in the microwave so it drizzles perfectly – around 25 seconds}, and handfuls of fresh strawberries and frozen raspberries {I like the way they crumble best, and they’re so much cheaper when you buy them frozen}.

Did you know that can order platters online now? The Woolies platters are a game changer if you’re not already familiar with them. I’ve been ordering them for about eight years now {ever since Lacey was teeny}, especially the wraps, because they’re cheap, easy and so yum. This platter comes with an array of meats, olives, cheese, peppers, crackers, and sundried tomatoes. And it looks impressive, but all I did was toss it onto a proper platter and called it a day.

Can you imagine a pina colada in a pudding? Well this is it. A pineapple and rum pudding, dusted in gold lustre. LOOK AT IT. It was the easiest thing to put together. This pudding came with the drizzle sauce and the toasted coconut. I couldn’t even make it that pretty or delicious.

Which would you like to eat this Christmas? Also, can you recreate that pavlova and pop over so we can share it please? Thank you.